Hate Crimes You Don’t Hear About

The Hate Crimes You Don’t Hear About

by Russ Kick

   Cleveland, Ohio. A white man on a moped accidentally bumped into a truck being driven by a black man. He fell over but was not injured. A crowd of 40 white people pulled the black driver from the truck and brutally beat him. One of them climbed in the truck and ran over the driver, killing him. The crowd cheered.   Jacksonville, Florida. A group of four to six white men agreed that they would brutalize the next black person they saw walking down the street. That person turned out to be a mentally disabled 50-year-old, whom they beat and stomped into unconsciousness. He later died of his injuries.Are you surprised that you’ve never heard of these sickening murders based on racial hatred? You didn’t see saturation coverage on the news. You didn’t hear politicians decrying racism. You didn’t see a livid Jesse Jackson on CNN. Why? Because these acts of brutality didn’t happen exactly as I described above. Oh, they happened, all right. The only thing is, the races of the attackers and victims were reversed. That is, a white man was beaten and then crushed by a mob of 40 black people who were furious that a black man bumped into his truck.¹ In Jacksonville, it was a gang of black men who stomped a mentally-disabled man to death solely because he was white.²

Because these hate crimes were perpetrated by black against whites — even though they were based completely on racial hatred — the national media, politicians, and civil rights leaders ignored them.

   If these acts of savagery had indeed happened as I originally described them above, you would have heard about them. But because they were perpetrated by blacks against whites — even though they were based completely on racial hatred — the national media, politicians, and civil rights leaders ignored them. As opposed to the deaths of Yusef Hawkins and James Byrd, these deaths are only reported in the local media. And even then, the races of the people involved are often not mentioned.

Below are some more hate crimes that have been ignored because they happened the “wrong way” (i.e., they were black-on-white instead of white-on-black).

  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Upset about a racial name-calling that occurred earlier that night, several black men savagely beat a random white man who had had nothing to do with the incident. He slipped away from his attackers, but they forced him to swim into a lake to escape. He drowned. The three men were sentenced to less than a year in jail.3
  • Massachusetts. Four black men decided to murder the next white person they saw. That unlucky soul was a college student from Boston, whom the men stabbed to death.4
  • Indiana. A black man was arrested for killing seven white people with a shotgun. He explained that he murdered his victims due to his “deep-rooted hatred” of white people.5
  • Miami, Florida. The leader of a black supremacist sect (i.e., the “Yaweh ben Yaweh cult”) was convicted of the murders of several white people. He ordered his followers to kill any and all “white devils.” They killed at least seven white people, bringing back body parts to their leader.6
  • North Carolina. Seven black men kidnapped a white woman, raped her, put her in a tub of bleach, shot her five times, and dumped her body. The murderers said they did this for racial reasons.7
  • North Carolina. Four black teenagers lured a white, ten-year-old girl into an empty house. “There, they sodomized her, strangled her with a cable wire, and beat her to death with a board. In the past few weeks, the trials in the Tiffany Long case have received extensive coverage in the North Carolina press. But with two of the three defendants already sentenced to lifelong prison terms, and the third now standing trial, the national media have all but ignored the story. Only the Associated Press has reported on the trials, in a single, cursory piece. The AP, of course, failed to mention the race of the people involved — an oversight it seldom if ever committed in the case of Amadou Diallo.”8
  • Boulder, Colorado. After discovering that one of their members had never had intercourse with a white woman, an Asian gang went looking for one. When they found a white University of Colorado student, the six men gang raped her in their minivan for two hours.   At their trial, “Detectives described the woman’s night of terror, including repeated threats to kill her.“The woman leaped out of the minivan after one of the men raped her. Naked, she sprinted across Lefthand Canyon Road before Steve Yang tackled her, authorities said.“‘They were all screaming at her, calling her names and hitting her,’ Detective Jane Harmer testified.“Yang put her in a headlock and dragged her back into the van, where she was raped repeatedly, Harmer said.“‘It was a free-for-all,’ Harmer testified.“One man threatened to ‘cut and burn her,’ and another put a gun barrel to the back of her head when they released her, Harmer said.”9
  • Kansas City, Missouri. An Ethiopian immigrant shot two white coworkers — killing one and critically injuring the other — at his workplace, then turned the gun on himself. At his residence, police found a three-page, signed note he had written in which he railed at “black blood sucker supreme white people” for oppressing him and black people in general.10
  • New York City. In a Midtown office building, a white woman was assaulted, raped, and anally raped by a black man who called her racist names during the attack. Police refused to label it a hate crime.11
  • Alexandria, Virginia. A black man walking through a neighborhood went over to a white eight-year-old boy playing in his great-grandparents’ front yard and slit the child’s throat, killing him. A witness says that the attacker shouted racial epithets during the attack, and the main suspect in the case owns anti-white hate literature and had written a note about killing white children. He had been previously arrested for attacking an unarmed white stranger with a hammer. (During the attack, he called his victim “Whitey.”)12   This particular case provides a perfect example of the terrible way that anti-white hate crimes are handled. First, the investigators decided not to tell police officers about the racial aspects of the case, even while the police were conducting a manhunt to find the boy’s killer. When this was revealed by the Washington Post, city council member Joyce Woodson defended this withholding of information from the cops on the front line. “What they did was proper. We already live in a racially charged world.” The Democratic mayor of Alexandria implied his agreement: “Efforts to sensationalize this investigation will only hurt this investigation.”13To make things even stranger, the FBI offered to send agents and a fugitive task force to help with the manhunt, but the local police rejected the offer. They also refused the help of the FBI’s profilers, forensics experts, and others.14Eventually, the police arrested a suspect who was reportedly tied to the scene by DNA evidence. In another bizarre move, the Justice Department — which had acknowledged that it was monitoring the case — declined to prosecute the killing as a hate crime. The government’s prosecutor in the case cannot charge the victim with a hate crime. “There’s no applicable hate crimes law in Virginia,” he explained.15An editorial in the Washington Times pointedly commented on the deafening silence surrounding the brutal child-murder: “Has anyone seen Jesse Jackson around lately? Kweisi Mfume? Al Sharpton? For persons whose political antennae are ordinarily so sensitive that they can pick up racial tremors a thousand miles away, they seem to have overlooked a possible hate crime right here in the vicinity of the nation’s capital.”Even though all of the above incidents occurred in the last ten years, anti-white hate crimes are not new. The Village Voice writes of “the wave of random street killings that terrorized San Francisco in 1973. The ‘Zebra killers’ struck without warning, murdering whites at night. Most victims were shot. One was raped, another beheaded. Four young black Muslims were arrested in 1974 and charged with 14 murders, seven assaults, one rape, and an attempted kidnapping. The Zebra killers were convicted in 1976.”16
The Exceptions That Prove the Rule
   On extremely rare occasions a vicious black-on-white hate crime does make the national news. This was the case with the Central Park jogger and Colin Ferguson. Just why these two violent acts of hatred bubbled up into mass consciousness — while others that are at least as heinous have been ignored — is not clear. Nevertheless, it is instructive to examine them because, though they received wide attention, they were still treated differently than their white-on-black counterparts.   The Central Park jogger, you’ll recall, was a white woman who was gang raped and beaten almost to death by a gang of black and Hispanic teenagers in 1989. This incident introduced the term “wilding” to the nation. As Nicholas Stix described it: “The boys dragged her 200 yards to a secluded place, where they fractured her skull with a plastic-wrapped, four-foot lead pipe, and some large rocks. The boys ripped the Jogger’s clothes off of her, tying her hands behind her back with her sweatshirt, gagging her, and taking turns beating, stomping, and the unconscious woman, as 75 per cent of her blood oozed into the Central Park grass. They left her, with bruises, welts, and wounds literally from head to toe, for dead.”17

   Despite the fact that physical evidence, eye witnesses, and video-taped confessions by the attackers in their parents’ presence all pointed to the young men’s guilt, protestors outside the courtroom referred to the trial as a “lynching.”

   The assault was officially declared not to be a hate crime, and some influential black media and commentators — including Al Sharpton and two of New York’s African-American newspapers — declared that prosecuting the attackers was an act of racism. Some even questioned whether the attack really happened. Despite the fact that physical evidence, eyewitnesses, and videotaped confessions by the attackers in their parents’ presence all pointed to the young men’s guilt, protestors outside the courtroom referred to the trial as a “lynching.”18

Four years later, a black man named Colin Ferguson opened fire inside a commuter train in Long Island. Six people died and nineteen were injured. “Police recovered from Ferguson’s pocket a handwritten note titled, ‘Reasons for This.’ It expressed hatred towards whites, Asians, and ‘Uncle Tom blacks,’ and stated that Nassau County, Long Island was chosen as ‘the venue’ because of its predominantly white population.”19 How did politicians and commentators respond to this racially motivated bloodbath? President Clinton ignored the racial aspects, instead using the incident as an excuse to once again call for tighter gun control laws. Commentators either denied that it was a hate crime or admitted that it was but then tied themselves in knots to explain it away. The Dallas Morning News interviewed a sociologist who “conceded that Ferguson picked his victims on the basis of race, but did not think this justified the hate crime label.”20

A scholarly book on hate crimes (discussed more below) notes: “When the Reverend Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam leader, mentioned Colin Ferguson, the Long Island Railroad mass murderer, at a rally in New York City, the audience cheered. In a speech before an audience of 2,000 at Howard University, Nation of Islam spokesman Khalid Muhammed drew loud applause when he stated, ‘I love Colin Ferguson, who killed all those white folks on the train.’”21

The Overall Numbers
   When presented with these horrifying violent acts committed against whites for racial reasons, some people respond with the argument that these occurrences must be flukes. They’re just isolated incidents, this line of reasoning goes; surely the overall statistics show that whites attack blacks much more often than blacks attack whites.   This is a “straw man” argument: Even if it were true, it would still not affect the fundamental point that anti-black hate crimes receive national coverage and trigger political denunciations, while anti-white crimes are ignored. Besides, isn’t the media all about reporting flukes? As they say in the news business, “Dog bites man” is not a story, but “Man bites dog” is. Or, to use another example, an airplane landing safely is not news — an airplane crashing is. So if these instances of anti-white violence were incredibly rare, that would be even more of a justification for covering them, not less. But these instances aren’t rare. The statistics show this.The book Hate Crimes: Criminal Law and Identity Politics is a revelatory study of the phenomena. It was coauthored by James B. Jacobs, who is the director of the Center for Research in Crime and Justice at New York University and a professor of law at the NYU School of Law, and Kimberly Potter, an attorney who was formerly a research fellow at the Center for Research in Crime and Justice. Published by Oxford University Press as part of their Studies in Crime and Public Policy series, its credibility is as impeccable as possible.

   The loudly promoted “hate crime epidemic” in America is an illusion.

   Jacobs and Potter examine many of the myths and problems surrounding the idea of hate crimes, showing, among other things, that the loudly promoted “hate crime epidemic” in America is an illusion. Hate crimes have never been more than a tiny fraction of overall violent crime, and the numbers have actually been holding steady or decreasing in recent years.22

The authors also reveal the surprising statistics regarding interracial crime. It turns out that 80 percent of violent crimes involve an attacker and victim of the same race. “For the 20 percent of violent crimes that are interracial, 15 percent involve black offenders and white victims; 2 percent involve white offenders and black victims; and 3 percent involve other combinations.”23

These statistics include all instances of interracial violent crime, not just those labeled “hate crimes.” To see the rates of anti-white and anti-black violence that have been categorized as hate crimes, one only needs to take a cursory look at the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports specifically on hate crime to see that blacks commit them at a higher rate than whites.24

According to the US Census Bureau’s most recent projection (for Sept. 1, 2000), 82.2 percent of the US population is white, while 12.8 percent is black. If Hispanics are excluded from both counts, then the numbers are 71.4 percent white and 12.2 percent black.25

In the most recent year for which FBI data are available (1998), we see that there were 2,084 anti-black hate crimes committed by whites, and 567 anti-white hate crimes committed by blacks. Though the absolute number of anti-black crimes is 3.6 times as high as anti-white crimes, keep in mind that there are almost six times as many whites as blacks in the US. To get a true picture, we need to look at the proportional rates.

   Eighty percent of violent crimes involve an attacker and victim of the same race.

   If we divide each population by the number of crimes committed by individuals in that population, we see that there was one anti-black attack for every 94,436 white people, but one anti-white attack for every 59,172 black people. Thus, the rate of black-perpetrated hate crimes against whites is approximately 1.6 times higher than the rate of white-perpetrated hate crimes against blacks.

Looking at hate crimes involving death and rape tells an even starker story. In 1998 five white people were killed in hate crimes, while three black people were killed in the same period. During that year, four women of each race were raped as a result of racial hatred. If these incidents were occurring between the races at equal rates based on their populations, we’d expect to see six times as many blacks killed and raped by whites as the opposite. Yet we see an equal number of rapes and almost twice as many anti-white slayings.

   How can we ever hope to bridge the racial divide if we won’t even look at the hard facts of racism?

The Final Analysis
   Although these publicly available but long-ignored facts are incendiary, the purpose of this article is certainly not to stir up even more racial animosity. There’s already too much as it is. But how can we ever hope to bridge the racial divide if we won’t even look at the hard facts of racism? Is anything good accomplished when one type of hate crime receives nationwide attention, while another type of hate crime — which occurs at higher rates — is swept under the rug?   It’s obvious that the media, politicians, and civil rights groups have an agenda: They want to keep us ignorant of the realities of race relations. They present us with the completely untrue view that only white people commit hate crimes, or, if it must be admitted that blacks also commit hate crimes, they are seen as isolated incidents, bizarre anomalies that somehow don’t qualify as hate crimes.The reality of the situation is that we’re all attacking each other. A look at the FBI’s hate crime statistics will pry the scales from your eyes. Besides the figures already mentioned, you’ll see that Native Americans and whites are attacking each other in equal numbers, blacks are attacking Asians, Asians are attacking Jews, multi-racial groups are attacking blacks, and on and on.

The issue of violent racial hatred is much more complex, universal, and disturbing than the simple-minded white-on-black paradigm that is universally touted.

   People are even committing hate crimes against members of the same race. In 1998, for example, the FBI logged 123 hate crimes committed by whites against other whites, 64 by blacks against blacks, and a few by Asians against Asians and Native Americans against Native Americans. The reason for these apparently bizarre phenomena is that the “races” are not as monolithic as we commonly assume. They are divided into various ethnicities, nationalities, and other subdivisions, and these groups often hate each other.26So it’s not unheard of to have hate crimes between people of British and Italian descent (both considered white), between African Americans and Haitian Americans (both black), between people of Japanese and Korean descent (both Asian), or between members of different Native American tribes.

Clearly, the issue of violent racial hatred is much more complex, universal, and disturbing than the simple-minded white-on-black paradigm that is universally touted. We need to accept this fact as individuals, then pressure the media, politicians, and other opinion-makers to accept it, too, and start telling the sticky truth about the situation.

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    • aaronpsamuel says:

      Based on what the Associated Press offers your mental, we are judged unfairly, and history is rather clear.

      We were brought here against our will, culture, language PURPOSEFULLY stripped by the direct ancestors of these white people in this country. The things that occurred during the slave trade are absolutely grotesque, uncivilized and demonic. The only reason slavery was “abolished” was because it was no longer beneficial to the capitalist society, the only reason we had internal was was kind of a “fight over blacks” and what america thought they should be doing with us, it was never like “one people wanted to free us and the other wanted to enslave us”, that’s just pure American History book BS. In America we get a lot of bad imagery of us Africans, we don’t get the fact that the majority of crime committed in America is by White Americans and against other white Americans. We have yet to hear the term “white-on-white crime”, although I would imagine that the movie theater massacre, the boston bombing, and the kindergarten shoot up would at least prove a point. It hasn’t, what we are dealing with is not logic, it’s emotion. Back to history, After slavery, blacks were systemically murdered by the TOWN, because – we did very well for ourselves when allowed to be to ourselves. We started our OWN businesses and OWNED our own properties. This caused a lot of HATRED, where the WHITES (man,wife,child) would band together, and literally WIPE OUT TOWNS, in terms of human history, THIS IS NOT A LONG TIME AGO. That eventually lead to many people looking for equal rights, which as the laws were passed, began leading to whites, putting on hoods, and burning churches, and hanging men,woman,children. This lead to the creation of groups such as the black panthers, created to PROTECT the neighborhoods from the injustices they were facing daily. Something else we should note, CRIME IN THE BLACK COMMUNITIES WAS NULL, NIL, NON-EXISTENT at these times, there was NO black on black crime. Things got hot to say the least in America at these times, with black leaders being killed by cointel, panthers working hard to protect our children and woman and working men from just “white people who didn’t like us and had a lot of your exact ideologies”, riots breaking out from the unrest. Again, THIS IS NOT A LONG TIME AGO, even less so than the ALL OUT LYNCHINGS (and remember these were still occurring as much as the whites can fit them in). ONCE WE GOT A VERY SMALL AMOUNT OF RIGHTS THAT AT LEAST MADE US SECOND CLASS CITIZENS, this is when the manipulation of systems was thrown at us. Systems that were intent to break up our homes, noted document of hateful whites intent on making internal conflict between a man and woman (black), eugenics, population/birth control with a favor to the black neighborhoods, affirmative action (which benefits white woman, gays, black woman before any man, in turn employing more woman then men, in turn making the men look horrible), crazy laws which make “black drugs” worth more time, do notice how the meth era is completely blacked out from the media, unlike the crack era, the meth era may be more destructive truthfully, but again, whites aren’t under attack here. This all leads to today – where we have a completely distorted view of the world on display for people to misinterpret. One would think “things are all ok, racism is over” and that leaves the ground for closet racists like the author of this article to make the attacks that he has chosen to make. Ultimately this country is no place for a black man, and my brothers/sisters that means no place for a asian, no place for the latinos, no place for the mexicans, it’s all about when you actually notice this.

      We haven’t even discussed white crime and americas reponse have we? Let us look at the two and the generic response.

      Before 1960 – whites committed ALL crime in America, think “Mob” and “Mafia”. Think Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, those weren’t black people folks. The american response was a campaign you may know as “Save our children”

      Current Day america – Sure I will give you a point, blacks commit a lot of crime here. ::shrugs:: – We never get the full context of said crime, like the fact that

      a) criminals don’t travel to other places to commit crime, hence you live in a black neighborhood and happen to be a criminal , 9/10 the crimes you commit are against other blacks.
      b) the fact that 99.9% of the crimes committed by blacks, are based on monetary gain.
      – why? because there is a system in place to keep us down
      – next time ask what the unemployment rates in the area are, and keep track, you will always find that it’s very high.
      – do a cross reference for the crime rates in a white area with the same unemployment rate.
      – when you see what i already know, maybe you can help validate what exactly “black on black crime means”

      Now lets speak about black-on-white crime.

      a) it’s not common at all, because whites don’t generally interact around blacks like that on a large scale. If you look across america we may be integrated but blacks stick with blacks and whites stick with whites, even in the mixed neighborhoods.
      b) For every piece you pointed out there is a white-on-black crime of RECENT to match it, so whats the point?

