Black People Enslaved White People

Sick of liberals trying to make you feel guilty about slavery? All you need to do is remind them of a few historical points:

  1. All races kept slaves all throughout history.
  2. Most of the American slaveships and American slave-markets were run by Jews. But no one blames modern Jews. Because if anyone today says anything was “run by Jews”, they’re immediately dismissed as a crazy anti-Semite, regardless of whether or not it’s true.
  3. When the Trans-Atlantic slaveships docked at African slave-markets to buy slaves, they bought slaves who were already slaves. It was Arab Muslims and Black Africans themselves who captured members of rival tribes and took them to the coastal slave-markets to sell to the Whites and Jews. White people didn’t go into Africa and kidnap free black people. They barely needed to get off their ships to buy slaves, it was like buying McDonalds at a drive-through. The slaves were already at the slave-market in chains,  ready to go.
  4. In the 16th – 18th century, Africans enslaved 1.5 million White Europeans in the Barbary Slave Trade. African Muslims raided up the coastlines of Europe, particularly the British Isles but even as far as Iceland, kidnapping and enslaving White European Christians. The men were galley slaves, and the women were sex slaves. This was more brutal than working on a plantation or as a domestic servant.
  5. Native Americans and Jews owned Black slaves too, but no one seems to assign a collective guilt to modern Native Americans and Jews for their slavery. In fact, Jews were the biggest slave-owners in America per capita.
  6. Whites were the first people to stop slavery in modern times, whereas slavery still continues in Africa to this day. In Mauritania slavery was only made a punishable offense in 2007!
  7. Less than 2% of Whites in America ever owned slaves
  8. Only 5% of the black slaves transported across the Atlantic actually went to the modern U.S. Most in fact went to Latin America to serve Hispanic slave-owners. But we don’t look at modern Hispanics as evil slave-owners.

White people were responsible for slavery in the same way that someone who smoked Pall Mall cigarettes for a few years is responsible for the entire tobacco industry.  Yes the Pall Mall smoker bought Pall Mall cigarettes from a shop at the end of the process, but they didn’t grow all the tobacco, harvest it, roll the cigarettes and distribute them to the shops.

364 Responses to Black People Enslaved White People

  1. pavlovsbitch says:

    Oh goodie! It wasn’t until I read White Gold, White Cargo, To Hell or Barbados and Bratavia’s Graveyard that the depth of White slavery and the fact that Blacks were ‘favoured’ became clear. The traditional notions of slavery in America ended with the invention of the combine harvester! And there were Black landowners/slaveholders who opposed fair treatment or even human treatment for Black or White ‘property’. Very pleased to see this, will enjoy watching, thank you.

    • Rhonda Clark says:

      web: White slavery in Africia) from 1530 to 1780..1 million white slaves a year most they Slaughtered , wiped to death , statved…( HOW MANY BLACKS HAD WHITE PEOPLE FOR SLAVES) answer more / longer..less than 2% of whites really had slaves blacks whites was owned by Africians, owned by Mexicians, Indians mostly…( 9200 years of white slavery in Americia)…( BLACK SLAVERY IN MEXICO)..there was MORE Mexicians that owned blacks and indians THEY WAS NOT WHITE..( White slavery) first page white sex slaves in peoples basements please check everyones house…( BLACK SLAVERY TODAY…black still own more africian slaves more than anytime in history…( White History Month, frm NOV to DEC..please put the real truth in every history book THE END OF WHITE HATE, BLAMING ONLY WHITES..THE YOU OWE ME BECAUSE I WAS A SLAVE..THE END OF WHITE GUILT END OF RACE CARD..after over 150 years finally people know the truth only SOME PUT IT IN EVERY HISTORY BOOK IN USA, AFRICIA,..hope we can all just get alonng now and stop hatting.

      • Rhonda Clark says:

        AFRICIANS HAD 1 MILLION NEW SLAVES A YEAR Most the beat or starved to death and millions of whites i USA There was MORE WHITE SLAVES MORE AND LONGER! WHITES WAS THE FIRST N WORD also blacks have killed more than the Holocost add the millions of every race , including: ( WHITES ARE IN GENOCIDE IN AFRICIA) ( WHITES GENOCIDE)…( BLACK MOBS BEATTINg WHITES TO DEATH 89 A DAY)….ADD, Boea war, and Africian tribal War…BLACKS ARE THE TOP 2 killers in USA ( BLACK MURDERS) Each year , blacks and illegals , kill more than Iraq war each year. 1/2 of illegals are MUSLIM TERRIOST, and drug Cartel…PLEASE KEEP YOUR WHITE KIDS OFF TE STREET CARRY A GUN WITH YOU ALWAYS…ALWAYS BE READY 300 PEOPLE DIE EACH DAY IN THE WORLD DURING HOME INVASION

      • James Hardin says:

        Its not the race card its the attitude of white people. Think about why terrorist came to this country, it have nothing to do with freedom. Some White American are much too arrogrant for their own good, that brought too much death to minorities in the Iraq and Afgan War. Fight your own War

      • davina says:

        Many people miss the point of frustration and resentment from the Black race. It is very understandable that many people were slaves including whites, HOWEVER; the impact those 400 years of Black slavery and all the other demeaning, undignified, shameful, and debasing corruption affects after slavery needs to be acknowledge. Some of the treatment was downright evil. No one is asking for an excuse or a hand out or for their feet to be kissed because of slavery. Black slavery should be acknowledged for what it was and what it has developed into. Not much has changed; there are just new laws now and race crimes cannot be broadcasted without indignity and legal action. Just acknowledge that it happened and it was wrong. That’s It!!!!!

      • J says:

        Please, please do, at some point (probably prior to constructing another rant as such) take some time (more than an hour) to get an education in history and the lies that have been put in place prior to this point of which you singularly speak. There is a foundation that was built which encouraged todays thinking and that foundation is kept in place and built upon by none other than the same lineage that has re-written history. Rather than make this a race issue with blacks and whomever else you can finger-point at in order to degrade the issue to its most infantile, perhaps your time would best spent self-checking. This is to say Your People are the ones who have been and still are are the architects, the craftsmen and women and the alphabet begins with A, and not with any other letter in the middle or near the end. LAZY makes an ass of lazy’s self and everyone else who actually takes the time to put in (home) work… as in education, reading, some learnin’. And not hateful , separatist blog posts and web sites either in case you needed to be told. You don’t form an opinion based on an opinion nor a verdict on a partial truth or story and then rant about it in case you didn’t know that either.

        My God… (heavy sigh) Sheep to the slaughter.

      • Brown says:

        In some point in time as long as earth existed there has been some type of slavery in every country through out the world

      • Korrine says:

        I want to just start off by saying that it’s evil for you all to be on this site bashing blacks to prove any sort of innocence. From the beginning whites have been the most deceiving and conniving men known to humankind and you can’t prove that to be innocent. You all not only try to play the blame game but enslaved nearly every race you came in contact with even the ones like Indians and blacks who offered friendship. Be honest if blacks really so called had white slaves, why were more than have of the Africans shocked to see white people, not to mention our short comings but why did blacks enslave each other if they had white slaves? Also whites never more or less wanted to step off the boat to kidnap blacks. I have to put out the Fact that tour super racist and it hardens my heart. Carry a gun? So I’m sure your proud of all the police shooting unarmed, suspect black men!!?? Blacks are not all violent and they are not the most violent either. When we tried protesting peacefully, whites threw bricks, burned houses, and lynched!! White men raped our women and did unimaginable things to them! Threw their babies away like they were trash. And let’s jus say blacks had white slaves, whites crutality was taken to another level. You all are the ones that need to be feared. We need to carry a gun because everyday ass wholes lik u are raising men lik the police today who are weak and cowardly lik and try to play God! If I wasn’t a Christian I’d probably say ROT IN HELL!

    • rhondakelly07 says:


    • Ursa Worlds says:

      What do they teach you in school? You want to wipe out the whole history of the United States? Slavery happened, I am a descendant of slaves. I think you people are bonkers, you don’t want to know the truth about American history. You can’t just make up history. I bet your ancestors did not get here until the 1900s. Mine have been here since the 1700s. I don’t know why people don’t want to know the history of America!!

      • My family has been here since 1634 and came here as indentured servants to mass achusetts. My ancestor brought his family and were in bondage till they finally were able to get their Freemans papers. If you dont know what they are look it up. It seeems you are the one who doesnt want to acknowledge real history because if you did so you would have to rethink your racism. To only accept your idea of the truth makes you bonkers and in denial and maintains your deluded sense of self rightousness. Continueing your false idea encourages more racial division and keeps black society stuk in a victims role insted off focusing your attention on who actually committed the crimes of slavery keeps you fighting an invisible enemy because of your own failure to identify them in the irst place.

      • Annonymous says:

        I’m not supporting what the person stated above, but please remember I’m a descendant of abolitionists who died freeing the slaves and died for their belief that all men and women truly are created equal. Don’t discount the fact that there was a large majority of people who disagreed with slavery.

      • rhondakelly07 says:


      • there you go says:

        Most didn’t get here till 1900’s, you said it yourself. Yet you still insist all are guilty. You weren’t in Africa for the Barbary trade, but your ancestors were, so you are as guilty as we are….you want fair, know what fair is.
        The slave owners of the south had one thing in common….money. That money never went away. What wasn’t bankrolled and still held by their descendants, went to bank roll religious organizations like the KKK (Southern Baptist mostly, but all Christians), and to buy politicians. Their descendants own the media, big business, lobbyists, and those politicians that really control DC. They keep the basest AF racial negativity alive, so that when they push that last button, there will be nothing left of the lower classes, and they rule it all. This isn’t changing history, this is what you and I are not supposed to know.

  2. civil rights apostate says:

    The first legal American slave owner was a black man who owned a black slave, (and later white slaves). When I discovered this, I was freed from the last vestiges of my sense of white guilt.

    • -BeyThaWiseNTR- says:

      where is your evidence of this; and whats the name of the american whom youre sayin was a blackman? No Evidence, No argument!!

    • rhondakelly07 says:

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      • rhondakelly07 says:

        CRIMES IN CHICAGO 2013 BLOG SPOT. COM a must see blacks slaughter daily..They are butchering and beatting every race daily. Thousands shot, hundreds dead..he has a 2011…2012…2013…LOOK ALL BLACK ON EVER RACE I live here Help us..Please donate money to this web site AND TELL EVERY ONE ABOUT THIS WEB SITE GOD BLESS YOU FOR COMING TODAY

    • pumpkineater says:

      Wow are u guys serious?!?! Slavery is slavery so I wish people would stop that whole why is black slavery so bad when white people were slaves to thing!!!!! No slavery is or was worse than the other whether it was blacks owning blacks, whites owning whites I doesn’t really make a difference. And because a black person owned another black person it makes african american slavery any better? Thats like me saying well cocasions had cocasion slaves so its ok if i own a white slave too. I’m not expecting any white person to feel bad for me because my ancestors were enslaved because we’re 200 years past that but just except the fact that there was a lot of whites owning African american slaves And stop trying to point out what other races did to make seem as if its Exceptable. just my thought on this whole thing

      • rhondakelly07 says:

        income equality means DO NOT HIRE WHITES utube CIVIL WAR….Black race war with whites…black race war with Latino…Black race war with Mexicans…Asians gays Jews…..And look at the Africans Lyinch, Mexicans and Latino…22 so far where I live, Blacks protest illegals…..Blacks have bounty on Zimmerman..see they call Mexicans dirty Jews….OBAMAS RACE WAR…OBAMAS SIVIL WAR…Obama running for third term….WND NEWS…NEW NATION NEWS see blacks kill off every race daily and illegals and NO NEWS, ….Violence against whites world…it cover black crimes against us all….Council of conserned citizens

      • SomeSaySally says:

        Ok, what exactly is it that you are saying? That black slavery can be known but what blacks did to whites should not be known? I’m seriously trying to understand. I’m not saying I agree with many of the attitudes on this forum, I want both sides to stop seeing each other based on skin tone which is ridiculous! I however, don’t see how we are going to get there seeing as though there are many black racists who blame whites for everything from hundreds of years ago and are completely ignorant their own race committed the same atrocities. I’m glad you are beyond it but many black people are not. Many white people are becoming so embittered from this attitude of whites are evil and blacks are not, that it’s creating more division. We are all evil equally. Seriously, humans lie, cheat, steal, and apparently had slaves, every race apparently. Truth needs to be told so people quit looking at whitie as the culprit of all of their problems.

    • Shakim Allah says:

      Lmao…. how dumb are you? Even if what u wrote was true (it isn’t lol), you think what was done is justified because others did it? Oh wow, I should go shoot up a school full of kids n feel great about it since columbine happened.. #YesYouAreTheFaceOfabigotry

    • Andrew says:

      Oh my Lord. White people in America are getting dumber by the millisecond. Blacks were the real slavers LOL??? I’m white but I understand history and it can simply be changed because of rampant, unapologetic stupidity. I’ve heard it all now.

      • Alesha says:

        Actually if you look it up blacks did slave whites…and blacks slaved blacks..All races kept slaves all throughout history.
        Most of the American slaveships and American slave-markets were run by Jews. But no one blames modern Jews. Because if anyone today says anything was “run by Jews”, they’re immediately dismissed as a crazy anti-Semite, regardless of whether or not it’s true.
        When the Trans-Atlantic slaveships docked at African slave-markets to buy slaves, they bought slaves who were already slaves. It was Arab Muslims and Black Africans themselves who captured members of rival tribes and took them to the coastal slave-markets to sell to the Whites and Jews. White people didn’t go into Africa and kidnap free black people. They barely needed to get off their ships to buy slaves, it was like buying McDonalds at a drive-through. The slaves were already at the slave-market in chains, ready to go.
        In the 16th – 18th century, Africans enslaved 1.5 million White Europeans in the Barbary Slave Trade. African Muslims raided up the coastlines of Europe, particularly the British Isles but even as far as Iceland, kidnapping and enslaving White European Christians. The men were galley slaves, and the women were sex slaves. This was more brutal than working on a plantation or as a domestic servant.
        Native Americans and Jews owned Black slaves too, but no one seems to assign a collective guilt to modern Native Americans and Jews for their slavery. In fact, Jews were the biggest slave-owners in America per capita.
        Whites were the first people to stop slavery in modern times, whereas slavery still continues in Africa to this day. In Mauritania slavery was only made a punishable offense in 2007!
        Less than 2% of Whites in America ever owned slaves
        Only 5% of the black slaves transported across the Atlantic actually went to the modern U.S. Most in fact went to Latin America to serve Hispanic slave-owners. But we don’t look at modern Hispanics as evil slave-owners.

      • pattie wagner says:

        Andrew stop being so stupid just because someone you think has credibility didn’t tell you History you don’t believe it don’t sit there and deny something you have NOT did research on go to a Library do know what that is right?

    • Jennifer says:

      What are you talking about. He was the first BLACK slave owner, not the first slave owner. (Learn to read in between the lines)

    • monsterstream says:

      You are freed from your guilt ? Do you feel better about your self now that you know blacks had black slaves and white slaves? Really !? If i were a black person should i feel better about my history knowing that black people had white people as slaves !?….that doesn’t make logical sense. What about the fact that whites enslaved whites… how does that impact on your perception of white people? Actually… now that i think about it… the fact that you can remove your guilt so quickly is also very revealing… it says that you no longer feel guilty about whites enslaving blacks. No form of slavery is justifiable.

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    Well well well, i have to admit im ignorant about this little nugget of information. We are made to feel guilty about the white man and his black slaves, but now i know the truth, thankyou!!

    • -BeyThaWiseNTR- says:

      there is no truth to uncover! you all are late with this info; the badet treaty between the invading arabs and the nubians of TaSeti [aka Ethiopia] around the year 500 C.E. highlights this slavery scheme. slave is the root word coming from Slav whom were enslaved Indo-Eurpeans in Asia

      • irokoin says:

        Hi, i’m not knowledgeable on the subject of slavery… If the “slave” word is a root coming from “Slav”, does this mean that the first slaves (or at least the first to be enslaved in mass) were white people ??

      • Rhonda Clark says:


    • rhondakelly07 says:

      Liberals run our News, and schools WHITE HISTORY MONTH from NOV to DEC, help us put this in our history books and get white History month started.. look down blacks still throwing up there hate for us , and race card..

      • Shakim Allah says:

        Ummmm, your history has been in the books for how long now? Just like a bigot to force a man to drink from his water fountain, then get offended when he has his own water fountain… news flash genius: the reason WHY black history month exists, because ignorant whites like u, have and are still doctoring up the past n claiming credit for black achievements. Ant educated whites, would laugh at u, and shake their head at u.

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      Blacks Indians Mexicans had both White black slaves…BLACK SLAVERY In MEXICO…for over 600 years…Less than 2% of whites had slaves THEY ARE ALL CONS….WHITE HISTORY MONTH FROM NOV TO DEC…..BLACKS HAD MORE WHITE PEOPLE FOR SLAVES AND FOR LONGER…..White Cracker sound whip made during Lyinching they are still butchering us, daily..( NEW NATION NEWS, see who they kill every day…..Violence against whites world…..Council of concerned Citizens see blacks kill every race….CNN ESPN ABC CBS NSNBC HUFFINGTON POST COVERS CRIME OF BLACKS AND ILLEGALS top 2 killers in US over dope..

      • Ursa Worlds says:

        You people really need to learn your history…I am a descendant of slaves, where are the descendants of white slaves, you people are making up history.

      • The descendents of white slaves are in Europe, America and Australia mostly. Many white slaves probably left no descendents. Some are probably in North Africa, genetically obliterated with the North Africans. White sex-slaves, if they fell pregnant, probably had forcible abortions. If they did deliver a baby, it would be mixed race. What’s your point? Just because you’re not aware of white slavery doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. You’ve got internet access, use it. Follow the many links provided. Use google. Use wikipedia. Go to your local library, or buy one of the recommended books about white slavery.

  4. V says:

    1. “All races kept slaves all throughout history.”

    So this justifies slavery? If everyone does it, it must be ok, right?

    2. “no one blames modern Jews”

    But does anyone blame modern whites? Has anyone ever directly approached you and accused you of the crimes of slavery? A white man isn’t to blame for the crimes of his ancestors any more or any less than a man of any other race.

    3. “They bought slaves who were already slaves.”

    So this justifies the continuity of their enslavement? Just because they didn’t personally enslave the slaves, they have no responsibility for the suffering they forced them to endure?

    “t was like buying McDonalds at a drive-through. The slaves were already at the slave-market in chains, ready to go.”

    Wow, comparing the slave trade to a drive-through McDonalds… really tasteful.

    4. “In the 16th – 18th century, Africans enslaved 1.5 million White Europeans in the Barbary Slave Trade.”

