The Fallen List

The Fallen 2012

Victor Parsons (67) and Keith Needell (84)

A sadistic killer who wielded a ‘caveman’s club’ is facing life behind bars for battering two pensioners to death and attacking five other strangers in a month of random violence.

Ali Koc, 30, beat his victims with lumps of wood, before head butting, punching and kicking them in a series of attacks in parks across north London.

He was found guilty today of the two murders and five other attacks on men who were either out jogging or dog walking.

Following the verdict police said they police said they feared Koc may have attacked others in his rampage of violence and appealed for any other victims to come forward.

The court had head that the Turkish killer stalked the parks and woodland near his home in Hornsey, north London wearing a pair of gloves emblazoned with a skull and cross bones logo.

Victor Parsons, 67, died seven weeks after he was battered by Koc with a branch shaped like a ‘caveman’s club’ in Alexandra Park.

Keith Needell, 84, died six months after being beaten by Koc in Queen’s Wood.

The judge Mr Justice David Calvert-Smith adjourned sentence until Friday morning.

Koc was born in Turkey but came to his country in his early teens and lived with his parents, while claiming benefits.

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Richard Mannington Bowes (68)


A 17-year-old boy has been detained for eight years for the killing of a pensioner during the London riots.

Darrell Desuze, of Bath Road, Hounslow, pleaded guilty at Inner London Crown Court last month to the manslaughter of Richard Mannington Bowes.


Mr Bowes, 68, was punched and fell to the ground as he tried to stamp out a fire in Spring Bridge Road in Ealing, west London, on 8 August.

He suffered brain damage when his head hit the pavement.

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Victoria Agoglia (15)

The stories that spewed out of Liverpool Crown Court last week defied belief.

One 15-year-old meant to be receiving round the clock “solo” care at her Rochdale home went missing 19 times in three months, for up to two weeks at a time.

But instead of launching a search for her, “care” staff sent texts asking her when she’d be back. The people paid to look after this vulnerable child had no idea she was being groomed for sex by a vile gang who abused her up to 25 times in a night.

Another victim, Victoria Agoglia, died of a heroin overdose at 15. Is it any surprise this poor child, made to feel worthless by her abusers, gave up on life?

Even in death, Victoria was failed again by our justice system, which handed down a pathetic three-and-a-half-year prison sentence to the animal, Mohammed Yaqoob, who supplied the heroin that killed her.

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Alan Smith (63)

A father out celebrating his daughter’s birthday was brutally knifed to death in front of his horrified family just because he asked if a crying child was alright, a court was told yesterday.

Alan Smith, 63, was stabbed at least five times as he sat with his partner, daughter and son-in-law in a cafe in east London.

His alleged killer, Matthew Quesada, became enraged when Mr Smith approached him in the BB Cafe to ask if his young daughter, who was crying, was okay, the jury heard.

Quesada responded ‘What’s it to you? What’s it got to f****** do with you?’ before storming out of the cafe.

‘Humiliated and angered’ by what happened and ‘bent on exacting revenge’ Quesada, then aged 25, ran to his girlfriend’s home to drop off the girl and grab a weapon.

With a knife concealed up his sleeve,He then raced after the family as they entered a second diner – the Roma cafe – where they had gone to eat to avoid any further trouble.

It was there that Quesada allegedly launched a ‘frenzied and wordless’ attack, stabbing Mr Smith in the head and body.

As Estelle Jenkins tried to get between her father and his attacker, Mr Smith struggled up from the bolted down table before falling to the floor where he kicked out in a vain attempt to stop the onslaught, the court heard.

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The Fallen 2010

Rosina Waller – January 2010

The murder of an elderly woman allegedly battered to death in her home by a burglar on New Year’s Day has left her family “devastated”, they said.

The body of Rosina Waller was discovered at her home in Southend, Essex, along with a 64-year-old relative who was also hurt in the attack.

Ms Waller’s daughter, Janet Fairman, said it was a “tragic way” for her mother’s life to end.

“Mum had just celebrated her 88th birthday with her family and enjoyed Christmas and New Year with family and friends,” said Ms Fairman.

“She has left a daughter and son and five grandchildren.

“This has had a devastating effect on all of us and this will leave a big gap in our lives. She had reached a marvellous age and this is such a tragic way for her to end her life.”

An Essex Police spokesman said a post-mortem examination revealed that Mrs Waller died of head injuries.

When officers attended the scene, they also found an injured 64-year-old man. He was taken to hospital.

Hassan Salahi, 34, appeared before Southend Magistrates’ Court charged with one count of murder, one of attempted murder, grievous bodily harm with intent and aggravated burglary in connection with the incident.

He was remanded in custody to appear at Basildon Crown Court on March 10.


The Fallen 2009

Christopher Folkes – May 2009

A teenager will serve a minimum of 11 years in jail after being sentenced to life for the murder of a man in a park.

The 16-year-old, who can now be named as Mohsin Mohammed, was involved in a fight in Queen’s Park, Blackburn on May 30, which left Christopher Folkes, 36, with severe head injuries.

Mr Folkes, of Oban Drive, Shadsworth, died in hospital the day after the attack.

The Enricher

Today at Preston Crown Court, Mohammed, of Sussex Drive, was found guilty of murder after a week-long trial.
Senior Investigating Officer Detective Superintendent Neil Hunter said: “Christopher was subjected to a sustained and vicious assault. “He was repeatedly kicked about the head whilst lying motionless on the ground in a motiveless attack. “What made this even more sickening is that it is was committed in broad daylight whilst other people were using the park for recreational purposes.”

“The young man responsible had consumed far too much alcohol but despite this he was still able to chase, fell and then subject the victim to an unprovoked violent attack that even appalled the friends who were with him in the park.
“Even the screams for him to stop, from a member of the public who witnessed the attack, had no effect on him; he just continued attacking the victim. “As he walked away leaving the victim seriously injured and unconscious on the ground he made an extremely offensive comment that adequately demonstrated his lack of concern for another human being. “His attitude was quite disgraceful and I find it unbelievable that someone that young can behave in such an appalling manner. “I only hope today’ s outcome will provide some small comfort to Christopher’s family and I wish them the all well in the future.”

Prior to his murder, Chris had just phoned his mum to tell her he was on his way round to see her.

At the time of his death, Chris’s mother Christine Baxter, 51, and family said: “Chris was not a fighter, he was a mild mannered boy and not violent.

“We have been left devastated.”

Chris left behind a teenage daughter aged 18, two sisters aged 26 and 28, a brother aged 39 and a stepfather in his 50s.


The Fallen 2008

PC Jon Henry
June 2008

The murderer of fallen police officer Jon Henry has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Tennyson Obih, aged 29, of Winsdon Road, Luton, had previously pleaded guilty to manslaughter due to diminished responsibility but was found guilty of murder at Luton Crown Court today, March 24, by a majority verdict.

He must now serve a minimum sentence of 25 years behind bars.

Obih was also found guilty of the attempted murder of the window cleaner Stephen Chamberlain, guilty of GBH wounding with intent against window cleaner David Knight and guilty of aggravated burglary at the home address of Terence Lyons.

The killer should never have been in Our Country

Speaking after the verdict, senior investigating officer Det Insp Alan Postawa of the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Major Crime Unit said: “Although this appears to have been a straight forward investigation from an evidential point of view it has been a very emotional investigation for all those involved.

“I would like to pay tribute to Jon’s widow, Mary, who throughout this investigation has shown great dignity and courage, and also to the victims and witnesses who have during the past two weeks had to re-live the tragic events of that day.”

Ben Kinsella
June 2008

It was found among his possessions following his death in north London on Sunday.

Describing an attack startlingly similar to the one he suffered, Ben wrote: “I’ve been stabbed, three times in the chest, twice in the back, once in the gut for good measure.

“The pavement feels so very cold on my so very punctured back. Everything feels cold. Numbness persists. As I stare up at my killer-to-be he feels not the slightest measure of remorse at what he has just committed. Instead his dark smile sickens me in ways I couldn’t imagine.”

Ben wrote of falling victim to “the monstrosity society has become” and described being surrounded by his loved ones in hospital, yet feeling like the “loneliest person in the world”.

Then, describing his emotions in heaven, he said: “I just feel free. Free from anger, worries, anguish and pain.”

Police believe Ben, who once appeared in ITV drama The Bill, was an innocent victim of a fight which spilled from a pub in Islington on to the streets outside.

It was sparked when a group of underage youths were evicted from the Shillibeers bar just before 2am on Sunday. Ben was knifed several times in the neck and the chest, possibly by four separate young black attackers.