      Ultimately, white people in this country MUST understand that blacks have a very WARRANTED reason to feel any type of way. Does that warrant crime against anyone, no. But postings like this are just some sort of odd need to self validate, and Dr. Frances C. Welsing really nailed the signs of this mental issue which plagues many White Americans.

      • lmdamof says:

        Sorry the only thing I have to say is Mexicans are latino and the name would actuall be Hispanic. Thank you. ;) (bottom of your first paragraph)

      • hey, aron p sammy. you show the same stupidity as the kind you run with,whites didnt take you from africa your own kings and people sold you on the shores for peanuts,so go back to your shithole starving motherland if its so bad here but stop the blame game and race card for its expired. try your gang shit around me and i gaurantee you will be another useless member of society in a grave with no father to visit for you dont know who it is. mass confusion-fathers day in harlem.fuck you,

      • John Robbins says:

        Africans were sold by Africans to Europeans. The white traders did not need to kill tribes in order to procure slaves. All they needed to do is bring goods that appealed to the kings of African tribes. The kings would gladly sell their own subjects.

      • rhondakelly07 says:

        BLACKS MAKE UP 12% IN USA AND DO 85% OF ALL HIGH CRIMES you sold yourself into slavery you beat your own race and Blacks had more whites for slaves YOUR A RACIST CON MAN you also kill Mexicans, Latino, Gay , Jews Daily we are in A Black Holocost racist black Liberals. Con Killing racist Communist Black panther Demecratic Party

      • aaronpsamuel says:

        Cognitive Dissonance – to wrap it up for you inbred cave mutants, is what you all do to make yourself feel better about your foolish conjectures, ignoring sound reason, science and history.

        1) “Blacks sold blacks into slavery” –


        A truth grotesquely distorted by the minds of cave dwelling mutants looking to remove the apparent guilt they are holding from the ultimate violation of the universal laws. This is a good one – it is often used by the cave dwellers to validate their violations of the universal laws which govern man. Slavery and the resultant policies as seen in the Americas is a European creation.

        a) On one hand there are some Africans who sold other Africans into the hands of Europeans (and Arabs). Very small amounts comparative to the amount of Europeans selling Africans. This did not happen in LARGE amounts, and the stealing of Africans occurred for YEARS. Most were literally happened upon and taken.

        b) On the other hand of that truth that you all try to spin so many ways, yes previous to the chattel slavery introduced by the Euros – slavery did exist. Although it was a completely different ball game, one in which many “slaves” were able to work there way OUT of “slavery” and into royal families or at least become wealthy. There was also no concept treating them as subhuman or animals incapable of thought/feeling, that is the Euro version.

        History tells us that the Euros much like today did not wage a face front way and STEAL the Africans, they waged a covert, smile in your face, embed agents in your tribe, and rot you from the inside out campaign against MOTHER AFRICA.

        Let us do a review.

        Biological Warfare against native populations – check
        Torture, Murder and rape of women, children and men – check
        Oppression and Negligence based on Phenotype, Culture & Religion – check
        Kidnapping of complete Nations – check
        The Destruction of world history – check
        Immoral and lacking of any human qualities – check
        Delusional and often known to make up lies for self validation – CHECK CHECK – and CHECK

      • Fred says:

        You should be wearing a clown suit, with a big red nose to match, and a “Racist” sign hung around your neck. Your statement, “For every piece you pointed out there is a white-on-black crime of RECENT to match it, so whats the point?”, is pure bullshit and you know it. Black on white violence FAR exceeds white-on-black, EVEN CONSIDERING the fact that there is a lot of separation between the races, and for clowns like you to refer to the “mental issue that plagues many White Americans”, without mentioning the EPIDEMICS of mental illness, and drug and alcohol abuse in the black community (much of which is caused by victimhood-promoting idiots like yourself), makes you worthy of a place in the next Barnum and Bailey Circus that comes to town. News flash, moron, WHITES have a “very WARRANTED reason to feel any type of way”, too-and those of us who’ve been assaulted, robbed, and had guns held to our heads by BLACK MALES, who we did NOTHING to, except being born WHITE, are not interested in your ridiculous arguments or your excuses. You can sit on your ass and whine about all the “discrimination” against you, but how many WHITE people have robbed you, held guns to your head, or assaulted you-or any of your black friends for that matter??? Do us all a favor: give up your career as a political scientist, and go join the circus.

    • indigenous says:

      dont even bring gods name into it as you whites killed the lord now get a life and go back to europe and get off my soil! every race wants you white illegal aliens DeaD!oh and the lords name was never jesus it was yeshua and he wasnt white culture thieves,you all going to hell! go back to europe white devil!

      • lmdamof says:

        Yeshua was not white, He was probably dark skinned and had curly hair. Not African though, more like Arabic looking. The Catholics messed up the visual of Jesus. I think they messed up a whole lot more in the bible as well. I think when they translated the bible they put some things in there that worked in favor of the church. Like giving money to the church. For what? God is going to use it? However, I do give to the church sometimes, just because the one I go to does give to the needy on a regular basis. They help people pay their bills and what not.

      • i’m your savior black moron.you thugs only do crimes in numbers because your to stupid and afraid to act on your own.i don’t dislike blacks just the punk gangsters that are criminals,same as whites and all races,no place for any of the hatred. indigenous to what? gangs and free gov. handouts? educate yourself you idiot.pray to yeshua that you don’t cross me is your best bet black angel!

      • rhondakelly07 says:

        EXPOSE BLACK TRUE SELVES thanyou for freedom of speech do not take the hateful comments down DEMECRATS ARE ALL RACIST and will go into hell you also Lyinch us Mexicans, Asians, gays jews, latino STICK TOGETHER DONT LET A LIBERAL BLACK THUG BEAT YOU OR HOME INVADE YOU AND KILL OFF OUR FAMILY you blacks killed 65% of Mexicans Latino you kill us Daily..

      • rhondakelly07 says:


      • sean says:

        f^ck off , make us leave you b@tch

    • concerned22 says:

      Blacks glorifying killing,raping and torturing whites,jews and asians.
      Please share this disgusting site with everyone you know!!!

    • dGeezer51 says:

      That is some true negative IQ wording on your part, Justsickofall Ofit.

  2. Pingback: Blacks Keep Attacking Whites In Baltimore

  3. Robert says:

    Media want report because they are scared & half of them are non-white,black people have always hated white people & have no problem killing the elderly & children,its time to stand up & defend yourself no matter what politicians say.It Is a hate crime but others want acknowledge it no matter the color if you harm someone due to the color of their skin it is a hate crime.Always keep people wanting to hurt you cause your white & do whatever it takes to defend yourself & race.they say only white people commit hate crimes,common sense will tell you its the other way around.

  4. DAVID WILLIS says:


    • civil rights apostate says:

      Mr. Violence against whites is letting people know of his people’s plight at the hand of different races. He cannot legally go out and fight, like Gideon or Sampson or Moses or anyone else. So he lets people know of what the Cushites and Ishmaelites are doing to the children of Japheth. The Bible has stories full of murder and rape and other terrible things. It is good to protect your people when they could get dispossessed. I got in trouble once for posting photos of murdered whites at school because most people think that whites and blacks are as inseperable as male and female. But if only they knew how those poor people died! Some people never learn. :(

    • “Using other people’s misery for your own agenda”? Really! Are you serious? All we’ve heard since the Trayvon incident is how “racist” white people are, and how it’s “open season on blacks in America”! While we ALL know racism had NOTHING to do with it. And YOU are complaining about this site telling FACTS!?

      You are right about one thing, it shouldn’t make any difference the color of the criminal/victim. Tell THAT to the media and the black community who IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE. The ONLY thing they care about is that the victim happened to be black!

      • rhondakelly07 says:


    • nadya says:

      do you not read the article?this article wasnt to insult non white races. its NOT ok for a white person to hurt /kill a non white or anyone because of religion, race, or color and when the it happensl, the white community allways go go ouof there way to get justice for the non white community.l. what this article is saying is that its not excepted or acknowledged that a non white can commit a hate crime towards a white. that many african american who do rape, kill, hurt a white person, you NEVER here the non white being charged with hate crime. its sad, but true, there are more racists blacks, then of whites now. blacks dont treat whites equal, so as much as much as you dont want to believe it, this goes under the definistion if racism.

      • kelia says:

        What the hell are you people talking about first of all if crimes that black people do did not get reported why are their more of us in jail than yall ass. Be serious you guys are seriously off your meds. secondly we all know white people do more shit than anybody and quick to holler than have a mental issue when they getting locked up to get off he has his facts all wrong because their are many crimes that white people have done that go unpunished and not talked about for your info jesse Jackson do not rep for you guys you didn’t have to fight for civil rights so why in the hell would you need him or al Sharpton again be real when you want to know the truth get at me I will teach you the real history cause obviously you got some bs

      • rhondakelly07 says:


      • Silver21 says:

        I just have to: kelia, you can’t be serious. By “reported”, they mean it’s not reported by the mainstream media who do so immediately in case the victim is black and the offender is white. If it’s a black on white hate crime, it’s all hush hush under the radar, reported locally if at all, or even if reported to general public it’s usually apologized as not a hate crime even in the face of overwhelming evidence.

        “Secondly we all know white people do more shit than anybody” – how about no. How about you go and check the official crime statistics by authorities and see for yourself that the crime statistics are NOT in your favor.

        Jackson and Sharpton are race baiting idiots. IF racism were to disappear on both sides, those hate baiting useless parasites would starve to death. They need the hate and tension, it brings them a lot of money and attention. They would not give up their living and source of income. And by supporting only one side and shouting racism only for that one side, they just prove they are racist bast*rds themselves.

        Also, whites didn’t have to fight for their civil rights? I suggest you review how your bloody USA were founded in the first place you twit. That was the whole point of the war, you know.

        I am sure you will teach us the “true” version of history you got from Jacskon or some other hate preaching racist bast*rd, I am so sure it will be unbiased and true. Starting with the ancient times when blacks descended from heaven and whites crawled from hell, right?

    • Steve says:

      Unfortunately David you are incorrect. 59.9% of all felony murders are committed by blacks so just that fact alone tells you that blacks, being less than 13% of the population, commit over half of the murders in the US. Black on White violence rose 18% in the last 12 months while White on Black violence stayed the same. The problem is real and this country is headed for a Race War.

      • rhondakelly07 says:

        Thankyou Steave Please help us Mexicans Asians Latino THEY HAVE SLAUGHTERED MILLIONS OF US BLACKS KILL OUR FAMILY’S FRIENDS DAILY WERE AT WAR WITH THEM..also please see NEW NATION NEWS…CRIMES IN CHICAGO 2013 BLOG SPOT. COM please blacks are butchering E V E R Y . race not covered by CNN, ESPN, ABC,,,CBS, NSNBC…..PLEASE PUT A LIST ON CRIMES THAT BLACKS DO TO US they hate the Mexican Latino on FOX NEWS SHAN HANNITY who exposes black crimes against us all..Liberals are the black Panther Party…Please help us to and count us Thankyou for the truth and this web site and after Zimmerman case blacks are really going at us daily H E L P us too! web: CIVIL WAR 2013 USA) it should be called the black civil war against Amereicans or BLACK DEATH…every race stand with the whites. Christians

    • lmdamof says:

      He is citing a lot of different articles. I’m going to look them up and see if it’s true. He probably has found these things from news articles.

  5. civil rights apostate says:

    We should have deported the Cushites years ago. When will we realize that Japheth (White Europeans) got blessed and that Ham (including black people) didn’t? When will we realize who rapes the most, murders the most, robs the most, has aids, wears their pants ten inches too low, fathers the most babies out of wedlock, etcetera etcetera, etcetera? When will we realize that the Cushites (Blacks) will be slain by the sword of the Lord? When will we realize that the Ethiopian church apostatized centuries ago and that only the Europeans have had any real long standing Christianity? When? When? When?

    • kelia says:

      You my dear trouble soul have serious issues. I have seen plenty white people who wear their pants way to low. FYI there is a whole reality show dedicated to your kind having babies at a young age do teen moms 1, 2, and 3 ring a bell or are you just that slow to comprehend that. When do you think your race became so holy was it before or after you guys stole it from the Indians, or after the enslavement of my people i’m sorry please tell me. You say you guys don’t kill the most ha, ha, that a good joke you troubled and confused soul.

      • civil rights apostate says:

        I didn’t say whites were totally sinless or anything, I was just noting that by and large the blacks sin in those ways, and that the Europeans were blessed in the Bible. I didn’t say they were the real Israelites or anything crazy like that. If a black guy had said about whites what I had said about blacks, you wouldn’t mind. Blacks are 12% of the population, and they commit as much murder as whites and hispanics combined. where did I get it? from the fbi statistics

      • Jim says:

        LMAO, Most of the black people in Africa sold into slavery were supplied by other Blacks. white people mainly provided logistics and demand.

        Do you want to see serious Black on Black crime? Take a trip to Africa. I’ve been there and have seen first hand how appalling the conditions are. I don’t think it is caused by white people, I think its caused by the lack of white people.

        Kelia, the lack of 12 years of public education is evident in your grammar and spelling. I’m not the first person here that has expressed the inability to fully understand WTF you are trying to say. However, I can see you enjoy way too much of the wrong kind of television programming.

        As far as religion is concerned, I’m a cradle Catholic that is now Athiest, enough said about that.

        I think I understand what you are trying to say about teen pregnancy, but I don’t think you understand the original article above that states a statistic that way too many white Teen girls getting pregnant by black males are victims of violent/domestic violence by their partner, not the other way around.

        I don’t give a rats ass about the color of the skin of child producing couples. What bothers me is that someone says way too many black fathers are deadbeat dads.

        I will concede that most interracial couples consisting of black male/white female with children are solid happy families. One even made it to be President, in spite of the problem that his family was dysfuctional. I’m willing to bet Barrack Obama’s father did not pay a dime of child support.

      • rhondakelly07 says:

        Blacks sold themselves into slavery right now you have more slaves more than all of history you had more white people for slaves in Africa from 1530 to 1780. and another 200 years in USA hey you blacks even had Indian, Mexican Slaves BUT QUESS WHAT , ( BLACK SLAVERY IN MEXICO) hey black dude we also had more black slaves than whites did and you blacks have slaughtered us Mexicans, Indians, latino , Asians Jews, gays Whites every race you have had for slaves you butchered millions of every race..

    • Nemrac says:

      Get a grip! As statistics state weak ass facts all day, what do they say…blacks are only 10% of the US so how are blacks tearing the world apart? Who are all the world leaders? White faggot men this is why the world is fucked up! Everything u whites fags do have a hidden agenda behind it, from christmas to easter (eating shit ) u bastards are sick!!!!

      • Jim says:

        Nemrac is a dipshit. He denies that 10% of the population is causing almost 58% of the crime.

        Its clear that his use of sexual orientation in his reply reflects his homophobia, and that he directs it towards white people reflect his racism. What an asshole.

      • lmdamof says:

        A. Americans are at 13% since the 2010 census.

      • white fags is a bold statement coming from a black that’s obviously retarded. where did aids come from nemrac? ha from blacks in africa fucking monkeys and each other. whats your agenda?welfare and more fatherless children? why are jails filled with blacks?oh yea whitey made you become criminals,the same ones that support you link card and handouts.get a job and lose the race card that expired like you will.

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      Blacks are the highest in ALL HIGH CRIMES , even Serial Killers the top 2 killers are blacks and illegals who kill more than Iraq War each year over dope see NEW NATION NEWS UP DATED DAILY LOOK AT PICTURES THEY ARE SLAUGHTERING US QUIETLY IT”S RACIST FOR FOX NEWS TO TELL THe TRUTH SHAN HANNITY…each year blacks rape 500,000 people every race, killed millions of every race, Had more white slaves in Africa, America, and black slavery in Mexico White history month from NOV to DEC

  6. DAVID WILLIS says:




    • Hey David, use your inside voice.


      This isn’t true, statistically a serial killer is more likely to be non-white than white. Here are some statistics from the US, it’s unclear exactly what claim you’re making. There are definitely no more white serial killers in the world than other races.

      Two of the stereotypes surrounding serial killers are that they are almost always White males and that Black males are barely represented in their ranks. In a sample of 413 serial killers operating in the United States from 1945 to mid-2004, it was found that 90 were Black. Relative to the Black proportion of the population across that time period, Blacks were overrepresented in the ranks of serial killers by a factor of about 2.

      Black serial killers have never represented less than 26.83% of the number of serial killers in a given decade, despite their overall percentage of the population never exceeding 13.1%. This trend has steadily increased to the point that in our current decade they represent 88.24% of the number of serial killers apprehended since 2010, yet only account for 12.6% of the populace.

      • Jim says:

        The reason he says that is because that is primarily what is reported. Which is addressed in the original article. When a serial killer is reported, it will most likely only be covered by the media if the killer is white. If the killer is non white, we wont hear much about it. Most of the people ranting against the original article here are actually proving its point with nonsensical statements.

      • rhondakelly07 says:


    • VagaBond says:

      The point is it is only reported as a “hate” crime when it’s Christianity against other religions, anti gay against gay, whites against blacks etc…. I agree that all violent crime is Hateful, but Hate Crime legislation is definitely implemented in a non christian, anti white and discriminatory manner. No wonder so many want to conceal carry. I refuse to be a hapless victim. At least some will go down with me.

    • J-Man says:


    • Shayn Roby says:

      The point is, Barack Obama opened his fat trap in the George Zimmerman trial, when TRAYVON MARTIN was actually stalking Zimmerman. Then, the Race-Baiter-in-Chief has remained silent when multiple incidents of black on white crime have taken place. Those are the facts. Your blase’ post reveals that you have an intelligence quotient lower than that of an eggplant, and have no problem with dismissing facts as though they don’t exist. You are obviously a fine Democrat. You fit the profile of the low information voter perfectly.

      • kelia says:

        Actually to me the case had nothing to do with race and everything to with murder. He killed that little boy in cold blood whether you racist bitches like it or not he was wrong. Everybody else took it as racial thing because the boy was black and Zimmerman was white and guess what they did the most typical thing as usual in that situation that let me white man go free with a slap on wrist. You guys don’t see that because it don’t happen to you. When something threaten you with a French fry (oh it happened) they go to jail cause you white and the person is of color. be serious yall see what you want you see but to afraid to admit that you racist or to scared to say any of this shit to right black person face to face.