    Nobody ever said that the Barbary Slave Trade was ok. It is no better or worse than any other slave trade, and it certainly does not justify any other slave trade.

    “This was more brutal than working on a plantation or as a domestic servant.”

    Oh, and that’s for you to decide, is it? Were you a slave in either of these situations. I’m not denying that being a sex slave is awful, but please bear in mind that things were much worse than merely “working on a plantation.” Black slaves on plantations endured torture such as being whipped repeatedly, being tied to a post and left in the sun without food or water, being raped, being mutilated, being starved, being stung to death by bees or mosquitoes, having teeth broken of and ears cut off.

    5. “no one seems to assign a collective guilt to modern Native Americans and Jews”

    What, exactly, is this “collective guilt” you speak of? This is the year 2013, and I don’t know what country you live in, supposedly the United States, but I have never, ever in my lifetime heard of or witnessed someone accuse a white person or make them feel guilty for these crimes of their ancestors. If such an individual were to make such a remark, why not put it aside knowing that you are better than them and that their remark is poorly sourced. Why bother feeling guilt for something you know you are not guilty of? There is absolutely no need to justify slavery and use the classic 7-year-old “but you did it too!” line.

    6. “Whites”

    Whites. A term you use to describe every white person ever. As if, for some absurd reason, every white person ever feels the same way about everything. Why generalise like this? You hate that you are apparently generalised when it comes to black enslavement, and blamed for the work of your ancestors. But as soon as your ancestors do something “good”, you want to be generalised again?

    “Whites were the first people to stop slavery in modern times”

    How has this got anything to do with you, though? You take pride in the fact that “whites” were the first people to stop slavery in modern times. Because you are a white, you also take responsibility and praise for this stopping of slavery in modern times? But when it comes to the slavery itself… no responsibility?

    Also, this is a far too ‘glass half-full’ approach to something that shouldn’t be looked at this way. Oh, the first people to stop slavery? How kind of all you “whites”! How generous!

    “whereas slavery still continues in Africa to this day”


    7. “Less than 2% of Whites in America ever owned slaves”

    Therefore, that 2% are excused for their heinous crimes?

    8. “Only 5% of the black slaves transported across the Atlantic actually went to the modern U.S.”

    Is this even a valid fact? Anyway, the fact that the US ‘apparently’ was responsible for only 5% of the slave trade make that 5% excusable? (clue: no)

    “Most in fact went to Latin America to serve Hispanic slave-owners. But we don’t look at modern Hispanics as evil slave-owners.”

    I don’t know about you, but I have never looked at a modern white person as an evil slave-owner. Anyone who does has a warped view of the world.

    • 1. No, it means stop pointing the finger at whites like whites are uniquely responsible for slavery. Whites didn’t invent slavery, but they did stop it.

      2. Absolutely, click the tag “Blaming Slavery” for a few examples.

      3. I don’t care about what’s “tasteful”, I care about what’s true, I’m not interested in emotive arguments that seem more concerned with making black people feel good and white people feel guilty than the actual history of slavery. What it means is that the whites were part of the process, but why is there never any blame put on their fellow blacks and the Arabs who enslaved them when they were free, and sold them to the whites? White people did not enslave free black people, they purchased black slaves who were already slaves. It doesn’t make it good, it makes it less bad.

      4. Actually, people do justify the Barbary Slave Trade as okay, on the grounds that it was based on religion rather than based on race. That’s when people actually do talk about the Barbary Slave Trade. The problem is they don’t. “Slavery” is talked about as this exclusively white-on-black phenomenon, demonising white people.

      Black slaves on plantations were generally not tortured. Any slave that was tortured, and I don’t deny that some were abused, was the exception rather than the rule. Think about it. The slaves were there to do work. Why would you torture them, rendering them incapable of doing work? Slaves were actually taken care of in terms of food and medicine, so they were in good shape to work. A slave was seen as basically like a mule, right? A farm animal. Now why would you deliberately injure your own farm animal?

      In 1855, Frederic Law Olmsted, the landscape architect who designed New York’s Central Park, was in Alabama on a pleasure trip and saw bales of cotton being thrown from a considerable height into a cargo ship’s hold. The men tossing the bales somewhat recklessly into the hold were Negroes, the men in the hold were Irish. Olmsted inquired about this to a shipworker. “Oh,” said the worker, “the niggers are worth too much to be risked here; if the Paddies are knocked overboard or get their backs broke, nobody loses anything.”

      5. Again, see the tag “Blaming slavery”. I don’t know what country you’re living in, but you can’t be paying very close attention, because blacks blame whites for slavery all the time. Didn’t you hear about that black politician in Alabama racially abusing the white constituent? I don’t live in the United States, by the way. And it’s stupid to suggest I ignore my people being demonised. What exactly is your criticism here? It makes no sense. You’re basically criticising me for defending my race? You’re criticising me for correcting false history?

      6. You’re suggesting I take some sort of individual pride, and I don’t. I don’t really follow you on this one. I’m saying, if they want to point out bad things whites did, as an ancestral group, whites, then I’ll correct them. You’re trying to force some atomised, individualist paradigm onto something that isn’t individualistic.

      You say no one says slavery in Africa is good; that’s because they don’t talk about it.

      7. No, that 2% aren’t excused for their “heinous crimes”, but the other 98% are.

      8. Again, see the tag “Blaming Slavery”. And those are only the examples I’ve documented, there’s plenty more out there if I wanted to spend the rest of my night searching things on google just to prove it to you, but I’m not really inclined to. I’ve just made a delicious bowl of soup and I’m going to watch a documentary.

      Thanks for dropping by!

      • DK says:

        Slavery not being a solely or particularly white practice is valid, but otherwise your points are rather questionable.

        Point 3 in the original post is kind of odd since I could take it to mean implicitly that colonialism, which continued long past when white nations supposedly outlawed slavery, is worse than the earlier purchasing of slaves from Africa was.

        Claiming that slaves were generally not tortured, on the other hand, is an incredible diminishing. Obviously they didn’t want to incapacitate their slaves, but whipping wasn’t going to render a slave incapable of working. Slaves who attempted to escape got shot or attacked by dogs. Slaves who rebelled would be tortured to death. Slaves in the US weren’t implicitly sex slaves but there was absolutely nothing stopping them from being raped, and people as notable as Thomas Jefferson did that. South Carolina felt the need to pass a law against cruelty to slaves in 1740 to ban various forms of mutilation, as well.

      • rese says:

        Look all slavery aside whites are the only people who done mass murder to steal peoples land, riches, and stole the real jews heritage, aint no such thing as a white christian yall worshiped wood an stone before yall white people went into the holy land an founded the scriptures an then started to change names an images of the people to be white when its very clear that the saviour is a black man so check yo self Mr. White man before you get into a war you have already lost yall are killers more so than any other nation yall just trying to justify yourselves as saints when your history shows your people are evil murderous thieves white man lived in caves before he started killing people for there land thats what caucasian means cave dweller an thats were yall going back to when the black messiah returns

      • BM says:

        It wasn’t 5% , it was 10% that were taken by force. Also, did you ever stop to think that black people respond the way they do to you because you are very comfortable saying the word n**** Or the fact that 1 out of every 9 black men in America are in jail or on probation. Slavery does still exist in the U.S. We call it the justice system

      • Thanks for your article. Very enlightening. Anyone with half a brain cell known that slavery has always been with us, since pre biblical times. And you are right, black people do try and make whites feel guilty about slavery, as if it’s actually our fault. I shed my guilt a long time ago. Thanks again for the article.

      • Jihad Hamlett says:

        Well most of your facts on slavery are dead wrong lol you need to do ,ore history my brotha, slavery was apart of everyday life in ancient europe, asia, india, africa each country enslaved their own people! Smh trust me!! As a black man who knows his people and alot of african history black us african americans feel bad about slavery from enslaving blacks in africa to enslaving whites in america, but did you know moors brought europeans to the americas? Who came up with the idea of enslaving the people to bring to america europeans but first they started off with their own people, till they caught wind of the arab slave trade and african slave trade. But!! To act like racism doesnt exsist or discrimination thats a problem…..and where did you get your facts that 5% blacks owned slaves and only 2% whites owned slaves?? Are you of british decent so you exclude your self from every other european race?

      • David Ray says:

        I’m from Australia and we see bits on the TV about the evil White American slave owner, not so much now because Islam’s showing it’s true colour. I thought it was part of American culture for the Whites to feel bad about the Black thing and the Blacks to feel good about them feeling bad. That’s the point isn’t it. What colour I am has nothing to do with what I see, it’s just what I do with the information.

      • rhondakelly07 says:

        Dear GOD help me , please see Crimes in Chicago 2014 a daily cussing blog , blacks still throw up race card at us, cuss us out daily ans tell us they will kill us daily, I live here I need help from Christians like you I know 100% that there will be a Civil war coming soon , on utube it says so..please help me , and thankyou trying ti stop this for my children, trying to put white slavery in History books so we can all get along Blacks had MORE white slaves in Africa, USA, and black slavery in Mexico…just thankyou for all your heard work get your family ready for war

      • rhondakelly07 says:

        LOVE YOU THANKYOU PLEASE HELP START WHITE HISTORY MONTH FROM NOV TO DEC AND POUT IN EVERY HISTORY BOOK Less than 2% of whites had slaves . African History is the biggest lie in History and we will still be blamed if not in History books..also ( BLACK SLAVERY TODAY) blacks have more black slaves tan all of history…( WHITE SLAVERY) I think first page Every race our missing kids in Peoples basements..Free the slaves. Thankyou for all your heard work love you GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY

      • Sureena says:

        I actually don’t understand your logic and I stopped reading your reply when you said ‘it makes it less bad’…really??? It was still bad!! All slavery was bad. Including any enslaving of white people…as for this white guilt crap, thats you making yourself feel guilty. Theres only one simple way to end that…simply stop feeling guilty. Why the hell do you feel guilty?? Does part of you hate black people maybe? Did a black person do something to you?

      • PrionIndigo says:

        Um…yes free Begores were sometimes kidnapped and sold as slaves (aka. Solomon Northup).

    • Rocco says:

      resse are you retarded the blacks worshiped so many gods its crazy infact the first people to except one god are jews then whites then muslims then blacks you guys were last so stop doing your black people have never done no wrong your chiefs sold us the slaves so if anything the blacks are as responisble as the whites

      • Rocco says:

        also your tribes wared with each other for thousands of years killing raping pillaging so you stop acting high and mighty

      • tom says:

        Reese, you are retarded. It’s not like, you know, Blacks are still commiting genocide against other blacks in Africa. It’s not like they use child soldiers, not to mention massacring and raping eachother on an unbelievable scale. It’s not like leaders in Africa throw parties that cost them millions and yet the people of their countries live on less than a dollar a day. What a civilized race.

      • rhondakelly07 says:

        ISLAM, MUSLIMS CAME FROM AFRICA, see NECKLACING Before it’s…see black lighting a Black helpless kid on fire and beating him to death they have killed 57 million whites, and no news around the world top 2 killers in US are blacks, and illegals who kill more than Iraq War each year, We have 2 wars inside USA each year close border, over dope or just being racist with whites see NEW NATION NEWS…Crimes in Chicago 2014 a Violence against whites up dated daily, THEY ARE LYINCHING US Lighting whites on Fire , right here in USA, Home invading and Beating us to death, by black mobs, or the Knockout game daily

    • Rhonda Clark says:

      AFRICIANS HAD 1 MILLION NEW SLAVES A YEAR Most the beat or starved to death and millions of whites i USA There was MORE WHITE SLAVES MORE AND LONGER!

    • J says:

      Thank you for injecting some sanity into this comment thread.

      • cndgirl says:

        I hope people read this who have posted on here…It’s not about who was worse..which race suffered more. It’s about educating people that it happened to everyone, so lets stop the blame game, and start owning up to where we are in life now. Black people have had many…I mean many..charities and organizations set up to help with furthering their education, but then there is still constant complaining that they aren’t getting enough. Then the affirmative action law was passed to not only help everyone against discrimination but there are laws stating that a person of colour is to be given priority. Seriously?? So there’s organizations set up to help fund schooling.. (while.I’m in huge debt for mine as a single mom of two)..they have the.chance to be first picked for a job..I have personally been passed over…But that’s not good enough. It’s the white mans fault that the blacks are living in the ghetto…we keep them down, but history show’s many black people excelling. Why can’t the others? oh right..choice. Instead of getting a night job at the 7/11 and using the system set in place for school funding to further themselves, they sell drugs cause they live in the ghetto…right..that’s our fault. The prisons are predominantly black because they do the crimes!! Geez…THEY DO THE CRIMES, why is that always brought up?? Which also adds to racial profiling…Hellooo…if it was predominantly red headed men in jails who are from the coast of Floria…people would be nervous seeing a red head when they walk on the beach.
        They blame us for the next generation being raised in the ghetto and “not having a chance” look at yourself and be better role models then!

        So…this is why education like this is important. It has happened to everyone, but the white man has to keep paying for the mistakes made in the past, take responsibility for everyones ancestors..But the black people don’t take any responsibility for themselves. It’s seriously enough already. Any form of discrimination is wrong…except gingers…I’m sorry, they freak me out..

        Kidding! But you agreed for a minute didn’t you!

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      Blacks did much worse to every race still do Blacks have hacked every race to death and kill our solders also you lie!!…there was 1 million new white slaves each year from 1530 to 1780 , then AGAIN for 200 years in USA, you lie and will not stop you blacks did that to yourselves not whites..YOU HAD MORE WHITE SLAVES IN AFRICA, USA…YOU HAD MORE BLACK SLAVES IN AFRICA, USA…you did this to us whites oh please stop lying..and stop with your race beat our skins off our backs, you gang raped us to death you slaughtered our family’s and DAILY BLACKS BUTCHER EVERY RACE..and your in a race war with every race STAND UP TO BLACKS, GET A GUN AND LIVE..THE BLACK MOBS ARE BEATTING EVERY RACE TO DEATH , GANG RAPING, AND HOME INVADING..AND DRIVE BY SHOOTINGS..EVERY RACE SHOULD. STAND UP AGAINST YOU RACIST BLACKS..YOU HAVE LINCHED MILLIONS OF EVERY RACE..CHOP US UP KILL OUR KIDS,. YOU EVEN KILL 7.000 OTHER BLACKS A YEAR OH SHUT IT ALREADY..YOU DID W O R S E ..TO WHITES..YOU RACIST !! YOU STILL DO AFTER 150 YEARS YOUR STILL KILLING DAILY EVERY RACE..How many Mexicans, Latino, Gays, Jews, whites blacks, are you racist blacks going to Lyinch?

      • Jihad Hamlett says:

        Do you know why there were more white slaves than blacks?? Because the irish were slaves and were hated by british and african slaves cost tooo much, where do you get your facts from tell the whole truth or dont speak

      • gil says:

        You have to be the most illiterate person of all and you really shouldnt make any more embarassing comments. The first people on earth were african, jesus was born in africa, the first civilizations of all of south america and mexico was african. If your latino then you are probably at least 33% african yourself. Hello? anybody home? soooo dumb…

      • stripformepc says:

        No no! People who are not white! Get a gun and live.. It is the whites who are responsible for every other thing you are blaming the blacks for. I can finally let go of my black guilt i have been carrying around for being black- praise blame.Every crime committed by a person with white skin doesn’t matter what race they were is to blame. I havn’t even checked my spelling or grammar here- that’s right. Poor uneducated non white, non black person here. The whites are to blame! Now you know we can all just get along

    • davina says:

      Thank you for this breakdown. Black slavery should be acknowledged for what it was and what it has allowed the people to develop into; but it will always be a conflict between the races. A fight that will never be won!!

    • PrionIndigo says:

      Sorry, my stupid keyboard, I meant Negroes.

    • Spoken Clearly says:

      How can you have the audacity to write that the blacks being enslaved was not as bad as when the whites were enslaved? Something is seriously wrong with you. Blacks endured the same amount of harsh violence. Anyhow… we are all slaves now. Get out of here… JAH BLESS

    • Alesha says:

      Ive read on this….it isnt a white person who wrote this either for the ones saying for thjs person to go back in history or this person is making up things…this is written by henry louis gates which is an African American well known writer google him…

    • Sweet says:

      You said “only 5%” as if you are talking about 5,000 people. Almost 400,000 Africans landed in America. And, guess what happen after that? They made babies.

      “Only 2% of Americans owned slaves.” So, the other 98% watched the suffering of 400,000 Africans and did nothing, just as guilty. If you participate in a crime, and someone ends up dead. If you did nothing to help even though you did not pull the trigger then you are just as guilty.

      Around the time of the slave trade there was a war going on in Africa, and Africans did trade their POWs for guns to help them win the war. After the kidnappers received the slaves, the kidnappers would then send the former POWs to capture their enemy, and bring them back; subsequently they would become slaves too.

      “Only” 1.5 millions European were enslaved during the Barbary Slave Trade, which lasted “only” 30 years. On the other hand, 12 million Africans were enslaved during the Transatlantic Slave Trade, which lasted 400 years… Europeans were treated worse in Barbary than Africans in America? I went looking for a source to support your evidence and I found none, instead, I found out that not all the men worked on ships, and not all the women were sex slaves.

      Why was slavery stopped? It wasn’t because Lincoln felt bad for blacks. Lincoln was a racist. The freeing of black slaves in America was all about money. Lincoln only freed the slaves in the South first, so the confederate soldiers would loose their will to fight.

      I see you got a great deal of your material from Wikipedia. Any college professor would frown on your cite material. You make a lot of good points especially about the Jews and Native Americans. But guess what? It wasn’t Jews or Natives Americans that went on to oppress the black race for an additional 100 years by establishing black code and Jim crow laws.

    • monsterstream says:

      Well said…

  5. Terri says:

    This is the absolute truth! This is not what were taught in history class and I’ve been doing my research about Irish Slaves and all about the slavery from many many years ago! It’s really disturbing when the whites are accused of owning slaves! Also, I hate it when people say African American, Chinese American, Korean American, and so forth! Fact is, if your born in America, You’re an AMERICAN! Thanks for this article, I hope some folks learn a little history here.

    • kitkat says:

      I agree if your born in America you are a American…I am so sick of hearing your a this or a that American!