He bled to death in the arms of his friend Louis, the son of Birds of a Feather actress Linda Robson.

Ben’s grieving relatives read the essay after his death, and decided to make it public.

In it Ben, who was described as “extraordinarily talented” by his teachers, wrote: “I can only wonder whether I deserve to die here, now. Was it all for a reason? Who can say?

“As my mind becomes inflamed with questions I can only feel the pain pass over me like a shadow. Blood escapes my wounds. Blood once destined for greatness now seeps into the drains.”

Later on he said: “I knew I was gone and couldn’t ever come back. I just wished I had the strength to say goodbye. I was dead now.”

Ben then described meeting his grandfather, aunties and uncles in heaven.

He ended the essay by writing: “This is my home now and I’ve never felt better. I’m not scared any more. There’s no weight on my shoulders, no struggle.

“I’ll never say I’m glad he did it because, well, I’m simply not. But I much prefer it here than being stuck on a weird world.”


Gary Proctor, 47, and son James, 16 died
August 2008

A drink-driver who killed a father and son in a motorway crash was performing a sex act on himself minutes before the collision, a court heard.

Imran Hussain was driving at speeds of up to 120mph minutes before he ploughed into the back of a Fiat Punto carrying the Proctor family, from Wakefield.

Gary Proctor, 47, and son James, 16, died in the smash on the M62 motorway near Rochdale, on 3 August.

Hussain, of Bradford, was jailed for eight years at Manchester Crown Court.

Death threat

The 32-year-old, of Como Avenue, pleaded guilty to two counts of causing death by dangerous driving and one count of driving with excess alcohol at a previous hearing.

The court heard that Hussain’s erect penis was exposed when motorists came to his aid after the crash.

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Robert Knox
May 2008

A TEENAGE Harry Potter film actor was murdered over a dispute involving an alleged mobile phone theft, according to a friend of the victim.

Rob Knox, 18, died in a street attack around 1am outside the Metro Bar in Station Road, Sidcup, Kent.

Four other men were also injured. One was stabbed in the head.

A youth, who asked not to be named, said: �I was in the pub with Rob last night so I know exactly what happened. I was a friend of Rob and his brother Jamie. I wasn’t drinking with them but I see them and I chatted to them during the night before the stabbing.

“One of Rob’s mates had his mobile phone stolen last week and he accused a black bloke in the bar of taking it.

‘ We knew there was going to be aggro but we never expected anything like that ’

“There was a bit of trouble at the time but nothing serious. Then last night, earlier in the evening, this black bloke was in the bar again and Rob’s mate went up to him

“The black bloke went off and said he would be back. We knew there was possibly going to be some aggro but we never expected anything like that.

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The Fallen 2007

Jack Large
November 2007

Two schoolboys stabbed a 14-year-old boy to death outside an unmanned police station in a suspected race row, a court heard.

Jack Large died after a kitchen knife was rammed so hard into his head it pierced his brain and remained embedded in his skull, the jury was told.

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Stuart Lowe
October 2007

A 17-YEAR-OLD has been jailed for life after he battered another teenager to death.

Victim Stuart Lowe, 18, was killed in Warrington, in October, when Sibongiseni Majola struck him about the head with a screwdriver and kicked him while on the ground.

Stuart had suffered a massive brain injury and although he clung to life for seven days, he died a week later without regaining conciousness.

Yesterday, Majola, from Warrington, was sentenced to life behind bars, with a recommendation he serve at least 12 years before he can be considered for parole.

He had admitted murder last month at Chester crown court.

The court heard that joinery apprentice Stuart had gone to a party at The Bank Quay Social Club on October 17, last year.

It finished at 11pm and led to up to 100 young people, mostly students, milling around on the streets outside.

The mood began to change when football songs were chanted and witnesses report seeing fighting breaking out.

Majola and his friend were hit, and later claimed they had been subjected to racist comments.

The defendant left the scene in a friend’s car and was dropped off at his home nearby.

But instead of staying there, he armed himself with a screwdriver, and headed back to Warrington town centre.

His friend, who had also armed himself with a shovel, joined him.

As they walked along Sankey Street they came across Stuart Lowe with his friends, making their way home.

Although Stuart was not involved in the initial fight, an altercation developed between the two groups, and Majola struck his head with the screwdriver.

Witnesses say Majola kicked Stuart as he lay on the floor before running off.

A 17-year-old, from Warrington, pleaded guilty to the possession of the shovel and affray and was jailed for 18 months.


Billy Ward
December 2007

A 21-year-old was stabbed to death on a night bus in what his father has claimed was a racist attack.

Billy Ward, who works as a roofer, had been making his way home after a night out when he become involved in an argument with two men.

Friends of the victim said the attackers began hitting him on the head before following him from the top deck of the bus and starting a fight.

The brawl spilled over on to the pavement as the bus pulled over. Mr Ward was found shortly afterwards bleeding from stab wounds having been knifed in the chest.

He was taken by ambulance to Mayday Hospital in Croydon but was pronounced dead less than an hour later.

His father, Bill Ward, 52, said the murder was racially motivated.

He said: “He was picked because he was white. This was a racist attack. They started on him because they thought he would be a push-over but my son stood up to them.

“The police had better catch his killers before I get hold of them.”

The 21-year-old had been travelling on the N159 night bus home from Croydon in the early hours of Saturday when he was involved in the row. Witnesses said he had not realised he had been stabbed until he removed his top and saw blood pouring out.


@@@@@Timothy Smith
Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A Teenager on a BMX allegedly stabbed a man at a city centre bus stop after he bumped into him on the pavement, a court heard.

Rickell Patterson, of Norland Close, St Ann’s, is accused of murdering journalist Timothy Smith on Tuesday, May 1, in Upper Parliament Street, at around 6.30pm.

Lynne Tayton, prosecuting, told Nottingham Crown Court that Patterson, nicknamed ‘Rizzle’, stabbed Mr Smith in his chest after the collision and a 30-second scuffle.

Patterson, then 16 now 17, was one of four black youths who then fled on their BMX bikes, the court heard.

Rickell Patterson

The defendant admits stabbing Mr Smith, of Kingsthorpe Close, St Ann’s, but denies murder, claiming Mr Smith became ‘crazy’ after stepping into the bike’s path and being hit.

The court heard that Patterson had armed himself with a knife from Tesco that day because his friend had been attacked by a group from Radford.

Nathan Towle was waiting for a bus at the time of the incident.

He told the jury: “I remember one of them [the group] striking Tim with his right hand towards his chest. I assumed it was a punch and then everybody just disappeared straight away.”

Mr Smith was rushed to Queen’s Medical Centre, but died just after 1am from a single stab wound which punctured his lung and a main vein.

Patterson handed himself into Central Police Station the next day, accompanied by his mother and another relative.

The family had been told about the incident by the father of one of Patterson’s friends, the court heard.

Patterson answered no comment in his police interview but provided officers with a prepared statement in which he denied intentionally killing Mr Smith and said the older man was the aggressor after their collision.

“The defendant claims he only meant to stab him in the arm,” Ms Tayton said.

Patterson disposed of the knife in a flooded area of Sycamore Park, from where it was later recovered by police.

Ms Tayton said the defendant also changed his top because it had blood on it.

Mr Smith, a court reporter previously employed in Leicester, had moved to Nottingham to seek freelance work.

At the time of the incident he was reading a bus timetable and eating a cheeseburger having spent the afternoon surfing the internet at Nottingham Central Library.


Youth guilty of bus stop murder


Jason Spencer
Jason Spencer 17
11th October 2007
Tithby Drive, Sherwood, Nottingham

A 17-year-old from Nottingham who murdered a teenager after a row about a ripped jacket has been jailed for life. Judge Michael Stokes said Reuben Valentine was “barbaric and evil” and told him he must serve at least 16 years for killing Jason Spencer, 17.

Nottingham Crown Court was told Valentine had become angry when his jacket was torn during a play fight. Valentine, from Sherwood, had denied the charge but changed his plea to guilty on Wednesday. Judge Stokes also said Valentine was a “totally out of control” and agreed Jason Spencer’s mother was right to describe Valentine as “barbaric and evil”.

matt cowell
Keith Cowell 52 and Matthew Cowell 17
30th August 2007
Plaw Hatch Close, Bishops Stortford.

Killers who shot dead three men at a house in Hertfordshire used knives on a woman because they ran out of bullets, a police source has said. Keith Cowell, 52, and his son Matthew, 17, died alongside 33-year-old Tony Dulieu, of Billericay, in the shooting in Bishop’s Stortford on Tuesday night. Police are working on the theory the attack was drugs related.