      • rhondakelly07 says:

        Get the black vote, get the Hispanic vote, get the Latino Gay , Pot, Abortion, After Birth Abortion AKIN IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN CONTENT, Democratic racist party from Hell, in 60 black counties not 1 Romney vote they are CLOSET RACIST!! Sure King could see this

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      WEB: your wrong SERIAL KILLERS ARE NOT WHITE…now look at White Serial Killers look 99% of them are other Minorities stuck in Same white group

  7. DAVID WILLIS says:

    well just like you do i’m going to believe what i want to believe whether it’s true or not and has there’s more white people than black people , you do the maths .

    who knows what’s true and what’s not when we have people with a certain point of view ,take Hitler ,he wanted a race that was pure , which to me says “inbreeding” and “delusional” he also believed in all sorts of stupid things to be true , which in reality were and are not , there’s still people like that around today most probably , locked up usually

    and then you get the idiots who idolize Hitler yet they forget that he wanted to take over their country and force his ways upon the population i could go on but can’t be bothered
    people seriously need to get over this stupidness murder is murder , rape is rape, blah blah blah
    what colour the person is doesn’t make it any better for the victim

    (1) why do you and your type have this need to believe what you do ? (2) what does it achieve ? (3) in what way does it improve your or anyone else’s quality of life in a positive way
    answer the 3 questions above
    when people become idealized ,reality goes out of the window as does sense

    • There are not more white people than black people in the world. Are you talking about the world, or one particular country?

      If you’re talking about one particular country where there are more white people than black people, then of course we would expect to see more white serial killers just as raw numbers – because there are more white people in that country. So, if races all behaved the same, we would see more white everythings; serial killers, rapists, doctors, plumbers, firemen, rocket scientists, brainsurgeons . . .

      I believe what’s true, I don’t know what you mean. You’ve just admitted that you’re not really interested in facts, and you’re going to believe whatever you want to believe. I’ve cited you two studied with specific data, showing blacks are over-represented as serial killers in America. If you want to continue to claim that whites are statistically more likely to be serial killers in America, then feel free to show me what study you’ve read that made you believe that.

      I don’t know what this digression about Hitler has to do with anything. Why are you suddenly banging on about Hitler? Have I said something about Hitler?

      I believe what I do because that’s what the evidence tells me. You’ll have to be more specific about which beliefs you’re talking about.

      Now why do you and your type believe what you do?

    • John B says:

      “i’m going to believe what i want to believe whether it’s true or not”
      Yep, definitely a Liberal – complete with a total lack of conscious thought and a full helping of cognitive dissonance.

    • Whitey redneck Cracker says:

      everyone wants to hate on hitler…check all the symbols he used …hitler was doing bling before bling was ever bling…

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      Black muslims have killed more than Hitler did Blacks have butchered raped, Gang raped, Robbed, stabbed, drowned, chopped, Home invaded killed millions of every race including there own.

  8. civil rights apostate says:

    Mr Willis, I do not believe in Santa. And if I didn’t believe the Bible, I would probably be even more of a civil rights apostate–I would deny blacks were human. Hitler killed 3 million-6 million? so what ? Stalin killed at least 50 million, because he loved humanity in the abstract. White countries are almost always safer and nicer places to live than black or muslim countries, whether they be Christian, Atheist, or Agnostic. Except in places in white countries where they are a lot of blacks and muslims. Those are about the same as the countries of blacks and muslims. You are the idealist, Mr Violence against whites, I, and other “racists” are the realists.

  9. DAVID WILLIS says:

    lol you are a delusionist i draw your attention to northern island , and remember history mostly white people invading other countries and stealing them and from the indigenous along with the natural resources
    we are a parasite on this planet with delusions of grandeur is it any wonder all other dark skinned people want us dead , and some times even white people want to wipe each other out
    what a sad life you must lead just full of hate , there are so many beautiful things out there

    and all you can think about is the drivel you do , the bible is a man made story it’s is no wonder you’re as unbalanced as you are , next you’ll be telling me harry potter is real along with spiderman your a bit old for fairy tales

    and you state you believe in the bible, i quote “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”
    still believe in the bible ? or do you just pick and choose and twist it to suit your delusional needs
    if there’s one thing your good at is fooling yourself and others of low intelligence

    i tell you there’s good and bad in every race ect, you ignore that if favour of your delusions and you tell me I’m an idealist , when it’s you with a delusional ideology, Gordon Bennett ,

    you sir are a rather disturbed individual and no doubt there’s a prison cell with your name on waiting for you ,that’s if the grim reaper doesn’t get you 1st, you can deny all you like it don’t mean squat against the fact that we are all human , come to England we get free mental health treatment here I’m guessing you can’t afford it where you are

    • Your comment “white people invading other countries and stealing them and from the indigenous along with the natural resources” is completely FALSE. White’s didn’t invade these countries, we went there and were SOLD black slaves by other black tribes! Yet you never hear that when blacks today talk about reparations.

      2nd, it’s NOT “hate” to present the facts, as the mainstream media refuses to do. Why do you insist it’s “hate” when this site does it, but not when the mainstream media does it?

      • Steve says:

        Are you an idiot? The Africans were sold by their own people to the Spanish. No “white” person ever went and stole anyone. Go back to school. Idiot.

      • kelia says:

        OMG!! about to take you guys to school. If you would of learned your history the right way you would have known that in fact Africans only sold 4.2% of slaves but 13 million were stolen by Europeans, it could be more than that because a large number died on the trip there because of the treatment on the boats. They were shackled to each other laying on one another, could not use the bath room so they had to go where they slept, and did not receive food or water, and were naked. This include children as well. now who do you think did the most damage. I give you a link to the book that has the pictures and accurate account if you would like to see but I doubt it.

    • io says:


      When actually mongols and arabic caliphates were the biggest invaders and the cruelest warriors

      • rhondakelly07 says:


    • io says:

      most oF these non white people know their cultures are barbaric or primItive or violent  so they always atack white culture-which was never so imbecile or hypocrite like these people whether they are black ,brown,indian,amerindian,or mongoloid-

      these hypocrite non whites atacking the whites for the same reasons they defend their own barbaric customs

      • kelia says:

        Are you stupid, I mean really slow, like short bus slow? First of all what is a mongoloid? Secondly exactly what genocides did they cause? As I remember the biggest genocide happened to Jewish people what the hell happened to the white? Oh let’s see………….abso fucking lutely nothing…. Do you know what a hypocrite is, I don’t think you do. the native americans actually were the first ones here until the Europeans ( you guys) stole their shit and killed their people so WTF!!! are you talking about

      • rhondakelly07 says:

        JUST SAY NIGGER IT”S NOT RACIST THEY CALLED WHITES NIGGER WHEN WE WAS BLACKS SLAVES IN AFRICA from 1530 to 1780 and another 200 years of white slavery in America and black slavery in Mexico white cracker the sound the whip would make as Africans whipped 1 million whies to death each year thus WHITE CRACKER white history month from nov to Dec tell everyone to not hire blacks to get GUS FOR CVIVIL WAR

    • io says:

      it s just a HUGE HYPOCRISY of non white cultures who know well they are morally and culturally inferior for their way of life and barbaric customs

      for instance native ameridians were very cruel yet they complain about imaginary genocides made by whites

      • rhondakelly07 says:

        White slavery in Africa from 1530 to 1780….HOW MANY BLACKS HAD WHITE PEOPLE FOR SLAVES/ more, longer less than 2% of whites had slaves OHHHH someone is a big fat CON LIE!!…Black slavery in Mexico Mexicans, Spanish Indians had both white black slaves and shipped us both here on slave ships some people White history month put in every history book around the world NOV to DEC…SEE BLACKS AND ILLEGALS SLAUGHTER EVERY RACE DAILY democrats run our news NEW NATION NEWS see it every day…see NECKLACING BEFORE IT”S NEWS. COM CRIMES IN CHICAGO 2014 BLOGSPOT.COM up dated daily as blacks and illegals slaughter every race daily NECKLACING goes on now in USA …( Black slavery today blacks have more slaves more than all of history….AFRICANS ARE KILLING WHITE FARMERS) now these racist trash are eating each other white genocide…White genocide in Africa…Minorities are all CLOSET RACIST…( Civil war utube

    • io says:

      These included raids or invasions of the Kara-Khitan Khanate, Caucasus, Khwarezmid Empire, Western Xia and Jin dynasties. These campaigns were often accompanied by wholesale massacres of the civilian populations – especially in the Khwarezmian controlled lands. By the end of his life, the Mongol Empire occupied a substantial portion of Central Asia and China.

      n 1211, after the conquest of Western Xia, Genghis Khan planned again to conquer the Jin Dynasty.

  10. civil rights apostate says:

    What about Tamerlane, Idi Amin, and Joseph Kony? If the Bible is true, then Europeans are blessed by God, and should be preserved. If it is not, then I might as well fight for the Europeans, as they are my species. No gray wolf will fight for a red wolf, nor will the red wolf fight for the gray. There are white monsters and black monsters and Chinese monsters. If I was a gray wolf and you were a gray wolf, and we ran into some enemy red wolves, I would not want you to be in my pack. Whites invent most things, the Chinese invent the rest. (No, George W. Carver did not invent peanut butter.) And the passage you use in the Bible might not even be in the original text. Good luck.

  11. DAVID WILLIS says:

    what about, what about , there is no god there fore you suffer from a delusion that you are blessed , you are blessed with hate, ignorance & denial nothing more..you forget to mention whites also stole ideas and then claimed them as their own ,

    we are not animals we are meant to have a higher intelligence than animals , though you and your type give me cause to doubt that you’ll never be as wolf

    why would i want to be in a pack of people like you , give me one good reason ,you use a child like view of the world , who cares as much as you do about who invented peanut butter i can’t stand the stuff what a lame statement , there is only one species of us and that is the human species FACT , again you delude yourself that your are better than other’s just because your white ,you and your type suffer from a inferiority & negativity complex , being hateful does not make a person better it makes a worst person

    as for the interstices of the bible i’ll leave that to you as i don’t mix fantasy with reality as you do why don’t you take out one of your ribs , grow a woman and release some of the frustration
    and if she refuses to speak to you after you can always speak to a snake or a donkey ,

    what should happen is people like you and of all colours and nationalities should be put some where and left to kill each other so the rest of us don’t have to put up with your PETTY delusional squabbles , i won’t wish you good luck, but i will say i hope you get well soon ;-)

    • This website presented FACTS, and you change the subject with a bunch of nonsense. We were talking specifically about violent crime, NOT “inventions that were stolen”. You can’t win the argument, so you try to change it. NADA, won’t work. Facts are facts. Comment on these facts not on stuff that has nothing to do with them.

    • John B says:

      LOL – man, people like you crack me UP!
      “there is no god” and in the next line “we are not animals we are meant to have a higher intelligence than animals”
      Uh – *meant* by whom? Might I ask? Evolution? LOL ( I’m not sold on Creationism OR Evolution – but of the two, Creationism is more plausible given the ridiculous lapses of logic and massive holes in the *theory* of evolution – this is coming from a biochemist, btw).

      It never ceases to amaze me how you can engage and disengage lines of thought mid-stream – and it doesn’t seem strange to you (that’s called “cognitive dissonance” btw – look it up). I also find it immensely humorous that you claim to have a grip on what you so loosely term as “reality” (another common progressive cliche’). You obviously don’t read. You obviously don’t research… and most importantly, you obviously are incapable of forming your *own* thoughts since every argument you’ve put forward so far in this thread is the same old tired rhetoric and “techniques” of Leftist arguments – namely, the Strawman, Ad Hominem, broad stating of self-proclaimed “facts”, etc, etc, with a little touch of Delphi thrown in for good measure.

      … but then, I like laughing, so, please, by all means, keep posting – lol.

    • io says:

      mongoloids from central asia complain they were occupied by russians and soviets yet their past was far rmore cruel and barbaric as we all can see,becasue that is the place where gengis khan came from and terrorized a whole world in middle ages

      He came to power by uniting many of the nomadic tribes of northeast Asia. After founding the Mongol Empire and being proclaimed “Genghis Khan”, he started the Mongol invasions that resulted in the conquest of most of Eurasia.

  12. civil rights apostate says:

    I never said Whites were the best. You’re the one who called them the parasites. If there is no god, I might as well do what I want. I love whites because they are my race, just as I love my Mom and Dad and Uncles and Aunts and Brothers and Sisters and Cousins and Grandparents just because they are my family. You believe what you want, I’ll believe what I want. If I’m wrong, I just go and rot in my grave. If you’re wrong, you fry in hell. Whoever is wrong is the unlucky one. The difference between a Northern European and a Negro from Nigeria is over 8% of the difference between a human and a chimp. A chimp is in a different family of animals than humans. You don’t like my race, (which means that you don’t like my family and friends, who are almost all whites) and you don’t like my religion. Faith, family, race, and nature are the main things I care about, so I guess we might go separate ways. Good luck, and may we meet in heaven someday when you change your mind. A lot of smart people still believe the Bible. Read “Is Christianity Good for the World” by Doug Wilson (Christian) and Christopher Hitchens (atheist). Auf wiedersehen!

    • Bengalpuss says:

      I think mr willis is missing the point. This is the problem, even when its blatantly obvious that white people are persecuted when a crime is committed against a black person, its all hyped up in the media. Yet when a black person commits a heinous act against a white person and its basically ignored, even when someone speaks out about it being wrong, then they are classes as ignorant, racist or needing psychiatric help, as what mr willis is doing here. Basically the white people have to be persecuted and keep quiet, otherwise we are stirring up racial hatred. So we should just let the blacks do what they want to the whites, and put up with it, bullshit, mr willis said “why don.t you just say you don.t like blacks” So im saying it now, “I don.t like blacks, i don.t like how they always call the race card, i don.t like it when employers employ blacks instead of white people, through fear of being taken to a tribunal for not hiring them because of race” Im sick of it.

  13. DAVID WILLIS says:

    i said “we” as in humans not whites……… black , white , yellow ect humans and chimps cannot breed together, regardless of colour humans can , and there you go with more stupid comparisons
    Ninety-six percent of a chimpanzee’s genome is the same as a human’s. as it’s 96% , your fantasy takes it up to 104%, a human, is a human , is a human , your not a geneticist are you ?
    a chimp is a chimp, is a chimp , there is no heaven or hell except for the one we create and you sir have certainly done that for yourself and for others no doubt
    until you replied to me ,you never existed. and it is you who dislikes people because of their colour , i don’t like people based on how they are as a person regardless of colour, and there lies the difference , i don’t know anyone you know , unlike you i wouldn’t waste my time hating people i don’t know or because of their colour

    smart people read the bible i beg to differ , it’s based on how life was ? over 2000 years ago
    it’s 2013 , we drive cars now not horse and cart , the earth and everything on it was not created in 6/7 days, if that’s the case how come there are still billions of planets ect out there still being formed , and they’re taking a lot longer than 6/7 days to be created fully, and why all the lifeless planets ,if those smart people are so smart , pass my question/s onto them for them to answer

    believing and being are 2 different things

    • J-Man says:

      You keep saying that “there is no God”… The burden of proof is on YOU when you make claims like that. Especially if you want people to take you seriously and not see you as an ignorant, hateful person… You pretend to be a champion of humanity, but you’re just a different kind of hater…

  14. DAVID WILLIS says:

    i know you don’t like black people not blacks, that could mean anything , and you also forget that some white people have persecuted people of colour for centuries and still do as i have to keep telling you there’s good and bad in every race a fact you ignore in favour of your delusion , and your playing the race card , so it’s ok for you to do it but not other’s and remember depending on your country of residence , me england
    it is white people who makes the laws not back people , so you can’t blame black people for that can you , anyone who goes on about the things you go on about is stirring things up regardless of colour , all you do is focus on what a few bad apples do and then apply that to the whole race

    do you have trouble differentiating between good and bad ?, what about the bad things white people do to each other , using your logic regardless of the media reporting you also hate white people as well , and i ‘m sorry but your are ignorant that’s a fact, i don’t state that to insult you

    you should have a problem with the people who cause a disturbance to your longed for mono cultured society , the white law makers , it was ok for black people to be used as slaves but now just because they get paid you got issues with it, you seriously need to stop chucking your toys out of your pram
    because the world is changing and will continue to do so regardless of your hatred of black people or whatever , now the boot is on the other foot you don’t like it , if the opposite was true you’d be as happy as a pig in excrement , that says a lot about your psychology

    if your sick of it i suggest you seek help for your sickness before it gets worst , only person your hurting is yourself

    “when a crime is committed against a black person, its all hyped up in the media. Yet when a black person commits a heinous act against a white person and its basically ignored”

    look at what you have stated ,are you telling me that when a crime is committed ,against a black person it just a crime , but when a black person commits a crime against a white person it’s “heinous” could you elaborate on that , don’t white people commit “heinous” crimes against black people or each other ? is it exclusive to black people only ?

    now tell me your not ignorant and don’t need psychiatric help, your OCD , is it any wonder you get called the things you say people call you , and where did you get this persecution complex from , the bible ?

    what time left you have on this planet , spend it doing worth while things life’s to short to be so bitter
    what do you hope to achieve being as you are apart from a stress related heart attack ?
    it didn’t end well for Hitler or Germany , it won’t end well for you either

  15. Paul Kersey says:

    Why are you arguing with Willis? His posts proves that he has a low IQ and nothing you can say will educate this poor SOB

  16. Mark C Staben says:

    My name is Mark Christopher Staben. On two occasions I have had rivals use non-white assassins to attack me. Because they were crimes by non-whites they were ignored by corrupt police. A psychotic black american lives outside my house and threatens to rape my infant daughter and kill me every day, using racist terms. Where can I post videos which will not be deleted? this thing uses terms which are disgusting. And I fear retaliation against my home and daughter.

  17. hueman says:

    Is this the best you can come up with. You devils been killing black people for over 400 years.

    • What about the “devils” killing black males today? 91% of black murders are committed by other blacks. Why don’t you mention this? I’ll tell you why, because YOU are the racist. And there are plenty of blacks who agree with me. Former Rep FL Allen West just talked about it on The O’Reilly Factor not 30 min ago. BTW, he’s black.