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      Your not African America your an American if you was a slave in USA you was owned by Africans who had the most slaves or Mexicans, Indians this was there land, less than 2% of whites really had slaves, Mexicans, Indians had whites for slaves also..THERE WAS M O R E ..white slaves…Next DON’T CALL US A H I C K ..up there get over your race card, and your L I E !!, you lied for 150 years..we should throw the race card at them

      • pumpkineater says:

        There’s no such thing as the race card if something racist its racist point blank period! That’s like a girl getting raped 5 times and each time she yells rape then that person saying “u can’t play the rape card every time” if she gets raped every time then why can’t she play the rape card? Same thing. And how is it lieing? Whites owned black slaves FACT! Slaves were beat FACT! Female slaves were raped by masters FACT! Where’s the lie??? And as far as the whole trying to make white people feel bad thing that’s all in your head because no one brings that up

    • Jihad Hamlett says:

      Na those people love their countries they love their heritage culture, white americans put that title blank-americans not blacks or asians etc. But it seems that whites are the ones who start ugly wars kills off civilization Only concerned about them selves feel high and mighty. Everything whites done every other race has done, but why did white americans stoo blachs from owning white slaves?

  6. Eugene says:

    All Americans, black and white, should be taught the truth. Wow, what an eye opener. It seems we have all been victims at one time or another. Time for the true enemy, Islam, to be exposed for what it is. A sick and twisted religion that plagues all other races.

    • Satnaam Mago says:

      The thing this article conveniently doesn’t discuss is that while Slavery was a part of the human condition, it isn’t the Atlantic slave trade that led to white guilt, it was the period of 100 years of Jim Crow during a period of time that was supposed to be reconstruction in which Blacks were intimidated, kept out of the political process, not given voting rights, not given human rights, had scientist trying to prove white superiority while assuming black inferiority etc. Jim Crow still shows its ugly head in modern society and white privilege still exists. Should whites feel guilty about Slavery and the possibility their ancestors engaged in it? No, but whites should be mindful of the fact that this country has many racial biases and discriminatory practices in its not too distant past and the scars haven’t completely healed yet. It might be like “just get over it already”, but unless you are made to feel like less of a person just because of your skin tone, it is hard to understand. Prison sentences, general benefit of the doubt and police protection per capita is generally better in white neighborhoods, racial attitudes made it hard for blacks to leave segregated black neighborhoods and public education in both neighborhoods have drastic differences. You can continue to use revisionist history and say blacks don’t have it so bad, but I think even you know that would be lying.

      • Satnaam Mago says:

        Also, don’t feel guilt about it, but lets try to get into our collective consciousness that jackasses exist in all races just as kind, good natured people exist in all races. To pigeon hole any race for it’s misdeeds and accomplishments is rather self serving and obtuse. It wasn’t your accomplishment just because somebody with the same skin complexion as you did it…once we figure this out, then we can also make the leap that just because you are black doesn’t mean you are a violent criminal or a druggie.

      • J-Man says:

        FYI, Police are paid for with tax dollars, and the reason there are fewer police in certain areas is that there are fewer tax payers in those areas. The same goes for teachers, and any other local government funded institutions.

        Possible solution: make states pay for police instead of cities and counties, and distribute them wherever they are needed most. I don’t know why this isn’t already done.

        If that can’t be done for some reason, what’s stopping individual communities from forming there own neighborhood watch organizations or volunteer police? If they really care about their own safety, why don’t they do whatever is necessary? Also, if they care so much about their kids education, why don’t they do something about that?

        It seems to me that much of the black community are racist against themselves and still think that they need white people to take care of them. There are plenty of successful and good, productive black citizens in this country; if it was all about race, how is this possible? There are also many poor white people in this country (I’m one of them)… Why doesn’t their “white privilege” provide for them?

        The problem is this, whether you want to accept it or not: The black community lacks good leadership that will empower them by teaching them that they can accomplish anything that they put their minds to as long as they are willing to work hard and not give up. Instead they keep teaching each other that they are victims of circumstance and that it’s all the white man’s fault. As long as they see themselves as slaves, that’s what they always will be… for “As a man thinketh, so is he”. If you really think this is untrue, ask yourself why there are successful blacks in this country.. better yet, ask THEM why they are successful… It seems to me that if blacks want to be successful, you’d think they would look at the many great examples of success that are there. Maybe it’s because they look up to Rappers and other thugs instead…

      • george says:

        Funny when ever the argument becomes a loser for the people that use race baiting for profit….they just change the argument to a new tack but always carefully to keep the guilt press churning. The only answer to anything discussed is to daily remind everyone who isn’t black is guilty because they aren’t black and if they are black, they are owed because they are.

      • rhondakelly07 says:

        Africans had millions M O R E , white slaves in Africa USA you LIED! More black slaves in Africa, this day you have more slaves more than all of history what you said whites did to you Africans , Mexicans , Indians did, BUT YOU BLACKS DID WORSE TO WHITES..You shipped us to Africa, USA..what you blacks said we did you did worse to whites RIGHT NOW IN AFRICA YOUR SLAUGHTERING MILLIONS OF WHITES AND BUTCHERING BEATING WHITES…WHITES HAVE NO RIGHTS..AND NO NEWS..YOUR RACE CARD AND BLAMING IS OVER….To this day we are blacks slaves, when you get free housing Link Wick and why you get free colleges..none for whites….Blacks had more white slaves 1 million a each year new slaves and again for 200 years YOUR CONS..why did you not vote cause YOU HAD US FOR SLAVES and beat the skin off our backs and hacked millions like you still do you beat us in Black mobs, Home invade us, Gang rape us I DO N O T ..FELL ANY QUILT FOR WHAT WHITES DID TO YOU YOU DID MILLIONS OF TIMES W O R S E ..and daily we are lyinched…..

      • rhondakelly07 says:

        NOW WE STILL HAVE B L A C K SLAUGHTERING EVERY RACE DAILY NO NEWS, you blacks killed 11 Mexicans and 8 Latino this month why no news of blacks Lyinching us daily? Liberals control our news

      • Jihad Hamlett says:

        Awwww man thank you!!! Tell it how it is :-) people fail to realize it or they choose to ignore it i think their funny when it comes to that, they colonized africa but didnt treat them as equals, i love you for that tho

      • rhondakelly07 says:

        To this day Africans continue with there race card YOU HAD millions of white slaves in Africa, USA we do not have to like you some of us hates you after you lyinched our family our friends , all we see you is a racist Black beatting mob and I can’t stand to be aby where near you you live with BLAMING US and you have butchered millions of every race, I hate blacks I seen true African History when I saw my dead parents wish your entire race would get away from us.

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      Africans had 1 million new white slaves each year from 1530 to 1780…and 200 years in USA they had MORE WHITE SLAVES..AND ARE ALL RACIST LIBERALS, who never can tell the whole truth..look at there race card look down sick!

  7. Some Random White Lady says:

    500 crappy YouTube links surely guarantee you the moral high ground, right? I am not sure where you go the idea that everyone was blaming white people as a whole for the entirety of slavery, but you are skirting the real issue really widely here. What white people in America ARE responsible for is institutional racism, which continues today, and has it’s roots in pre-Civil War slavery. Being a person of privilege, you have no idea what it’s like to deal with racism, institutional or otherwise, and being butthurt because some African American called you a cracker doesn’t count.

    • Heidi says:

      Cracker is a derogatory term that Blacks used to call White slaves and poor Whites. Along with Honkie, redshanks, among others.

      “institutional racism, which continues today, and has it’s roots in pre-Civil War slavery”?? I don’t think you got the whole point of any of the videos. You see, Whites as a WHOLE did NOT own the majority of Black slaves – the JEWS DID! Other races participated in slavery, Free Blacks, and Natives. Perhaps you don’t know how to watch videos that show material to look up for research, or people giving critiques of work?
      You may have WHITE PRIVILEGE, especially if you’re a Jew (non-White), but POOR WHITE people have no such privileges. I’ve seen Tim Wise, a Jew, give lectures on supposed “White Privilege” – but it isn’t working anymore. We have begun to “Wake Up” and we will only continue to wake up to the Truth. You cannot stop this from happening, it’s been foretold that we would overcome the Jews (Humanities Slave Masters – the Children and worshipers of Lucifer), and we will.
      So go take your self-hate, and your white guilt and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.
      Have a great day!

      • So everyone here that is slyly (and not so subtly) being racist against Jews has not learnt a god dam thing from history? World War 2 taught you nothing?? You ignorant fools. Forget about race and just think about us as a homo sapien: wise human which we are. It’s a shame there’s so many easily deceived and manipulated people out there who have not got the ability to think outside and beyond their religious beliefs or culture. You are the cretins who are delaying the evolution of our whole species! Still living in the past! Still giving two shits about colour, creed and any other differences! You are the ones who need to wake up to the truth.

      • Jihad Hamlett says:

        Cracker was the name given to the man with the whip in his hand smfh read do some research what did you do ask the first black teen you saw on the street what cracker means?

    • Ed says:

      I have never felt like a person of privilege. I know that’s the fashionable meme but somehow I just can’t get a grip on it.
      As soon as you wrote “Being butthurt because some African American called you a cracker doesn’t count” I quit taking you seriously. Obviously you deal in rhetoric and platitudes with little common sense to go with it. “Institutional racism, person of privilege” and my personal favorite “butthurt”…lol
      I’ll just say that you add very little originality to the conversation and leave it at that.

      • stripformepc says:

        Oh aren’t we superior. So many big words and unlike me I feel you added so much originality to this conversation.The world will be a better place because you couldn’t be bothered to educate me with your opinion. What a shame :(

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      Your just another black racist Satian Worshipers Whites have NO PRIVLEGE you blacks run our news schools and we have black , Minority Cacases sending trilling to our Muslims, and you blacks have slaughtered millions of every race, web: (BLACK RACE WAR WITH WHITES)…( BLACK RACE WAR WITH LATINO(…( BLACK RACE WAR WITH MEXICANS)…Jews, Asians…Gays…were in a Black , Muslim War with are GOG…( GOG MAYGOG = ARMEGETION..every race your slaughtering…Your racist all of you..and hate kill, gang rape every race..( 28 Africans gang rape 11 year old Mexican girl) see that web site….You butcher, Mexicans, Latino, Asians, gays, Jews, whites daily it’s just a matter of time well stand up to you liberals…..Next we need better teachers in schools we learn nothing in schools..LIBERALS run our schools..YOU KNOW A BLACK IS RACIST WHEN THEY SAY WHITE PRIVELEDGE, SUPRESSED..your a racist , every race needs to get guns your butchering every race , because you blacks hate us all

      • Jihad Hamlett says:

        Wait lol whites slaughter every race too, japan, africa, china, ireland germany many other places yall rape, steal, lie, amd kill to like every other human being. Do you feel whites are better than blacks? Or asians?

    • rhondakelly07 says:


      • cndgirl says:

        Yes, that’s why its offensive to call white people cracker…just like’s from the same era and both deal with slavery…cracker? That’s accusing the white person of being a slave whipper…..BUT…Black people get away with it alllll the time…especially on TV.

      • PrionIndigo says:

        No it’s from whites whipping blacks. The one who does the whipping is the whipper or cracker.

      • monsterstream says:

        I get the feeling that you are trolling and deliberately stirring up drama in this discussion and probably other race discussions on the internet. You are giving us white people a bad name by making these strange comments.

  8. civil rights apostate says:

    read Knoxville horror or Wichita massacre. Hitler himself couldn’t do worse

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      Every day Africans slaughter every race WE ARE IN A CIVIL WAR WITH BLACKS, they have butchered millions of every race and beat us daily and rob us daily

  9. dsalasd says:

    This article is full of ignorance and poor analysis. Just let me give an example:

    “8.Only 5% of the black slaves transported across the Atlantic actually went to the modern U.S. Most in fact went to Latin America to serve Hispanic slave-owners. But we don’t look at modern Hispanics as evil slave-owners”

    That is imposible. Latin America did not exist during those centuries. And the rulers of those territories were not “hispanics” but “whites” unless you think that only english speaking whites can be whites.

    • I’m quite sure Latin America did exist during those centuries. And haven’t you ever heard of white Hispanics like George Zimmerman?

      What you’re doing is reenforcing the idea that Hispanics are white when they do something bad, like own slaves or commit a hate crime, but when they need extra help, quotas, and affirmative action, suddenly they’re Hispanic. Typical of the American justice system, where people can be recorded as Hispanic when they are the victim, but the same person would be recorded as white when they’re the offender, artificially inflating the white crime rate.

      Regardless, this was one bit of the article.

      • dsalasd says:

        Latin America is a concept coined during the 19th century by french philosphers. It took time until the term was acepted by current latin americans. And guess what: it was created in order to create a cultural connection between the latin nations (France, Italy, Spain..) and the Spanish speaking nations of Central and South America. Between 17th and 19th centuries those territories belonged to the Holy German Empire aka the Kingdom of Spain and other territories in Europe. The White people ruling the colonies in the Spanish America were not what we know now as “hispanics”. They considered themselves whites as opposed to mestizos and natives. They were either europeans or europeans descendents. Latin America did not exist neither “hispanics” or “latinos”. Check your maps. This is not just a little detail but a serious evidence of ignorance and you lack of historical analysis.

      • Semantics. I’ll change it to “what’s now called Latin America” if you want.

      • Rocco says:

        what i dont get is why its called latin america latin is a white language but still these people are totally defernt race’s then whites they might be part white but still they are still the race that was there before whites such as the olec’s ancient people mayan aztec or incan

      • BM says:

        George Zimmerman isn’t white he is Hispanic and has disgraced his race with his actions. There are plenty of racist in every race. People are scared of cultural differences and judge an entire race by the three or four people of that race they have met. I thought MLK had a dream about this? Maybe it was a comma because 50 years later we have made little progress. And we will not see the results of that dream in this lifetime. We spend so much time defending our own races instead of taking a non-biased approach to history. Racism was expected as it’s the next logical step from slavery . Slaves don’t have freedom of speech, are generally uneducated, and don’t have any money. As time progresses this will of coarse change. Until then every human will need to decide for the sake of humanity if they are part of the solution or part of the problem?????????

      • rhondakelly07 says:

        See White Serial killers 99% are not white L O O K….now see this web : ( WHITES ARE NOT SERIAL KILLERS)….But if they kill they are called white and on CNN, ESPN, ABC, CBS, NSNBC, HUFFINGTON POST they say they are white only if they did a crime WHY?

      • Sam says:

        Dumb asses George Zimmerman is a mixed person. His dad is white!!!! Btw there’s no Hispanic race. Hispanic people are a mixture of every race. There are mixed black, white and.Asian.

    • Heidi says:

      Most of the “Whites” you are referring to were crypto-Jews (pretending to be Christians), so they still wouldn’t be White. It would still be mainly a Jewish Slave Trade – and it was, you can Google Jewish authors on the subject.

    • Jihad Hamlett says:

      And Portuguese

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      B:LACK SLAVERY In MEXICO they had 1 million Black slaves each year for 600 years and killed 1 Millions and had both white and black slaves so did Indians, only whites was blamed WHY?

    • Sam says:

      So Africans who didn’t speak english used an English Word (cracker) ? Do you realize how fucking retarded that logic is.

  10. Peter says:

    If you google ‘quaderni padani 22-23’ you will see that the mass-murder and enslavement of whites by Muslims began nearly fourteen centuries ago [long before the Crusades] and has never ceased.

    • Rocco says:

      the funny part with islam is that they are told not to harm christian or jews as we are people of the book BTW i am a white christian but i am a history major with my speciality being islamic culture

      • Marie says:

        Have you ever actually read the Quaran? Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.” The myth that is fiercely perpetuated in academic circles today is that Islam is a peaceful religion. Islamic terrorism does in fact have a theological basis and is reflective of the religion. Those who defend it deliberately misinterpret the message or are misinformed. The so called extremists are the ones who get it right. – if anyone’s interested.

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      ISLAM, MUSLIMS CAME FROM AFRICA they killed millions of us, and do every year every race we are all being killed by blacks and CNN ESPN ABC CBS NSNBC wont tell when they kill a Mexican , Latino, Gay , Jew, Or you whites, were in a Black Civil war

  11. Russ S says:

    If you want assholes to argue with you, post thoughts that don’t eminate from their pea brain.
    to all argumentative assholes: what if these points have validity?
    what, your god forbid, if you’re WRONG? LOL
    it’s the INTERNET. don’t believe it if you don’t want to. but your opinion means very little in the long run. save your argumentive breath, you’ll need it while running from your next thug mugger.

  12. Tia says:

    Yes everyone had slaves at some point but what we had here an america was the only slave business that simply was based on the color of skin! Your black so your a slave. overseas they didnt care what color you were people were punished equally! When there were slaves other places it was for punishment for something they did wrong, owed debt etc.

    • BM says:

      Agreed, U.S slaves was based on skin color. We are not like Nepal, Pakistan, Ethiopia, or Niger. Countries were slave masters are the same skin color as the slaves. It’s ridiculous that those countries still allow slavery. It’s even more ridiculous that an estimated 27 million people around the world are still slaves today. Why do people need to put other people down to feel better about themselves ? If you aren’t royalty you shouldn’t have slaves and servants, period!!!!!!!!!

      • rhondakelly07 says:

        WEB: ( White slavery I think it’s first page on site white kids sex slaves in peoples basements all over the world…And ( BLACK SLAVERY TODAY…blacks right now have more slaves than all of history…( Whites genocide)…( White genocide in Africa)…( Africans are killing white farmers) they are eating each other..there are more blacks in jail in US, more than black slavery of 1850

    • J-Man says:

      That’s a pretty ignorant claim…

  13. Matt says:

    For anyone who thinks blacks were good people and they all got along well in Africa needs to read this excerpt from Wikipedia about the kingdom of Dahomey

    ‘Since Dahomey was a significant military power involved in the slave trade, slaves and human sacrifice became crucial aspects of the ceremony. Captives from war and criminals were killed for the deceased kings of Dahomey.[5][6] Most of the victims were sacrificed through decapitation, a tradition widely used by Dahomean kings, and the literal translation for the Fon name for the ceremony Xwetanu is “yearly head business”.[7] In later years this ceremony also included the spilling of human blood from the sacrificed.[3] Related with this, there was also a significant military parade in the ceremonies that further displayed the military might of the kingdom of Dahomey.’

    So you see even Africans enslaved and also killed them for sacrifices. So blacks are not equal to whites and they certainly are not squeaky clean as the liberals and the African community potrays them to be.

    • J-Man says:

      It’s all about blame. It’s human nature to not take responsibility for yourself as long as someone gives you someone or something else to blame for all of your circumstances.

      People believe what they want to believe, because the guilty take the truth to be hard.

      “know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      Crimes in Chicago 2014 see it daily blacks cuss us out daily and say they will kill us and kill mostly each other and killed 76 Mexicans and NEW NATION NEWS see it daily covers all of USA , see them burn us Africans and ILLEGALS LIBERALS.