They are hunting two Asian men, aged in their early 20s, seen driving a red car away from the scene on Tuesday. Mr Cowell’s wife Nicole, 46, had left for work at Stansted Airport minutes before the gunmen arrived. A woman, aged 54, believed to be Mr Cowell’s sister, and a woman aged 23, believed to be Matthew’s girlfriend Claire, were seriously injured. Their condition remains serious but stable.

@@@@@Stacy Westbury
17 August 2007

A man has been jailed for life for the sexual assault and murder of a woman, eight days after he was released on bail over separate rape allegations.

The body of Stacey Westbury, 23, was found at her home in Fulham, west London, on 17 August 2007.

Christopher Braithwaite, 22, of Shepherd’s Bush, west London, was arrested the following day.

He pleaded guilty to both charges and was jailed for life, with a minimum term of 30 years, at the Old Bailey.

Judge Stephen Kramer told Braithwaite: “What you did to her was not simply a momentary burst of rage.”

The judge said a series of rape charges in relation to other victims should be allowed to lie on file.

Miss Westbury was alone in her flat with her 10-month-old son in his cot when Braithwaite carried out his attack.

She was discovered by her father, Kenneth Westbury, nearly 24 hours later.

He said the day he found his daughter’s body would haunt him for the rest of his life.

He said he had felt “the most awful pain” but also “white hot rage” because of what had happened to her.

“I feel so guilty I was not there to protect my little girl,” he added.

Christopher Braithwaite

Braithwaite attacked his victim while she was alone in her flat

Her mother Lorraine said their grandson had nightmares and became hysterical if strangers came to the house.

Prosecutor Victor Temple QC said the crime was “a particularly grave sexually-motivated murder”.

“This defendant, addicted to crack cocaine, carried out a violent sexual assault on a defenceless young woman which in turn involved an element of sexual abuse accompanied by strangulation,” Mr Temple added.

A post-mortem examination also found she had been stabbed.

He said that after the killing, Braithwaite did nothing to alert anyone to the presence of a baby on its own in the flat and that he returned after the murder to steal a telephone, some jewellery and a pedal bike.

Mr Temple said after Braithwaite was arrested over claims of rape and false imprisonment on 9 August he was questioned and released on police bail.

Disadvantaged family

“There were, of course, possible potential allegations to be charged against him,” he said. “He wasn’t charged at the time.”

Braithwaite was subsequently charged over alleged rape, but the charges, and others relating to another woman, were all allowed to lie on file.

The charges include rape, false imprisonment and actual bodily harm, involving “manual strangulation”.

Oliver Blunt QC, defending, said Braithwaite was suffering from a personality disorder, worsened by his use of drugs and that he came from a “somewhat disadvantaged family”.

Braithwaite had a previous conviction for wounding after he stabbed a man in 2005.

Sentencing, Judge Kramer said: “She was only 23 years old. She was with her 10-month old son.

“What you did in killing her, robbing her family of a much-loved daughter and sister, has been devastating to them.”


Andrew Holland 16
17th August 2007
Plodder Lane, Farnworth

A MAN has been charged in connection with the death of Andrew Holland. Mahmud Maksoudian, aged 21, of Madams Wood Road, Little Hulton, is alleged to have stabbed the teenager to death outside Ashy’s chip shop in Plodder Lane, Farnworth. He was arrested shortly after the incident, which happened at 10.50pm on Friday and has been charged with murder and assault.

Andrew was one of two 16-year-old boys attacked outside Ashy’s Takeaway in Plodder Lane, Farnworth, at about 10.50pm on Friday, following an argument thought to involve one of the victims. Police found Andrew, of Trentham Gardens, Farnworth, collapsed and bleeding. Both teenagers were taken to Rochdale Infirmary where Andrew later died.

UPDATE 26 Feb 2008

A man has been given a life sentence for the murder of a 16-year-old boy who was stabbed to death near a takeaway.


Kevin Beckingham, with and without his glasses
Kevin Beckingham 35
14th August 2007
Nithdale Road, Plumstead

A FITNESS trainer used a hold he learned from an martial arts instruction video to throttle a disabled man and then tried to pin the blame on his best friend, a court heard.

Khorram Azim, aged 34, of Wood Place, Chislehurst Road, Sidcup, is on trial for the murder of Kevin Beckingham at his home in Nithdale Road, Plumstead, on February 12 last year. The Old Bailey heard how Azim killed Mr Beckingham, aged 35, with his own hands using a choke hold from the American martial art of catch wrestling.

In 1999, Mr Beckingham employed Azim, a father-of-one, as a personal trainer to help him “build himself up.

It is claimed Azim, who was described as “manipulative” and “aggressive”, stabbed Mr Beckingham in the neck after choking him to death, to make it look like he had been killed by an intruder.


James Houliston, 44
12th July 2007
Shoreditch Park, Hackney

A MURDER hunt is under way after a builder beaten up in a busy Hoxton park lost his fight for life. James Houliston, 44, of Regan Way, was left with a fractured skill when he was attacked in Shoreditch Park three weeks ago. Police are keen to trace a dark-skinned Asian man in his late teens, who is about 5ft 11ins tall and has an athletic build. He was wearing light-coloured shorts and was wearing or holding a white T-shirt. It is believed he was with a group of about six Asian and black youths in their late teens, as well as a white girl with blonde or bleached hair.

Keith Brown 52
6th July 2007
Normacot, Stoke-on-Trent

At just after 4pm on Friday 6th of July, despite valiant efforts by paramedics, 52 year old Keith Brown was pronounced dead on the front lawn of his garden in Normacot, Stoke-on-Trent. The police, the local newspaper (the Sentinel), together with local TV and radio reported that Keith had died as the result of, “a dispute between neighbours”. As has become the norm when white indigenous people are killed by non-white immigrants no further details were given about the attack and the public were simply left to imagine just what might have occurred.

Had the roles of victim/perpetrator been reversed of course the media and the police would have gone to extraordinary lengths to emphasise the depths of British wickedness and speculate as to what great heights the victim would have climbed had the community not been deprived by yet another act of “white racism”.

The British people have become so used to the double standards employed in the reporting of race crime it has become understood amongst many British people that an attack on one of their own together with a non descriptive account of the assailants can mean only one thing.

Maybe there is some perverse logic operating here, perhaps with all good intentions the police and the media are justifying their selective treatment of racially-motivated assault, rape and murder as for the better interests of the community as a whole. Nevertheless, even the most twisted of liberal minds must be able to understand the consequences of completely writing off the indigenous population and that only in the relative short-term can they get away with it.

BNP presence on council

Unfortunately for those content to sacrifice their own kind on the altar of diversity, the latest Muslim gang murder of an Englishman took place in Stoke-on-Trent. This very English city regularly votes en masse for British National Party representatives with the result that, despite massive efforts by the Labour Party, a powerful block of BNP councillors sits in the Civic Hall. The people of this city are fair-minded, proud and intelligent and easily able to repel the constant stream of ethno-masochistic propaganda that is regularly directed towards them. The people of Stoke elect BNP councilors for a reason, because they believe with all their hearts that the Party and its councillors are the only ones prepared to tell the truth.

In many British town and cities the murder of another one of our own kind at the hands of yet another gang of Muslim thugs could very well be covered up, but not in Stoke. What you are about to read is the shocking and scandalous truth about the murder of Keith Brown, a man now being mourned by seven children.

Land grab

The so-called neighbourhood dispute first started when Keith Brown’s Muslim neighbours decided to move the fence that divides their property an extra two feet in their favour. Keith tried all he could to get the council’s legal team to stop the erection of concrete posts and new fence panels on his property, but despite being advised that he was “in the right” on several occasions nothing was done.

Every morning Keith would open his curtains to see this encroachment on his own bit of land, his own personal space and, as the large Muslim family started to take pleasure in goading him about the invasion of his property, his quality of life became minimal.

The relationship between the neighbours became seriously strained and it was not long before the police were called to intervene. Amazingly though it was Keith who found himself dragged before the courts on a trumped up charge of “racism”, but thankfully his West Indian neighbour appeared as a witness and described the charges as ridiculous. Eventually the case was thrown out.
Keith’s eldest son was actually sent to prison for later defending his father against a further physical assault, the injustice of which hurt Keith considerably.

Last year the brake pipes of Keith’s van were cut and he narrowly avoided a serious accident. Not long after this Keith’s beloved English bull terrier was poisoned to death and his Alsatian puppy mysteriously disappeared.