    • Whitey redneck Cracker says:

      no hell no the devils been killin you all since the beginning of time..and will till the end of time…oh you poor black angels that kill each other off over in africa for the tint of your skin..not black enough…

      To everyone who calls themselves african american..I have not come here to fix anything or to justify anyone..I just stopped by to have some fun…Because i have learned to laugh at the seriousness in which you all sometime take yourself and the absurdity in which i find in the belief that some how we are going to all get along. No, we are not ever, all going get along.. the weak destroy the strong…Surround yourself with the weak and see how long you stay strong…Thats why african americans want to destroy white it is the natural order of things…White has no interest in destroying black because black does just fine destroying itself. Look at africa…you talk about racial hate crimes…black killing black over the degree of color of their skin…just not black enough…therein you can see who is leading the way in racial hatred…African american is a cool thing to call yourself it lets me know the distinct degree of your hatred toward whitey. Im an American i have no past to whine about whatever has been done to you has been done to my people in the past, long forgotten. I dont want equality, i want inequality…we are all born equal and from that moment on we are no longer equal because my experience of the world is not the same as yours and your experience of the world is different from mine ..its called variety its what makes life exciting…what a boring world equality would be to live in…so stop trying to play me with your slave story so that i will feel sorry for you and give you an advantage…If it was the other way around you would not do anything for me…which is proved time and again in africa… take some personal responsible, if you cant make it in america then you are just a lazy ass looser looking for a hand out…and using some long gone story about slavery to justify it…and as long as you keep bringing it up is as long as im going to know that you are a racist trying to get over on whitey…maybe someday you will become an american and act like and be thankful for the country where you were born..i am thankful for america and i am an american not a white or europian or german or aryan or any other adjective I am just an american and thankful to be…free…

      • Nemrac says:

        Kill yourself…..what do you think the whites do with their weak ass inventions all day??? Kill yall no pigmented asses…hince tanning bed!

    • rhondakelly07 says:


  18. Charles Oteng says:

    All of these hate crimes listed (correct me if I’m wrong) don’t have name attached to the victim or suspects. Now if 40 black people jumped one man you should at least know.

    • They all have sources cited, go and look them up.

      • lmdamof says:

        that’s what I’ve been trying to tell these folks. Go look up the sources.

      • rhondakelly07 says:

        also see New Nation News Black mobs beat whites or Mexicans or Jews or latino or Asians you blacks have slaughtered millions of every race get a gun and live don’t let your kids get it, don’t let your kids walk alone without an adult with gun with enough bullets to kill a Black Liberal racist MOB…Stop talking Black on White Crimes TALK BLACK MEXICANS, LATINO ASIANS, INDIANS, GAYS JEWS MURDERS YOU BLACKS M U R D E R ..US ALL

  19. Bob says:

    Mr. Willis, the history of whites that you describe does not justify violence in the present day. It’s also not fair for you to say the things you did to the people you were talking to. You can’t judge that someone needs psychiatric help online. While I agree with some of the things you said, you came off like a pompous asshole. I suggest working on that.

  20. To the owner of this site, thank you for posting the stats. I wanted to know these for a while now, and you saved me the trouble. Plus I’m glad someone has the guts to say what needs to be said.

    Now for the record, I’m NOT racist, I have many black friends. This isn’t about hating another race, this is about TRUTH. We’re not the ones who brought race into the Trayvon/Zimmerman incident, those in the black and white community did. They’re not called racists for doing so, so why should I, or the owner of this site?

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      The white community did not go into any CNN BLOG site, into any Zimmerman story Zimmerman is a Mexican and we was called White Crackers Dirty Trailer trash Jews and we have been beatten and attacked by blacks, we get killed daily by blacks…No one talk about Black on Mexican, Latino, Asian, Jews..Black on Latino Crimes..WHY DON’T WE COUNT!!…Blacks have butchered millions of us all, every race , more than Hitler did and Muslims came from Africa, there religion.

      • rhondakelly07 says:

        Look at the picture up here the black racist woman is holding a Mexicans head up here look upo at the picture not all of them are white they are Mexicans, Asians, Gays , Jews, Latino who is being murdered by racist black Liberal, Black Panther party of Hate Against us all And against USA!

  21. Lora says:

    I love how crime is no longer crime. It has to be a black crime or a white crime. My god, with the way people are thinking these days, it’s no wonder we are going back in time with our mentalities. Look at the crime, not the race. PEOPLE are violent by nature, no matter the color, religion, sex or class. It is PEOPLE as a whole who need to come together and cut out all this silly racial crap. All it is is way to keep the masses occupied and at each others throat, so we can’t see the real problems around us. Like WHY people have to act and think the way they do.

  22. William says:

    We must look at the race in a criminal act when race is brought into the crime by the perpetrator. When a black serial killer conciously goes after white victims, it is the black murderer who is bringing race into the equation. You, Lora, are asking us to ignore the fact that the white race as of late is being targeted by the “minorities.” However, would you have told MLK to ignore the alleged “injustices” black people faced during his time period. I didn’t think so.
    Minorities, particularly blacks, believe the white man owes them something in return for “years of unfair oppression.’ They believe the whites should be punished for what they did in the past, and that all of their problems as a race are the white man’s fault. However, the fact remains that far more white men have died and suffered in the American fight for civil rights than black people have suffered. Yes, 600,000 men were killed in the Civil War; the South’s economy has never recovered. Countless people were left homeless. However, Black people have the right to complain about their ancestor’s problems, and you expect us to forget?
    Black people often blame all their racial problems on white people. They blame the fact that most ghettos are black on white men, stating that the business world is racially discriminating (hahaha) and that because of this, Black people are entitled to a portion of whitey’s money.
    To take into account how utter stupid this claim by the blacks is, I shall use the example of Irish immigrants. Irish were treated terribly when they first came to this country. They were forced to fight in the civil war, and were basically treated as slaves in northern factories. Until fairly recently, Irish immigrants were treated unfairly by the majority white population. However, you do not see most ghettos filled up with Irish. Even though the Irish had to overcome as much or more discrimination as blacks, the Irish have become largely successful in America, simply because they had a strong work ethic, and proved to the American people that they were not weak, self righteous people who believe they are entitled to money due to their “struggles.” No, the Irish simply took the bull by the horns and worked to make a name for themselves in this country, instead of begging and wining for attention and money. (And don’t say anything about there being less Irish than blacks, %12 of Americans have Irish blood, nearly as many as the %13 of blacks that reside in America.)
    So, in a nutshell, the other minorities in this country have no reason to complain. Basically they simply prove to us they are weak and want to get everything the easy way. They are getting a lot of treatment for nothing.

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      Liberals want us whites money to spread the wealth around , Blacks had more white slaves in Africa, USA. lets tell the truth 1 Million news white slaves each year ( WHITE SLAVERY IN AFRICA) from 1530 to 1780…( HOW MANY BLACKS HAD WHITE PEOPLE FOR SLAVES) more longer , less than 2% of whites really had slaves biggest con Job in History biggest lie ever told…( 200 years of white slavery in America,,,( BLACK SLAVERY IN MEXICO)…African history is the biggest lie in History see those web sites and story up here on this site .

  23. William says:

    And as for Mr. Willis, I think he seriously needs to consider re-entering elementary school. For goodness sakes he barely has any knowledge of the fundamentals of grammar. I think his comments can be largely negated and deemed as the rantings of a man with inadequate intelligence.

  24. Chetnik666 says:

    Lets not forget about the brutal murder and racist rape of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.
    These innocent white kids were horribly murdered because they were ambushed by racist filth… you are liberal scumbags. Go and rot in a ditch somewhere.


    • rhondakelly07 says:

      GET THE BLACK VOTE Black Liberals are not american they are Black Muslim Black Pamper Party OF ISLAM the kind killing our Mexcan, Latino Asian Troops and the white troops Liberals our troops do count and OBAMA CARE SUCKS its taking money out of our pocket to spread the wealth to these Breeding black racist liberals who hate and murdered more people than Hitler did.

  25. Joe Scgmoe says:

    A war of genocide is being waged against white people by the Jewish ran government & news media but most whites don’t see it coming.

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      CNN ESPN ABC CBS NSNBC FACE BOOK ALL C O N T R O L L E D by Liberals next Mexicans < Latino Indians, Gays Jews Blacks do not like you and they are killing our Christrian kids daily F the Liberal Black Panther ISLAM, MUSLIM NEWS,

  26. zebra killer says:

    You are definitely the devils advocate. Doing the evil he needs you to do ….

  27. Mense,ASB, hou op om so te haat. Dit is verkeerd en veroorsaak net geweld vir almal.xxxx

  28. Bob says:

    Well, At least the girl raped by the Asians didn’t feel much. “Is it in yet? Is it in yet? Are ya done already?”

  29. Roy says:

    This is interesting. This idiot clearly cooked up the stats. One only need watch the serial killers series on Discovery Channel to know that white people do more serial killing than any other race. We have to be straight here, each race has its own thing. If we all answer correctly, the following questions, all of us will have the same answers; Who does drive by killing? Who does suicide bombings? Who are the serial killers? Who are the mobsters? All I am saying is don’t create your own truth and spread it as fact. The “Greatest” serial killers in history are white! That is fact!

    • Two of the stereotypes surrounding serial killers are that they are almost always White males and that Black males are barely represented in their ranks. In a sample of 413 serial killers operating in the United States from 1945 to mid-2004, it was found that 90 were Black. Relative to the Black proportion of the population across that time period, Blacks were overrepresented in the ranks of serial killers by a factor of about 2.

      Black serial killers have never represented less than 26.83% of the number of serial killers in a given decade, despite their overall percentage of the population never exceeding 13.1%. This trend has steadily increased to the point that in our current decade they represent 88.24% of the number of serial killers apprehended since 2010, yet only account for 12.6% of the populace.

      • rhondakelly07 says:

        Also see White people are not serrial killers…also look at the white serial killers 99% are NOT WHITE THEY ARE MINORITIES.

  30. Mark S says:

    Money is to be made in beating the odds, finding a white criminal. Or just inventing one.
    Black crimes do no make the news because they would overwhelm the information services.
    If every crime committed by Black Americans where to be printed, we would have no trees or ink left after a few days. If the major media outlets covered them, it would take every channel on TV running 24 hours, with no advertising, just to cover the murders.

  31. Don Miller says:

    why do you ask for comments if you’re just going to censor them? If you don’t want to hear the truth then why even ask??

  32. Roy says:

    I guess Discovery Channel is cooking up some trash then. Coz when the rest of the world watches it, they see who the serial killers are and I am pretty sure the makers of the series are not black. They are just people investigating serial murders! As for Mark S, if you were any clever you would know that crime is committed by all races. Enron was not a black run company and it bankrupted a whole lot of white people. Madoff is white and he also made a lot of white people extremely poor. Stanford is very white, Arthur Anderson….the list is endless. Just because somebody was not murdered but robbed off their entire life’s savings does not make it less of a crime. So you go write up about crimes committed by this or that race and I can tell you that you will find every race represented.

    Are you guys trying to say Discovery Channel is misrepresenting? We all know about the DC shooter, but just about every other public/school shooting was committed by a white dude, save one by an Asian dude. This is why I maintain crime is across all races and then certain crimes are committed more by certain races. I could recreate a list which we all know is true….but maybe we don’t want to admit. Cocaine is a South American thing…mostly Colombia, counterfeiting is Chinese thing, corporate fraud is white thing, gang banging is a black/Latino thing. This is by majority, but all races do all crimes. Let me hear you disagree. Serial murders from the original Maestro “Jack The Ripper”, is a white crime. It is what it is.

    • A black American is statistically twice as likely to be a serial than a white American. How many times do you need to be told this.

      Two of the stereotypes surrounding serial killers are that they are almost always White males and that Black males are barely represented in their ranks. In a sample of 413 serial killers operating in the United States from 1945 to mid-2004, it was found that 90 were Black. Relative to the Black proportion of the population across that time period, Blacks were overrepresented in the ranks of serial killers by a factor of about 2.

      Black serial killers have never represented less than 26.83% of the number of serial killers in a given decade, despite their overall percentage of the population never exceeding 13.1%. This trend has steadily increased to the point that in our current decade they represent 88.24% of the number of serial killers apprehended since 2010, yet only account for 12.6% of the populace.

      The names of the Top 5 serial killers by number of victims:

      Luis Garavito Colombia 1990s 138
      Pedro López Colombia Ecuador Peru 1969 to 1980 110
      Daniel Camargo Colombia Ecuador 1974 to 1986 72
      Pedro Rodrigues Filho Brazil 1967 to 2003 71
      Yang Xinhai China 2000 to 2003 67

  33. Roy says:

    This list http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_serial_killers_by_number_of_victims gives a totally different picture. Dr Death whom you ignore to talk about leads the roost. It may come down to interpretation, but in the end according to this list which has all its references, whites dominate by a huge margin. Also, none of your top 5 are black. Surely you are not classifying every race that is not white as black are you?

  34. Lone Wolf USSA says:

    I remember the Alexandria killing, because I lived nearby at the time. I went to school with Blacks, and though I was not raised with racist beliefs, I developed a very strong racial bias against non-Whites, most especially Blacks during Junior High and High School. My work experiences around Blacks showed me that though not all Blacks are violent thugs, they will band together against Whites, friendly Whites included, just because they represent the ‘Enemy’. People like David Willis and his ilk are not to be communicated with because they are delusional, and therefore insane. One does not communicate with a madman. He, and liberals like him have chosen their side, and likewise, their fate. Social media like Facebook has given us the ability to communicate the savagery and violence of these crimes that the liberal media deliberately ignores. We are headed for another Civil War, one for racial survival. Whites have ability to retake the country. Educate and prepare, and remember, the traitors and liberals will be the first to go. Their voice is simply the last words of a man about to be hung, trying to stave off his end as long as he can.

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      web CIVIL WAR 2913…DEATH TO WHITES WILL KILL WHITES Black Panthers say war…Black Panthers say kill all white crackers…Blacxk Panthers say war…Black Panthers have bounty on Zimmerman..they are slaughtering Mexicans Latino Asians NO NEWS ON LIBERAL MEDIA WHY…Fema says war….Obamas civil war…Obamas race war….Why Obama wants illegals…Black race war with Whites…Black race war with Latino Mexican..Asians…Gays …Jews…were all in a BLACK CIVIL WAR AS THEY LYINCH EVERY RACE QUIETLY ONLY FOX NEWS THE MEXICAN CHRISTIAN TELLS THE TRUTH liberals hate us. NO NEWS when we all are murdered only if someone kills a black why web: ( LEFT MEDIA BLACK OUT)

  35. Roy says:

    My goodness…who would have guessed? And now we must prepare for a “civil war”. I don’t know but this is beyond delusional. I am sure you are armed and ready. What I do want to say is that it’s actually natural to have a bias against people who not of your race. The issue is to accord them basic respect. At the end of the day, all races have the same flaws, the magnitude may be greater in one than the other. But picture this fact, if this planet was inhabited by only whites, we would be butchering each other. The same goes for any other race. This is a fact!

    • You’re getting confused between country and world. If we had different countries for different races, none of these hate crimes could have happened. Diversity within the same country causes all this friction. Better to let each race govern itself in its own space.

      This wouldn’t be happening if we had our own countries.

      • Roy says:

        Well just maybe if we hadn’t brought them in from their continent and hadn’t gone there…just maybe if our forefathers hadn’t raped maids…just maybe your imaginary world would be achieved!

  36. Mouse says:

    I would appreciate actual sources and names of these actual crimes, so I can locate them and confirm them. So far, I am having trouble locating news clippings of some of these incidents.

  37. Sera says:

    Reverse racsim does NOT exist. Prejudice can but racism requires a systematic oppression and I hate to break it to you but no matter how many examples you provide of white people being murdered by black people white people are not and never will be oppressed. Quite frankly how are black supremesist groups any different than white ones? I’m not justifying it by any means but at least they have a reason to be hateful and angry towards us. Hatefulness and racism is wrong in any form no matter whom it’s coming from however the idea that white people are somehow oppressed or there are being miscarriages of justices against white people is a seriously ridiculous notion.

  38. Sera says:

    It also goes both ways by far. And I would say it definitely leans toward being much more biased against the black community. This is just a very small list of examples.


  39. James says:

    People are starting to wake up to this subject. Lot’s of pages like this are now showing up, because the black-on-other-race crime is occurring all over the country. The national news may ignore it (except for The Blaze and Drudge), but the local news really can’t (even though they go through contortions to avoid revealing the race of the black attackers).

    While there are obviously racial differences, it’s not so much about race. The majority of blacks are not criminals. It’s really about the destructive black CULTURE (which even most non-criminal blacks accept), the 95% black Democrat political affiliation in the U.S., and the idiotic leftist Democrat policies that have doomed this black culture.

    If you look at South Africa, after the socialist/communist ANC took over, criminality shot up because of leftist policies and lack of law enforcement and punishment against black-on-other-race crime. (And black-on black crime – remember South African “necklacing.” ) Once you tolerate the criminal racism, it flames out of control like a riot. It’s like Obama on steroid there now, and the country is falling apart.

    In the U.S., it is interesting to see that the same thing that happened to blacks is happening to some Hispanic immigrants (many illegal), because under Obama, they can access the same idiotic programs that have wrecked black culture. The illegal aliens who are WORKING for cash, laying low, and staying out of the government programs are not causing crimes – they don’t want to make trouble. It’s those who suck off the welfare system, which destroys two-parent families and morality, that fall into crime. Ever wonder why those in the black and Hispanic gangs can get away with not working? They don’t just get drug and crime money; they get government money, food and housing from their “baby mommas,” who are in the programs living off your tax money.

    Liberal policies from President Johnson’s time to the present have doomed the black family and destroyed the (largely black) urban education system in the U.S. So it is no wonder that so many young black people age 16-35 are basically aimless criminals. They’ve grown up in wrecked families with no father around and a public school system with no discipline that is also teaching them leftist crap, not how to read, write and do mathematics.

    At least 70% of black children are born outside of marriage now, and have no father in the home. This is a direct unintended consequence of our idiotic welfare system, which allows an unwed mother to receive payments equivalent or greater than what she would make working. Before welfare became an entitlement in the 1960s, the rate of black marriage was comparable to rate in the nation as a whole – some articles say it was even greater.

    Liberal, democrat policies and teacher unionism have essentially destroyed the academic performance of black students in urban schools. The public schools in Chicago, Washington D.C., Atlanta, and many other high-percentage population black schools have some of the highest per-pupil taxpayer levels of funding (over $10,000/yr/pupil), but also the highest drop-out rates and lowest academic performance in the nation. Obama canceled the school voucher program in Washington D.C., which had been a great success for many black families. Democrats oppose school voucher programs everywhere because it reduces the power of the teachers union – one of their largest supporter/contributor groups.

    However, there is a larger problem in the so-called “black community.” This is a bizarre acceptance of the criminal “gansta” culture, which promotes not only criminality, but a terrible aggressive, angry, abusive, and uneducated life-style. Based on personal experience growing up in a high black population state, I would estimate that about three quarters of blacks in the U.S. accept or approve of this culture. The Justice Department statistics don’t lie. While young black males age 16-35 make up about 3% of the population, they commit approximately 50% of all violent crimes.