  14. TO THE AUTHOR: It appears you have done a lot of research on this topic but you omitted a few important points:

    1. ALL races indeed kept slaves historically.
    2. “Most of the American slave ships and American slave-markets were run by Jews”. Mr. Columbus, a “self proclaimed” Jew invaded this country in 1492. The African Slave trade to this country began in 1619. Who the hell else was here to do it?
    3. Indeed, It was Arab Muslims and Black Africans who captured members of rival tribes and took them to the coastal slave-markets to sell to the Whites and Jews. o begin with. However, they WERE NOT slaves to begin with, they were people captures to be sold as slaves.
    4. Do not mislead your readers. “In the 16th – 18th century, Africans enslaved 1.5 million White Europeans in the Barbary Slave Trade.” I know this is hard to believe: African does not mean black.
    5. “Native Americans and Jews owned Black slaves too”. Hell- don’t stop there. Black people owned black slaves and white people owned white slaves.
    6. “Whites were the first people to stop slavery in modern times”! Are you kidding? I’m sure the black vote and the black presence in parlimentary seating would have abolished the act long before slavery ended.
    7. Your stats are wrong. It is documented (and hell just look at the census) that 25-30% of whites in the South owned slaves.
    8. Indeed 5-6% of the black slaves transported across the Atlantic actually went to the “modern U.S.”- that’s about 500,000 people. It was also 1/4 of the entire population in the “modern” US.

    So with all that being said let me answer your question. The only people that feel guilty about the Slave Trade issue IS white people. The relationship between the Jews and black people involving the Slave Trade have moved on. The relationship between the Portuguese, South Americans, Caribbeans, etc. and the Slave Trade have moved on! White America (and let me preface this by saying not ALL white America) is stuck and still feeling guilty because they have NOT moved very far in the past 200 years. And if you don’t believe me Mr/Mrs/Ms Violence Against Whites, then take a good hard look at “modern” day politics and answer your own questions.

    • 3. No, they were not slaves to begin with. That’s what I said. They were captured by Arabs and their fellow blacks, enslaved, and sold to the whites and Jews.
      4. No, African does not necessarily mean black. That’s why I was careful to say African. the Barbary slave traders were mostly of Arab descent, although some would have been black.
      6. I don’t understand your point. Slavery was abolished by the British Empire in 1807, and by America in 1865. It continued in many parts of Africa and Asia, orchestrated by non-whites. In Mauritania, slavery was only made illegal in 1981, and only actually given real punishment in 2007.
      7. This is a Straw Man, please check what I said. I said 2% of whites in America, not 2% of whites in the South.

      • rhondakelly07 says:

        DEAR VIOLENCE AGAINST WHITES: IS JESUS CHRIST BLACK? please answer and thankyou for allowing free speech and for letting us give web site info I HAVE TOLD EVERYONE ABOUT THIS WEB SITE ON UTUBE EVERY TIME I POST thankyou please answer my question

    • J-Man says:

      Robbiecee (@ROBBIECEE) You missed his point entirely… I don’t have “white guilt” because I have never owned slaves, and neither has ANYONE I have ever known. However, ignorant black people (not all of them), and ‘politically correct’ liberals in this country blame white people in general–which is in fact racism in itself. The point is, I don’t owe ANYTHING to black people. I have my own struggles in trying to make a living and trying to survive my own day to day life. It is a large part of the black community who won’t allow us OR THEMSELVES to move forward, because as long as they have someone else to blame, they never have to take responsibility for their own lives and situations. And politicians love to use whatever they can to push their agendas.

      And don’t feed me that shit about “white privilege”; I’m white and I’m poor. My family doesn’t have money and I only have a 5th grade education. The point is, I didn’t let that stop me, and I don’t blame anyone else for my own situation. I have educated myself through books and actually making an effort! There isn’t a black person in this country who can’t do the same thing that I’m doing, but they never will as long as we keep allowing them to believe that it’s not their fault! THAT is how this country moves forward. There are MANY black Americans who are doing just that so don’t be a fool and say that they can’t. We need to empower them by showing them that they DO in fact, have the power to control their own destinies. There are many examples of successful black Americans who they can look to for examples, but many of them choose to look at thugs who are teaching them to blame white people. So stop trying to argue semantics and divert from the real problems. It is people like YOU who hold black people back, because you try to validate their claims at any cost. Ask yourself why…

      • humblist says:

        You are just stating the precivil rights chatter..these gheto rats want another boostto their ecconomy ..drugs sex and yes you get to pay for the mistakes again if you fall for their shitty ideas and scams…tar babies and worse..get ready to be played again white fools

      • rhondakelly07 says:

        Blacks killed my parents during a home invasion I was a foster kid with hardly any education but a Dirty Non Christian liberal will say something rude or racist to be , I OWE YOU TRASH NOT ONE MORE LIFE get a gun , take it with you where ever you go, get ready for a black mob to beat you to death, or to shoot your white kids or your Mexican Latino EVERY RACE THEY MURDER DAILY. Don’t let them or your kids to get your guns or anything during a home invasion also liberals are robbnig us at K MART and WALMART Obama care web site computers hacked for BLACK F A I R SHARE. WE OWE YOU NOTHING YOU OWE US EVERYTHING YOU BLACKS HAD MORE WHITE PEOPLE FOR SLAVES IN AFRICA USA AND BLACK SLAVERY IN MEXICO even Mexicans Indians owned us both only whites was blamed because blacks and Mexican Liberals can’t tell the truth your all racistb . In 50 black counties not 1 Romney vote twice your racist because of this to me , Get the Black vote get the Latino vote, Get the Hispanic we all hate whites and illegals voted in States with NO ID laws and hacked computers for YOUR LIBERAL SKIN VOTE YOUR C L O S E T RACIST

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      web: BLACK SLAVERY IN MEXICO) there was millions MORE blacks that was owned by Mexicans, Indians, so was whites , this was there land.

    • cndgirl says:

      Then why do the Blacks hate whites so much??

  15. Becca says:

    EXCELLENT article. So fed up with this nonsense. Yes, ghetto blacks in Los Angeles County have yelled at me “your people enslaved mine” What caused them to yell such idiotic crap? Oh they wanted to come into my small ice cream shop, sit at my customer tables, ask for free samples then use my pen at my cash register for credit card paying customers to fill out an application for a job at some other business. Yep…when asked “could you please do that somewhere else, these tables are for customers” Yell at me that my ancestors who came from Northern Ireland to America as indentured servants somehow enslaved their race?? Really…my people never attained more than being midwest farmers who had lots of children to help farm NEVER fortunate enough to have tons of money to buy people, tho’ I doubt they would have since they knew all about being a slave.

    • humblist says:

      Its all about scaring fools into paying these elitists so cars and drugs and guns and families are paid for on the backs of working fools

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      2 Blacks home invaded my home , and killed my parents, they brough hundreds of blacks down our street FOR THE SHOW..they even brought there kids to see the B O D Y ..some of us seen true African History and daily they throw up there Liberal race card at me..I have also had 4 Mexican, Latino friends Murdered by racist I will not BOW DOWN TO YOU..I WANT TO END YOUR WELFARE your breeding ground your free housing, free colleges , none for whites or foster whites get treated like dirt…were abused, were supressed, were racially profiled, were beaten to death by black mobs daily or into comas..Why Obama wants your guns, so Blacks can kill more whites, Mexicans, Latino Asians, gays , Jews..get a gun in your house and live….Don’t be a victim

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      Blacks had more white people for slaves in Africa USA and Black Slavery in Mexico Mexicans, Indians, Blacks had both whites and black slaves less than @5 if whites had slaves WHAT LIERS CONS THEY OWE US, and killed 1 million slaves in Africa from 1530 to 1780…and another 200 years in America, Mexicans owned them for 600 years and Indians, only we got blamed Democrats are CONS they got 21.1 trillion from us in Welfare

  16. civil rights apostate says:

    Here’s another fun fact: John Newton–the same one who wrote “Amazing grace” was, before he became a slave trader, enslaved by the african wife of his slave captain. She treated him worse than the black slaves and he would have starved to death if some of the blacks slaves had not shared some of their food with him.

  17. Lee says:

    The evidence is in all the videos he posted detailing it, and all true, especially about howa large part of africas export commerce for hundreds of years was tribal slaves. Blacks sold their own, whites didnt just go kidnap them out of the jungles lol

  18. imiem says:

    For once africans are not called black are the real Jews herbew Israelites Arabs Africans Muslim Shit Chinese Japanese in the rest of them false notions are not the holy high people .. he put white ppl in control for order of Israelites… lifes fuckn comedy the bible will go dwn in history for really white ppl understanding the truth . The real name for red ppl are edomites Esau…is the devil in his children are white ppl literally they invented the English language .. people are just born into this Esau.s kingdom honestly white folks on borrowed time … It tells u the oldest will serve the young…… Esau is the oldest so Jacob is doin his quest until the mosthighreturns. Marital law RFID chips .. all dat Shit will happen … The so called white Mann is gettin a 1000yrs in slavery literally after the mosthigh damages america . There’s no white man in the sky …Hell in heaven is on earth rightnow in ds times …it’s only Hell where living in…paying for water heat lights food Hell white folks invented money there’s nothin else u could say how u think u go put a price on the mosthigh creations… Life is controled by edomites literally they kill ppl invent wars schools to brainwash u tv to trap u foreva gayshit came from the Whiteman he’s gay by nature … White came from black by ppl get the words in colors confuse … there’s no ppl the color of a chalkboard there’s no ppl the color of snow … The english was invented by edomites we suppose to be speaking herbew after the 1000yrs for white ppl herbew Israelites will have to kill them the mosthigh will then kill the devil literally white will never exist when the so called white man dies u go see real fruits trees start growing because the land is dirty rightnow we getn fake food gas from cars all dat non sense … They never been to space… We in space … The words god lord Jesus was made by whiteppl jus for kicks man listen there in control now so the mosthigh lets them get away with Shit … Because it’s there time rightnow edomites only had one time honestly Israelites been in this control by white ppl for 3life times believe it or not this is the last time white ppl only ruled in the last days…. U gotta learn the beyond truth of this lifetime.. but in the end when u see the mosthigh kill ds ppl u can’t say nothing at all… No memory of Esau.s kingdom n THE kingdom of the Israelites …….so Mexican itiatians Spanish Indians native are isreailites the other notions will serve so called black ppl foreva n THE kingdom Esau.s the only one never existing after there 1000yrs of slavery learn the fuckn truth we go be killn n fuckn they women foreva africans not black ppl at all….stupid

    • Becca says:

      Someone is off their medication and deeply illiterate.

    • civil rights apostate says:

      Can an Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots-Jeremiah 13-Then may you do good who are accustomed to doing evil. Sorry-I just proved that the jews who wrote the scripture were white-ish, at least. David was ruddy with handsome features, and pharoah Seti had a Libyan, a Jew, an Egyptian, and a Nubian painted on his tomb. The Nubian was black, the Egyptian was “mulatto”, the Libyan was white (Nordic) and the Jew was white (Meditteranean). Also, some Israelite idols have been found, and the’re all Caucasoid in features. I’m not Jewish, I’m not Christian Identity, I am a traditional mainline conservative Christian and a descendant of Japheth, who God blessed in Genesis 8. But I won’t convince you Cushite, I’ll have to turn you white first, just as Jeremiah said.

      • Jihad Hamlett says:

        and that’s called genocide!!! Lmao stupid people you do everything your fairy tale books tells yall to do? So wipe out the black brown race because you dont understand them enslave them thats what the book says? Ughh i cant deal with religious people yall sound coo coo

      • rhondakelly07 says:

        utube IS OBAMA THE ANTICHRIST, Jesus said his name in the Bible IS Jesus the King ogf the Jews, and Is Jesus Christ White or black? And Is the white man the devil like blacks say and RFID MICRO CHIP IN OBAMA CARE MARK OF THE BEAST…AND WORD IS Blacks are rising up all the Minorities to kill whites we see it daily up here and Crimes in Chicago 20`14 and NEW NATION NEWS look at this ever day they are slaughtering every race and other black kids daily, QUIETLY, CNN, ESPN, ABC, CBS, NSNBC wont tell the other minorities than blacks are slaughtering every race

    • humblist says:

      And the money will just keep rolling in if you scare them enough…nice approach roach…lol

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      This Liberal black says they will kill All whites Latino , spanish, Jews, every race except blacks will be alive WOW blacks really are showing there hate for every race, wake up Whites, Mexicans, Latino..Chinese..Asians..gays. jews..wake up these black Islam Demecrats want to kill us IN THERE OWN RACIST WORDS

    • tim says:

      You do understand that to be Israelites you have to fulfill all the Markers of Israel, RIGHT? Why dont you go through the Hebrew Bible and get all the Markers of Israel and come back here and show me where Africans, Hispanics, and even Native Americans fit any of those Markers.
      And the Curses that the Hebrew Israelites keep going to in Deut. can fit any race who has ever been held in Slavery! also read Isaiah 45:14 and tell me how that fits you and not those who were in the New World? see what you believe is not always correct and I am available to give you the truth anytime you want it.. stop adding to Gods word and let the Hate go… There is no race in this world hated like the so called white race, read the bible and see what His word says about it, There is one race that doesnt have a homeland! read your bible about it, There is one race that has taken His word to the 4 corners of the Globe! read the word about it… There is one race called after Him! read His word about it, There is one race named after Isaac, read His word about it, this isnt a game that you can come on here and make up stuff about killing white people, about white people being Edomites you have no idea about the Bible and God or you would know who Edom is, they mixed with the Jews and Ismael, but I dont guess you read the word long enough to see this? I would suggest you actually read it and pay attention…
      Yeshua teaches in Parables: to keep those who choose to be ignorant away from learning and understanding Gods Truth, but for those who are using their eyes and ears
      to truly seek the truth we will be able to understand..

      Do you have any Idea about any of the Biblical truths? It gets hot in Hell and I pray that you take the time and understand that you have been led the wrong way.

    • Whites are niggers says:

      White man is a goofy bafoon testosterone lacking faggot

      Only way a white man can be strong is through steroids

      They’re tryna kill all humans off and merge with machines so they’re 6 million times faster/smarter then humans and live in a fake heaven that’s what the white billionairs are tryna do

      If there’s a god does that god love a people who would do that?? Literally the definition of satan

  19. Noble Savage says:

    I suppose next you will come up with a reason to justify the killing of almost the entire native American race by the white Christians. All slavery is bad no matter the race but Colonialism is one of the worst forms of institutionalized slavery ever invented. (not to marginalize all the other autocracies). We as the human race should all feel shame for the enslavement of any race and not point figures and play the blame game. It is all barbaric. period.

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      web: Black slavery today Africans have more black slaves right now , more than all of slavery..and white sex slaves are in peoples basements al over the world our missing kids

  20. civil rights apostate says:

    There were few instances where White Christians actually killed off a tribe on purpose. Some tribes killed off each other, some died of disease, and some attacked whites who had settled in virtually uninhabited areas, and then got killed off. Mr. violence against whites is not trying to prove that whites are completely holy while others are not, but trying to prove that black-on non-black slavery is just as bad as white-on black slavery, and to defend white homelands.

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      Mexicans had this land and killed millions of Indians not just whites Indians attacked whites and we defended ourselves they also had whites for slavery for 200 years so did Mexicans

  21. Same old Thing says:

    The Jews are white people plain and simple,so stop with the white didn’t own slave Jews and white are one in the same.

  22. humblist says:

    Just keep interested in something while China buys up whites in the Pacific region..that way the white genocide can be hidden in plain sight……..real encouraging is this administration….for genocidal maniacs …get a tan and yell kill whitey…idiots will still murder you.And sorry I couldnt participate in the gun confiscation thingy..I was too busy using my nine to protect myself from these multi colored hypocrats jealous of anything done..let alone well done…and just
    too many targets..the dr..nurses..pd..every agency
    was called and they recieved my bonded recorded

    video prior to the concerted assault…poisoning and bz
    25. no sleep for almost a year from pain ..get use to it light skinned people….lamp shades are cheap so no anesthesia for you…good people…you failed at responding….

  23. bubba says:

    Never had any white guilt. Non existent. Most blacks have low IQ and commit crime. Everyday I look in the mirror and tell myself thank God I’m not black.

    Yes, and fuck liberals.

  24. African says:

    The difference is the fact that white slavery was not justified by trying to deny the entire white ‘race’ it’s humanity and no one has tried to equate being white to being a slave. Race was not a justification for slavery outside of Europe and the Anericas and Slaves outside these regions had more privileges including the ability to change their slave status no matter in some circumstances no matter their race. The slavery of ‘blacks’ was at a much larger scale and led to a social stratification and global racial propaganda aimed at convincing the populace that blacks are inferior and its effects are still felt all over the world today. To trivialise shows just how far the world has to go …

  25. slaveboy24 says:

    I am a young white slaveboy who is 24 years of age 5 foot 10 inches tall my weight is around 165 pounds light brown hair blue eyes and mustache
    I am seeking a beautiful sexy black woman with big breasts so she could train me as her permanent lifetime slaveboy and sexservant

  26. roy firestone says:

    It is a drag how we soak up the narrative that is spoon fed to us by the ruling class thru schools and media. Tired of people letting the elitists trick us into racial hatred by continually controlling popular thinking. Slavery is not a race crime, it is a crime committed by the elitists against us all. Making it a racial issue keeps the descendants of all former slaves hating on each other, instead of uniting together as one to attain true freedom against the social structures and oppressions that the ruling class use to maintain their control over us. Divide and conquer is their way of keeping us fighting each other, instead of against them.

  27. Heaven says:

    Whites were slaves!

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      Blacks had more whites for slaves And treated us worse and Mexicans, Indians had more black slaves than whites did…and the biggest slave owners was blacks, who also owned whites blacks, Mexicans , Indians for slaves, Blacks are all Cons

  28. papa says:

    nothing ever validates/justifies slavery/racism. Everything written above is all bullocks. This site with its name tries to justify racist leanings. Every religion/race and every other thing that diversifies us humans has bad and terrible human beings. Slavery is long gone. The world has moved on. So move on Mr White Man. Look around U itz no longer the 1800s. And you all (commenters) shld stop inciting hate, black people have bn disenfranchised in the US for years. The black race is jus finding itz footing. Dont spend your life hating. God created us all

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      WERE NOT MOVING ON unil white slavery is in every history book that YOU OWNED MORE WHITE SLAVES IN AFRICA USA for 200 years, we wont move on until you put black slavery in Mexico and other race had slaves more than Whites, we wont move on until Mexicans Indians also know they had both white black slaves YOU HAVE RUBBED IT IN OUR FACE FOR 150 years you liberal non Christian Democrats hate all whites and butcher us daily NEW NATION NEWS Crimes in Chicago 2014 WERE GOING TO RUB IT INTO YOUR FACE were in a Black Civil war, every race as you slaughter every race daily black people and your Christian blacks you Lyinch daily your plan is to get every minority against Whites, Christians AND MURDER US, and most Minorities hate us, we can tell the truth.