Throughout all of this time Keith and his partner had requested to move from the area to a new council house, but despite being on the housing list for years nothing was ever done for them.

CCTV footage

In desperation Keith fitted a CCTV system to his house in order to obtain video evidence of the continued racially-motivated abuse and assaults directed towards him and his family. One such assault was indeed captured on video and burnt to DVD. Last year Stoke BNP councillor Steve Batkin requested a meeting with a local police Inspector at Sutherland Road Police Station in Longton to hand over the DVD and to complain about Muslim drug dealing in the area. The female, Asian officer refused to even take the DVD and dismissed Steve’s formal complaint about the continuing assaults on Keith Brown saying that , “she knew who he was”. In the minuted meeting she at least said she would look at the narcotics issue, but later informed Steve that the alleged drug-dealing was just down to “private hire drivers falling asleep in their cars”.

The months of anguish continued for Keith, abuse, assaults and smashed windows until finally the inevitable but entirely avoidable happed. Last Friday afternoon witnesses saw Keith and his neighbours in yet another flare up. Keith had just returned from picking up his three youngest children from school when he was confronted by a group of Muslim men outside his house. Whilst Keith was remonstrating with these men another Muslim man crept from behind a car and plunged a large knife in his back. Keith never saw it coming, but his three young children did. Having brutally attacked Keith the gang then set about his 19-year-old son leaving him hospitalised.

As Keith lay dying in his garden, paramedics desperately tried to resuscitate him, but Keith had already slipped away, stabbed in the back by his murderer and stabbed in the back by those who should have protected him.
One of the things we have always been proud of in this country is that, unlike other countries, life is not cheap here. Not anymore, even in Third world countries never would the ruling elite, the police and the media despise their fellow countrymen so much that they would conspire to ensure that their lives were made the cheapest of them all.

Martin Dinnegan
Martin Dinnegan 14
26th June 2007
Tollington Way, Islington

Martin Dinnegan, 14, was stabbed in the chest in Tollington Way, Islington, on Tuesday night and died at the scene. Mrs Dinnegan said: “I’ve just been speaking to one of Martin’s friends and he says it’s because apparently they were looking at each other in the wrong way.”

“Before he knew it, there were lots of boys fighting and he said he just looked and Martin was lying on the ground. Detective Supt Richard Heselden said: “This was a vicious attack carried out in daylight on a busy street and we are keen to trace any witnesses we may not have already spoken to, or anyone who has any information as to who may be responsible.”

Mrs Dinnegan said police initially told her it was a robbery and that his attackers were five black youths on bicycles. Police sources stressed, however, that detectives are keeping an open mind on the motive. (Had it been a white on black crime we all no what the police would be saying now dont we)

Ben Hitchcock
Ben Hitchcock 16
23rd June 2007
Southend Road, Beckenham

Ben Hitchcock died after he was stabbed in a fight in Southend Road, Beckenham, at the junction with Calverley Close, at 11.36pm. Eyewitnesses described youths wielding metal chains, poles and pick-axe handles in the fight, which is now the subject of a murder investigation.

Ben, who was a Year 11 pupil at Kelsey Park Sports College, in Manor Way, Beckenham, was taken to Lewisham Hospital by ambulance, where he was pronounced dead. Lee Hitchcock, of Blean Road, Beckenham, said: “My son was loved very much by his family and many friends.

Neighbours from the flats overlooking the scene have described the “mayhem” of a “terrifying” incident. An ex-police officer, who does not want to be named, described how the incident unfolded. He said: “We heard lots of shouting in the street and all of a sudden there were somewhere between 30 to 40 youths there.

“There was one large gang who seemed predominantly black, who came from the direction of Lewisham. “The other gang came from the direction of Beckenham and seemed to be mixed. “They were carrying pick-axe handles, metal scaffolding poles and other homemade weapons and swinging chains above their heads. “They seemed to be big guys and they all pulled their hoodies up when they were around 50 yards away from each other.

So far 14 youths have been arrested in connection with the investigation, including one girl. All 14, who are aged between 13 and 16-years-old, were bailed last night and will return to a south London police station on June 27.

Pc Jon Henry with his baby daughter Maggie (Police handout)
PC Jon Henry 36
13th June 2007
George Street, Luton

A 27-year-old man charged with the murder of Luton police officer Jon Henry has been remanded in custody. Tennyson Obih, of Luton, was also charged with the attempted murder of two window cleaners – Steven Chamberlain and David Knight. Pc Henry, 36, was stabbed after responding to reports of an assault in Luton’s George Street early on Monday.

Mr Obih appeared before Luton magistrates where he was remanded to appear at Luton Crown Court on 26 June. Despite his police-issue body armour Pc Henry suffered stab wounds to the neck and died later at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital.

Pc Henry, whose daughter Maggie will be one at the end of the month, had been on duty for less than 30 minutes before the incident.


Kate Beagley – May 2007

A fitness trainer was jailed for life today for murdering a woman on their first date.

Kate Beagley, 32, was killed in a frenzied attack as she sat on a park bench at a beauty spot overlooking the river Thames in May last year.

Her naked body was found four days later with 31 stab wounds to the face and neck.

Today at the Old Bailey, Karl Taylor, 27, of Covent Garden, central London, was found guilty of her murder and told he must serve a minimum of 30 years in prison.

After his arrest, Taylor led police to Beagley’s body dumped in nettles in Oxhey Wood, north of London.

He had driven her there in the boot of her grey VW Golf car, which Taylor told police he had intended to steal when he met her.

The trial heard Taylor had gone on the date armed with a knife, which he placed up his sleeve as he sat with Beagley in the Roebuck pub in Richmond Hill, south-west London.

Taylor claimed in court she committed suicide in front of him by prodding her head forward on to his knife after telling him of her problems.

He demonstrated her actions using an envelope instead of a knife, and told the jury: “I realised she passed away. I was crying profusely. I lay on the grass and looked at the sky.”

The pair had met days earlier at a club in central London and exchanged phone numbers.

During their date, Beagley, of Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, appeared to be ignoring him, the court was told.

Peter Clarke QC, prosecuting, said Taylor told police he stabbed Beagley during an argument after telling her: “All I want is your car.”

He told police: “She pushed me away. She was grabbing me and I stabbed her in the throat. I constantly and consistently cut her in the neck because she was going for my face.”

Taylor removed her clothes and washed her body with mineral water before dumping it, the court heard. He later showed off the car to friends and family, and sold Beagley’s mobile phone to a friend.


Samantha Anderson 29
26th May 2007
Vallum Court, Elswick, Newcastle

Bodybuilding asylum seeker Ari Abdullah was today beginning a life sentence for killing nursery nurse Samantha Anderson in a ferocious attack. Steroid user Abdullah had been engaged to the 29-year-old before their relationship broke down last July. Abdullah, who could be freed after serving less than 12 years of the life term, had been jealous during their time together and cautioned for assaulting her. And when Samantha called at his flat in Vallum Court, Elswick, Newcastle, to collect mail last October, the Iraqi-born Kurd launched a “relentless” armed onslaught.

Factory worker Abdullah, 30, lashed Samantha about the head with his heavy weightlifting belt, Newcastle Crown Court heard.


Paul Kelly 32
5th May 2007

A few minutes after midnight 2006, 32-year-old Paul Kelly was murdered in Bath. Paul was stabbed repeatedly outside the Longacre Tavern following a row that started in the pub. Paul’s and his friends were out celebrating the New Year when, just after midnight, they got into an argument with a black woman and her friends. Paul did his best to seperate the two sides and things quietened down.

However, after a few minutes the row started up again. It spilled out into the street outside the pub and, once again, Paul was seen trying to calm things down. Despite his easily perceived role as peacemaker, a black youth, who had not been associated with the original argument, emerged from the crowd and began stabbing Paul repeatedly.

One of the blows pierced his heart and he died almost immediately.

In March 2007, Paul’s killer had still not been apprehended, even though many of the pub-goers must have known his identity. However, after a £10,000 reward was posted on BBC’s Crimewatch, one name was repeatedly mentioned and the police are now, hopefully, closing in on the murderer.,,2052550,00.html

Andrew Owen 42
5th May 2007
Coronation Gardens, Sedgley

Two men have appeared in court accused of the murders of two men whose bodies were found 20 miles apart. Gabriel Bhengu, 26, and Jabu Mbowane, 25, of Wolverhampton are further accused of conspiracy to rob.