    Also, all you have to do is look at the high black population cities and states and look at what has happened. Detroit is obviously the best example of black Democrat policies and what they produce. The state of Illinois used to be a vibrant, economically stable state. Today it is mired in debt. Chicago is falling apart and in debt. Black criminals are not only destroying Chicago, but once wonderful down-state Illinois towns to which they migrated under Chicago’s “Plan for Transformation.” Many of the liberal whites in these towns now experience the violence first hand, shocked! shocked! that they would be attacked and beaten by the oppressed black who they championed.

    The point that liberals don’t understand is that there is a terrible sickness in this black culture in the U.S. now that promotes criminal violence against people of all other races. (In one town where I lived, black thugs often targeted east Asian students, because they thought that they were the least likely to offer resistance. In another, they went after Mexican farm workers for the same reason.)

    I try to treat all people that come across as individuals. However, throughout my life I have found that about 80% of the black people that I have worked with, gone to school with, or just come across in daily living are aggressively racist, obnoxious, dishonest, or outright criminals. And that is very sad for the other 20% who have been trying to live good lives like most of the rest of us. The average non-black person now MUST profile black people on the street if they want to survive.

    To the subject of the author’s page:
    Since Obama became president there have been THOUSANDS of racist attacks by young male and female blacks on people of other races. There are cases where they have set elderly people ON FIRE to murder them. In Chicago, black criminal mobs routinely terrorize tourists and beach-goers and invade. (See the Second City Cop blog for details – run by police officers.) “The knock-out game” is common in large cities, where a thug will pick out an innocent person and sucker punch them – often resulting in serious head injuries when they it the cement. These incidents have almost never made the national news. There are dozens of websites documenting these cases with links to local news stories. “Black on other race” violence is out of control.

    I understand where liberals are coming from because I was one growing up. But you need to live in the world as it is, not in a silly hoped-for Marxist utopia that will never be. The country is mired in debt, businesses and whole industries are failing or moving overseas, families are falling apart. Liberal policies are nice in theory but they have not worked, except for brief periods in tiny ethnically-homogeneous countries. (For evidence, see what is happening in Northern Europe today.) In particular to the subject, liberal social welfare programs (without the requirement of work) and racial preferences have been a disaster for blacks in the U.S. and are a perfect illustration of the Law of Unintended Consequences – a law that liberals refuse to understand.

    To the liberals, making comments making excuses for black-on-other-race crime, I hope that you are never attacked by a group of black thugs and beaten, raped, and robbed. That has happened to thousands of people over the Obama years. Just these past few weeks, three murders of whites by blacks have finally, surprisingly made the national news, including the beating death of an 88-year-old veteran. He was clubbed to death with heavy flashlights in a parking lot.

    Many urban liberals who are being attacked (and hospitalized) now understand. If you live in an urban area were there are black criminals and want you want to survive, get a gun and a concealed-carry license and learn how to use it. If that is too much for the liberal mind to accept, carry a large cannister of pepper spray and take a REAL self defense course like Krav-Maga, not some martial arts nonsense where you bow and kneel.

    One more thing. Liberals, open your eyes to the reality of politics. Obama has been a disaster for blacks in the US. The black unemployment rate is now higher that it has ever been and urban black areas are crumbling. Most liberals are living in a “Matrix-type” political universe, where they can’t see the forest for the trees surrounding them. (I was that way.)

    Wake up. Most of what your leftist teachers taught you (and me) in school is nonsense.

    • jr lilly says:

      you sir have made the most honestly profound statement on here. the entire statement is myred in truth and for once reading these idiotic comments i can actually agree with atleast one……. btw im black from a single parent home who did not take welfare. we work for our own and if we cant afford it we dont need it period. thugs are of every race protect yourself from all shady peoples. period

  40. MRAGuy says:

    How do we know all these stories are real the media fabricates a lot of story and sometimes plain makes them up to cause racial tension. I mean not even any names or photos or dates or anything on most of these stories

    • The sources are all there, with dates. I don’t know how much clearer they can be.

      But if you don’t believe the stories on this one page, then feel free to look at the other 1700 posts I’ve made on this blog. Seriously, why is everyone acting like this is the only page on the blog?

  41. spike says:

    what is really sad…is that when a black person is killed …no matter the circumstances, or if it is a publicized funeral for a black person….the OBAMAs {Michelle} are more likely to attend their funeral, or their vigil, or anything that is associated with that person…. NEVER for a white person. Did you see them visit the victims of the Boston Bombing? Did you see them you see the visit any white service person funeral?

  42. spike says:

    and…when a black person is killed by a white person it is all over the news, and they are labeled “WHITE SUPREMACIST”….and which typically carries a hate crime with it…..but when a white person is killed by a black person…they aren’t labeled as SUPREMACIST or Racist

  43. spike says:

    and….since I am going on a tangent….

    WHY is it that a lot of blacks are playing the race card still?? They act as if they still don’t have rights, and that they are still slaves, etc???

    And yes there was some bad shady stuff that happened in the PAST….but they still live it as if it was today….GEEZ…MOVE ON!

  44. Good says:

    and…when a black person is killed by a white person it is all over the news, and they are labeled “WHITE SUPREMACIST”….and which typically carries a hate crime with it…..but when a white person is killed by a black person…they aren’t labeled as SUPREMACIST or Racist

    This received no significant news coverage:


  45. Good says:

    A black American is statistically twice as likely to be a serial than a white American. How many times do you need to be told this

    Of course, the FBI defines “serial killer” as anyone who has killed more than one person in separate incidents for any reason. Thus, a gang banger who has killed two rival gang members out of revenge and at different times is defined as a serial killer.

    The traditional/layman definition of “serial killer” tends to involve killings of more than two and are seen as killings predominantly for psychological gratification and not for revenge, financial gain, etc. In the U.S., white males disproportionately make up those filling the traditional/layman definition. Any list of U.S. serial killers exceeding 5 victims and especially exceeding double digits of victims shows a disproportionate number of white males.

    • Show me the list.

      And besides, how common are serial killers who kill more than 5 people? You’re picking one time of specifically defined violent crime (“people who kill more than 5 people”) and saying “white people are worse at this!”. Okay, and what about every other type f violent crime?

  46. This is such a crock of shit, while i am in no way excusing, condoning or justifying any thing that may have happened, white on blacks are reported less often than black on white, and its ultimately the media that propagates what they wish. Why whites hate ethnic groups so much is not because of what goes on but more so their perception of said groups based on how they’re reported on. Both European and American judicial systems have been the staunchest ally to the establishment and preservation of white privilege, the white comfort zone and white confidence in the supremacy of their social contact as “first world” citizens acting on a time tested rule of social dominance which says; the victor controls the narrative and owes the loser no explanation.

  47. Jim Dixon says:


    I wrote a letter to the New African, the best selling pan-African magazine, which has publications in English and French and comes out monthly. It is read by many people across the African continent and by many Western blacks. Pan Africanism calls for black unity. A considerable portion of the magazine’s articles are of an anti-Western tone.

    These days, there are a lot of black guys using the homeless services. Not because they have to, but because its free.

    Many blacks and other ethnic minorities are convinced that they will face discrimination. This discourages many from trying to join the system, and makes crime attractive.
    Dear ladies and gentleman of the New African magazine,
    I see you’re into criticizing the West. I’m into this too – but I do it in a reasonable manner.

    Propaganda, such as your’s, enables criminals to control the police.

    I would appreciate it if you would publish this article on the damaging effects of media hype. There is now a problem of police failing to protect the vulnerable. Also a lot of public support for criminals. As you have probably noticed, mainstream Western media about racial issues is very one-sided. It makes a lot of publicity about whites abusing non-whites, but fails to report the reverse. When it does, it makes out that this is justified revenge. It implies that the victims deserve what they get because they are the same colour, or nationality, as oppressors. It also dwells heavily on black people suffering but not on black success. This ruins the incentives of many non-whites to succeed. Since this biased media became popular in America in the 1960s, and quite common in the 1970s, there has been a large increase in crime, which was followed by a large increase in the incarceration rate (i.e. percentage in jail). This media hype creates a false picture. It has been referred to as ‘race hate propaganda’. Some of your stuff is even worse.
    I’ve met quite a few blacks in Europe and America. I have had political discussions with many of them. When blacks mention white oppression to me, I often respond by saying things like “Hey, did I do that? It would racist to associate me with that. Do you want me to go hang myself because of my colour?” this sometimes results in political discussions. When I mention crime, hostility and racial violence, many point out that it is only a small percentage of blacks who do this, and that there are bad white people too. That’s correct, I agree with all of that. But some blacks, when I’ve asked them if they, themselves, have suffered any racism, say they have not encountered hostility from whites but feel that the political correctness (PC-ness) expressed by many whites is false. That such whites are two-faced about racial issues, because they are afraid of blacks.
    As I don’t want you to stereotype me as two-faced, I’ll be frank with you. The facts are, in our society, whites are discouraged from being frank about race issues. So you are less likely to find them being as frank, on such issues, as blacks. This is not good, because it is almost impossible to have a friendship if you don’t tell your friend when he’s being un-cool. As for being afraid, yes, avoiding walking through a ghetto, as many whites do, is evidence of fear, as was segregation, in which blacks and whites were separated, and denying blacks the vote. But PC-ness is also motivated by sympathy, which is constantly drummed into our heads via one-sided media. At the end of the day, if most whites opposed blacks, as the media makes out, they would vote in politicians who opposed them. This rarely happens in the Western world.
    While the media causes whites to be sympathetic, it can, and does, cause hostility amongst some blacks. Still, most Western blacks stay calm in spite of this hype. Most work, and are law-abiding. Some are pretty cool too. When I hitch-hiked in America, I got a lot of rides from Afro-Americans, even though American media portrays me, as a white man, as a two-faced oppressor.
    However, Western media can, and does, harm the tourist industries of some countries. It did in Jamaica, but it was still fairly safe in Uganda, when I was there in 2004. I chose Uganda to tour as a solo traveller because it was one of Africa’s safest countries. There was not a lot of crime there, because there was not a lot of tolerance to crime. I read in the Lonely Planet guidebook that when a thief is caught there, locals will turn vigilante and steal all the thief’s possessions – including all his clothes. Thus humiliating him as he leaves the scene battered and naked. It would not be good for their tourist industry if the robbing of tourists became common there. One night, when I was there, I was walking with my friend Silvia. There was no-one on the street except us and three young guys who were acting aggressive. One of them came and stood next to me. Silvia got angry, and asked him “What do you want?” The guy, who was a six footer, said “We want mzugu.” The only “mzungu” (white) there was me. Silvia then told him to leave, in an angry tone of voice. He just stood there, but I saw fear in his eyes. Silvia grabbed me by the arm and led me away. We never saw those guys again. It might be a good idea for blacks to be encouraged to police their own communities. I know a black guy, called Ron, in London. Ron brags about stealing bottles of hard liquor from supermarkets and selling them, at half their shelf price, to corner shops. He says he makes good money that way. Ron says he prefers to steal at supermarkets where the guards are white. When he gets caught by a white guard, he can say “You were watching me because I’m black!” make a scene in front of the customers, and embarrass the guard. Maybe embarrass the shop boss too. Sure, he can call a black guard an Uncle Tom, but its not as embarrassing to be called that. However, Western hype does not encourage blacks to police their communities. It encourages support for black criminals, so it does the opposite. Western media might make mugging become popular in Uganda. At the time I was there, I was living at a place which was run by a Ugandan family. There was a TV lounge there, where you could almost always find Western media – and Tony. Seventeen year old Tony was the family’s youngest son. He watched TV a lot, and was influenced by it. When I first met him, he behaved in a threatening manner and demanded that I buy him a beer. I didn’t buy him a beer, I behaved aggressively to him on a subsequent day, and demanded that he buy me a beer. He didn’t, but we got along fine after that. Still, Tony did abuse the other whites who stayed there. Picking up their cigarette packs from the table, and taking their cigs without asking. His sister Brenda told me that he had been influenced by the TV, that this was what had turned him bad. I noticed he was a lot more respectful towards the blacks. Maybe because the TV didn’t teach him to hate them.


    How do criminals control the police? The strategy is quite simple; riots get a lot of media attention. So, if you have a riot, and then tell sad stories to the journalists, you get public sympathy. E.g. there was a British Black Power movement in the 80s. This involved several riots. A main complaint was that the police were stopping and searching blacks a lot. However, the British media in general gave both sides to this story. They pointed out the police had reasons for this, such as a high crime rate amongst blacks. The militants said the high crime rate was entirely due to racism on the part of the racist white majority in Britain, as was low levels of productivity and prosperity. Journalists pointed out that crime rates were high, and that productivity and prosperity were low, in places where blacks were the majority. Such as Africa and the Caribbean. It was also pointed out that there was a lower tolerance to crime in these areas. That British blacks were therefore getting away with a lot of things that they wouldn’t get away with in their home countries. The militants didn’t like this reporting, it belied their claims. They liked to criticize, but they didn’t like to be criticized. So they claimed it incited hatred towards blacks, and had a demonstration in London, in 1985, against freedom of the press. There was no significant evidence that the press had caused hatred towards blacks. Most Britons already knew of the high crime rate amongst blacks. The British media, overall, probably reduced hatred, as it pointed out that most blacks were not criminals. So the British media corrected some stereotypes. Still, the militants got their way. In 1986, a new British law was passed which restricted freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. In real terms, it meant that you couldn’t criticize the crimes of non-white criminals. In Britain, your freedom of speech on these issues is now taken away, even when your motive is to stop crime and/or stop racial attacks. To repress criticism is oppression – and implies guilt. To repress the criticism of crimes, when they are committed by certain races, is racist oppression. To repress criticism, while criticizing, is hypocritical oppression.
    The Public Order Act of 1986 prohibits saying anything, or displaying written material, which incites racial hatred. Racial hatred is defined as hatred against a group of persons by reference to colour, race, nationality – including citizenship – or ethnic or national origins. Not long after the law was passed, a British paper was done for mentioning the race of a rapist. However, this law does not appear to apply to hatred which is incited towards whites, as there is still a lot of that in the British media. So the public are now fed stories when the police are being heavy handed – but are not informed of the full reasons for this. It allows criminals to control the media. He who controls the media, controls the public, the votes and the police. This is very useful for crime syndicates, gangs and even petty criminals. Political correctness has prevented police forces from fighting crime. A lot of police officers feel the best thing to do is try and avoid arresting ethnic minorities, as they don’t like being criticised. [14][15][19] Senior police officers in Britain have admitted that PC-ness, and the fear of being called racist, have resulted in race crime against white people being under-reported. [14] Needless to say, this makes crime attractive to militant blacks and militants of other ethnic minorities. It was not just blacks who had power movements, others followed. In the 80s, I spoke with several Pakistani guys, in London, who figured the black militants had the right idea. When South Asians started arriving in Britain in the 70s and 80s, they gained a reputation as being hard working and law abiding. Many of them were not even fluent in English, but still worked. However, there was a South Asian power movement in Britain in the 90s and 2000s which, like the Black Power movements in America and Britain, involved rioting – it involved something else too – but I won’t go into that. The police are now cautious about dealing with South Asian criminals. [19] By 2000, British South Asians had a problem with a lot of young men, who were fluent in English, but were not working, and were getting into crime.

    To repress criticism
    is oppression.

    You might say its great that the blacks and South Asians are fighting back against the whites, but it is often the most vulnerable who pay the price. In the past couple of years, there has been a large increase in able bodied black men, of working age, making use of homeless services, (i.e. soup kitchens, homeless day centres and homeless night shelters) in Copenhagen and Stockholm. Most of them are OK, but some don’t seem to appreciate these services, and make trouble there. I.e cutting in front old men in the food lines, quarrelling with the homeless people for petty reasons, and mentioning oppression by whites, to homeless white people, as if it had something to do with them. These thugs started making trouble in a day centre I attended in Stockholm where the homeless could get a lunch for only 10 Kr, ($1.50) or for a small service, if they had no money. The day centre closed not long after these incidents started occurring. This hurt poor blacks, most of whom had not made trouble there, as well as poor Romafolk and poor whites.

    To criticize oppression, while abusing the oppressed, is hypocrisy.

    I would not be surprised if your magazine fed this behaviour. To criticize oppression, while abusing the oppressed, is hypocritical. Abusing the poor and the homeless, while advocating Black Power, is hypocritical. Black activists, such as Stokely Carmichael, Dr. Martin Luther King, Dr. Huey Newton and Rev. Jessie Jackson expressed sympathy for the poor. Cutting food lines is stealing from the poor. Homeless people are amongst the most marginalised and discriminated against people in Europe and America as it is, without being accused of, and abused for, oppression which they had nothing to do with. If you regard yourself as marginalised, then you should know better than to abuse them. Furthermore, pestering the homeless to buy drugs, because you stereotype them as buyers, is prejudiced.