  29. Heaven says:

    Whites, not cool.

  30. rhondakelly07 says:

    African History Mexican, African history is the biggest lie in History why..More blacks had white people for slaves they stoled 1 million from 1530 to 1780 in Africa…and 1 million White slaves in America….) BLACK SLAVERY IN MEXICO) There was more black slaves in Africa, owned by blacks, More black slaves OWNED by Blacks, More black Slaves OWNED BY MEXICANS, in USA, in Mexico…SOMEONE IS THE BIGGEST LIBERAL CON…every time you post , post this web site…L E S S than 2% of whites really had slaves they was paid money to baby set, and work just like farmers hire people today in Fields..IT”S CALLED A JOB…The biggest, slave owner for blacks/ Whites in USA was BLACKS FIRST, Then Indians/ then Mexicans , who owned beat the skin off of blacks/ whites. web: BLACK MURDERS) Each year blacks kill 7,000 other blacks, in just 10 years these racist blacks Lyinched 65,000 whites, in 40 years, Blacks slaughtered millions of every race, and over 200,000 white people. Each year in USA, Blacks and I L L E G A L S ..Butcher , more than Iraq War..That’s 2 years a year, over dope…The KKK killed 4,312, convicted Black Killers. Each 6 months blacks kill more than the KKK did in 86 years..Please keep coming back to this web site and the ones I put up for you..AS WHITES ARE IN GENOCIDE…god bless U ALL, White History month from NOV to DEC…ps…In 50 black counties not 1 White Romney vote twice…to Blacks they don’t believe in Martian King..Where Content is more important than Skin..They are C L O S E T ..Racist!!…They get dressed up that day and rub slavery into whites faces…TO ME , I see them trying to get us to worship them..,,In closing Blacks have killed millions of every race this happens to everyone of us daily some of us has seen true African History the slaughter of every race , and our dead family we wont ever see again until we get to heaven….your white quilt will continue until we get this in every history book = END OF THE LIE AND RACE CARD.

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      Right now there are more blacks slaves naked beaten in Africa more than all of history….also there are more blacks in Jail than black slavery in 1850…Also you see those black and white movies of whites hosing blacks down with fire trucks yes that happened, THEY WAS LOOTING..AND killing..and raping..every time black mobs get together dont be with them or in the streets, or your rapped or dead..or when they riot..keep updated please come back to this web site and pray when the truth is in every history book the war with blacks will end in the civil war thousands of whites died and in 4 days 55 thousand whites died in Gettysberg….for every black adult there are 3 kids…there are MORE POOR WHITES IN USA..NOT MINORITIES..trillions only go to Minorities and blacks why BLACK/ MINORITY CACASES STEALLING OUR MONEY no white programs, no white colleges..WHY..?

      • Jihad Hamlett says:

        Lol your ignorant i know to stop reading this now smh take your racist self to church and ask god for forgiveness, you need to forgive but not forget thats what we bkacks do

    • Jihad Hamlett says:

      Your facts are all wrong, free slaves bought slaves gave them better treatment pretty much saved them, they bought slaves off of white slave masters family members friends so yea around 1860 blacks owned alot of slaves but there where 27million white people in america and only 8million.were slaves at the time big difference from african numbers african numbers were lower, where did you get your facts from

  31. rhondakelly07 says:

    Look at the pictures in : ( WHITE SERIAL KILLERS, see it 99% are not white…no go to: SERIAL KILLERS ARE NOT WHITE…look the biggest serial killers in USA, are blacks first..then minorities..

  32. rhondakelly07 says:

    One last thing When Mexicans , Indians say go back to Euroupe were on our own land we was beat raped and breed with Mexicans , Indians, next MEXICO SOLD THERE LAND TO USA…now look” utube Black race war with Wites…Black race war with Latino..Black Race war with Mexicians, Jews, Asians Gays…NEW NATION NEWS see them slaughter us , and crimes in chicago 2013 blog where blacks tell us “” OUR TIME IS UP”

  33. Kente E. Bates says:

    Interesting article. The facts speak for themselves.

  34. rhondakelly07 says:

    You don]t speak HICK, yes they are all racist , don’t hire them, never do anything for them they have whites and every race in Genocide.. get your black vote in hell

  35. rhondakelly07 says:

    Black people had more white slaves in Africa, from 1530 to 1780….then for another 200 years in USA, but there was also more Indians, Mexicians, blacks , not whites who had , both Black white, slaves…( black slavery in Mexico)…the biggest slave owner , was blacks, Mexicians..Usa was there land until the Mexicans sold it…Please stop the race war with Blacks and whites, by putting the truth up in every history book..less than 2 % of whites really had slaves…Only whites was 4 days of the Civil war 55 thousand whites died freeing the slaves, and thousands of whites died…to this day blacks kill whites , because of slavery..if they knew the truth we would be best friends, like GOD WANTS US TO BE..Put the truth in every history book and no more being racist with no one, we are all =, we are all Gods kids, pray blacks will get the truth ..White history month from Nov to Dec

  36. Jihad Hamlett says:

    Yes white people yall are right africans may have started slavery but it wasnt harsh like the atlantic slave trade neither was the arab slave trade. Slaves were giving the chance of kinship, to serve in the military marry or if they were feared enemies they shipped them out far, and as far as white slaves go britian gave away and sold!!! 1.5 or 1.8 i forget the number irish slaves to africans didnt go to europe and raid for slaves to take to south america the british did that. And they say the first slave owner in north america was blach that might be soand his first slaves were african irish and from the netherlands, now what yall do knkw but dont want to tell is when whites brought white slaves to america they threw most overboard like they did africans so that treatment wasnt a african treatment thats a european treatment.

  37. Bobby says:

    Mine as well throw in false black inventions here as well!

    Black invention myths became mainstream because no one had internet at the time to do the research. Many white people came up with the ideas before blacks did. Whites had to make things more equal so they made up these inventions for blacks.
    Here is the truth

  38. omalone1 says:

    Less than 2% of Whites in America ever owned slaves

  39. Aussie81 says:

    Fuck me your all one bloody race “YANKS” deal with it!

  40. Yeah says:

    Why do people act as if it all ended with slavery? I mean Caucasians actually started doing worst things to “Blacks” after it was abolished fearing that they would do the same to them that they had done to the slaves during slavery. Less that 2% owned slaves but a majority participated in lynchings and hangings and burnings and blah blah fricking blah. Slavery as bad as it was,was actually the least of it in retrospect.

  41. Tom says:

    There were no Jews in the USA that owned slave ships or in any way participated in the creation of the slave trade….this was strictly an English thing supported by the African slave markets which were also not created by Jews….if you are so certain that Jews ran the slave trade please give me the names of these Jews….the facts will show that the owners of the slave ships and the slave trade were for the most part, English Christians. Jewish slavery was much different than slavery in the USA because Jewish slave were not treated as chattel property….and by the time the USA was created the practice was already abolished in Jewish communities.

  42. Matt says:

    Tom, yes there were jews involved in the Negro slave trade. A black professor found the facts. here is the link.

  43. AP says:







  44. nuclear penetration says:

    “hispanic slaveowners” Most of those were Spanish. Not mestizo, but white Spaniards. The rest of your post is spot on. Just thought someone should clear that up.

  45. Helpful Hand says:

    Instead of arguing about the terrible monstrastities of humanity maybe we can try to be better. Maybe we should stop labeling each other as black and white. I know it makes us all feel better to think that we are different from each other or even better but we are not. Seriously, by all of this subtle racism and anger towards each other we aren’t progressing. Everyone can be racist. People of all ethnicities. Maybe if you individually got to know others from different ethnic backgrounds you would learn that we are the same.

    Racism and hatred is taught. We are not born with this. Know one seems to care about being a good person anymore. All everyone cares about is being RIGHT. We should acknowledge our past and learn from it. Just think before you yell facts of history at each other. Are you helping the situation or are you just trying to prove that you are right or better? Are we really so superficial to judge everyone on their appearance?

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      See how much blacks hate every race up dated daily we only have these 3 web sites, this on, and CRIMES IN CHICAGO 2014 daily saying they are going to kill us…and NEW NATION NEWS, blacks and illegals are killing us daily and CNN, ESPN, ABC, CBS, NSNBC, Huffington Post no NEWS, none, blacks are slaughtering ,millions of every race, in CA, many Hispanics/ :Latino are being murdered.

      • rhondakelly07 says:

        Please send everyone you know to this web site and get a gun Africans are now NECKLACING, before it’s

    • Cristalexi says:

      Nobody cared about colour differences before whites cames along and decided their skin colour made them superior, so don’t you mean it makes white people feel better to think they are different from non-whites. In previous systems of slavery where it was not based on colour once those slaves were freed they merged into society and their offspring were given the same opportunities as everyone else. However, this has not happened in the colour-based slavery because black people are always evident by the colour of their skin and are constantly being short changed in housing, employement, the justice system, etc. because whites have constructed a system based on colour which started around 500 years ago and continues today. Most black people do not equate their skin colour to their selfworth. I work in a place where 95% of the higher employees are white and about 60% of the lower employees are black. Did this just happen by chance? Perhaps some people might believe that it proves whites are superior. However, I know for a certainty this is systemic and institutional racism giving greater opportunities to ALL whites and making sure not very many blacks advance. And in relation to some poor whites who have said they don’t benefit, within the lower employees about 30% have been promoted to management jobs whereas the black people tend to stay at the bottom.ALL WHITES BENEFIT FROM THIS SYSTEM.

      • rhondakelly07 says:

        YOUR A LER!! A LIBERAL WHITE HATING CON WHITES DON”T CARE ABOUT COLOR ONLY MINORITIES LIBERAL MINORITIES YOU VOMIT HATE AND TEACH YOUR KIDS THESE LIES, your what’s wrong with this world like the Devil,,,I AM POOR no Christmas for 2 years don’t think I’m better than no one you lie husband lost job at Lockhead/ Martian we don’t hurt or hate no one LORD TAKE US NOW!!

  46. james says:

    I didn’t need to read the rest after your stupid ass said less than 2% of white people in america ever owed slaves dude really , me and you both know that’s a dam lie and the white man has been running the world way before slavery and on top of that u said AFRICANS enslaved white people in Europe dude really u really thing the white man is going to let some spear shooting Africans come to Europe and enslave them, dude really kill your self

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      80 % of blacks get welfare were still your slaves YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH YOU L I E D YOUR ALL CONS YOU HAD MORE WHITE SLAVES IN AFRICA AND 200 YEARS IN USA and 600 years of Slavery in Mexico and Africans, Mexicans, Indians was the slave owners NOT WHITES YOU LIED!!

    • rhondakelly07 says:


  47. Black girl says:

    The point isnt who did what.., its who’s still scared ? Are you scared or ready to break free? Black ppl enslaved whites too.? Ok black ppl are slaves now. We still making others ppl $$$ still working for free. Dont have shit for ourselves like a slave. Still dumb. Still afraid to stand up. Youd rather sit in

    • rhondakelly07 says:


      • Real Truth says:

        You may not call yourself a racist, but you should surely call yourself an uneducated ignorant fool. 80% on welfare really. 89% of whites are more like it. There is and always have been more whites on welfare, disability, food stamps, G.R. social security and all other free hand outs that’s available. Before you post and show the world how stupid you are, you should know the facts. Owe something, you have nothing we’d want, nor do you have anything worth giving, your just another inbreed ignorant white person, joining all the rest of the ignorant cattle driven fools like yourself…… Mooo !!!!!

    • Mr. Professor says:

      Black Girl, you are my hero. As long as people (yes, black and white people) can tell the truth, we can educate people into acknowledging it has never been a color issue, it has always been a rich vs the poor issue.

  48. Becca says:

    james—there are white people in Europe. I think the whites who were enslaved were from Europe NOT Americans. American white people did not invent slavery. Slavery goes back to biblical times before America was ever taken away from the native people and slave traders came about.

    It is true only 2% of the white people had slaves. Slave ownership was the privilege of wealthy people, just like the 1% today employ staff to clean, cook and take care of their children. Not everyone then OR now can afford help.

    Black girl–I totally agree with you!!

  49. RW says:

    So, the fact Romans enslaved Greeks in the 2nd century justifies the brutality of American slavery? I think not, you sadistic sick puppy. Someone should sell you into slavery!

  50. White Girl says:

    I love that people keep mentioning Jews as if they are a race of people. Judaism is a religion, not an ethnicity, so when you say that Jews were actually the ones running the slave ships…yep, primarily white people.

    Anyway, mentioning the numbers of others historically and worldwide who have enslaved others does not justify American slavery. Slavery is barbaric and unimaginable despite who is doing the enslaving. It can never be justified. In America, white people enslaved black people, and even after slavery ended, black people were still considered second-class citizens for YEARS. Even today some could argue and prove something known as “White Privilege” that has existed since the beginning of American history. Even when white people enslaved Irish immigrants, it was still white people doing the enslaving!

    Let’s not forget it was also the white people who came to the new world and ran Native Americans off of their land, starved, and killed off hundreds of tribes. Thanks to the “white man”, America lost cultures and languages that were once prevalent in this land. When the Native Americans held the colonists captive, as described in many famous (and often fictionalized) captivity narratives, it was in a desperate attempt to force colonists to give them food and resources that they needed to survive.

    I am a white person, and I have never been made to feel guilty by anyone regarding American slavery. If it makes you ashamed as a white person to learn what your race did to others in the past, that only means you are human. It’s awful to think that your own race stooped to that level and enslaved others using the Bible as justification. It’s sick and terrible, and we as a race should acknowledge that it was wrong instead of pointing fingers at others who did the same thing. It’s like saying, “Yeah, I killed that person, BUT SO DID THIS PERSON!! (points finger at someone else)” You’re still a killer even if someone else is too.

    The reason slavery is discussed so frequently in America is because it is a HUGE blemish on American history, and the attitudes regarding black people haven’t changed a lot in parts of the country. There are still states in the south that segregate and see blacks as second class citizens.

    Also, it is absurd to compare slavery to having servants today. Yes, there are wealthy people who hire others to help raise their children and clean their homes…but they get paid and they aren’t whipped, beaten, raped, and taken from their families. They also probably know when their birthdays are, too. Slaves were NOT paid and weren’t seen as human beings; they were seen as livestock meant for buying and selling. It’s sick to even compare that to servants who are hired today.

    • Filipe says:

      Are you a descendant of jews, trying to be recognized as white, to make use of white privilege much as the Nazi’s made use of Nazi privileges over the jews?

    • CaptObvious says:

      “Judaism” is indeed the term to describe the religion. However, the terms “Jew” or “Jewish” can be used either simply to refer to a follower of Judaism (including converts), OR to a person of Hebrew descent. For you to insist that the Jews do not have an ethnicity is just plain wrong. Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardic Jews are yet even further distinguished apart as separate ethnic groups.

  51. White Girl says:

    Actually, I’m not wrong. A quick search on the internet found this at a website dedicated to Judiasm…which is a RELIGION. I mean, DUH!

    “In the 1980s, the United States Supreme Court ruled that Jews are a race, at least for purposes of certain anti-discrimination laws. Their reasoning: at the time these laws were passed, people routinely spoke of the “Jewish race” or the “Italian race” as well as the “Negro race,” so that is what the legislators intended to protect.

    But many Jews were deeply offended by that decision, offended by any hint that Jews could be considered a race. The idea of Jews as a race brings to mind nightmarish visions of Nazi Germany, where Jews were declared to be not just a race, but an inferior race that had to be rounded up into ghettos and exterminated like vermin.

    But setting aside the emotional issues, Jews are clearly not a race.

    Race is a genetic distinction, and refers to people with shared ancestry and shared genetic traits. You can’t change your race; it’s in your DNA. I could never become black or Asian no matter how much I might want to.”

    Educate yourself, fool.

    • bikerbernie says:

      Well said. I do hate however that the quintessential landmark of mans inhumanity against man is Nazi Germany, the Jews, and “the holocaust.” When I was growing up the number killed was 2 million, over the years it has been pushed to 6 or 7. I believe this is a “more is better” for more empathy thing and other agendas. Let me qualify why this upsets me so, it is because of the Ukrainian holocaust about which Americans were never taught and the numbers for this holocaust have never had to be inflated, they were set at 20 million. No one knows about this and no one cares. I do because I am Ukrainian. I am tired of only certain select groups receiving their just due, either we all do, or none of us do. Practically, non of us should because it was in the past and the people here did not do these things to one another so stop the entitlement garbage we all can claim wrongs done to “our people.”

    • Filipe says:

      “Race is a genetic distinction, and refers to people with shared ancestry and shared genetic traits.” – We all share mitochondrial Eve as a common ancestor, and by that thought there should only be one human race then.

  52. you do not have to reach all the way back to slavery to show the barberic nature of white people. there are many examples right on up to the current year that show the depraved nature of the white race. I do not believe a word of your claim that Black people enslaved whites. where is the proof? if ancient egypt can provide proof of Black culture, white people should be able to provide the proof that they were enslaved and abused by Black people. no such proof exist because it never happened. abuse of Black people and the terrorism visited upon them by the white race did not stop with slavery. it is still happening in 2014.

    • gil says:

      Apparently Mrs. Graham, you have never heard of the Barbary pirates. They enslaved anyone and yes even on the coast of Europe particularly the South West coast of Ireland. It is documented.

    • bikerbernie says:

      Three words sweetie “The Knockout Game” there is one of hundreds of examples of black barbarism.

  53. Some Jews are Itilian, Spanish

  54. davina says:

    The internet is a place of research. This article is a great conversation piece. Yes, many different ethnic groups have been enslaved from the beginning of times. However, many individuals seem to think light heartedly of the slavery that black people endured. Black people were taken from their birth place into a foreign land to become slaves; families were broken, husbands taken from their wives and mothers taken from their children. Black people were sold at markets and were displayed as cattle or property. Black slaves were beaten, hung, quartered, mutilated, whipped, raped and tortured unlike all other ‘servants’ around the world. There were generations of slavery in black families. And then to top it off, after slavery was supposedly eradicated, many other things developed to hinder the black people from become part of the normal white human race. The Klan was created, Jim Crow was created, segregation developed and black people were still treated like there was no place for them. The correctional facilities are made for black people because of how America’s law makers viewed black people and their insignificant to America. Some white people in this current generation and some in the previous do not recognize slavery as inhumane and erroneous in every part of its existence. Racism is very much alive today because there is no remorse for the crimes committed on the black race during and after slavery that still affect many communities and obstructs the mental capacity of individuals to become more than what they are. The Jewish holocaust is constantly compared to slavery like there is a comparison. The Jews were killed in their own country by another person that was just like them. The holocaust lasted four years as a comparison to Black slavery’s four HUNDRED years! The Jewish people are some of the wealthiest individuals in America’s capitalist functioning system. Jewish is a religion and you cannot tell if someone is Jewish by looking at them. Black people carry a permanent shade that is judged upon appearance where ever they go due to the label that they were branded with. There’s really nothing a white person can say about slavery except, “I’m sorry”!