The body of Andrew Owen, 42, was found in Sedgley, West Midlands, on 15 April. Neil Williams, 41, of Telford, was found in nearby Stirchley on 6 April. A 21-year-old woman, Kashia Allen, also of Wolverhampton, is also charged with conspiracy to rob.

Both murder victims are thought to have been robbed while walking home from public houses. Mr Bhengu and Mr Mbowane, South African nationals who live in Court Road, Whitmore Reans, and Ms Allen, of Crosby Close, Farndale, have been remanded in custody until 15 May.

UPDATE 9 May 08

Two illegal immigrants have been found guilty of murdering two men who were strangled during separate street robberies.

A jury took just over six hours to convict Gabriel Bhengu and Jabu Mbowane, both 26, of murdering Andrew Owen and Neil Williams in April last year. They will each serve at least 30 years in jail.

The defendants admitted mugging the victims but denied intending to harm them. A third defendant, 22-year-old Kashia Allen, was found guilty of the manslaughter of Mr Owen, who died after being put in a headlock.

Full Story and Source

Neil Williams
Neil Williams 41
5th May 2007
Calcott, Stirchley

Two men have appeared in court accused of the murders of two men whose bodies were found 20 miles apart. Gabriel Bhengu, 26, and Jabu Mbowane, 25, of Wolverhampton are further accused of conspiracy to rob.

The body of Andrew Owen, 42, was found in Sedgley, West Midlands, on 15 April. Neil Williams, 41, of Telford, was found in nearby Stirchley on 6 April. A 21-year-old woman, Kashia Allen, also of Wolverhampton, is also charged with conspiracy to rob.

Both murder victims are thought to have been robbed while walking home from public houses. Mr Bhengu and Mr Mbowane, South African nationals who live in Court Road, Whitmore Reans, and Ms Allen, of Crosby Close, Farndale, have been remanded in custody until 15 May.

Victim: Thomas Fahey
Thomas Fahey, 41
6th April 2007
Streatham, south London

A professional footballer has been jailed for eight years for helping to plan a robbery which ended in murder. Ashley Sestanovich, an ex-body double for Arsenal’s Thierry Henry, used to play for Grimbsy and Sheffield United.

He was convicted of conspiracy to rob a roofing firm in Streatham, south London, in June 2005. Damien Ennis, 26, and Hallroy Reid, 40, were convicted of the murder of Thomas Fahey, 42, who was shot in the chest during the raid. Mr Fahey was visiting his brother at the family firm when the raid took place. He was shot when he chased the men as they tried to make off.

Damien Ennis (l) and Hallroy Reid
Ennis and Reid both denied murder

Alan Sheard
Alan Sheard 67
3rd April 2007
Leeds Road, Thornbury

Police investigating the murder of a pensioner who died after being attacked during an argument with youths have urged those involved to come forward. Alan Sheard, of St Hilda’s Terrace in Bradford, was walking along Leeds Road, Thornbury, on Sunday night when he got into an argument with the group.

It is believed one of the youngsters then assaulted the 67-year-old. The group are described as Asian, with three in their late teens and one about 14 years old, police said. They ran off up Thornbury Avenue after the incident.

Murdered Russell Aylett with his daughter Danielle
Russell Aylett
30th March 2007
Rush Green Road, Romford

A MAN has been jailed for life after watching a “psychopathic and homophobic” attack on a father-of-three before strangling him, and hiding his body in a wardrobe, to stop him going to the police.

Heavily-built Richard Truszczynski, 26, was jailed on Friday for the “utterly pointless” murder of Russell Aylett, 42, at the Rush Green Road YMCA last March.

Ian Ward was 'a lovely man and a good son'
Ian Ward 37
10th March 2007
Long Ditton, Surrey

Grieving relatives looked on aghast as learner driver Denise Williams-Yelbert maintained a wall of silence while facing charges over the death of cyclist Ian Ward, on the day he would have turned 38.

Ms Williams-Yelbert, 31, from Morden, pleaded not guilty at Staines Magistrates’ Court on Monday to driving without due care and attention, driving without insurance and driving on a provisional licence without supervision. She spoke only to confirm her name, address and not guilty plea and left the court without making a statement.

It follows an inquest last month when the Woking coroner was forced to record an open verdict because Ms Williams-Yelbert refused to answer any questions on the accident, which crash scene investigators alleged happened when she was speeding on a straight road on a clear day and inside a cycle lane.

Rik Adams with son Blake.
Rik Adams 34
27th February 2007
Nechells, Birmingham

THE family of hit-and-run victim Rik Adams said nothing could compensate them for their loss after his killer was jailed for four years. Ahdal Zaffer, aged 20, will be freed after serving just two years in a young offenders’ institute for the crash which killed the doting dad-of-one.

He was driving a high-powered Subaru Impreza “like lightning” when he lost control on a bend near Star City, in Nechells, hurtled through the air and landed on top of Mr Adams’ car, killing him. The chartered surveyor, from Knowle, Solihull, was on his way to meet wife Susan to buy food for their son Blake’s first birthday party.

The devoted family man did not know Susan was pregnant with their second child, which she only discovered three weeks after his death. Baby Erica was born on January 31 weighing 7lb 3oz.

Allan Chappelow
Allan Chappelow 86
21st February 2007
Hampsted, London

A man has pleaded not guilty to murdering an 86-year-old millionaire author in his north-west London home. Wang Yam, 45, is accused of killing Allan Chappelow at the house in Hampstead, between May and June 2006.

He also denied theft, burglary and deception charges, including obtaining a £20,000 money transfer by impersonating the writer. Mr Yam, a financial trader from Hampstead, was remanded in custody at the Old Bailey for trial on 2 July.

Four cheques, mail and a mobile phone were missing from Mr Chappelow’s house in Downshire Hill. Mr Yam further denied alternative charges of theft and handling stolen property in relation to the missing items.

Mr Chappelow’s body was discovered by police at his home in June after concerns were raised about his welfare. A post-mortem examination revealed the writer had died from head injuries.

@@@@@Roger Hare
20th February 2007

A crack addict who left a charity worker for dead had been freed early from prison weeks earlier after another violent attack.

Ebanezer Adesina was on licence when he ferociously attacked Roger Hare after the profoundly deaf grandfather asked him to move his legs so he could get off a train.

The 20-year-old was released early from a three-year jail term for robbing two men.

While in jail, he broke a fellow inmate’s jaw and was sentenced to serve 15 months concurrently for the attack.

Adesina, who was unemployed, was on the same train as 61-year-old Mr Hare, who was returning home after an evening discussing charity events in London on February 20 this year.

As he stood up to leave the train at West Dulwich station in South London, Mr Hare politely asked Adesina to move his feet so he could pass by.

Adesina remained motionless and as Mr Hare brushed past him, he stood up, swore and started to punch his victim repeatedly.

Mr Hare was struck with such force that he landed head first on the platform, shattering his skull.

Witnesses described him hitting the ground “like a sack of potatoes”.

Adesina then calmly stepped over his Mr Hare’s unconscious body and walked out of the station, telling a passenger who shouted at him to stop: “What’s the point? He’s dead already.”

Mr Hare spent a week in a coma on a life-support machine.

Yesterday Adesina, from Dagenham, East London, was sent to jail indefinitely at Southwark Crown Court for causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

He was found guilty by a jury at an earlier hearing.

Judge Christopher Elwen ordered him to serve a minimum of six years, telling him: “The savagery of that attack can be inferred from the descriptions of the eyewitnesses, who spoke variously of big, powerful, swinging punches delivered like a professional boxer, of Mr Hare being used like a punchbag, and there being a barrage of fists.”

The court heard that while Adesina was serving his three-year sentence for robbery in Feltham Young Offenders’ Institute he viciously attacked another inmate.

Judge Elwen said: “That attack lasted 15 or 20 seconds and resulted in the person at the end of your fist suffering a broken jaw.

“I do therefore consider it would be reasonable to conclude there is a risk to the public of you committing further specified offences because of the sustained severity of the attack in the present case.”


Serena Mahoney 26
2nd February 2007
Windmill Lane, Cheshunt,

A jury sitting at St Albans Crown Court took less than one day to find Aaron Venna, father of one guilty of violently attacking Serena, 26. He repeatedly stamped on her face and sexually assaulted her before throwing her into the River Lee where she drowned.

Serena, who tragically died just yards from where she lived on a houseboat in Windmill Lane, Cheshunt, suffered horrific injuries as a result of Venna’s sadistic attack.

Venna is due to be sentenced next month when the minimum amount of time he must serve in prison before being considered for parole will be set.