    Barack Obama said that, in his younger days, he noticed car doors being locked when he was around. Well so did I, Barack brother. As a backpacker, I have experienced those other forms of discrimination; like being watched when I walk into shops, being stopped by the police for no reason, being asked for my ticket before I even get on the train, ect. I know what its like.
    There are advantages to the hype. It creates public sympathy which certainly plays a role in affirmative action, so therefore is itself a form of this. It makes it easier to do crime because you can call the police racists if you don’t like them interfering, and call the media racist if they criticize your crimes. It also creates public support for black criminals: Riots occurring when police are over-zealous in dealing with black criminals, pop-star David Bowie’s donation of $10,000 to the legal fund of the Jena 6 (who carried out an unprovoked 6-on-1 assault) [17] and widespread demonstrations in support of the Jena 6, the fact that some of the most popular black pop-stars advertise themselves as criminals, as well as the fact that black defendants get more leniency in court, [23] amongst other things, are evidence of this. Is this a good way to help blacks join the system? If the whites saw blacks fighting crime, there would be more trust of blacks, yes? Overall, the hype hasn’t helped blacks much, as many still do a lot of menial jobs and live in run-down, crime-filled ghettos. It has resulted in blacks having high unemployment rates, high crime rates and high incarceration rates. [11][12] The incarceration rate for black Americans is now the highest in the world. [10] It is roughly six times higher than the rate for white Americans. [13] Is this because police and courts discriminate against blacks? High arrest and incarceration rates for blacks and Hispanics – and very low rates for Asians – reflect differences in crime rates, not police or justice system bias. [16] In the USA, the number of reported crimes were compared with the number of arrests. When the crimes which were reported to the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) were taken together, it was found that blacks, who committed crimes that were reported to the police, were 26 percent less likely to be arrested than people of other races who committed the same crimes. [16] These figures do not support the claim that police arrest innocent blacks, or pursue blacks with excessive zeal, they suggest the opposite. [16] Many Americans also have misconceptions about interracial crime, believing that whites are the primary perpetrators. In fact, blacks are far more likely to commit crimes against whites than vice versa. [16] Evidence of the damage of hype. Police negligence probably plays a role in this too, as it makes such crimes easier to do. It is common for arrestees to make allegations of discrimination. That’s often the first thing they say. Being called racist, oppressor, pig and other things, is part of a cop’s job, but some officers are so obsessed with appearing politically correct, that they neglect to do their jobs. This is selfish, this is cowardly, this encourages crime – and this is racist.
    So, while black America may have Obama, affirmative action, racially biased media and racially biased police, things have not improved much for the average American black person since 1966, when Stokely Carmichael made his world famous Black Power speech at UC Berkeley. (You can catch this speech on youtube and the text is available online too.) He makes racist generalizations about whites, which are based on the behaviour of a small percentage of whites. At the time that he made his speech, the American voters, who were mostly white, had voted in Presidents JF Kennedy and LB Johnson, who worked for, and passed, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which opposed white racism and outlawed segregation. Carmichael said “It is white people who make sure that we live in the ghettos of this country.” When, in fact, blacks were free to live where they wanted. He goes on at great length about how the whites hate the blacks. Well, Carmichael, if the majority whites are out to get you, it might be a good idea to cultivate any white friends you do have, yes? But he seems to want to do the opposite. He openly criticises whites who are trying to help the blacks. Somehow, I can’t help thinking that the whites might have been more hospitable if he’d expressed more appreciation for their hospitality.

    As your magazine quotes the Pan-Africanist Stokely Carmichael,
    I’ll quote him too.

    “Now we maintain that we cannot have white people working in the black community, and we mean it on a psychological ground. The fact is that all black people often question whether or not they are equal to whites, because every time they start to do something, white people are around showing them how to do it.”


    “…we have what we call “modern-day Peace Corps missionaries,” and they come into our ghettos and they Head Start, Upward Lift, Bootstrap, and Upward Bound us into white society, ’cause they don’t want to face the real problem which is a man is poor for one reason and one reason only: ’cause he does not have money–period. If you want to get rid of poverty, you give people money–period. And you ought not to tell me about people who don’t work, and you can’t give people money without working, ’cause if that were true, you’d have to start stopping Rockefeller, Bobby Kennedy…the whole of Standard Oil, the Gulf Corp, all of them…”
    He also said “We are against racists.” but he was one. He compared white Americans with Nazis, but in the same speech, also said “If South America today were to rebel, and black people were to shoot the hell out of all the white people there–as they should, as they should–then Standard Oil would crumble tomorrow.” His Black Power salute is a straight right arm. It is very similar to the salute of another famous racist (who also repressed criticism). I wonder where he got it from?


    I have spoken to blacks on welfare who believe they shouldn’t have to work because their people had already done more than their share of work via slavery. Carmichael fuels this argument in his speech. However, I personally believe blacks would be better off if they made a greater effort to work. If the whites saw poor blacks selling a street paper, there would be less of a tendency for some of them to make stereotypes of laziness. As I have created a street paper in Scandinavia, I have approached many blacks who were using the homeless services there. Some Blacks do well at selling street papers, as such papers are for the disadvantaged, so one does well if one is thought of as being disadvantaged. Also, many blacks are cool and charming and find clients easily. It is mostly visible ethnic minorities who sell my paper i. e. brown Romafolk. I have tried to recruit blacks, but I have succeeded in hiring only three (3) in the six years I’ve made the street paper. Most of them didn’t even try to sell, even thought I offer the first two papers free, to prove that it sells. The most common excuse being a claim that the local population will discriminate against them. I pointed out to them that to make such a claim, without even trying, is prejudiced. I also pointed out that the blacks I’ve hired were successful. After I mentioned these points, some admitted that they simply were not into selling street papers. That’s fine, but one should blame one’s self for this, and not try to blame one’s unwillingness on the local population. I believe that media hype such as your’s is inciting these attitudes of using people of a certain race as scapegoats.
    PC hype discourages many blacks from trying to succeed. As it reports mainly bad things which happen to blacks, instead of good things which happen to them. This is misleading and makes many of them think they will never make it, so there is no point in trying. I think it is time to put forth a fuller, more realistic, picture. Yes, it is true that some members of the public, in the areas where my paper is sold, have a general prejudiced distrust of blacks and might be unwilling to buy from them, but homeless people and Romafolk also experience distrust, yet manage to sell.
    While in Denmark, I picked up the January 2013 issue of the New African magazine, in the main Copenhagen library. It said a lot of bad things about the West. There was also an article, of a rather arrogant nature, which made out that blacks should occupy Britain’s most prestigious positions, and that the fact that they were under represented in such positions was due to racism. It quoted Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, saying that Britain’s highly prestigious Oxford University had admitted only one black student in 2009, and made this out to be due to discrimination on the part of Oxford Uni. I didn’t believe that, but I’d imagine quite a few militant blacks would. The reason is simple. When we succeed, we love to take credit for it ourselves, but when we fail, or see our brothers fail, we’d prefer to blame this on others.
    The article made Britain out to be racist, saying that there is unlikely to be a British Prime minister any time soon, and that the number of black British university professors is disproportionately low, compared to the number of blacks in Britain. It pointed out that some blacks would be more likely to work hard academically if they saw that there were more black professors in British universities, i.e. evidence that hard work paid off. It claimed that there are not as many black Britons in Britain’s prestigious positions as there should be, and that this is due to racism. The article quoted Stokely Carmichael’s claim of “institutionalised racism”, but is well known that to excel academically requires high levels of obedience and discipline. Carmichael’s Black Power ideology is opposed to obedience and discipline. Therefore, the ideology which the New African is publishing is bad for black students, and so, also, is telling them they can’t make it.

    Some police officers are more concerned with their own politically correct image, than with protecting the vulnerable.

    In fact, some of the most prestigious jobs in Britain are already occupied by blacks. Some of Britain’s most famous, and highest paid, musicians and athletes are black. If you are going to say that Oxford, one of the hardest universities in the world to get into, is racist for under representing blacks, you might just as well say that the British music industry is racist for over representing them. The article also pointed out that as a result of Cameron’s claim, Oxford Uni admitted 65 black students in a subsequent year. This smells of affirmative action, which is racist. One cannot help thinking that Cameron did this to appear PC, to boost his own career. His comments were not only likely to incite racial hatred, but were likely to discourage black students from working hard and trying to make it. After all, what’s the point in trying, if, at the end of the day, you are only going to be excluded?
    I checked it out and, yes, Cameron did in fact make that claim in the spring of 2011, and thus incited racial hatred towards Britons prior to the summer riots. He made this claim to an audience, making out that this was ‘disgraceful’ of Oxford Uni. This claim was not true, as Oxford Uni had actually admitted 41 black students in 2009, but it was seized on and sensationalized by journalists such as your’s, thus inciting hatred to people of British origin. There were race riots in Britain in the summer of 2011, not long after the comments were made. Five people were killed. The riots started after the police shot a black man who had a gun (which was illegal to have) and resisted arrest. The riots were also fuelled by racial tension. [3] Cameron’s comment very likely helped fuel this racial tension, as do other misleading stories of racial discrimination in Britain.
    An article called ‘David Cameron v Oxford University – racial discrimination or political manipulation?’ [1] gives a more accurate account of Cameron’s claim: “The university quickly responded, to clarify that this statistic is misleading – that the figure quoted by Cameron referred specifically to those of ‘Black Caribbean’ origin, and that it ignored a further 40 students of black origin.” [1] The British newspaper Daily Mail confirmed this: “An Oxford University spokesman said ‘The figure quoted by the Prime Minister is incorrect and highly misleading’…Oxford admitted 41 black students.” [2] In that year, a full 22 per cent of Oxford’s total student population came from ethnic minority background. [2] Oxford also pointed out that black students apply in disproportionately high numbers for the most competitive courses, such as medicine, making it less likely that they will win places. [2]
    Maybe Oxford Uni really is staffed by anti-black racists, but, hey, where is the proof? The fact is, in Britain, as well as the USA, one can get thousands of dollars if one can prove racial discrimination by an institution which has that kind of money. [7][8] But, in both countries, although there are many allegations of racism, there have been very few cases which were actually won. It is strange that, in both countries, first generation East Asians, many of whom are not fluent in English, have a low unemployment rates. If Oxford Uni had been taken to court and successfully sued, that would be proof of discrimination, but that never happened. So Cameron has no right refer to Oxford Uni as being “disgraceful”. Whatever happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’? In fact, in Britain, as well as the USA, there is discrimination in favour of blacks and other ethnic minorities.
    In 2007, only 5 percent of London’s taxi drivers were non-white. London taxi drivers must pass a very hard test that requires memorizing the best route to about 25,000 streets. It takes an average of three years of study, much of it spent going around windy, rainy London on a moped. London’s mayor, Ken Livingstone, announced that year that the city would spend £2.2 million, or $4.5 million, helping under-represented groups pay the costs. [9] E.g. enrolling in classes, obtaining mopeds and study materials. This is affirmative action. However, Courtney Connell, who is a black examiner at the Public Carriage Office, which gives the test and gives licenses, said “The mayor says there’s something in the system that prevents people from ethnic minorities from coming forward, but what he fails to recognize is that there’s not many black London youth who want to go through the training and spend three years in the cold, getting knocked off their bike.” [9]
    When one applies for a place at a British university, there is a question of race on the application form. This is called ethnic monitoring and many UK companies have it too. It is tantamount to affirmative action because if, say 5% of your applicants are say, Bangladeshi, you’d better have a good reason for not admitting that percentage of Bangladeshis. While racial discrimination cases, where the victim is non-white and win the case, receive a great deal of media attention, the number which actually are won are very small. Statistics for the Employment Tribunals (where you go if you were discriminated against by employers) in 2010-2011 for London, show that 950 racial discrimination claims made it to the tribunals and got a full hearing, but that only 150 won. [4] That is a very low number, as there are over 800,000 businesses (i.e. employers) in London. [5] Needless to say, there is no sound evidence that blacks suffer much discrimination from British academic institutions or from British employers.
    While affirmative action is officially illegal in the UK, as it is racial discrimination, forms of it still go on, as well as other forms of racism, such as The National Black Police Association, in Britain, which allows only African, African-Caribbean and Asian officers to be full members. [6] This is because it is considered PC to promote advantages towards ethnic minorities whose ancestry lies in countries which were historically abused by the British. It is commonly accepted that the modern day native Britons owe them compensation, even though the native British people of today are not guilty of those crimes, they are merely of the same race as those who are. This is racist. What if you, as a black man, were confronted by a white person who said “I just got mugged by some blacks! You are black, so you owe me compensation!”
    The article in New African also claims that blacks tend to be more successful in American universities than British ones. This is not surprising, there is more affirmative action in the USA. There are no grants or scholarships or other forms of free college money for ‘whites only’ in the USA, but there are for ‘non-whites only’. Here’s a few establishments who offer them: The United Negro College Fund (UNCF) not only awards a host of grants, scholarships and fellowships directly to black college students, but the group also provides generous funding to dozens of historically black colleges and universities. The National Black Nurses Association offers nearly a dozen grants, scholarships and fellowships. The March of Dimes Nursing Scholarships funds ethnic minority students. Microsoft, that’s right, Microsoft of Bill Gates, offers scholarships and intern-ships for ethnic minority students. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) provides grants for ethnic minority students. The White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities was recently strengthened by President Obama’s Executive Order on Educational Excellence for African Americans. On August 2, 2013, the Huffinton post revealed black colleges received $228 million in grants from the U.S. Government.
    Be grateful for what you have. Its a hell of a lot more than what I have. Attitude has a lot to do with success. A met the black British pop star Javine Hylton, on a train in 2003. She gave me her autograph but seemed unfriendly and stand-offish. There was some guy in her entourage who might have been security. He basically told me to leave after getting the autograph. Javine had found fame in a televised singing contest. This contest produced the pop band Girls Aloud. Javine had failed to make the band and claimed this was due to racial discrimination. She was not in the limelight for long. Around this time, I met Chris Eubank, the black British boxer, at London’s Victoria train station. When I spoke with him, he did not do his character act with the lisp, but spoke as he normally does. He seemed friendly and was not stand-offish. I have spoken to people in Brighton, where he lives, and walks around in, without any entourage or security, who have also found him to be cool. He was in the limelight, and making big money, for many years after retiring from boxing. While Javine is quite a looker, she’s not cool. I can’t help thinking that Chris’s popularity has a lot to do with his coolness.
    My advice to the PC journalists: To speak out against black-on-white racism, including racial violence is not racist, it is anti-racist. It is not harmful to blacks to report the levels of black on white crimes (which most people know about anyway) when you also point out that it is only a minority of blacks who do this. Likewise, when reporting white on black crimes, including slavery and the colonization of Africa, you should point out that it was only a minority of whites who did this, and that monarchs who endorsed it were not democratically elected. You can also add that there was slavery in Africa, before the whites were there and that there still is today. [21] Also that some Afro-Americans enslaved Africans in Africa. [22] In any case, it is highly hypocritical to say racism is bad, but then to imply that beating someone because your ancestors were wronged by people their race, or other types of racial scapegoating, is OK. Many PC journalists contradict themselves, I can see where the stereotype of the two-faced white comes from. Some mainstream race reporting is blatantly false. Like the claim that the genocide of the Tutsi, by the Hutu in Rwanda, and vice-versa, prior to that, in Burundi, was caused by the ‘divide and rule’ policies of the Belgians. Divide and rule was practised in just about every other colony Europeans had, and by many other rulers in many other lands, but rarely, if ever, resulted in genocide. Would you kill someone just because their tribe had been treated better than your’s? It would be a pretty silly reason to kill someone. What these reports failed to mention is that houses and land were expensive, as Rwanda’s population density was one of the highest in Africa, and Burundi’s was even higher. The gaining of houses and land is a far more logical reason to kill. Furthermore, on the subject of history, safety was a far more probable reason for segregation than “white supremacy”, which many reports give as the reason. Then there is the claim that Africa’s lack of prosperity is caused by white rulers, generations ago, who messed up Africa. If that were the case, then Ethiopia, the only country in Africa which was never ruled by whites, should be Africa’s most prosperous nation. It is easy to see why reports on racism are met with scepticism, by many, these days.
    My advice to black militants: Remember the boy who cried wolf. If you cry ‘racism’ when there is no evidence, a lot of people will stop taking claims of racism seriously. Also, you should try to cultivate appreciation for those who help you. A little appreciation brings out the best in people. I certainly appreciate those who have helped me while I travelled and at other times. If it weren’t for other people helping me, I probably wouldn’t be here today. I have been helped by blacks, browns, reds, whites and yellows. And I am grateful to them all. Also, stop limiting the powers of police – you might need them someday. In America, the leading cause of death, for young black males, is other young black males. [20] -James B Dixon, editor of Solution Street Paper.

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    4. Employment Tribunals and EAT Statistics, 2010-2011 (London: HM Courts & Tribunals Service, 2011).
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    23. Black defendants get a good deal in court, Philip Johnston, The Telegraph, 13 Jun 2007.

  48. Kente E. Bates says:

    you got a subbie right here

  49. Randy Sanders says:

    Here’s the problem that nobody wants to address because they’re scared to speak the truth. The intelligent moral white people are only having 2 children these days where as the unintelligent unmoral blacks are having 10 children. So in essence intelligence and morality are being bred right out of the nation. Things are only going to get worse

    • adam smith says:

      You left out the part where White employers are hiring less qualified Whites over more qualified Blacks, where banks aren’t lending money to credit-worthy Blacks, where even the court system is sentencing Blacks to 3 times the amount of a sentence as the same crime as Whites. You also forgot to mention that according to the FBI website Whites are arrested at twice the rate of Blacks but Blacks are convicted three times the rate. And let’s not forget policies like stop and frisk where you can be stopped walking for being Black or getting pulled over for DWB, driving while Black. You try living in a syetm where the courts, the police, the banks, employers, and just about every other sector discriminates against you solely on the color of your skin and get back to us at how far you’d bend over to let them shove that stick further up your ass. I mean, you’re basically telling us for them to be moral citizens they need to just accept getting fucked in teh ass by Whites and get over it, right? So how much fucking would you take if they were in control and the system was set up for you to fail before you did anything wrong?

  50. Conway says:

    your story is conflicting in the beginning. you need to learn to proof read.

  51. Roger says:

    The only solution is separation. Lincoln was right in his plan to ship the freed slaves back to Africa. Just as he said, the blacks can never fit in to a civilized white society. We should set up financial incentives to get the blacks to return to their homeland. Give them money, free transportation, and help them once they are settled in to their permanent homes. The older ones will collect Social Security. They will be happier in the long run and so will white Americans.

    • adam smith says:

      You’re an idiot. Any deportations of American citizens from America should include morons like yourself. What kind of civilized society enslaves people to build it’s land then rapes and murders them by the millions after raping and murdering the indigenous people here before them?

  52. Nik says:

    A very interesting read. I am from Australia, and not really familiar with this hate crime thing because Africans have not really come here, and the ones that are can be quiet and withdrawn. Is this just an African American problem? African Europeans are also timid and shy, and have do not show open pejudice towards whites, despite the hostile history.

    • adam smith says:

      They’re not timid or withdrawn. Are you from here and racist? Africans in every country are just people. That’s like me saying Australians here in the United States are pussies.

  53. medchic23 says:

    First off Jim do not abbreviate my name like we are friends. You have no clue what you talking about because if for one second you think that white people have saved this country you are dead ass wrong. Africa is a whole different fucking country from America you dumb ass. They have different laws and yes there are some white people who live there and are even from there. So know what you talk about before you try to correct me like the typical white person you are who think that they know everything. Again I will say this for the mentally challenged l aficans only sold 1% of slaves where do you think the fucking rest came from Jim huh answer that. Secondly its funny you think that I lack an education when I am highly education but seeing as that is none of your business well now you can just fuck off. In the words of you people , later dude

  54. chris allen says:

    First off to the retard who posted that Africa is a country you are beyond contempt you piece of shit commie. Second Whites rule,we contribute positively more than all races combined and if the rest wants to fight go ahead and awake the Sleeping Giant who are White Men.You feel Lucky punk?Do you?

  55. ranger@sbcglobal.net says:

    Rick – You are so right. The media today is so liberal and will never show or publicize black hate crimes against whites. Even more so because we have a black president. I find it offensive that Obama stick his nose in the news for cases like Zimmerman. He should stay quiet. However, Obama is so inconsistent and will never publically comment on black hate crimes against whites. Truth be known, blacks are the ones who are prejudice.

