Too White

BBC: “We’ve Got A Problem Here: Too Many White People”
BBC: “Hideously White”
British TV is “Too White”
Exeter University “Too White”
Queen’s Jubilee: “Why Was It So White?”
Newcastle: “Hideously White”
Black people awkwardly photoshopped over white people’s faces
BBC Radio 4: “Listeners Too White”
High school choirs “Too White” for singing contest
Banned from soccer team because he’s white
Black Georgia lawmakers try to break up white voting districts
Labour Party candidate “too white and Jewish” (?!)  to stand in Muslim area
Kelowna ads accused of being too white
English fire service “still too white and male”
Swedish Fire Department too Swedish
Oxford University not black enough
Republican Party “too white”
Miss France too white
Hobbit film criticsed for being too white
Why is Miss South Africa white?
Next-generation police chiefs “stubbornly white
Black politician complains certain restaurants customer-bases are too white
LibDems criticised for being “a bunch of middle aged white men”
British Conservative Party “too white”
Fashion shows have too many white models, and “it feels deliberate”
Swedish Social Democrats “the white majority is the problem”
“In our corner of the country, we’re rather pale”
The show did not “score highly enough” on Liverpool City Council’s “diversity scale”
Doreen Lawrence whinges “we won’t see a black Prime Minister (of the UK) in my lifetime”
Cops snub hero for being white
Black politician boycotts event for being too white
“Any race except Caucasian”
Parents Want Answers About ‘White Girls Club’ at Franklin High School
White Student Union causes outcry and charges of “racism” (but the Black Student Union is okay)
Another White Student Union “I can’t believe this is happening”
Charities are “too white
University trying to shut down white scholarship
Can’t work in diversity because you’re a heterosexual white male
Whites organising their own get-together is a problem
Indianapolis 500 ‘princesses’ criticised for being white
Swedishness must be split from being white
EU should ‘undermine national homogeneity’ says UN migration chief
Blacks furious that new school chairman is white
Apartheid row in Norway as classrooms aren’t mixed enough
Hackney community mural accused of being too white
The problem is, Burlington is too white
Footballer statue in England causes race row because it’s white
White guy trying to buy up property in a certain town to turn it into a white town – for some reason this is a problem
Princeton university “still too white”
Beverly Johnson Asks: Where Are All the Black Models?
Miss Fiji too white
White people wanting their own town is a problem
Having a preference for lighter skin is “disturbing” and “unfortunate”

White actresses barred from vagina monologues

Miss India too white,0,7397542.story#axzz2pooKwq48

4 Responses to Too White

  1. do you have a story about Cory Michael Rose of Sanford, Florida?

  2. is a good page to check out…

  3. civil rights apostate says:

    how about Christina Leann Neal? She was a 12 year old white girl killed by her neighbor across the street back in 2000. Her neighbor was a Cushite who had been put in jail before for various heinous crimes. It’s an old story, but it might work.

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