Below, vile murderer Aaron Venna


The Fallen 2006

Jeanette Hullah
Jeanette Diane Hullah 21
14th December 2006
Cheetham Hill, Manchester

AN ILLEGAL immigrant has been charged with strangling a woman from Cheetham Hill, with whom he was staying as a lodger. The 35-year-old, who gave his name in court as Imtiaz Ahmed, was charged on Tuesday with murdering 21-year-old Jeannette Hullah, whose body was found five days earlier at her house on Galsworthy Avenue.

The accused, originally from Pakistan, was sent in custody to the crown court for a preliminary hearing on 5 January.


David Driscoll
David Driscoll 31
1st December 2006
Oxhey Road, South Oxhey

A second man has been charged in connection with the death of a man who died from a stab wound in Herts. David Driscoll, 31, of Lowestoft Road, in Watford, died shortly after police officers found him in Oxhey Drive, South Oxhey, on 23 November. Leon Walsh, 20, of Whiston Road, Hackney, London, will appear before magistrates in Watford. Raymond Agubugba-Cansie, 25, of Harvest Road, Queens Park, London, has already been charged with murder.


The body of Grace Moore was discovered at Erris Grove
Grace More 38
25th November 2006
Churchfield, County Carlow, NI

A 23-year-old man has appeared in court charged with murdering a 38-year-old woman in west Belfast at the weekend. Kristoph Emmanuel Aluya, originally from Nigeria but now living in Churchfield, County Carlow, is accused of murdering Grace Moore.

Ms Moore’s body was discovered at a house at Erris Grove near Blacks Road in Belfast on Saturday. A defence solicitor said his client would deny the charge. Mr Aluya was remanded in custody until 12 December. The defendant spoke only once to confirm he understood the charge against him. A detective sergeant told the court he believed he could connect the accused to the charge.


Ian Page – November 2006

Three men have been jailed for kicking a teenager to death over a row when he bumped into them in the street.

Ian Page, 19, was killed on the Edgware Road, north London, in November last year, following a night out with friends.

Yateman smirked in the dock as the victim’s father Kenny Page read out a victim impact statement, telling how he had gone “through hell” over his son’s death

Andre Campbell, 24, his half-brother Lloyd Henry, 20, and Jermaine Yateman, 19, were convicted over his killing at the Old Bailey.

Campbell and Yateman were both found guilty of murder, and jailed for life with a minimum term of 15 years.

Henry, who was convicted of manslaughter, was sentenced to eight years. Both he and Yateman were sent to young offender institutions.

They were part of a gang, captured on security camera footage, that dragged Mr Page to the floor then kicked him as he lay motionless beneath them.

Judge Brian Barker, the Common Serjeant of London, said: “What we have seen on that CCTV is chilling and it is scary.

“It is totally unacceptable and the public have every right to be concerned about the increase in this sort of violence.

“This was selfish thoughtless, group violence. It was deliberately continued when there was no possible danger. It was unwarranted and it led to catastrophe.”

The judge told all three men: “This is a tragic case for all concerned. After an inoffensive evening of enjoyment with his friends Ian Page, 19, died a sudden, brutal and totally unnecessary death at your hands.

“The spark that cause the flare-up was we never properly identified but on any view it was pretty inconsequential.”

After some “shouting and posturing”, Campbell went off to a kebab shop to get help from his brother and friends.

The gang returned to where Mr Page was, isolating him in a corner and chasing off his friends before dragging him off and kicking him until he was unable to get up.

As his assailants fled they each laid a final kick into his prone body, before Yateman returned to rob him of his gold bracelet and attacked him again.

Mr Page suffered severe brain damage and died four days later in hospital.

Yateman, of Colindale, north London, smirked in the dock as the victim’s father Kenny Page read out a victim impact statement, telling how he had gone “through hell” over his son’s death.

Lorraine Beasley, Ian Page’s mother, described how he “loved life” and “had time for everybody”.

“When my son’s life was taken, part of my own life was taken as well,” she said.


Karen Hartshorne
Karen Hartshorne 37
9th November 2006
Norton Crescent, Coseley

A PROFESSIONAL Sol Campbell impersonator has admitted murdering his ex-girlfriend at her Dudley home. Peter Martin, 38, pleaded guilty at Wolverhampton Crown Court to the murder of Karen Hartshorne, who was found with multiple stab wounds at her home on February 26. The impersonator, who is on the books of an agency as a lookalike of the Portsmouth footballer, had been in a long-term relationship with Miss Hartshorne, a trainee manager, before they split at Christmas. Martin, of no fixed address, will reappear at the court on December 13.

Below Peter Martin
Peter Martin


Richard Holmes
Richard Holmes 21
2nd November 2006
Chingford, east London

Richard Holmes, 21, was shot dead by associates of rapper Dwayne Mahorn, known as MC Durrty Goodz, in Chingford, east London, on 4 November 2005. Killers Anthony Green, 35, of Loughton, Essex and Carl Dobson, 23, of Stratford, London, were given 30-year minimum terms at the Old Bailey. Mr Mahorn, 25, of Chingford, east London, was cleared of murder. The court heard Mr Mahorn, who was also cleared of manslaughter, complained the song by Mr Holmes’s friend, Sabar Shah, 16, was disrespectful to him, a court heard. The song accused Mr Mahorn of having “lost touch with his roots”, said Richard Horwell, QC, prosecuting. Mr Shah’s lyrics said: “Over the years, things change in the hood. I used to have a lot of respect for Durrty Goodz – Not no more.” Mr Horwell said Mr Shah’s point was he felt Mr Mahorn had turned his back on the estate since his music career had taken off.

Mr Horwell said Mr Mahorn cornered Sabar Shah, himself a budding rapper who was known as Shak, and demanded an apology. “I am a 24-year-old man,” Mr Mahorn is alleged to have told him. “I can’t have a 16-year-old saying things like that to me.” Shak refused to apologise and later that evening Mr Holmes and some friends were surrounded by associates of Mr Mahorn armed with a Mach-10 machine gun. Mr Holmes was shot in the leg and the back as he ran off with his friends under a hail of bullets.

Below 2 more admissions to our already over-crowded jails – Bring back the noose

Anthony Green (left) and Carl Dobson


Murder victim Stephen Coulson
Stephen Coulson 53
29th October 2006
Forest Gate, London

The 53 year-old was stabbed to death on Friday night following an argument which began in a Forest Gate pub and spilled out on to the street. Mr Coulson, 53, who lived in Beckton, was knifed near the Hudson Bay pub in Upton Lane at about 9.25pm. Paramedics rushed him to The Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel where he was confirmed dead shortly after arrival.

Detectives have launched a murder investigation and are appealing for witnesses or anyone with information to come forward. They believe Mr Coulson was involved in an altercation with three black men earlier in the Hudson Bay. The men made off on foot.


Samantha Anderson
Samantha Anderson 29
28th October 2006
Elswick, Newcastle

Tragic nursery nurse Samantha Anderson was killed in a frenzied knife attack after she returned to visit her ex-boyfriend’s flat. Today murder squad police were piecing together details of the 29-year-old’s recent troubled past for clues to the motive for the savage killing. Ms Anderson, who cared for youngsters at the Buffer Bear Nursery in Newcastle’s Neville Street, was found dead of multiple stab wounds on Monday night. She had made the 20-minute walk from her work at Newcastle Central Station to a ground floor flat in Vallum Court, off Westgate Road, where she had previously lived with her Iraqi-Kurd boyfriend, before they split up a few months ago.

The events in the flat that night are now being investigated by police.

It is understood Ms Anderson’s 29-year-old estranged boyfriend has been arrested on suspicion of her alleged murder and will be questioned further today. Det Supt Steve Wade, leading the inquiry into her killing, said: “Samantha’s family have been left distraught by her death. “We need to hear from her friends and colleagues who may have information about her recent lifestyle. “She had gone to the flat where she suffered multiple stab wounds. Someone may know whether she had been experiencing any personal problems before her death. “We are also trying to trace the route she took after work as she made her way to the flat. CCTV footage from around the area is being viewed today.”

Samantha had met her asylum-seeker boyfriend in 2003. They had been living together at Vallum Court from 2004, but had split up in August this year. It is understood his asylum status had run out yesterday, but he had re-applied and the matter was under consideration by the Home Office. Ms Anderson had gone to live with family in Cramlington since the break-up of her relationship. Her parents, although divorced, both live nearby and are being comforted by other members of the family today. Police and emergency services were alerted when a friend of the victim’s ex-boyfriend called to see him at around 8pm on Monday. He couldn’t get a reply, but noticed a powerful smell of petrol coming from the flat.