    • adam smith says:

      Blacks are the only ones who are prejudiced? So the KKK and neo Nazis are all just public charity groups that welcome Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Jews, and Homosexuals to join? And republicans make policy that helps minorites succeed in life like things like stop and frisk? You’re an idiot.

  56. adam smith says:

    I’m just curious if anyone Black has ever been charged with a hate crime against Whites.

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      My parents was murdered by blacks during home invasion no NEWS NONE when they kill whites , Thankyou for allowing freedom of speech and for allowing us to give out web sites this is the only web site we have GOD BLESS YOU HARD WORK . ALSO BLACKS HAVE KILLED MILLIONS OF MEXICANS, LATINO AND KILLING THEM DAILY

  57. Takelia tiredof you Bitches!!! says:

    There have been many black arrested for hate crimes. The person of this article that wanted to get a rise out of people and get more followers which he succeeded at. You cant change the mind of dumb ignorant ass white people so I avoid those types because its a well known fact that all of you people think that you are God gift to the world and is always right no matter the situation, when really you just need straight jacket. Like I said before none of you would not even say any of the stuff you are saying to anybody black if were to walk pass them right now (how times have changed) No sense in talking to any of you because I know I my history and what actually happened and you just know what your people hid and covered up and told you to care you away from us. So soak this up in your little brains and I am officially done with this site.
    This article when tell you that black do get arrested for hate crimes way more than whites


    • adam smith says:

      You’re officially done with this site after publicly posting that you’re just as stupid and ingorant as those people you’re making fun of? Nice job. And nice job painting all White people with the same brush. So I guess all Black people axe a of questions, right? I’m telling the truf, right? Dumbass.

  58. medchic23 says:

    I did not paint all white that way if read closely I said I avoided those types you guys are dumb asses and that would never changed maybe if the shoe was on the foot then you could see just how it really is and because America call Africa a continent does not mean the people who liv e there are saying yea I from Africa the continent no they say Africa the country you fucking idiot just like we do Jim oh and don’t worry about my education because you are not paying for it at all

  59. The TRUTH about HATE in AMERICA is a LIE, and here is the PROOF!


    … as a matter of FACT, it’s a BIG LILY WHITE LIE!


    This is what the TRUTH about HATE in AMERICA really looks like this in 2013!



    “The TRUTH can be a REAL BYTCH, but that doesn’t make it any less TRUE, any less REAL, or any less of a BYTCH!” (TRAINAISM, 2012)

    QUESTION: Does anybody want to PLAY some HARDBALL with the fatuous1?


    (504) 231-3056







    mark a. traina/certified school psychologist/economist/civil rights activist/504-231-3056


    “The NAAWP has EVERYTHING to do with basic HUMAN RIGHTS and CHRISTAINIY, and absolutely NOTHING to do with RACISM!” (TRAINAISM, 2012)

    • rhondakelly07 says:

      My parents was murdered by blacks during home invasion no NEWS NONE when they kill whites , Thankyou for allowing freedom of speech and for allowing us to give out web sites this is the only web site we have GOD BLESS YOU HARD WORK

      • Tam says:

        You act like EVERY time a white person kills a black person it’s national news. That doesn’t make it a hate crime. I take it the perps are in jail? Did they claim self defense? Was justice served? I’m guessing it was.

  60. medchic23 says:

    Oh did i get something wrong? I don’t think i did because as i recall i think any of your ancestors had to march up and down the street while dogs bit off your flesh and racist cops who are suppose to protect all citizens beat you to your death. What exactly have any of you WHITE people ever done for this country except run it into the ground and steal it from the people who were here first. No silver i think you have it all wrong we didn’t bother anybody we just wanted what everybody seem to have been given to them without a fight but you people seem to so have clearly forgotten that or do not want to talk about but don’t worry we may be able to forgive but we wont forget. Another i don’t know what these people are talking about with with blacks lynching Mexicans, and Asians but as i seem to recall we were the ones being lynched, burned alive, and the flesh pulled off our bodies now can say you say any of that stuff has ever happened to you racist BITCHES!!! HELL NO YOU CAN NOT

    • Mark Staben says:

      Oh did i get something wrong? Answer: YES

      “I dont think”

    • Silver21 says:

      It took me a while to decipher what you wrote, so let’s do this systematically, shall we?
      1. what exactly are you referring to with that marching, dogs and cops? I’m not an American and I’m not quite sure what you have in mind.
      2. Are you really, REALLY suggesting that the only people to ever fight for their rights and the ones to receive abuse were black? Are you ignorant, uneducated or just that unintelligent? The history is full of suffering, enslavement, death, persecution etc. My people were enslaved for over a thousand years. In Africa blacks murder, rape, enslave, torture, behead, castrate blacks and whites alike, just as they did throughout the whole history. It was the black warlords who sold slaves to the American colonists in the first place, hundreds of thousands of them. Prisoners of war, their own slaves etc.
      3. What did white people do for the country (you refer to USA I presume), except of founding it, building it up and running it? What did the white people do except a plethora of ground breaking inventions, innovations and discoveries that let you live longer and healthier, not die at child birth or as an infant, have food, clothes, amenities and conveniences you daily use? Building the whole infrastructure? Building housing that you undoubtedly use as well? Running it all in the ground seems to be a contemporary politician thing, due to strong parties that influence politics for personal gain (mainly industries and financial groups). As far as I know, there’s a black guy in the seat of power now over there, how’s that working out? Not running it into the ground now? Or is he the same damn run of the mill populist politician supporting certain groups of influence for their gain?
      4. we haven’t been given sh*t without a fight. Nobody was. Every nation in history had to fight for it and claw itself out of the cesspool to have what it has today. We did not have anything for granted. Again, my nation was enslaved for over a thousand years, we did not have jack sh*t until we carved it out for ourselves.
      5. And yet again, you weren’t the only ones lynched. And it does not apologize you for terrorizing other people in the present. I have traveled most of Europe and parts of Asia, the furthest I’ve been was Japan. Take a wild guess, what’s the most violent ethnic group in Europe with the highest crime rates? Crimes like rape and murder? What ethnicity were the thugs I had most run ins with? Go on, guess.
      6. I think the irony of you calling people racist bitches, when you hate all of the white race is lost on you. Define racism, I’d love to see your version of the definition. Because what you present here is just blatantly racist.

  61. rhondakelly07 says:

    WOW I am sick of racist people ,,, I had no slaves, GO TO CHURCH As a GOP I AM NOT RACIST NEVER WILL BE .. I SEE PEOPLE, NOT COLOR,, GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS

  62. rhondakelly07 says:

    And blacks did worse to whites sorry but Africans had more white slaves more and longer that’s the truth and there was more Mexicans and Indians who had black slaves less than @5 of whites had slaves Black Slavery in Mexico…THE TRUTH IS NOT RACIST and the reason why dogs was eating your flesh is Blacks was looting ..But I was NOT ALIVE FOR ALL OF THIS YOU PERSONALLY WAS NEVER A SLAVE ITS JUST YOUR A RACIST AND WANT ME AND MY KIDS, GRAND KIDS TO KEEP PAYING FOR SOMETHING WE WAS NOT ALIVE TO DO GO TO CHURCH

  63. medchic23 says:

    Then what race are you because you did not specify that information first off. Secondly i am not a racist nor do i hate any race i just particularly do not like the ones who speak on information they have no clue about as you do. Please i am for from ignorant and i am well aware that their are many people who have fought for their rights but if you were to read what i wrote i was not talking about those people any of my responses i was talking about my race in general but you seem to have not gotten that part. Furthermore there are no blacks in Africa they are Africans, just that and they did not sale most of the slaves they were stolen chased like animals in the woods and if they fought back they were killed get your facts straight. Whites did not build this country you moron you actually think they was working in the sun when they had free labor ha you an idiot believe that if you want and if whoever your people they probably helped build it also and fyi the native Americans discovered this country they were here not white people they are the ones that stole it so how can you speak on american history when you are not american and probably got your information from the wrong damn source.
    So i guess in your opinion all black people are the same we are all thugs dumb and ignorant low rent people and we live on welfare uneducated and lazy. Yea that’s right but its the complete opposite and what is so hilarious to me is that you people no matter what race you are still hate black people i cannot for the life of me understand why. So no i don’t hate all races just people like you

    • Silver21 says:

      This is clearly a waste of my time, your ignorance and hatred is deeply rooted. Well you did refer to African Americans as your people, your screen name is Takelia, you use ebonics instead of proper English etc…dead giveaway.
      Yes, you are racist. You are so openly, blatantly racist that it hurts. And you are a hypocrite to boot. Again, “your race” is not the only one in the history that suffered, or experienced slavery. Your race did not experience only slavery. “You were not talking about those people that did” yet you generalize as if only your race is the only one to have suffered. Ever.
      There are no blacks in Africa? They are only Africans? Wrong again. There are white Africans, there are black Africans, with the majority (vast majority) being black.
      Oh yes, they did sell slaves. They sold their own kin, they sold those of rival tribes they defeated, they did so since ancient times even before Europeans set sail for America. Those of the lowest social standing were treated as subhumans with no rights and sold off. True, they were not the only resource of slave trade during the colonization, but the major one. Sold mostly for goods, rum, guns.
      Whites did not build your country? Oh, so it magically popped up by itself? Or was it all based on unqualified slave labor? And you have the audacity to tell ME to get my facts straight?
      Yes I know that Native Americans were there way before the main influx of European colonists, in fact Vikings beat other Europeans by five centuries on the north eastern coast. And yes, I resent what they did to Native Americans.
      “how can you speak on american history when you are not american and probably got your information from the wrong damn source” You must be joking. Or trolling. Are you serious? So I should only express myself when the conversation concerns my country only? Well for your information, I received education. Plus my own interests lead me to read more sources and educate myself further. So far you’ve presented only your biased opinions as facts and you tell me that my sources are wrong? Really? REALLY?
      “So i guess in your opinion all black people are the same we are all thugs dumb and ignorant low rent people and we live on welfare uneducated and lazy” No. I did not say that. That’s a nice fallacy you try to hang onto me, but you’re dead wrong. I do not lump people together per se, I try to approach them as individuals – which is something your biased little racist mind won’t probably fathom. There is a major difference in saying “in my town, all gypsies are thieves” and “in my town, all thieves are gypsies”. Try if you can spot the difference, then take a look at official crime statistics, take a look at ethnicity and “per capita” rates and tell me what do you see?
      “no matter what race you are still hate black people i cannot for the life of me understand why” Personally, I try to stereotype as little as possible, but the people I had the most trouble with were black. So yes, I do have a certain degree of distrust – which is just natural. If a white guy were to attack you several times, you would be weary of whites as well.
      As for the last sentence: I do not hate any race. In fact, I get along better with Asians than whites, ironically. I just dislike people like you – misguided, misinformed, bigoted, racist hypocrites.

      • This is clearly a waste of my time..my name is Takelia its not a fucking screen name and i am not going to back and forth arguing with you about something that i know you are wrong about because you can probably do it all it day just sitting at computer waiting for someone to talk to you… that’t no me i have a life.. As far as me being ignorant, racist, hypocrite and a bigot is way far fetched seeing as you don’t even know me and i can careless what you think… SO ARGUE WITH YOUR DAMN SELF YOU CLEARLY HAVE THE SHIT WRONG!!!! GOOD DAY

      • Silver21 says:

        Good, so it’s your real name. Just goes and proves my point. As this page allows you to choose a screen name of your preference, chances were Takelia was or was not your real name – nonetheless it either way supports what I’ve said.

        You evaded and ignored any real argument or fact I presented to you, instead you were only calling names and throwing out random punches. Really mature, not childish at all! And really, really helping your cause.

        You have a life? Maybe so, but as might have noticed it takes me days to reply to you crap – simply because I am a busy man. Surprisingly, you react almost immediately to what I write. Remove the foot from your mouth at your convenience.

        I do not know you personally, true. (Nor do you know me, yet you make blatant assumptions and accuse me of things – still don’t see the irony? Do you know the definition of hypocrite?) But you presented your opinions here and the way you presented them speaks volumes about your personality. Other than that, how is “you don’t know me” even a valid argument?

        Yeah right, I “have the shit wrong” and you are the only one who is right, who is incapable of making a mistake, we all are wrong. All our facts are wrong, all our history is wrong, you and only you have the patent for “right”. You are not arguing with me about “something that you know i am wrong about” – based on vague assumptions. You are not arguing. You are dodging. And there is a difference between knowing and believing.

        Not to seem patronizing, but please do look up the concept of critical thinking. Just because you feel strongly about a topic does not mean that you are absolutely right/correct. Question the information given to you. Think for your self without blindly believing everything you are fed. Examine and filter. Discuss. Get different opinions. Unless you can be open to other opinions and be able to admit that things might be different than you are led to believe, you will remain biased – bordering on fanaticism. And that’s never good.

        I wish you well, may you be enriched in experience and find out personally that the world is not black and white. Pun not intended, but welcome.

      • Doc says:

        Love the name calling. Who is the racist? With every foul mouthed hateful label either side slings, they show the depth of their ignorance, hatred, and character.

  64. What’s happening to whites; especially white men is truly repugnant. We’ve talked about the problem enough. Yes, let’s keep talking about it to keep new examples fresh in our minds, but let’s also begin discussion a solution-oriented action plan like:

    1. Boycott Haters. Stop buying the brands of companies that underrepresent and disrespect white men.

    2. Arm Yourselves. Carry mace, a taser, knife, handgun, or whatever you’re comfortable using.

    3. Travel Together. White men are usually attacked while alone.

    4. Help Eachother. When you see white men being attacked, don’t just stand there and do nothing.

    5. Have Children. At least three to be specific.

    6. End “Affirmative” Action. This is institutional anti white male racism.

    7. End Abortion. Except in the case of severe birth defect, rape, or risk of death to the mother during child birth.

    8. Banish Terrorists. Enact laws that instead of incarcerate, revoke the citizenship of, and deport criminals repeately demonstrating their hatred your country.

    • sean says:

      all good points,, what we have to do is get these hate crimes out to as many people we can ,, media is not doing it ,, we have to stand together on this tell your friends ,, have them tell their friends ,,,, lets start something were we can talk about this ,, how can we be heard ??????

    • Tam says:

      What I find funny is that while whites are complaining that blacks only have a problem when white people kill blacks… they only complain when blacks kill whites! According to the US Dept of Justice, 84% of white murders over the past 33 years were committed by white people. EIGHTY FOUR PERCENT. But the second a black person commits a crime against a white person they say “I’m tired of these black people attacking white people.” Are you not tired of whites killing whites?! Do you not see how you do the same thing you complain about?

    • 5. I’m guessing you mean white children?

  65. Tam says:

    There have been all of THREE crimes against black people that have been “blown up” in the past year. One of them (Zimmerman) ONLY blew up because there was NO initial investigation. It was like, “oh you killed a lil black boy? OK here’s your gun…. have a good day sir.” It was less about people thinking Zimmerman was racist and more about the cops not giving AF. I guarantee you had Martin looked like Justin Beiber it would have been handled differently.

    And THAT case was a catalyst for the other two to get national attention. Meanwhile there are thousands of hate crimes against blacks that don’t get publicized so please stop acting like they all do. I understand that there are hate crimes against whites as well, but to act like EVERY single hate crime against a black is publicized just to fit some media agenda is ridiculous. The other issue is that whites are more likely to get off for their crimes against blacks.

  66. Tam says:

    I bet if you add in all the hate crimes against blacks from the POLICE the numbers would look much differently. And I’m not even talking about how they beat the crap out of criminals and/or end up murdering them using excessive force. I’m talking about abuse and murder of innocent citizens like Jordan Miles, Sean Bell, and Jonathan Ferrell. White police are real trigger happy with innocent black people and they always walk.

  67. jaye says:

    The back and forth in this comments section is tiresome. Human beings have done horrible things to one another for CENTURIES. Measuring who “had it worse” is an exercise in futility. A person who attacks another human being for something as benign as the color of their skin (I say benign because skin color is just varying degrees of pigmentation of the skin) is a vile monster and deserves as much time in jail as the law will allow. My feeling is that sites like this one or anyone that puts forth this type of ideology, no matter what race the creators/administrators are counterproductive to bridging this gaping divide between races. I do believe that the media has a very specific agenda when they primarily focus on hate crimes that are committed against blacks. It breeds anger and fear on both sides of the “argument”, and the only entity it serves is the media. We need to find away to stop feeding that beast. I think your website could be a useful tool in educating not only whites but non-whites that persecution and violence goes both ways. I guarantee that many black people would be appalled by the stories and the videos presented here. I know I was. I will say, however, that I find the “today in white history” to be heavy handed. Outside of the one month a year that is devoted to black history, every month is pretty much “white history month”. Black history month is such an innocuous thing…why begrudge us of it?

  68. blaq says:

    Sounds like a bunch of white people trying to play VICTIM after years of white on black crimes….WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND…this is a racist ass website..LOL

  69. blaq says:


  70. BLACK Teens Killing WHITES Has Become America’s Fastest Growing SPORT!

    Sad. This is all Obama’s fault.


    It didn’t work for NELSON MANDELA in SOUTH AFRICA and it won’t work in AMERICA!

    BLACK disproportionately seem to qualify for a lot of ENTITLEMENTS here in AMERICA, but taking WHITE LIVES will NEVER be ACCEPTABLE!

    Check it out:
    You likely haven’t heard the story of two black teens who killed 88-year old WWII veteran Delbert Belton. Belton survived being wounded in action during the Battle of Okinawa only to be beaten and left for dead by two teens at the Eagles Lodge in Spokane on Wednesday evening, later succumbing to his injuries the following morning at Sacred Heart Medical Center. Two of Obama’s sons have stolen one of America’s Greatest Generation…fitting in the time of Obamanation. I suspect Obama is planning a medal ceremony for the two youths, given they have followed Obama’s racism script to a T. After all, black teens killing whites has become America’s fastest growing sport.

    Read more at http://conservativebyte.com/2013/08/black-teens-killing-whites-has-become-americas-fastest-growing-sport/#mtuyeSvBkVMQOvxG.99

    According to the ANTI-DEFACATION LEAGUE WHITE SUPRENACISTS are making up $HYT up to JUSTIFY their RACIAL HATRED: http://www.adl.org/combating-hate/domestic-extremism-terrorism/c/white-supremacists-use.html

    Check out this ZIONNIST BULL$HYT: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/15/fbi-hate-crimes-target-bl_n_1095465.html


    FACT: If PROGRESSIVE POLITICS and ENTITLEMENTS make for a GREAT CITY and a GREAT place to LIVE then why are all these CITIES CRACKING UP in 2014?


