When Whites Fight Back

White victories against non-white aggressors

61 year old hero persecuted in New Hampshire

White US Marine Corps vs. black home invaders

Racist black man pulls a gun on Corey Rose, but Cory’s strapped too

14 year-old white boy defends his home with deadly force
13 year-old gangsta tries to steal a white man’s car – white man kills the little fucker
Veteran stops violent black mob from terrorizing Kansas City neighborhood
Elderly white woman fights off black assailant with her walking frame
Native Swedes force Somali invaders out of town
Gun-toting Grandma chases off black burglars
Italians get hotline to call for protection by militant Nationalists
White guy gives Paki mugger a good hiding – but local whites call him racist!
Indigenous French smash up Gypsy camp in their country
Man fights off attack by teens
Police: Victims Use Stashed Weapons To Kill, Injure Home Invaders
White backlash to diversity at Scotland Yard
300 Swedish Nationalists defend Stockholm against rioting Muslim immigrants

490 BC: The Battle of Marathon
480 BC: The Battle_of_Thermopylae
336 BC: Alexander the Great
721: The Battle of Toulouse

722: The Battle of Cordovanga
732: The Battle of Tours

1061: The Norman Reconquest of Sicilly

1448: Vlad Tepes
1456: The Siege_of_Belgrade
1492: The Reconquest of Spain
1565: The Siege of Malta
1571: The Battle of Lepanto

1683: The Battle of Vienna
1801: The First Barbary War

1815: The Second Barbary War

11 Responses to When Whites Fight Back

  1. Bengalpuss says:

    I love this site, im not a racist, but im fed up of not being able to say anything, for fear of being called a racist. I was called a white honky a while back, and when i complained, i was basically told “To suck it up” Now if the tables were turned and i said “Black bastard” I would be sat in a police cell. I think its ridiculous that in britain, born and bred, i’ve worked all my life, last year i had to leave my job through illness, i went to the job center to get benefits, i’ve paid enough tax in my life to be entitled, only to be told in a nutshell “Fuckoff” What sickened me was that, there was asians, blacks, polish you name a foreign country and they were there, signing on, enquiring what other benefits they could screw us out of. I was fuming, i’ve worked my arse off, paid national insurance contribution’s and tax, only to be told to fuckoff, while every foreigner was getting it all, with the staff smiling all too happy to help them, i think its disgusting.

    • Chas mull says:

      You have to apply again I know it’s just how it’s done for some reason. I was in the same boat and I got mine in about 8months it’s ok now. I felt the same way I worked for a long time now I’m dis-abled and need it back.

  2. civil rights apostate says:

    don’t worry about being called racist. As long as you can get away with it and are polite, you should be ok. the word racist was invented by Trotsky, a murderous communist in Russia. Not God. Not St. Paul Not Winston Churchill or anyone else worth admiring. Freedom is worth more than diversity.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Thanks for that nugget of info, your right, “freedom is worth more than diversity” This country britain has gone to the dogs, it used to be great britain, i don.t see whats great anymore. On another note, abu hamza or maybe qatada, forget which one, when he fought extradition to america, he fucking hated us but wouldn’t leave, anyway even queen elizabeth said “Surely can.t you just make this person leave britain” Even she was bemused. It took them 8 years to get rid of this pig, that preached hatred against the white people of britain, we were all non believers and should therefore die, but while were still alive, i’ll claim everything i can get my hands on. Cheeky twat.

      • david says:

        this site sounds like nothing more than an inferiority complex, thank god the majority of people are not so fucking stupid

  3. Jw says:

    In todays society if we speak up for the respect of the white nation, then we are racists, its ok for the naacp, and the black panther organizations to bash whites, but if white and stand up for our race we are racists, however I do not agree with the mixing of races, which is so much more frequent today. In times past this was not tolerated, and shouldn’t be now.

  4. Racist says:

    You guys should add this to the “Historical” list:


  5. jovton says:

    Please, everyone, support the #redoctober campaign. http://www.redoctober.co.za. We need more organizers internationally. Please share with everybody. Contact Sunette Bridges if you want to help.

  6. Dave Hill says:

    Political correctness is just cultural Marxist crap designed to make white people guilt-ridden cowards who won’t resist their own destruction. You can ask any white person what political correctness, diversity, etc. are and they can tell you, but none know where this twisted ideological garbage comes from or what its true purpose is (destruction of white societies). I keep waiting for white people to wake up and realize they have been scammed by traitors. White people and white Christians especially are the target.

  7. Gina says:

    I really liked how the white guy punched the shit outta bad ass black guy. That’s exactly what should be done to ALL of these out of control blacks. But they don’t know the meaning of fighting fair. Which is the main reason why blacks love carrying/shooting guns. They scared to get that ass whooped. But I don’t like how the white guys helps the black guy out. Why help him out? Why help him on his feet? Feral blacks wouldn’t help a white person they just punched in the face. But it was nice to see a thug get knocked on his ass.

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