When firefighters arrived at the 20-storey tower block, off Westgate Road, they found petrol had been poured around the area. It was feared a bid had been made to set the premises alight, but the emergency services prevented any further danger. Samantha’s body was found in the living room. A Home Office pathologist said she died from multiple stab wounds.

David Lees
David Lees 23
29th October 2006
Middleton Road, Prestwich

David died after being hit by a car in Greater Manchester and may have been the victim of a racial incident, police have said. He died in hospital after being found collapsed on Middleton Road in Prestwich at 0100 BST on Saturday. The 23-year-old’s death followed a disturbance believed to have involved white and Asian men. A 25-year-old has been arrested on suspicion of Mr Lee’s murder.

About 20 people were seen arguing on the forecourt of a BP garage prior to the killing. Mr Lees, who was white, had been among people involved in a row with a group of Asian youths. The police spokesman said: “We are treating this as a racial incident, but the murder was not racially motivated.” (eh?)

Independant eye witnesses claim the car drove at the group of white youths 3 TIMES at about 70mph, on the third time they managed to hit the intended victim who was thrown 40 foot into air, with such force that his clothing and neck chain were detached from his body on impact . Another bystander said that Mr Lees, from Blackley, Greater Manchester, never stood a chance.

Rik Adams

Rik Adams 34
11th October 2006
Cuckoo Road, Birmingham

A BIRMINGHAM teenager has been warned he faces a prison sentence after admitting causing the death of a man when his car went “airborne” and landed on top of another vehicle. Adhal Zaffar, 19, of Alum Rock Road, Saltley, pleaded guilty to causing the death of devoted dad Rik Adams by dangerous driving. Zaffar, at the wheel of a Subaru Impreza, struck a central reservation in Cuckoo Road, Nechells, while travelling at speed towards Star City on May 19.

His car flew through the air before landing on top of Mr Adams’ Volkswagen Golf.

Mr Adams, 34, had popped out from work to pick up a birthday present for his son Blake’s first birthday. He was due to meet his wife at Star City and had telephoned ahead to say he was running late when tragedy struck. Just two weeks after his death Susan Adams discovered she was expecting their second child.


Lisa Smedley 20
11th October 2006
Warwick Avenue, Derby

Lisa Smedley, 20, was found dying in the road after she was allegedly hit by a BMW M3. Ashan Mushtaq — who was uninsured — allegedly fled the scene with the help of groom Kamran Akram. Both went ahead with the wedding the next day. A jury was told that the top-of-the range sports convertible had been hired a day earlier by Mushtaq’s elder brother, to be used by the groom’s party — and only he was insured to drive it. Mushtaq, 23, allegedly took it for a spin the night before his duties.

Prosecutor Adrian Reynolds told Derby Crown Court: “The car was parked outside the house, and Mushtaq decided to go out in it. He told police he thought he was insured. “It was a cold night, but he put the roof down and drove at a speed he described as 40mph.”

Witness Ali Akbar said he was doing 38mph in his Peugeot 106 when he was overtaken by Mushtaq shortly before the accident. He said: “The BMW must have been going at twice my speed.”

Lisa was trying to cross Warwick Avenue, Derby, when she was struck by the car, which drove on for more than half a mile. The tragedy happened days before her daughter Versace’s third birthday in September last year,,2-2006470305,00.html


Sarah-Jayne Hunt, 20
Kieran Hunt, 9
Unborn Baby 0
3rd October 2006

A MAN was today charged with the manslaughter of a mum and her unborn baby after she was hit by a car on a Birmingham pelican crossing. The 19 year-old was also charged with causing the death by dangerous driving of her nine-year-old son. Ibrer Faisel, from Small Heath, was appearing before Birmingham Magistrates after Sarah-Jayne Hunt and her son Kieran, aged nine, were hit by a car in Hay Mills. Police said he is charged with two counts of manslaughter in relation to Mrs Hunt, aged 28, and her unborn baby and with causing the death of Kieran by dangerous driving and criminal damage.

Mrs Hunt, who was six months pregnant, was dragged 50 metres under a Nissan Micra on the A45 Coventry Road dual carriageway on Monday night. She was pronounced dead at the scene and paramedics were unable to save her unborn baby. Her son Kieran was fatally injured and died later in hospital. Her youngest son Ryan, aged seven, escaped serious injury in the collision, which happened as they crossed the road close to the junction with Ada Road, to see their father.

David Cockerill

David Cockerill 43
23rd September 2006
Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester

43-year-old beggar David, who was attacked in Manchester city centre almost two weeks ago has died in hospital. David Cockerill was punched after he approached two men for money in Piccadilly Gardens on 23 September. Mr Cockerill, originally of Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, suffered a serious head injury. He was taken to Hope Hospital where he died on Wednesday.

Detectives have launched a murder inquiry and are asking anyone with information to contact them. One of the men is described by police as of Eastern European origin, 5ft 8ins to 5ft 9ins tall, aged 26 to 28, of athletic build with very short black hair and dark features. He wore a camouflage jacket with dark blue jeans and was clean-shaven. The other man is described as mixed race with light skin, 5ft 10in tall, aged 23 to 25, thin build and was clean-shaven with a long face.

He may have been just a lowly beggar, but he was a human being and another victim of this pathetic Goverment’s failed multiculti experiment. One hopes soon the sheeple will wake up before it’s too late

Peter Woodhams 22
21st August 2006
Leslie Road, Canning Town, London

Friends of a young father shot dead after a confrontation with a gang of youths have accused the police of having blood on their hands. Peter Woodhams, a 22-year-old father of one, died outside his home in Canning Town, east London, on Monday. Mr Woodhams was also stabbed in the neck in an attack in January – some believe by the same gang. Friends of Mr Woodham insist he would still be alive today if detectives had properly investigated January’s attack.

“The police have blood on their hands because the first time they let him down and it’s too late now,” said close family friend Carly Frances.

A teenager being sought over the murder of a young father in east London may have fled abroad, police have said. Scotland Yard has alerted Interpol, ports and airports of its search for Bradley Tucker, 18. Detectives want to speak to Mr Tucker, who is from Canning Town, east London, about Peter Woodhams’ death last month. Mr Woodhams, 22, was killed after an earlier confrontation with youths in Canning Town. He had been stabbed in similar circumstances in January.

Below Picture of half-caste Tucker
Bradley Tucker

Lisa Bamford 32
22nd August 2006
Oldham, Greater Manchester

Lisa was attacked in her home in Rothesay Road in Oldham, Greater Manchester, on Tuesday night.A post-mortem examination revealed that she had died from a single stab wound to the neck. Officers were called to Rothesay Road, Derker, at around 8pm, on Tuesday, after reports a woman had been stabbed during an altercation with a neighbour. Officers rushed to the scene and found Lisa, a mother-of-one, fatally wounded.

Somalian Shukri Bilal, 22, of Rothesay Road, has been charged with her murder, she is also accused of two counts of attempted wounding with intent and is due before Oldham Magistrates on Friday 25th August

Mervyn Fletcher

Mervyn Fletcher, 69
16th August 2006
Lichfield Road, New Invention, Birmingham

Widower Mr Fletcher was found dead at his home in Lichfield Road, New Invention, in October 2004, by his sister. A post-mortem examination revealed he had died the previous day of head injuries. Detectives originally treated Mr Fletcher’s death as unexplained but no inquest was held.

They had his body exhumed from Willenhall Lawn Cemetery in June last year after new evidence came to light. A murder inquiry was launched after another post mortem revealed he had suffered a fractured skull consistent with an assault. Mr Fletcher, whose wife died in 1991, ran a lock business, H.E.Fletcher, in Lichfield Road.

Mustapha Abdullah, 40, appeared before Wolverhampton Crown Court yesterday charged with the murder of 69-year-old Mervyn Fletcher, from Willenhall. He was also charged with robbing Mr Fletcher of his bank and building society cards. He pleaded not guilty to both charges and is expected to return to court on August 29 when a date for his trial will be set.

Peter Jones, 38
15th August 2006
Victoria Dock Road, East Ham, London

Peter Jones, 38, was involved in a row outside the car park of the Victoria pub on Victoria Dock Road, Custom House at around 10.15pm on Saturday. He died on Monday morning in hospital. A 20 year-old friend was also injured in the attack.