  71. bharford says:

    In America, 1 in 240 White men are incarcerated. For Hispanic men it is 1 in 80; for Black men, it is 1 in 32.
    Blacks murder at 8 times the rate of Whites. Hispanics murder at 2.6 times the rate of Whites.
    GOD, I am sick of these people and the Kosher media that protects them and their crimes.

  72. Leigh says:

    No violence is right! Well, unless it is self- defense but then again self- defense is not violence it is self- protection. If I were the King this country would look a lot different.

  73. Janet says:

    500 years from now we will hear the oppression or slave word relating to white people being the bad guys. At that point nobody will be any closer to evolving off this planet into any kind of peaceful domain, then they were 500 years before. When are the parents going to stop hating so their children can start loving and be normal, Its a total loss of humanity. Self righteousness is blinding. This is getting to the point of being legalized hate crime killing, excluding whites from protection of that law. Its of course a double standard,and the courts and government are accomplice to it if they do not put and end to it. It means their law is a lie. Meanwhile this lovely loving 9 year old sweet boy was stabbed in the back by a 12 year old black child but yet none dare call it a bigoted hate crime, (July 2014), they didn’t even know each other to have hate. This child acted out what he was taught. I highly doubt he is mentally ill, he was even maybe indirectly schooled into what to say by hearing his parents talk and banter about how aweful white people are, but I’m sure they will use the mentally ill plea in his case. No doubt it was surely hate though. Nobody can just stab another being like this without total hate. The question is, would he have picked a 9 year old black child to stab? we don’t know for sure but the probability of it would be awfully close to zero chance.

    This sweet precious 9 year old boy’s last words were about his love for his family and brother and that he will always love them., then he died. Now a person with a ‘hate illness’ would read my words and feel cold and angry in response, especially if the truth hits home. The more angry, the more guilty of hating. The fact is bigoted crimes are exactly what some claim happened to them, so they in turn commit them on those that supposedly suppressed them even 100 years before, towards people that were not even born or had any hand in the horrendous act. Talk about breeding generation after generation to perpetually hate.

    No doubt this is the saddest loneliest moments that a small 9 year old boy should never have had to go through and the grief of those that had to watch on and to lose someone they loved intensely and who was apart of that boys life must be in excruciating pain. Words could not cover the pain, and Its sadistic bigotry that this happened , and yes children can be sadistic. Its so astounding that many do not even realize that they are trained and schooled by the mainstream media that the word bigot only pertains to blacks, Asian, Mexican, Polka-dot, Purple, Green, and Blue people. Everyone except for White people. I think about the rancid comments on blogs and forums and think wow these people are ones that walk by you in grocery stores, their faces hiding their despicable meanness. Its very scary, are we safe anymore to walk anywhere.

    Another one that broke my heart was the little baby boy who laid sleeping in his baby carriage of 1 years of age while his mother walked to do errands and then suddenly a black kid attempting to rob the woman, who had no money to rob, just decides to coldly murder this little baby in the head with a gun at point blank range. What kind of beasts on this planet could walk around doing such things to babies. They want to remove gun rights but guns are not the problem, its the few that are, and this 9 year old is a case in point that if someone wants to murder they could do it with a folk as easy as a gun if they wished. If it were a white kid killing a black baby, its the SAME THING.. beast of burden for planet earth. All races have been bigots. All of them, All races have been enslaved, yes even white people and yes the entire planet is even as we speak enslaved and don’t know it yet. Ignorance is bliss after all. But this is our government and courts ALLOWING bigoted murder of whites and doing NOTHING about it. Even bigots have hate towards homeless people, single people, gay people, etc etc and it can go on and on but those that make these decisions to let off criminals because they are black and another color, then they are accomplice to the crime, no matter your credentials you are an accomplice.There is a higher power and people will answer. I don’t know how these courts and people in positions of authority have a conscious about it, but I don’t think the blame is all theirs, after all they are following orders of injustice and somewhere much higher then themselves are the powers that be who run ALL nations and who remain behind the scenes, who have created the agenda of bigotry wars on purpose, yes even many of them are white, but not all, and so the agenda here is to set against the people one against another.

    All crimes of this sort have to be called Hate Bigotry Crimes,and the people need to stand together and not let anyone silence them from saying it, signing petitions about hate crimes to include white victims!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is a good start. This is an absolute must. After all do not the people see the lie within the law when its written if it does not pertain to all. Meanwhile you have gang rapes on white women that go unpunished, or perhaps a slap on the wrist. If a black person or mexican person can kill a white person and get off, while a white person who kills a black person does time, then it needs to be seen that this in itself is a bigoted act in a court decision. The thing is the same sun shines on all of us.

    All should be held accountable, even ALL those in high credentialed positions. IE the police officer who just choke held a black man in NYC and killed him through his actions. But if crime is not upheld even by credentialed persons then what good is a justice system. If those of credentials do not uphold truth then they are aiding criminals and murderer’s. If you arrest a person that just murdered another and let them off due to their skin color or due to their affiliation status, its wong, Its sick. Our system is flawed, they can’t even see their own folly of not charging a hate crime to a black person that kills a person because they are white.

    The ttruth be told the powers that be are playing on the hearts of created bigots like puppets, and yet they themselves hate the bigots, its quite dysfunctional is just to use them for a means to an end, for their purposes of dismantling society and pushing one against another, during which chaos all may find themselves enslaved because they fell for it. Whether it is about religion or color of skin, its still bigotry. My heart goes out to this 9 year old boy where ever he may be at this moment and his family and their temporary separation, until God brings them together again, I hope they have comfort in these dark times that are upon us. In the higher realms there is no getting away with it, and even in this realm for it will catch up to you. Shouting of “Peace Peace” left and right but yet there will be no peace until people find their humanity, this includes black, white, and all races, as well as credentialed and non credentialed alike. All should play by the same rules, especially those that are in authority who enforce the rules. The training that everyone is a criminal needs to be changed as well, its a brainwashing technique that needs to be stopped, with that attitude many innocent people die at the hands of those in authority for no good reason but due to hateful training. Setting one against another is again part of the agenda. Remove yourselves from it, open ones eyes, people need to only but see with their eyes and awaken to their own folly and then peace and love for one another will follow.

  74. Valerie Black says:

    It sounds like a true epidemic of violence against white folks. White folks should be terrified. The “coloreds” are a bit upset over something and are apparently seeking revenge. I wonder what will they will do next? Maybe resurrect slavery? Economic and social disenfranchisement for whites? Denial of civil rights and criminalization? Incarceration and poverty for all whites?

  75. Sick of Marxist/Zionist created problems. says:

    No sympathy for Zionist zoo animal blacks/Marxists/minorites//fringe groups etc who cry out “Systemic racism.” .and who yearn for “progression”

    Here is another website containing a list of Black on White hate crimes that the Marxist-Zionist liberal media seems desperate to censor.

    Simply google “Black on white hate crime” to find more.

    Are these black criminal thugs exempt from their innately poor and anti-social behaviour because they still whine about 400 year old slavery (which blacks sold each other into and which still goes on today?) Blacks account for the majority of all violent crimes. Black music/culture is inherently violent. Blacks love to puff there chests up and tell us what “men” they are when they have numbers and chimpout with other thugs but they cry and whine like insolent babies when we have had enough of their degeneracy. Black peoples failures are the fault of their own. Do normal citizens still empathize when blacks smugly absolve themselves of all responsibility and blame all of their personal failure on this omnious “white man” who lived nearly half a millenia ago. Afterall, the music/dress/attitudes they create glorifies misogyny and contemptuous antisocial behaviour which is rightly targeted by law enforcement. That is why we pay taxes.The tax system is not meant to purchase for Laquisha a new weave or Tyrone some oversized hubcaps. Black men are notoriously well known for abandoning their children as well and anything else that constitutes mature responsibility in a functional society frankly. They are inherently savage. That is why they always whine and riot for the Jewish-Marxist-Zionist government for more “assistance” and subsidies. The Jews and their media are just delighted to play along as it helps set in motion their ability to pass nefarious laws that can then be used to further their globalist agenda, promote socialism/communism on the youth and further deteriorate the fabric that made this nation great.

    No one who owned slaves is alive today. It is a moot issue.

    “White people” is a misnomer that “minorities” (only a minority in “white” countries mind you) and their Zionist zookeepers use to target European people and european ancestral Americans and Canadians. We are comprised of all sorts of various nationalities. We have always kept a fine order by ourselves. Invented nearly everything of use. And have created everything beautiful in the world. If you do not like our way of life. You do not want to assimilate to our values and laws. Then leave. You are of little use to the progress of our folk. The endless sense of self-entitlement that these people whine for is the product of Zionist-Marxist-Globalists They have relentlessly promoted these ideas in liberal mass media, hollywood entertainment, and public education. When they banter “race is a social construct” – this is false. What came first the Roman colliseum or the Romans? Race is not a social construct but rather society itself and everything it encompasses is a racial one. Why do we accept inferior people into our country. You can have the finest wine and yet when watered down – it loses its zest and appeal. Much like the demographic changes that are ruining our country through these failed immigration policies.

    Whine and call me a racist all you want, I simply do not care about the grievances of these burdensome and useless people any longer.

    The solution to all of our societies ills is simple. We need to organize ourselves at the local level. Be kind to/understanding with and help guide our volk. And meet our enemies terrorism with a greater terrorism until total submission.

    The only way to reason with a wild and treacherous beast is not through understanding nor tolerance but rather with an iron hand.

    O co noi o contro di noi!

  76. truth known says:

    I’m a 50-year old black woman and ever since I was a teenager, I’ve noticed how blacks bring all of their problems on themselves. Ignorant blacks live in a make-believe world. While growing up, black adults were more childish than us kids. Adult (so-called) couples weren’t even capable of living together and raising the children they produced. The WORST oppressor of young black males are older black males who abandon their sons. For years, young black males have felt a sense of “not being loved or wanted” by their absent fathers. Which makes it easy and necessary to be the second-worst oppressor of one another. Since their daddies didn’t give a damn, why should they care about those within the black race?

    94% of black murder victims are killed by blacks. One of the reasons why this % is so high is because black males travel and kill in packs. It’s not unusual for 12 black males to target/shoot/kill one black male. Feral black males make certain that the odds are in their favor. It really dispays an act of cowardice. Being sons of black men who refused to acknowledge them and teach them right from wrong has given them an “I don’t give a fuck” attitude. Instead of blaming the real culprits, black males lash out at those closer to them: each other and innocent white people.

    What the majority of blacks refuse to comprehend is that blacks have committed crimes against whites since slavery ended. The only difference between then and now is that black males who were found guilty were hung. Now, there’s a different court system. Blacks hung other blacks also. Whenever you see a photo of a black hanging from a tree and there’s no group of whites, it signifies that blacks hung that black person. Whites ALWAYS took pictures with the blacks they hung. When you see a photo of a lone person hanging that meant blacks hung that black person. Even if the black person was guilty of a crime, the blacks who participated in hangings didn’t take pictures.

    • Wow… more great points, and a lot of Truth there. Very interesting about the lynching of blacks by other blacks (not just whites). And to be fair to Europeans, isn’t it true that black tribes killed one another regularly in Africa, and/or made slaves of their enemies they had captured (or sold them to Europeans as slaves)? One thing I disagree with you about, slightly, and this applies to whites as well, is that it’s my understanding that in many cases black females either choose not to marry or cohabitate with black men, or divorce to divorce them and raise their children alone, because government programs instituted by well-meaning but ignorant ultraliberals actually encourage single-parent families, and discourage women from “allowing” the father to live with his children. I think this is an absolute crime, and that women who break up their families for no good reason (ie, nothing deserving divorce, often just her own selfish desire for “freedom”), should be held up to public scorn and ridicule when they deny good men contact with their children, and hurt their own children because their own selfish needs (including sexual promiscuity) are more important to them than their children are, and they’ve bought the bullsh#t feminist lie that “women don’t need men”, and “children don’t need fathers”!!!! I think reality and history prove otherwise, and the lack of good male role models (whether due to women who cut them off from their children, or men who don’t step up and do their jobs), is the biggest reason we see so much violent crime, drug/alcohol abuse, lack of self-control and self-discipline, uncommitted relationships, depression/suicide (esp in males), and a host of other problems in our society, that didn’t exist anywhere on this scale in the 1950s… or even the 1860s, for that matter. Keep up the good work, ultraliberals!!!

      • a. Perry says:

        And some white women have multiple kids, don’t get married, and llive with their boyfriends as well! Deny visitation. Bring multiple men around their kids. What is your damn point? I see white women coming out the Welfare office and they aten’t employees. Again, what is your point?!

  77. truth known says:

    Lynchings of blacks by blacks were kept hush-hush because:

    1.) Only (racist) whites lynched blacks. For the word to get around that blacks actually hanged other blacks would mean that whites weren’t the only people who punished blacks for any wrong-doing.

    2.) Blacks felt that it was only wrong (and racist) when whites lynched blacks, but it wasn’t wrong when they did it.

    It was actually the beginning of black on black crime being more accepted (and normal). Blaming whites, racism, and slavery became excuses. Nowadays (and for many years), blacks (including so-called leaders) will go on and on and on and on some more when non-blacks shoot or kill a black, even in self-defense or when a non-black fears for their life is in danger. Blacks and so-called leaders sound like a broken record that skips during the whole song. Very irritating. I should also mention that so-called leaders are just as corrupt and crooked as common street criminals. They’ve been able to keep/sweep their dirt under the rug and/or blacks and even some whites brush it off. But thank goodness for the internet.

    Goggle Jesse Jackson and read the articles about him. Jesse is the result of a rape. His mom was raped at the age of 16 by an older neighbor. During his high school years, Jesse had a sexual relationship with a gay male teacher. He stated that the teacher gave him money, bought him clothes, let Jesse drive his car, and sucked Jesse’s dick everyday. He told this to an openly gay, black male (who’s suing Jesse for sexual discrimination) that this occurred before the “white man” invented the word homosexual. Jesse said that he viewed as survival. Because he grew up poor, his mom couldn’t afford to buy him clothes, shoes, etc. Its no wonder Jesse didn’t question or really had nothing to say when it was revealed that a large % of black women were being infected by black men who were having unprotected sex with other men. One of the stupid things Jesse said was, “Even

  78. truth known says:

    the coach drops the ball sometimes.” What type of response was that for such a serious issue? The late, great Peter Jennings (RIP) conducted this interview around the early 2000’s. I believe the interview can be seen online, on DVD, and VHS. Very interesting. Bishop T.D. Jakes is also interviewed. The black dudes had a “don’t give a damn” or “so what?” attitude. In fact they answered alot of Peter’s questions with silence or stupid answers that didn’t make any sense. In general, blacks blame the HIV/AIDS epidemic on the white man who invented the virus. Since he invented it then he’s the one who’s infecting blacks at an alarming rate. Nonsense. He’s not the one having unprotected sex with other black males and females. There’s no shame in ignorant blacks game. Once again, they won’t take responsibility nor hold themselves accountable for their actions.

    I doubt if blacks even know that Jesse’s not even a qualified reverend. He has documentation to prove otherwise. Jesse just slapped the title Reverend in front of his name. I have read that there exist blacks who don’t agree/respect Jesse. He stirs up unwanted trouble and controversy. Chicago is Jesse’s home town, yet he doesn’t speak about the black on black crime epidemic in that city. But he’ll go to great lengths to travel to other cities and towns if one non-black defends himself from a black thug. It’s really not a surprise since Jesse and his brother Noah were members of the Gangster Disciples/El Rukn gangs. Jesse got out of the gang but he still has some association with them. His brother Noah is serving a life sentence for drug trafficking, murder, murder for hire, etc. Noah was a millionaire when he was arrested, convicted, and sent to prison. Jesse asked Clinton to grant Noah a pardon but it was denied.

    Blacks are gonna have to come to grips about the realities of the so-called leaders they look up to.

    I have to stop here but I’ll be back soon.

    • Wow!! That’s some interesting info, and you make some great points. Some of us “white guys” even care enough about black people to speak out against opportunistic black leaders, and white ultraliberals, who claim to be seeking what’s in the best interests of black communities in America, but are actually doing more harm to them than anyone else, by enabling and encouraging their victimhood, helplessness, and destructive behaviors (black on black crime, drug/alcohol addiction, forcing black males out of the family, etc). Not everyone who says they’re “for” a certain group of people actually is, or even knows what’s best… and not everyone who appears to be against black people is-some of us just want to hold them to a higher standard than ultraliberals do, because we think they can do better-and need to take responsibility for their own actions, and stop hurting others.

  79. @truth known you are and idiot. Yes the white people invented the HIV/Aides virus but they tested it on Africans to see what it would do them, then their dumb asses started sleeping with the same people who they injected with the virus. no blacks are blaming anything on you white mother fuckers unless you had something to with. First know what you are talking about and then comment. KNOW THE FACTS FIRST!!!!! Yall kill me with that and it funny to me how you all have a problem with us but yall did shit to us and expect us to fall in line, do what the master say. Uh fuck that those times are over. OVER!! NEVER AGAIN WILL IT HAPPEN

  80. Shameful. Just shameful. I am non-White and have lived my entire life in majority White areas. I have NEVER seen this vicious hatred of Whites you tout. We all get along just fine! You post about a small group of urbanized ghetto Blacks who frankly need their asses kicked and some sense knocked into them as if they represent the entire demographic. We don’t appreciate them portraying us in a bad light any more than you do the crimes they commit.

  81. MARK TRAINA says:




    1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Czb4rImsph0

    2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Czb4rImsph0

    3) http://www.bizpacreview.com/2014/11/10/video-nyc-subway-slap-heard-round-the-internet-girls-big-mouth-starts-all-out-brawl-158041


  82. David Keith says:

    Violence against whites needs to be heard and I’m not scared to stand up for it.I will Die for my beliefs rather it is a racially motivated crime or not.I love everyone and the system needs a balance. The best and nicest cops I have ever seen are from Tennessee.. Arkansas and Missouri cops especially in Blytheville Arkansas,need to wear cameras

  83. a. Perry says:

    Oh cut the bull!!!! Most Whites are evil violent. They killed, tortured, raped, and stole from Indians and blacks for hundreds of years. Stole from recording artists back in the 50’s and 60’s. Were liars and thieves. Cheated ppl out of their royalties. Mostly whites are on welfare. It was originally created for whites. Do your research! You refused to play black music on the radio, but Elvis and many other stole the music style. Burned churches, Hung people, burned homes. Terrorized families. Put Asians in concentration camps here in the US. Arrested and harrassed interracial couples back in the 60’s and before.

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