    • bikerbernie says:

      You have got so many facts wrong I probably will not address them all. FACT: Slavery in America did not last 400 years. FACT: It seems that they ended slavery faster than any other slave state. FACT: Do not point fingers at white people in America since slavery was started by Anthony Johnson, a black man who had 4 white and 1 black indentured servants, and he fought to keep his black servant as a slave after his dept was paid, and got his way. You think that slaves were treated better elsewhere? This is delusional. You think that slaves unilaterally in America were tortured and killed, yes there are mean people everywhere but it is not profitable to injure and destroy slaves when they were so expensive. Black people are just as racist if not more so than white people, to people who never had anything to do with enslaving them, let me just say “the knockout game.” Africans were taking European and American slaves LONG before a black man started slavery in America, ever hear of the Barbary Coast, you know where the word barbarism comes? I can go on about the things you were taught in school and by society that states how all white people should kiss all black peoples asses but as you can see you have been egregiously misinformed. Have you ever thought about the current immigrants, 1st, and 2nd generation European-Americans that are hear today that had nothing to do with slavery? Conspicuously not. I am a second generation American and I am not going to apologize to anyone for anything, in fact the black community should apologize to me for affirmative action and taking jobs away from me when I scored number one on civil service tests. I did not owe them a better opportunity, yet I was forced to do so. Put that in your self-righteous pipe and smoke it.

      • Real Truth says:

        Are you serious, so now you want to blame it on Men and Women of color for you not getting a job because of affirmative action, “REALLY WHITE BOY”
        You need to think about this fact, with men and women of color only making up 17 to 21% of the population in so called America, Yo ass must be real stupid and unemployable no matter how great you think you are. FACT…..
        Second, if your white ancestors and white family screwed off their ill-gotten riches, wealth and advantage of prosperity and left no inheritance of power and riches for you, so your white racist ignorant coward ass never had to work, that’s you and your worthless family fault. Hell, there shouldn’t be one poor, homeless, uneducated, or Independently wealthy white person in America, with all the advantages white people gave to themselves and continue to do so, by murdering and going to war with anyone that opposes the advancement of white people… Are you serious, white people have tried to killed every race of people in this country and made and passed laws, excluding (non whites) for their own advancement, and have raped this country crazy with it’s lies and you have your sick ignored nerve to complain about not getting a job.
        With what your beloved white people have done for themselves in this country, there shouldn’t be a white person alive in America, that should ever complain about not having the best of everything… Hell you white people wouldn’t allow any other race of people to have success at having anything above ya’ll…
        Bo Hoo !!!!!! Excuse, Excuse, Excuse……
        At least you prove your a pure white boy, Weak, Cowardly, Blaming others for you and your family’s lack, and never accepting the fact that you and your people have done a whole lots of wrong. Oh, and god is white and dogs are human…….

  55. nubian queen says:

    Wow! This is a truely disgusting webpage. I guess the website all the angry “WHITE” people go to discuss their racist views and feel okay about it.” Is diversity worth dying for? ” oh and I seen a comment like “hide your white kids!” Apparently guys every race kills, and EVERY RACE HAD SLAVES. We get it ! This proves your point, MOST white people act like their superior than other races, you’re trying to make it seem like white people do no wrong. You shouldnt feel guilty for what your ancestors done, but you should feel guilty about this DISGUSTING WEBPAGE!!! Blacks don’t use slavery as an excuse, or makes whites feel guilty. But if you have go out your way to find evidence of how distasteful black people are or other minorites, it shows how distasteful you are.

    • rhondakelly07 says:


  56. Nigger Steve says:

    Kill all whites. Fuck you, bitch. I hope every white child gets raped in the ass…and every one of your slutty ass bitches get what they deserve. Fuck white people, trying to turn it around… Guilty as sin. ALLAHU AKBAR, you fuck as bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Filipe says:

      Lots of white children do get sexually molested by their own parents already. They get beaten up and emotionally abused too. You don’t need to wish them disgrace, you need to wish them well, for only people who suffer severe abuse become racist in the first place.

    • Paul says:

      Haha, and you call us racist? You are a sick fucker, I hope you get yours.

    • Jeff Agee says:

      Animal intelligence such as yours is one reason why things are the way they are. (TIP: Not to “diss” your parents, but I would legally change my name if I were you when I turn 18.)

  57. Brandon says:

    Fuck it, just kill those white bitches…they deserve it, they’ve killed blacks for over 400 years….Oh what, it’s wrong all of sudden?

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      You have killed more whites more Mexicans Latino Asians Jews CIVIL WAR RIGHT NOW YOU CALL CNNN ESPN ABC CBS NSNBC HUFFINGTON POST LETS GO

    • Mr. Professor says:

      Your a violent person. I do wish the Justice system would bring back executions because you deserve to be executed for your premeditated murder threats. Your a violent animal and I can assume if you respond it will be profanity and insults because you apparently are a uneducated thug.

    • Paul says:

      Bring it.

  58. Frederick says:

    Violence against whites?

  59. Tommy Hill says:


  60. Jessica Streater says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. KARMA FOR WHITEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Tony says:

    Pics at the top are hilarious

  62. Anne says:

    Whoever made this blog should probably kill themselves. One less dumb ass piece of shit on this planet…I say bravo to those who kill whites, give em’ a taste of what they’ve been dishing out for one millennium after another. This blog is nothing but opinions and nonsense. Kill yourself admin and creator, kill yourself. Do it. Just do it. You suck at life. You just do. You are a piece of know nothing shit. Honestly, hope you’re the next “victim” of a “hate crime”. You’re most likely a male who gets NONE. a Piece of dog dooky who just wants to play the victim when you know you’re just a douche. A KNOW NOTHING COLOSTOMY BAG. Eat shit. If you have kids, I will see to it that my associates fuck them in the anus and they die a slow painful death… If you don’t, well, no surprise there…if you’re a woman, you’re a slutty ass bitch stink pussy whore. Even if you’re a man, you’re ass bitch ass pussy…with an infant dick… Suck my tits…Oh yeah, you can’t, because you’re a coward pussy ass bitch behind a computer screen. I truly hope you have kids, I’ll rape those pieces of shit myself. Truly.

    • Mean Mr. Whitey says:

      I guess hearing the truth can be upsetting at times.
      I think the article was well written.

      • gil says:

        I agree, I believe Mrs. Anne has some insanity and violent racist issues. I feel sorry for people like that, I hope she overcomes her issues one day because those kind of threats could harm her, especially threats to fellow Americans.

      • Filipe says:

        Not at all, slavery is wrong no matter who did it, and such is discrimination (based on non-scientific facts by the way).

    • Paul says:

      And you are exactly the reason a lot of modern whites are racist.

  63. rhondakelly07 says:

    Mexicans Indian brought 1 million new white slaves each year into Africa to be linched beaten and raped, WHITE CRACKER the sound the Whip made a Cracking sound on white mans back…and again Mexicans Indians sold whites into slavery for 200 years more in America Less than 1% of whites really had slaves African history American history biggest lie in History Next it was not whites who killed Indians they was not here yet Mexicnas invaded this land..but blamed slavery on whites and the death of Indians on whites..White slavery in Africa from 1530 to 1780…BLACK SLAVERY In MEXICO blame slavery on Africans, Mexicans, Indians, Putero Ricons..NOT WHITES help me start white history month from NOV to DEC, help me get the truth out about White slavery that blacks had more white people for slaves more longer stop there race cards in 50 black counties they are so racist not 1 Romney vote..BLACKS HAVE SLAUGHTEREd MILLIONS OF EVERY RACE, ..500,000 blacks rape every race each year….get the black vote, get the Hispanic vote get the Latino vote skin voters Abortion Pot GAY DEMOCRATIC RACIST RACE WAR, RACE CARD THROWERS WELFARE PARTY OF HATE SOCIALIST COMMUNIST HOME GROWN TERRIOST..Cnn ESPN, ABC, CBS, NSNBC, FACE BOOK CONTROLLED BY LIBERALS NO NEWS On BLACK CRIMES please every time you post post about white slavery …Watch only FOX NEWS, GLEN BECK,,,INFO WARS, ALEX JONES boy cot liberal controlled News

  64. rhondakelly07 says:

    WHITE SLAVERY utube LISTEN TO FACTS and stop being racist with whites

    • Sam says:

      So you go to YouTube for facts? You must be retarded?

      • rhondakelly07 says:


  65. Tony Pearl says:

    Lol @ all the white playing the victim. “Boo hoo! The world hates me because I’m white.” Cues violins. Black people don’t blame the white people of today for what your ancestors’ actions. So there’s no need to post things like this to shrink the atrocities that actually happened. No black man has ever owned a white man as a slave in this country. Feel free to prove me wrong. Don’t justify slavery in the US by saying they were already slaves when we BOUGHT them in Africa. We are mad at Jews and Native Americans because they didn’t torment, kidnap, lynch, rape, and murder us for one hundred years after we were freed.

    • gil says:

      it seems like if someone tried to prove you wrong, its clear to me you already have your mind made up. Why don’t you do your own research? I am sure you would be surprised at what you would find. Good luck with your narrow perception of history along with the rest of the main stream.

    • rhondakelly07 says:


  66. Conner Reed says:

    this is actually one of the most terrible pages I think I’ve ever seen.How do you justify our enslaving black people.Just because they did it to us?That is terribly flawed logic,and you should really abandon it soon.The only reason you make these arguments and present these ideas is to hide the fact that you’re just a bigot,who looks to put white people ahead of anyone else.By the way this is all coming from a blonde haired blue eyed white kid,so don’t think that we all agree with your borderline racist perceptions.

  67. william hindershot says:

    Take away the word black and replace it with white. The sentence must work either way to be correct. I am peach not white. Fewer blacks are black. All races, nationalities and genders have been slaves. We are all organisms competing for resources. I grew up poor without food or parents, yet I am peach. I survived, that’s all we(everyone) is trying to to do. I want to build my own house. I am kind to all children, they don’t understand our ways. Frankly neither do I.

  68. danielsion says:

    Very well researched! Thanks very much for this post. I have known it for decades. It is so good to see it finally coming out For others to see. Thank you ! now I get back to your galley! :0

  69. gil says:

    Its crazy people are insisting on reparations today for things that have happened in the past. I have documented proof that my direct ancestors were slaves and they were white, but I don’t go around screaming about payback, besides I am more concerned about the black on white crime of today that is happening in Britain and the U.S. and our gutless judicial system along with politicians are not doing a damn thing about protecting the innocent, especially the raping of women. There plenty of proof this is going on and the cowardly media turns a blind eye. The other day I was told by someone of African descent “F*** you and people that look like you. It a bit disturbing and angering when someone insults you and others of your racial back ground and everyone is scared to do something about. Keep up the truth on this site and I will keep reading your insight on these issues.

    • gil says:

      Just a reminder to everyone apparently there is another person named Gil writing on this site that has no clue about history and where Jesus originated from. I will always protect the truth and never stray from it to disillusion anyone.

      • gil says:

        Lets discuss the real history of early man. In Africa the first civilization was the Bantu people, (dark skin inhabitants of Africa). In Europe the earliest people were Neanderthal and beaker people who lived amongst each other but separate because of the Cro
        Magnon link. (the tallest, thinner, more upright people). The Cradle of Civilization was in Mesopotamia which is now modern day Iraq which is in the Middle East, not Africa, and is between Africa and Europe. Recently rediscovered are the pyramids of Bosnia-Herzegovina which is in the Balkans and is in Europe. These pyramids found pre-date the Egyptian pyramids by at least 15,000 years meaning that if there were actual older civilizations in Africa, wouldn’t one think that pyramids or some ancients structures found would predate the Balkan’s pyramids. However, I do realize that scientists have discovered bone of a half human and half monkey that almost walked upright around the Sahara desert millions of years ago. I clearly believe that the book of Genesis states that civilization began where the two great rivers meet referring to the Tigris and Euphrates. This is not a conspiracy to indicate one race is older than the other, but just clear, archeological proof that life for humans did not start in Africa unless you believe we are related to monkeys (animals).

  70. Marvelous Marvin says:

    I would just like to point out one geographic and historical concept – if you look at North Africa, where the slave masters resided, you will realized that these were Africans, because they lived on the continent of Africa, but it does not mean they were black. Are we talking about Egypt, Libya, Morocco, & Algeria because if you look at the majority of the population, they are not black. It would be the same people that ran the Arab slave trade. It’s just food for thought while we are making this a black & white thing.

    • Mr. Professor says:

      It really doesn’t matter to me if it was Arab or Black living on the continent. What I was saying was the first people on the African continent were the Bantu people which were black, then the Arabs came later and with them they brought whites as slaves from Europe. That’s why I believe there are whites in North Africa.

      • Marvelous Marvin says:

        I was speaking in general to the title of the post, “Black people enslaved white people,” which for the most part is a complete falsehood. I’ll admit I’m ignorant on the Bantu people, but know that the people of North Africa, are not the same people of middle Africa, East Africa, etc, you get the point. Cheers!

      • Mr. Professor says:

        Marv, the Bantu people are the original inhabitants that flowed south into the Congo, Zimbabwe, etc. There were also black slave owners also, not only in the America, but also Africa to.

    • danielsion says:

      Marv,in all fairness, this site is a black and white thing. It is a discussion of black violence on whites. And while the things you say may hold Merit, It is a distraction from what this site is all about. And it is folks like you , often on a site merely for that purpose, That soon has everyone off on another subject entirely.
      I am NOT interested In who’s on first.
      I will decide that later. I am here to pick up And glean On Black violence on whites. If you have information contrary are totally off subject, Please give me your website and I might visit it. Meanwhile I would like to see This site continue. I have noticed how other websites have been totally defeated By the charming language and “Informative” links Left by trolls.

  71. rhondakelly07 says:

    Angry white dude…NEW NATION NEWS blacks are slaughtering whites and illegals blacks are now cooking heads….up dated daily see how many whites are lyinched by democrats….WND NEWS…Top Conservatives…Council of Conserned Citizens…Violence against whites..these are the only white news we have in USA

  72. Real says:

    Jews are white

  73. Marvelous Marvin says:

    Yes, there is a uncomfortable amount of Black on white violence, but statistics show that 80% + or murders on whites are committed by whites and 90% + of black murders are committed by blacks. People there is no reason to be concerned. White people don’t go into the hood looking to kill blacks and black people to drive out to the suburbs to kill whites. If you want to look at killing as a whole, suicides and self-stupidity (drug overdoses) will kill more people that blacks and white murders combined. Conclusion — you are, and you will always be your own worse enemy. Quit worrying about other people that can do nothing for you, focus on making yourself, your family, and your community stronger.

    • Marvelous Marvin says:

      I forgot to add, and yes, hate crimes against whites by blacks are largely ignored by the mainstream media, but you can blame the left-wing for that, not the “millions” of blacks that are not remotely involved in those incidents.

      • Mr. Professor says:

        Hi Marv, I agree with some of the things you are saying. What I understand you saying is that we cannot blame the whole by the actions of the few. I agree. What I disagree with you about is your percentages on black on white crime. Those statistics were taken in the early 2000’s. I believe the violence has accelerated a few points since then. Like I have said before, I am not racist, but have unfortunately encountered racism on both sides of the aisle and have to ask one question: Is it better in the future for regions or districts in this country to segregate peacefully to maintain a peaceful order in the country? Also, could certain districts or regions be considered “Free Zones” meaning anyone can move there who wish to. It sounds a little crazy, but if my children are limited to as much violence as possible, all our children will never have to worry about issues of race and the problems adults make for them. (Just attempting to brain storm)

  74. Marvelous Marvin says:

    Mr Professor, blacks make up only 13% of the USA and cannot be found in literally a million square miles of land. I am in the military and have literally lived in dozens and dozens of different locations. Not every city with black people is made up of black gangs and thugs. You move to San Antonio and your crime is made up mostly by Hispanics, you move to Missouri (minus St Louis) and your crime perpetrators are mostly white, you move to Atlanta and you get more black criminals. The stats I do not believe have changed much more than from 2007 (, the difference is social has allowed us to become more aware of what the media hides, which I still believe is a microcosm of violence across the entire country. Your chances or being subjected to violence is much higher by someone of your own race, yourself (accident-lifestyle), or on accident by someone else is far greater than ever being subjected to violence by a black person. Of course, all this is area and economic status dependent.

    • danielsion says:

      And you sir, M, Marvin Said, ” with the exception of St Louis” May as Well said Ground zero for violence against whites. However, as I mentioned in my other Comment, The violence of black on black is just as brutal and beastly. Every weekend in St Louis bodies are found missing heads arms and feet. Not a peep from the newspaper. I find it just as repulsive That a society permits this. How does a permit it? Their silence! I have traveled extensively also And I have Known off rape in many areas.
      When the rape involves death and mutilation, Especially when an instrument like a broken beer bottle is used As the Concluding rape instrument, I immediately suspect a negro… And I I think every Negro reading this knows why.:)

    • Mr. Professor says:

      Marvin, I do not disagree with everything you have said, but of course you most likely wouldn’t see me hanging out on the south side of Chicago because I would be 98% certain that I would most likely become a victim of black on white crime as I would possibly fall victim to crime in San Antonio, but I would rather take my chances in a Hispanic area than a historically documented area for the last 30 years that has seen violent criminals in mass. I’ll take my chances in Texas. Have a good day.

  75. danielsion says:

    The name of this Site is not slavery. Can you get back to the subject? While one commenter s correct, That the violence against whites is proportionate to the Number of Negroes in a city, He mentioned ” With the exception of St Louis” That one “exception of St Louis” sir Is a cornerstone of violence against whites. Here you are talking about bodies found every weekend missing heads hands and feet. Not a peep from the newspapers. One might take note here that the violence of black on black, Is just as brutal, Savage, beastly, And a shock to the conscience. But I don’t think it is Negro doctors only, Who cut the heads arms and of un-born babies.

  76. Emma says:

    I’m sorry, but I do not care for your opinion on this topic and i assume you neither care for mine.

  77. epiphany724 says:

    White guilt. Deflection. All this research and video searching to avoid saying, Slavery was wrong. Sad

  78. cristalexi says:

    So what if 1 black man did own a slave, that’s no different to the token black person benefitting from the white system today. Black people as a group in America did not own slaves. White people AS A GROUP set up a system of slavery. Why can’t white people accept that and move on. Yes, it’s white people who don’t want to move on because they are too used to the benefits they get from the inequalities within the system that favour white people.

