Ethnic Cleansing of Boers

Sarah Maid Of Albion

Afrikaner Genocide Archives

10 Responses to Ethnic Cleansing of Boers

  1. Bengalpuss says:

    They have to steal what a white man has built up, but don.t realise that they haven’t got the brains or acumen to be a successful farmer. They loot and plunder, and destroy nearly everything they touch. What they don.t realise is that if it wasn.t for the white man they would be fucked. Past history shows that when haiti drove the belgium’s out their country went to pot, same as south africa thats going down the pan. Zimbabwe same. Its a fact that left to their own devices they screw up big time. They are disgusting killing those white farmers, in their feeble minds thinking that its their right. Those who have stolen the land from the white south african farmers are thief’s nothing more, and will fail miserably.

    • Jeffrey Hardin says:

      Your absolutely right…We have talked about this time and again and it’s thoroughly documented and can’t be argued against, they destroy everything they touch…I had once great black friends who the moment they were around other blacks digressed into people I didn’t recognize, in other words, they became violent, loud and extremely obnoxious, it was as if they had taken the Dr Jekyll and Hyde formula, all that and immediately when they were joined with other blacks and only then did they act out this way, their white friends poked and prodded them about it, how quickly they would change, whites don’t act out in this way, we’re individually programed and tend to be more family oriented and seclusive, or private?
      I dropped them and prefer my own race and that now condemns me a racist though I am I am not a racist, just angry as hell that the blacks are getting away with these race crimes and that it’s going unreported…
      I was segregated into an all black school in the early 70s and had to fight damn near every day to protect myself and this isn’t a hate crime?

  2. Jeffrey Hardin says:

    Whatever happened to Truth Tube…I use to get my videos of the white genocide and black 0n white crimes & violence from them and on a following day had been taken from the web??? I have yet to find out why….I’ve recognized many videos here from their site and wondered if any of you might know?

  3. civil rights apostate says:

    You’re right, Mr. Hardin. I was raised as a follower of the civil rights movement. When I was about seventeen, I realized how intrusive the civil rights acts were, and became a racial libertarian. When I went to college, I found a place full of blacks–not the nice old fashioned blacks I was used to, but the typical saggypants dreadlocks guys–and the girls weren’t much better. I then, seeing no one would detect me, googled “is interracail marriage a sin” it got me into a website that was a bit close to the wacky side, but had some undeniable truths about race. One was black-on-white crime, and so my search for racial truth began. I found some websites that were pretty normal and intellectual, and then I found that indeed race was real, and some races were better than others. I think I knew that deep down all along. Now I oppose interracial marriage (at least for my children who don’t exist yet) and immigration, and do not seek to gain black friends–never had many to begin with.

  4. Hi,
    I’m South African. Every time I hear about the farm killings….where they killed everyone in the house…the father, the mother, the sons, the daughters, the dog.
    Oh! Did I mention about the raping their women with broken bear bottles? And being economical by not shooting them but hacking them to death with machetes instead. This stuff doesn’t even make it to the news….I doubt anyone really cares anyway.

    I sleep better at night :)

  5. AM says:

    I am South African…..can’t believe this is happened. I only found out about it at the end of 2012 – due to the fact that my neighbour’s parents were slaughtered on a farm (hacked to pieces with machetes) – which resulted in me researching farm murders and finding our about the genocide. That shows you how censored the mainstream media in SA is!! White South Africans are in a catch 22 situation – nobody cares and nobody wants to help because they think we deserve it due to apartheid – thanks to the liberal brainwashing in the media. We are on our own and only God can help us.

  6. Shaun Ramewe says:

    God won’t help you. God never helps any victims of violence, sickness,and disaster. For a start it wouldn’t happen so horribly in the first place if god cared; there would be the intention on the part of the perpetrator(s) just about to be played out and then “boom”, struck down! The enormity of suffering around the world is way more than its opposite. Blacks, Indians, Arabs and Chinese are per capita the ones who enjoy causing the most harm and suffering at every given moment they can, followed very closely by the South Americans and then the Russians. This is nature at play in its most primitive form, it has nothing to do with survival of the fittest, but the smartest. Human evolution all along. Fight back using your brains is all that can be said now because no-one else is gonna do it for you. A hard truth I know but what else is there?

  7. Shaun Ramewe says:

    Most of the Western world (which now includes Japan) has learned from many years of being hurt by others and of hurting others that all this is just not the way to go. The rest of the planet should take a leaf or two out of our new book with regard to respecting human rights at all levels. Making
    excuses for the contrary will never take anybody to a higher plane of consciousness and karma. Those why try to find false justifications for staying in the dark-ages on this subject will always remain backward and spiritually impoverished.

  8. baba maal says:

    If you are going to keep a tally, might as well show how many Black people have been killed by Boers. Then we see who is really guilty.

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