    • CaptObvious says:

      You leave out the part where AS A GROUP 135,000 white people died in battles or prison camps to free the enslaved black man. Another 275,000 wounded. Their leader was assassinated in the war’s after-math… Hows that for “benefits they get from the inequalities within the system”…

    • Jeff says:

      Benefits? Ohhh….you must be talking about that white college fund. Oh wait…..that’s Negro college fund isn’t it? Idiot.

  79. Mr. Professor says:

    cristalexi, a system that favors white people? I think you need to open your eyes. As long as European Americans are in the picture in this country, they have the answers of attempting to restore law, order, and democracy to this country and not turn it into a Somalia or Sudan where they have no laws only the desperate and hostile acts of survival. Does anyone want America to fall in the pit of violence like those countries have? You will never have peace unless you accept the fact that is was Europeans who brought order to this country and no one else. Today America has become violent because of people believing the opinions of others instead of having the motivation to do research themselves on subjects that matter to a civilized society. Do your own personal research on black on white crime and you will see it is because of the ignorance and violent attitudes by blacks therefore they seek out white victims to prove there primitive so called dominance. Until European Americans can stand together and say no more, we will forever fall victim to an intolerable society. Don’t preach peace to me, because there can never be peace until all people(yes black and white) come to the table of negotiation and concur that we are all guilty either within our selves or have done things that have hurt others. No reply needed, I am finished with close minded people who blame each other. Good bye.

  80. Filipe says:

    You pointed some good stuff, but lots of half-truths either.

  81. my name is MANKIND says:

    Oh, buhuu, white man trying to rinse dirt with assumptions and propaganda… No one’s telling you to feel any guilt for what happened a hundred years ago, man. Just remember that whites are FAR from any saints.

  82. thefringesoffilm says:

    I cannot believe people are this stupid. I really can’t. I’d be very interested in hooking you up to an MRI scanner to find out how your brain did this.

  83. adrian says:

    What I see here is a lot of confusion…
    What I do not like, is this this sense of entitlement black people have today, It’s like white people are some how responsible for their current state and white people are obliged to favor them, put them first! Not going to happen, rest assured! That sounds too socialist to me, get to work!

  84. Steve says:

    I find it interesting that, as a whole, particularly the folks who live in these neighborhoods, blacks fail to take responsibility for the shocking number of black on black murders and various other atrocities committed in inner city america because, as they say, the system was created by the white man (in the form of government), who provided all the drugs and guns in their neighborhoods…..then by this exact same logic, whites should not be responsible for slavery in America because it was African governments who set up the system and provided the slaves….not a reflection of my beliefs, just an interesting look into logic….

  85. Steve says:

    I guess people contradict their own belief system when it doesn’t suit their needs…

  86. Tanya says:

    You are an idiot

  87. youdontneedtoknow says:

    Well that was an adventure in history and then grammar. I have to say while I think my grammar is pretty atrocious, I’ve yet to experience a run on sentance that went for a full paragraph. Perhaps as a eastern asian perspective we can get down to brass tacks on this so to speak:

    First off the points made by the original writer are indeed valid from a historical perspective, perhaps not the numbers since delving that deep into this makes it subjective to the inaccuracy of history. However some points were indeed completely valid and I’ll just list them off in no particular order.

    1) many white people were enlsaved by the babary slave trade of atleast the hundreds of thousands. So yes, white people were slaves and owned slaves, if you take a look at history though any kingdom could technically be called a slave owner since vassals of a lord could easily be put to death at a whim, mutilated, raped or jailed for any reason real or made up. Lets not get our panties in a bunch about this because its over and done, welcome to the 20th century.

    2) entitlement in and of itself is a stupid thing and needs to be discarded, no one owes you anything regardless if you are black, white or fucking neon orange.

    3) Black slaves were indeed mostly caught by other black people, so yes you can turn that whole white people captured my ancestors line of thought right on around. White people bought black slaves from black slave hunters, because it was cheaper, why risk yourself if you make it profitable for people there to do it themselves. If anything this should highlight human greed of any color.

    4) Its over: lets just make this clear, the slave days of picking cotton in the field have long passed. your daddy’s daddy might have been discriminated against but its up to you as the future person to either rise above it or wallow in it. This goes for white people too, stop trying to pay for shit your grandparents did. Cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it.

    5) slavery is a disgusting thing, at no point in the readers facts did I see him saying “well this makes slavery ok for white people”. At no point was this mentioned, it was just to point out it wasn’t a white person created idea and indeed slavery can be traced back thousands of years to mans earliest beginnings no doubt. Slavery is a human thing, not a color thing.

    I think its high time in america and other places that people start facing up to our species as a whole and realizing were all human. Our species has made some major fuck ups of itself and we need to stop pointing at the color of skin or differences in hair and eye color to say thats why they did that. Stupid people will continue to be stupid, ignorant people will continue to be ignorant, just don’t allow yourself to be.

  88. kate says:

    Whites were slaves because they are genetic hybrids from black albinos and apes. Do the research and you will find that African mothers in the central region still today give birth to babies with so-called European features, pale skin, blue eyes, blonde hair etc.

  89. Jill says:

    Seriously, what is your point? You obviously don’t look at the issue or research it on a deep level. It seems your only point is to minimise white Americans role as slave owners and the perpetuation of slavery, by pointing out others did it. This does not make the fact of it any less a dehumanizing practise for how these slaves were generally treated in America. Rcist attitudes still persist, resentment is still aalive and

  90. crystal says:


    • Farhan says:

      you can eat a fat fucken dick you cocksucking cunt of a whore IndiA didn’t invade anyone so shut the fuck up and take your extermination as it arrives.we seriously need a decolonization referendum and kick you pink alien cave apes out of INDIAN LAND NORTH AMERICA

    • rhondakelly07 says:


    • Linda says:

      Sorry but I can’t take responsibility for something that I had nothing to do with or wasn’t around for.

    • INDIGENOUS says:

      shut up bitch its your races fault you cultivated your own ignorance and atrocities cause and effect!

  91. blackmystery4553 says:

    damn. So whites have this ancient literature and ancient proof which was interpreted from historians to defend their racism. Let me see… I will TRY to find something that whites do to blacks and other minorities in defense. Let me look back in my history books.

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      WHITE HISTORY MONTH FROM NOV TO DEC you blacks had more white people for slaves and for longer see white slavery on Utube….YOU LIED!!…YOUR CONS…FRAUDS

  92. Ray says:

    It is a well known fact that yes every race and nation of people at one point in history has practiced slavery. Slavery is still practiced to an extent in parts of the world. And true most of the slaves didn’t even come to the United States. But I’ll tell you why people are still upset over slavery:it’s because it still goes on. Of course not in the United States like it was 250 years ago. Now it’s much more subliminal. American slavery was so cruel because it’s affects are still being felt today. 10 of millions of people are second class citizens in America despite the number of movements and reforms that have taken place over the years. Blacks are still enslaved socially, economically, and worst of all emotionally in America. This is not seen as much in “Mexico” (I assume you were referring to all of Latin America). And even if North Africans enslaved “White European Christians” last time I checked “White European Christians got their revenge and colonized and exploited Africa and destroyed it beyond repair. No one is blaming the whites of today for the mistakes of their people before them. We just want you to know the whole story. Soooooo many historical inaccuracies in this article but I’ll leave that for another reader.

  93. John says:

    I had heard of white slaves and muslim masters in africa, I wish this was taught in schools. Why is this part of history so overlooked?

    • Linda says:

      John it should be taught in the schools, if your gonna talk about history you tell it from the beginning & not just pick a certain race that is clearly not from the beginning. It’s simple,Tell it all or don’t tell it at all !

  94. Out of all these replies which is no more than a pissing contest I have not heard why hundreds of years after the fact, blacks still cannot get it together? You are afforded every opportunity and then some that whites are not afforded, yet you still cannot get that brain of your;s to function normally? To continue to behave like a sub human is nothing more than your inability to evolve at this point of history and maybe never. A small percentage rises to this level however, when push comes to shove you will always hate whtie man to justify your inabiity to change genetically. You hate white man regardless of what is freely given you use every essential needed for life made by white man with no respect or gratitude if it hit you in the face. Stand by and defend blacks no matter knowing them or not that harm or kill whites and look for reasons to justify their actions and if none make up one. OJ ring a bell? There is nothing no history, no logic that will ever change you from being what you are and that is what you really hate being black in the first place. I have nothing to do with your alledged suffering or any race for that matter, yet you use this at every turn be it you are poor or rich again because the race your were born into. Bottom line you are all white haters.

    I have a suggestion; if you are so sure that society did this to you, stop using everything whites have invented and every job there are whites involved. Your home, your job , your food your everything gone and go back where you came from. Or start acting like a human being and set example to other blacks that it is long overdue to stop justifying your actions on someone else, anyone else but yourselves. Most of the world aside the very fortunate have endured somekind of disparate treatment throughout history some more than others. Most however try to change and can do nothing about what happened but can do something about what will happen in their lives, and know what others do they are powerless over and you can oly change yourself. Blaming others is cop out in the highest degree. But then again it serves a purpose a self centered self seeking one you choose to continue and probably will as it is just in you isn’t it to take everything given you and disrespect it if white man is involved. It will never ever be enough for you. You have not evolved at all and your example and there are many posts here proving this point just keeps the cycle going. It has not worked whites are fed up with it you had and have all the benefits at your beckoned call but still not enough.

    I have had to move 6 times in my lifetime to get away from where blacks live as I choose not to live with blacks or anyone that hates me or my family. or where you choose to ruin every thing you touch. You may think you are better than that but open your eyes your race is a tragic lot by their own doing not mine. Look at the statistics you are killing your own race and its usually white man helping and cleaning up your mess. Take away all the crime shows that show blacks and jails and you would have nothing to watch. But what did you say? Oh that is done on purpose not showing white crimes right? LOL sorry NOT.

    I never heard my parents ever talk bad about blacks, they worked with all races, helped families less fortunate they would turn over in their graves and probably are how you have choosen to live your lives and think. It is sad to have to say these things and I am left only to believe you are just incapable of changing no matter what education you get in this hate of whites. It is not just about crime all races commit them, its about the volume of and the majority of your actions and reasoning over just about anything that does not suit you if a white person is involved. You will take anything and turn it around. I will leave you with a perfect example:

    Obama one of the worst presidents and his wife that we have had, that has spent millions of your money also on frivilous vacations, has outright lied and looks like a total idiot most the time however everyone and I mean everyone incuding the press congress, celebrities are afraid to say anything in fear of being labeled a racist. It was a win win situation for our government as they knew blacks no matter would vote for him, and once in nothing could be said. If Hilary runs it will be for the same reason no one will be willing to say anything as she is a woman and any valid objections will be pushed into oblivion with charges of bias so no one bothers. Playing the race card or human rights card has blocked out any truth in our world.

    Exuse any typo’s I am legally blind and did my best… thanks

    • Linda says:

      Well said !

    • Real Truth says:

      Spoken like a true Coward, Ignored White person. None of what just came out of your pie hole changes, the factual, documented, recorded, and evidentiary, past and present of who you and your people are….. White people want every race to thank them for who they are and for what they have so called done in this country and world, but yet, it’s whites like you and 99.5% of your race that continue to prove, the only thing that is great about you, is how you are the #1 Evil, Lying, Coward, Fake, Cover-up race on the plant Earth…
      Forget about hating all things and people that are (non-white), let your on actions and documented numbers convict you and your race as the greatest Evil to man kind,
      White man, leads the world and especially in this country, in Incest, and Murder of children and your greatest “Child Molestation”.
      Say all you want to say about people of color, blame what you want, but there is No greater Evil against the human race, than the crimes against innocent children, and there, No race is greater at doing so than the white race and white-man…..
      Oh, go cuddle your dog and get some comfort, for white people as yourself, are so inhuman and incapable of being human, that you have elevated dogs to a place above humans and even put them above your children….
      whites are so great, “REALLY”

      • Stuart Williamson says:

        There is absolutely nothing special about blacks. You have invented and contributed absolutely nothing to this world except chaos.

    • Real Truth says:

      Spoken like a true “(White Christian)”
      Enough said, all praise to your white jesus, you white people prove how much of a lying, coward, ignorant, joke you are to the world, every day. Why don’t you go molest your daughter, or son and lick your dogs dirty behind, we all know that there’s No dispute that that white people hold the world record in that area. Undisputed Record….

  95. Farhan says:

    stupid honkys you deserve genocide after what you did to 90% of the globe forget about just blacks what about native Indians and still today 1200 missing native women as well in 1498 and 1849 in india what did you white fuckers do ?same with in china during qings dynasty and Mexicans what did you do to them we will all kill your fucken white stinky cancerous genetic reject asses white anus licking asswhores.ive had enough of you pastypaleface pigsahit culture misappropriating devils time to let the bullets do the talking randomly

  96. Farhan says:

    whites are responsible for all invasions across 90% of the globe and are the problem to every race it will be great once you are gone keep your recessive genetic cancer to yourself

  97. Jalen Saw says:

    thats a lot of comments

  98. Lia says:

    Arabic are considered caucasian, they may have been from Africa, but they are still considered Caucasian

    • INDIGENOUS says:

      guess what idiot! Caucasian doesn’t mean white your german philosopher named christoph meiner changed that definition in the year 1785 meaning exclusively white European but brown Caucasian were the first caucasian and they WERE NOT WHITE AT ALL. the word Caucasian is discrimination racially for immigrational purposes you might want to read that up cherry picker.

  99. Linda says:

    I agree that slavery is a horrible thing & it did happen but with that said I do not & never will feel guilt about it. My people didn’t come to this country until the 1920’s & they never had any slaves what so ever. At this point white people are just so tired of hearing about this & that’s why we bring up the FACT that there was white slavery as well, it just wasn’t the black race . News flash people – THE WHITE PEOPLE OF TODAY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT HAPPENED 200 YEARS AGO !!!! That would be like saying that if your brother/sister/mother/father/aunt/uncle or grandparents commit a crime then your responsible for it & you should pay for it some how some way, hell no !

    • ryan says:

      Linda: it’s not that “whites today are responsible for the crimes of their ancestors” – but it IS incumbent upon every person today in America to try to correct any discrimination or systematic disenfranchisement that exists TODAY in the Unitd States.

      • INDIGENOUS says:

        yes you are who is governing who’s land? why aren’t you back in Europe shut up!

      • L says:

        Ryan, I agree that EVERY person should do there part in trying to correct discrimination & not just in the U.S.

    • INDIGENOUS says:

      who gave you your citizenship ? you are going to die white bitch!you are going to die!

    • Lewis says:

      If slavery, that ended (on paper) 149 years ago (not 200)…of course it continued to go on well into the 1900s deep in the backwoods of some southern states, BUT if slavery was the only crime America committed against Blacks, our “playing the race card” would have ended with slavery.

      But apparently because many White people ARE racist you all quick to point out slavery & how White people of today had nothing to do with it while conveniently catching a bad case of amnesia of Jim Crow era that lasted another 100 years (1865 – 1965). *a time some say was more dangerous than slavery BECAUSE since there was no money in owning Blacks, thousands of lynchings took place in this time frame…. And the senseless killings by White cops of young Black males continue to this.

      Black Wall Street. Ever heard of it?… You should study how Whites “murdered” over 3000 Black souls in 1921 just because they were living better than many of them & without depending on White folks or the government.

      The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment- an infamous clinical study conducted between 1932 and 1972 on Black men by White America…

      Housing discrimination

      Police harassment for Driving While Black (this was going on in the 80s)
      You know why more Blacks are imprisoned in America?… No, we are NOT more inherently violent & driven to commit crimes. Truth is the majority of Black males in prison are there for victimless crimes aka drug possession… But study show (studies conducted by White folks, so you don’t think I’m being bias) that White people use some form of illicit drugs just as much if not more than Blacks…YET the police target Blacks.

      Why you ask?… The 13 Amendment;
      “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

      (((Slavery nor involuntary servitude EXCEPT as a punishment for crime)))

      Those dirty, good for nothing, racist bastards target Blacks to criminalize because the 13 Amendment left a door open to send us back into slavery. And those prisons for profit popping up all over this country are determine to utilize that door as best & often as they can…

      There’s more I can say but by now you should get, it’s NOT just slavery Black people are bitching about. Whites in America, from slavery times till this present day, has given us a long list of stuff to complain about….

  100. ryan says:

    Almost one-third of all Southern families owned slaves. In Mississippi and South Carolina it approached one half. The total number of slave owners was 385,000 (including, in Louisiana, some free Negroes)

    This is hardly “2%”

    • The South is not all of America. I said 2% of whites in America, not in the South.

    • Real Truth says:

      That’s why it took a war to bring a fake end to slavery, your history and number’s of trying to minimize white Evil is way off, but don’t feel bad about it, your only doing what in your DNA to do, as your founding and present father’s have done, LIE, LIE, LIE, DENY,DENY,DENY…….

      • tomdavis7 says:

        To correct “your DNA”

        The correct would be “our DNA”

        We’re all human and vertually identical genetically speaking. What if in your DNA is also in my DNA. Bottom line? “LIE, LIE, LIE, DENY,DENY,DENY……” is in his DNA, your DNA, my DNA. It’s in EVERYONE’s DNA.

        Or are you some form of genetically superior species that looks down on humans?

      • tomdavis7 says:

        We are all equal. Whites have enslaved and killed whites. Blacks have enslaved and killed blacks. Asians? Same. Latinos? Same. Islanders? Same.

        No one has any bragging rights here. This is a lose lose argument. No one is more guilty than another. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Nobody reading this comes with a heritage, lineage, culture, race that has a spotless history.

        What should happen is that all of us, when we see any other human being commit a heinous action, we should ALL feel a little shame, because that’s all of us. That’s the worst of human nature on display and any single one of us being human beings are essentially capable of having done that. Genetically speaking, down to the DNA, we’re all practically the same.

        We’re all part of the animal kingdom. We all have seen what animals are capable of doing to each other. We’re higher forms of animals yes, but we’re animals. We have much of the same natural instincts. Being a higher species though, we look on with disgust when we see other humans acting like animals. We should all feel equally as bad that our species is capable of doing these things do our own kind, are we not supposed to be the superior animal here?

        We literally all come from the same family. The monstrosities committed by some reflect on us all of how bad humanity can be to itself.

        The only way this ends is for a large majority of people in all nations, cultures, races, ethnicities, religions, geographies…etc. to understand that everywhere we go all we see are more of ourselves…humans. That as a species under the same concept that we’re all equally human our potential could be unimaginably amazing.

        However, the reality is that there’s too much power and money that comes with fighting amongst ourselves. Kingdoms, empires, fortunes, dynasties, and governments have all been built upon committing evils against other humans. This is true all over the planet. This is what we know as a species, this may well we all we know as a whole. This is the animal kingdom behavior that exists in all of us.

        The passed must be studied, but not with intent to blame other human groups for the world’s wrong doings. It must NOT be studied with intent to glorify one’s own connected passed, while damning the path of others you think you are not connected to. Our histories are all connected. History must be studied as “human history” so that we can see what we are capable of when evil is allowed to happen and attempt to make sure on one else in the species does the same again.

        Will we, as a species, ever overcome that natural animal instinct and treat all members of our species as equals? I don’t know, but to this day, that answer has been a resounding “no.”

  101. INDIGENOUS says:

    good im glad if white people were enslaved the only problem with this is blacks should have genocided this mutt vile devil race. whites can go off stating blacks enslaved them there is no vallidity to your cause as my question is who came to pester who on who’s land? good question bet white neanderturds cant answer that one. and by the way im indian what did we ever do to whites ? yet you came and bloodshed our people tell you what its too late everyrace is going to KILL YOU! just wait till china and russia arrives then whites will be dealt with as there will be total anarchy which will lead to white deaths by the millions and don’t even go there stating oh well America militia will be there because they will imprison you. meanwhile china has 3 times the population America has why do you suppose china is considered the worlds biggest army .America will be in hyperinflation leading to martial law while blacks,indians and Mexicans will team up and kill the white devil cracker. everyone has guns now buddy boy! you white people are running on borrowed time and the world is fed up with your bullshit nonsense I know I will kill you when shit hits the fan for sure you on my soil and I want you off! everyone else can stay whites need to go or die plain and simple. two thirds of the worlds population are colored people and nato will be wiped out by Russia iran and north korea,china ,middle east all want whites dead! the cards are stacked against you white devils prepare to make your final wish because your false Christian lord which you perverted from the true Hebrew Israelites you crackers stole from will be the end of you. the dollar is being scrapped right now and the gas will be shut off to Europe,lets see what fight you white devils have this time you will guaranteed to lose,like I said before EVERYONES GOT WEAPONS you fucken white coward goof piece of shiT!

    • CaptObvious says:

      Indigenous. Lol. I like how you threaten to shoot white people when your kind would still be flint-knapping spears if no one had brought you guns. The entire continents of North and South America would still be a bunch of warring tribes clamoring for berries and killing each other- instead of you sitting in front of a computer bitching on the internet, in an airconditioned room, while a microwave heats your dinner. Count your lucky stars that, no thanks to you, America does not resemble current Africa a lot more- full of disease, poverty, ethnic and tribal war, and waiting for the UN and the rest of the world to send aid or come save it. You may not like how it happened, and its still far from perfect, but your America is way better off now than what your “indigenous” quality of life would be otherwise today. Shake your medicine stick at that.

  102. Real Truth says:

    Okay, lets just say all white people are innocent of all the Evil they really are responsible for and that the Africans did sell Africans to white people. It’s not the selling of Africans to white people to make slaves outa them, it’s how the slaves where treated in America by white people that should be accepted as the purest form of Evil the world has ever known. Snoopy could have sold Africans to white people to be slaves, it is, and always will be known by the world, that white people are created and are Satan’s children, by how they chose to treat the slaves. It wasn’t anyone else that, whipped, chained, castrated, raped, hung, murdered, burned, tarred and feathered, spit on, segregated, robbed, stole, chained and shackled, poisoned, lied on, in-prisoned, etc. etc. etc. the African slaves in this country, it was white people. All people of color, (non whites), need to stop trying to get white people to accept who they are, by pointing out all the Evil they are responsible for in this world and just ignore them and see them for what they are, Weak, Coward, Evil, Lying, Wanna-be, Stupid, Child Molesting, Murderess, Sorry-ass, Dog loving, People hating, Scared, Disease carrying, Fake, Colored (pink, red, Crimson, Blemished, STD spreading, Narcissistic, Selfish, Uneducated, Peace’s of Shit. There’s No wonder God is looked upon as a Joke is this country and all over the world, white people preach God and then make God and Jesus, a white dude like themselves, why would anyone want to serve a God that has the same face and skin color of the Greatest Evil this world has ever known ? White people are so arrogant with all the Evil they’ve done and continue to do, that the so called bible they preach from, that clearly says No one has ever seen God and how there should be No pictures, carvings, graving images or any such things of God (Exodus 20:4-6) , because No one has ever seen God (John 1:18), white people say the Hell with that, they claim to believe in God, and this country was founded on so called Christian values, they even tell God that He’s white because, the white man has said so….. Need there be anything else said.
    If, and may the whole world pray it’s not, that God is white, from what white people has shown the world they are, Heaven isn’t a place of Love, it’s going to be the Purest form of Evil and Hell ever known. Add that truth to the great, white-man constitution of America, that’s the true History of white people…

  103. L says:

    LOL,First of all I was born & raised in the U.S. & I stand by my post, All you did was make yourself sound very foolish & uneducated .

  104. stuart77 says:

    I am a White South African now staying in Thailand teaching English. You probably have heard we are the evil white race of the world responsible for that diabolical system called Apartheid. Let me tell you in contemporary society black people are far more racist than white people and this has become a global issue. Whites are constantly reminded and put on a guilt trip. We are excluded from jobs because of our skin colour. I was denied a final interview job because I was perceived to be too White and Eurocentric plus the other candidates who were of colour of course only had a School certificate whilst I have a Bachelors degree. Let me tell you in Zimbabwe which borders my country all the white farmers were thrown off their farms 2o years after their independence after being told that their skills were much needed in the Zimbabwean economy by the new Black government and now I have heard that all land will be expropriated from Whites there. Yet Black people are allowed and even commended to revere these facist leaders like Robert Mugabe and Julius Malema who are both well known Nationalist Black leaders in Africa. Robert Mugabe is the president of Zimbabwe that calls Whites “Vampire Vemin” If a European or Anglo saxon White leader said that it would make world news and he would be forced to make a public apology and be labelled a racist whilst it is brushed under the table if a Black leader makes a statement like that. Very often Black nationalist movements like the Black Panthers advocate white hatred in the USA and have visited South Africa and Zimbabwe advocating White genocide here and what has been said about it?? Sweet nothing yet if White supremist groups say something about it, it is completely unacceptable and often is ridiculed and outlawed immediately. Basically the White race are sitting ducks to be pushed around. Anyway I have left South Africa for a period of time but will want to return to SA as it is my country of birth and my home.

  105. Nancy Baker says:

    This is why I avoid dealings with minorities whenever possible.
    Call me “racist” all you want. This country has “lost its mind” with the race BS. My total responsibility for the history and the hysteria amounts to exactly ZERO.
    I’ve never owned a slave or killed an Indian, and I don’t intend to pay for the mistakes of long-dead, less evolved humans, even if I do share their racial origin.
    Stay the heck away from me and mine, all of you race-obsessed fools, no matter what “color” you identify with.

  106. Classified says:

    What a pity your anti-Semitism spoils the whole blog. Fool.

  107. Lewis says:

    It seems the writer of this article is suffering from guilty conscious. Why, I don’t know considering he or she never owned slaves.

    Now to address a few things about this article.
    1) It’s rather condescending (& offensive) in its effort STRESS how & whom else played a role in enslaving Blacks.
    *I say so what, that doesn’t diminish the evil & cruelty of “Racist WHITE people” once they got their hands on them. +did you know they use to use Black babies as bait to catch alligators in Florida?
    2) It’s complicated IF you don’t know human history & the variation of Black people. For instance, Egyptian Blacks where not the same as Hebrew Blacks/ Ethiopian Blacks where of their own bloodline & so on & so forth.
    This need to be understood because it is a LIE that Africans sold Africans. They sold a people who had been living around & among them for a few hundred years who shared their skin tone but not bloodline.
    3) Those Ashkenazi “FAKE” Jew(ish) people aren’t blame because they have had the power to hide their evil, just as they still do today.
    4) In all of history of humans enslaving other humans, never were a people reduce to the level of a beast & treated as inhumane & evil as “racist” White folks treated Blacks. In fact, all other slave systems that others went through could be considered temporary servitude in which they would be set free after a period of time. And even while caught in this “servitude” their language/ history/ religion/ culture was NOT beaten & terrorized out of them.

    The only people on earth who had their language/ history/ religion/ culture/ identity beaten out of them where mainly Blacks in America at the hands of the most evil, despicable, the lowest of all low forms of life- that being, “racist” White people.

    *please note the emphasis on “racist” White people because, Thank God, all Whites aren’t racist therefore my depiction of “racist” Whites does not apply to ALL Whites.

  108. Lewis says:

    Behold the mentality of a White Supremacy mindset;

    “African Muslims raided up the coastlines of Europe, particularly the British Isles but even as far as Iceland, kidnapping and enslaving White European Christians. The men were galley slaves, and the women were sex slaves. This was more brutal than working on a plantation or as a domestic servant.”

    See how racist White folks with a supremacy delusion complex stress some evil they went through, the SAME evil they inflicted on Blacks, yet somehow someway the acts done against them is so much worse.

    FYI, racist Whites not only worked Blacks to death, they would breed them like cattle to increase their stock & olé low down filthy massa would occasionally get him “some” too. ~from the males & females.

    But “Whites suffered worse” (don’t make me laugh). I can only shake my head at the level of stupidity that can only come from one who suffer from that terrible mental disease called White Supremacy.

  109. Whites are niggers says:

    White race is the most satanic luciferian race ever portraying themselves as earths savior polluting everything they touch with eugenics and mass population control every ounce of food and water is riddled with genetically altered micro organisms that euthanize the public if the “niggers” ran the earth technology would suck maybe a little violence but were talking about millions-billions of people dying years earlier, 80% more babies getting autism(eugenic vaccines), white man -made bio weapons (HIV, SARS, Bird flu) , that would never be here if the alien white roman pagan race was never derived from the nigger through satan himself

    Your women are ugly fur balls Spanish woman replaced white women in every aspect

    Your men are slow small penis self loathing pieces of nigger garbage

    How are you superior? Not one white athlete is fast or good at physical sports without steroids .. Your white trillion air overlords have dumbed you down like the niggers your penis is tiny your voices are higher and a white man is a fetishist freak can’t enjoy a women the average white man is a Eugenic Faggot who worships other white people and steal ideas while wanking their baby dicks too Minotaur gay zombie porn

  110. Tara Collins says:

    To be honest,, I think this is a bunch of bull. So your telling me whites never went into Africa and took slaves. If they didn’t then who did because I know blacks weren’t born with shackles on their wrist. If whites didnt kidnap them, then who did? The Irish? And how did the Africans keep slaves longer and kill more whites if the whites owned guns before blacks. I know blacks invented this world from the ground up but the Chinese were first to invent guns and by that time a trade was going on with China and Whites. Guns always made one man feel like he’s God and he had too much power. But I also ask, is that why white people killed, jews and blacks. Is this why they yelled “Go back to Africa!” I mean, in pretty sure blacks didnt just leave their homeland to be shot and hung. I also ask why was white slavery forgotten. Why is it that not alot of people never mentioned it. And most of all, my main question why is there more white man on this Earth than blacks if blacks just so happen to kill more. Now, my final question, who wrote this article.

  111. Mary cullen says:

    Well stop reading after the 2% bullshit and the blacks did much worse. It becomes obvious that your a racist in the first paragraph this long ass biased article is good for nothing at least nothing that couldn’t be searched up or read in the history section. Future more it’s only use will be when white racists want to site it to make their racist claims seem justified. Though I will congratulate you,you’ve managed to receive a following of 4000 racists which was probably your intention. How about instead of trying to play victim you teach everybody to be one and ignore the ignorant who claim they deserve to be treated differently because of their ancestors. People like you will steady cry about being victimized but will never say werected you completely innocent? Probably not, you want to know why some brown Americans dislike white Americans it’s because some of you will still shove it in some of our faces to this day so why not blame you? You want to cry victim now how about help others who have been in your situation brown or white tan or yellow? No of course you won’t you will continue to pile on the hate which will come back and destroy you in the end

  112. I was reading a book and the term white slavery came up. I legitimately wanted to learn about something that I knew nothing about and I stumbled upon your site. A racially charged blog that makes me as a Black person highly uncomfortable. I respect your right to free speech but it makes it difficult for someone like me to discern fact from your own prejudices and study the subject.

  113. TL Braham says:

    Please do your due diligence in reporting information that is completely factual. Slaves in other countries were prisoner of war. What WHITE PEOPLE ON AMERICA did to millions of Africans upon arrival to this country is a travesty that equals what the Pharaoh did to the Jews and Hitler did to the Jews. Slavery was not the real issue the real issue is treating people like their lives mean nothing. Tearing apart families, killing spouses, and raping women and children on a consistent basis. Should today’s white people be held responsible, no, that’s ludicrous. Should everyone be taught the facts so that this genocide of a people never happens again, YES.

  114. Carlos says:

    You’re a bunch of racist white supremacist assholes who should be strung up and whipped bloody. Go fuck yourselves

  115. Unk says:

    “Sure, there were White indentured servants and apprentices in colonial America, and maybe sometimes they were treated badly, but actual White slavery – that’s something that disappeared with the Romans and the Vikings. And to compare White indentured servants to Black slaves is the worst sort of racist distortion of history!”

  116. Craig Margo says:

    Those pics of white people all cut up on the front is priceless. Go cry me a fucking river.

  117. Craig Margo says:

    To whoever looks at this comment for moderation… Go fuck your mother. That’s coming from a hispanic. We take your women and fuck them only to return them to you.

  118. truth says:

    I honestly think there more white people in hell than there are actually white people on this earth at any given time. White people represent Hate, Greed, Selfishness, Barbarism and all the connotations linked to the personification of evil.

  119. ? says:

    “Who gives a crap about slavery” I mean come on, that was over centuries ago!!. Hello, its 2014 almost ’15. everyone of you people from Latino, Mexican, blacks, whites, Jews, European, every shape to size, and especially the color on your back, I don’t see why you are so pissed off because it ( WAS NOT YOU ) that got killed, raped, treated wrongly by the same race, or different color. just because them people had horrible things done to them doesn’t mean that it happened to you. From experience I can say that if a black person gets shot, or if, he/she doesn’t get that job that he/she has been hoping for, it seems that blacks do pull that racist card out a lot on the other person. But whatever, its your opinion, its your life. but, whoever put this site up, You Are dumb, and the people that posted on here, You are dumb also. (Laughing) idiots

    • cristalexi says:

      What the hell are you on about. This site is going on about black people who’ve enslaved white people because it’s white people who are unable to move on and are stuck in the past. Instead of accepting that a certain group of white people (who are probably not related to most white people today) committed horrendous attrocities against other people purely on the colour of their skin, they keep coming up with all kinds of excuses such as black people owned slaves too, black people this, black people that but never acknowledging the attrocities and always trying to justify the cruelties. Why do white people feel a connection to these mosters from the past?

      • Doulos Lael says:

        While I am sure there are some people that fit the narrative that you describe. The only time I have ever known “white” slaves to be brought up is in response to people who generations removed still pine about the horrors of “black” slavery. It is not a problem that “whites” refuse to accept what was done in the past, but “blacks” who are unwilling to let go and move forward thinking some how their plight in history sets them apart as though no one has/ is or will suffer as they did…

        And when the landscape is surveyed and you look at all the “race baiters” in America constantly causing strife, a good majority are “black”.

        On a side note. I still do not know why we are still talking about race though, there is only one human race. We should change the narrative to ethnic bigotry.

  120. Jessica says:

    In my opinion, the ones that sold slaves were any race that were pirates or the ones that had the riches. Their currency back then was gold and silver ect. I guess when you end up the wrong place and get captured its too late for you. I wish this was taught in American schools. America is the melting pot, so why not learn the full history. I have a feeling the the African-Americans will not believe this. I want us to learn the the history of man kind where we evolved. Have anyone saw a video on YouTube were a black couple gave birth to a white baby. The baby had blond hair and blue eyes to a black couple that is proving by DNA that it’s their baby. They have two older children that are black as well. Scientist took DNA to learn how human history. Why hurt one another when we are all the same race as humans? Our blood is red when hits oxygen. We have emotions and a mind that separates us from other species. I wish everything was taught in history class. Things would change a whole deal in America. We are only taught about how America came about including the slave trade from Africa. The Viking were the ones that first trades with the natives, but we do not learn this in school. Why is there still slaves today? There are more slaves today then there ever was in history and this is the 21st century. My family came from Ireland and to learn they were enslaved by the British was hurtful to learn. History is history. I do love the British and their culture. I have so much Irish and native plus French in my family, but I don’t know my history at all.

  121. Steven Matthew Harding says:

    can I just say that I hate every single human being that prescribes to this bullshit worldview? Okay. I’m glad I said it. I’m a white person. But I recognize the brutalities done unto those of us who have darker skin. That doesn’t make me hate my own skin color or anything like that. I just recognize the genuine privilege that I, as a white, straight, man, have.

  122. Jane says:

    Lets look at the other side of things. White nations are the best nations on earth in which to live. Hence the reason why people from all races come to live in them, even risk their lives doing so. The white man is the fairest most level-headed of all races of men, it is statistically proven. They play fair. They have a compassion/kindness trait that other races do not possess. Even today whereever they go, they are trusted and revered like no other race. This is fact. They also invented almost everything known to man in the last 700 years to enable us to have a nice lifestyle. Who are going to african to save little babies from ebola, its white doctors. Do you see other nations sending doctors there?? They care about humanity, other races could give two shits.

    • Zeb Zim says:

      You sir are a special kind of person, is it nice living in your world of self delusion? I am a white male and disagree with most of what you said in your long winded and poorly thought out paragraph. Please do not post anymore.

  123. Jbonnie says:

    White morons , still don’t know you asses from a hole in the ground !!!!

  124. Renne says:

    When slavery was first brought to America it was not a race thing. The Europeans used Native Americans at first but they started dying because they were not immune to the diseases that the Europeans brought with them. Then they brought Africans to become slaves because they were immune to all the sickness that killed the Native Americans.
    Even during that it wasn’t a race issue. It became a racial issue when Northerners tried to take all the rights from the White men (that fought in the Civil War against the union) and give it to the Freedmen (Former Slaves). This whole post is such a mess. Nearly EVERYONE owned slaves. It isn’t right no matter the race.

  125. shedrick james says:

    to whoever wrote this eat a dick….no eat sack of dicks you cave monkey caucazoid fuck im not gone sit here and throw out facts cus it wont change your mind so ill just say fuck you, fuck your whore caucazoid mother u you recessive gene bird shit colored piece of shit …may you forever feast on satans dick cheese

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