A MURDER hunt is now underway following the fatal stabbing of the father of three from East Ham. The suspect is described as of mixed race, 6ft 3ins tall and between 30-35 years old. Any witnesses or information to Incident Room at Barking (020) 8345 3865 or to remain anonymous call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

Westley Odger, 27
September 2006
Colchester, Essex
Westley Odger, 27, died after being stabbed in a shopping centre near his home in Colchester last September. Andrew Fredericks, 32, from Colchester, was given a life sentence after being convicted of murder at Chelmsford Crown Court. He will serve at least 15 years. Mark Fredericks, 37, also from Colchester, was jailed for seven years after being convicted of manslaughter.He was found not guilty of murder.

Mr Odger’s mother, Ann, said: “Our lives will never be the same again without Westley. “Everyday decisions and routines are different now as a result of this one barbaric, cowardly, violent act on Westley that robbed him of his life.”

Judge Christopher Ball QC said the killing was a “needless waste of life”. He highlighted a “terrible sub-culture of drugs and knives” and said anyone could become a victim of “angry uncontrolled people” who regularly armed themselves.

Pictured below the filth who cut short the life of another member of our community

Olivia Whiteside 7
27th July 2006
Goldhey Street, Blackburn

Police in Lancashire have arrested four men after a seven-year-old girl was hit by a car and died. Olivia Whiteside, from Goldhey Street in the Copy Nook area of Blackburn, was playing out in the street on Thursday when she was knocked over. The incident happened at the junction of Dalton Close and Billinge Street. Police said on Friday they were trying to trace the driver of a 4×4 car, thought to be an Asian man in is late 20s or early 30s, and his passenger.

The four asian men who have been arrested are due to be questioned by officers later.
Witnesses tried to resuscitate the youngster before paramedics arrived. Another angel taken from us by an arrogant and spoilt youth culture that now seems to affect the 20somethings

Steven Jeeves 39
26th July 2006
Penrose Court, Hemel Hempstead

Steven was ambushed and murdered by a gang of men after popping out to meet a friend, his distraught widow revealed today. Janet Jeeves said Steven and their eldest son John left the family home in Grovehill at about 11pm on Tuesday to meet a pal outside nearby snooker hall The Herald Sporting Club in Henry Wells Square. Less than an hour later a neighbour’s son was on her doorstep at Penrose Court telling her the 39-year-old ‘dedicated family man’ had been stabbed and taken to hospital. Mrs Jeeves, 43, said she had been told that a gang of around six men had leapt out of a car in the shopping area and launched a vicious attack on her husband. Son John, 23, who was not injured in the attack, had tried to fight off the men as they kicked and stabbed his dad.

The father of six boys, aged 11, 14, 18, 20, 21 and 23, Mr Jeeves never usually went out socialising and preferred to stay at home with his family. Mrs Jeeves said: “He kept himself to himself. He was a family man.” She rushed to Hemel Hempstead Hospital to be by her husband’s bedside but he died in the early hours of yesterday.

TWO young men have been charged with violent disorder following the murder of Steven Jeeves in Hemel Hempstead. Shingi Maenzanise, aged 20, of Dunlin Road, Hemel Hempstead and a 17-year-old juvenile will appear before court on Saturday. A third man, Babatunde Onanuga, 18, of Wootton Drive, Hemel Hempstead, has been charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Julian Knight 16
17th July 2006
Lensbury Way, Abbey Wood, south-east London

Police found Julian Knight bleeding from a knife wound to the neck after being called to Overton Road in Abbey Wood in the early hours of Saturday. He was in an alleyway close to where he lived in Lensbury Way. The teenager was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital but died at 2.29am. Police believe he was stabbed during a clash involving six or seven people.

Julian’s death has rocked the Thamesmead community and tributes of flowers, soft toys and candles have been laid at the site where he was found. Julian was known to his friends as Buster and had just left Bexley Business Academy after completing his GCSEs. College friends gathered at the scene on Monday to pay tribute to him.

Stelios Paraschakis, 19, from Thamesmead, has been charged with murder. He was due to appear at Greenwich Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

Stephen Keen
Stephen Keen, 54
6th July 2006
RAF Lyneham, Wiltshire

Flight Lieutenant Keen was injured at a property in Tidcombe Walk. He had suffered wounds to his neck and throat and was taken to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, but died later. A statement from the RAF on Tuesday said the service’s “deepest sympathies” were extended to Flight Lieutenant Keen’s family and friends. “They are all in our thoughts and prayers and they are being provided with support at this very difficult time,” the statement said.

A Sardinian man appeared in court charged with the murder of the RAF officer who died after being stabbed. Francesco Matta, 55, who gave an address in Cagliari, appeared before magistrates in Exeter, Devon. He is charged with murdering Flight Lieutenant Stephen Keen, 54, from RAF Lyneham, Wiltshire, at an address in Tiverton on 6 July.

John Curran, 52
7th July 2006
Highbury and Islington station, north London

Mr Curran worked as a machine operator for a construction company in the North Greenwich, south-east London and was probably on his way home to his loved ones when at 6pm on the busy platform of Highbury station he was apparently pushed in front of a Tube train during rush hour.

Several passengers were filmed on CCTV chasing the killer from the north-bound Victoria line platform. At least two people “had a good view” of the murder, a British Transport Police spokesman said. They were a woman in her 20s with long brown hair sitting on a bench nearby, and a man – also in his 20s – with an orange top who stood close to the suspect and pursued him afterwards.A statement released by his family who were flying in from Ireland to identify him this morning said: “John was loved by all who knew him and his family and friends are mourning his loss.”

Mehmet Bala was remanded in custody by Horseferry Road magistrates until a 16 October hearing at the Old Bailey. The 20-year-old is accused of the murder of John Curran.

John Cooper-Taylor 60
1st July 2006
Cypress Road, Croyden

John Cooper-Taylor, 60, died after trying to intervene when his 84-year-old neighbour Barbara Colliver was confronted by a man at her home. According to a police source, officers called to a disturbance at the address just after midnight last Friday found two victims slumped on the floor in a pool of blood.

He described the scene as “carnage”. He said: “The elderly man was stabbed with a pair of scissors. The doctor gave up counting stab wounds at 135. He was butchered. Even experienced officers said they had never seen anything like it.”

John Cooper-Taylor was described by neighbours a selfless DIY expert with a helpful and generous nature. Ed Fuller,said: “He was one of the nicest people you could meet.

Rafiq Hassain Kasmiri, 48, of no fixed address, appeared at Croydon Magistrates’ Court charged with murder and attempted murder on Monday. He was remanded in custody to appear at the Old Bailey on October 2.

Anne Mendel 84
27th June 2006
Golders Green, north-west London

Anne Mendel was brutally stabbed 14 times by sick and twisted teenager Kemi Adeyoola who was only 17 at the time. A millionaire’s daughter Adeyoola has been found guilty today of killing an elderly woman after writing an 18-page murder manual whilst in a young offenders institute serving time for shoplifting. Adeyoola, who was found guilty of murder on a 10-2 majority, is expected to be sentenced on Wednesday.

Mrs Mendel, who was a former neighbour of Adeyoola, was found by her husband covered in coats in the hallway of their home. Leonard Mendel, 81, told the court he tried to give his wife of 50 years the kiss of life when he returned from an errand to find the hall phone wires cut and blood on the walls. The prosecution said Adeyoola (a millionaires daughter remember) had chosen Mrs Mendel as a “soft target” on which to practise before finding a “rich, elderly and defenceless” woman to kill for her money. After the verdict, it emerged that Adeyoola’s murder manual was passed to Barnet Youth Offending Team, which includes local police, after her three months in Bullwood Hall expired. The team supervised her for a three-month licence period. A month after it expired, she killed Mrs Mendel.

Kally Gilligan 15
12th June 2006
Lower Broughton, Salford, Greater Manchester

TWO weeks ago teenager Kally Gilligan was celebrating the end of her GCSEs with friends at their school prom. Today the bright 15-year-old was due to start a new office job. Instead she was lying dead in a mortuary – shot by her jilted boyfriend Josh Thompson, 18, before the cowardly killer turned the gun on himself.

Greater Manchester Police said a murder investigation was taking place but no-one else was wanted in relation to the killing. Thompson was said to have been devastated after recently breaking up with Kally. Witnesses reported hearing an argument at the terrace house before shots rang out in the quiet street. Police are now trying to find out how Joshua came to be in possession of the gun. Personally I dont think it’s too hard to work out
Kally’s family described her as a “kind and considerate, beautiful, young lady”. Joshua’s family also released a statement, in which they said the 18-year-old was a “bright young man with a life ahead of him”. So why did he turn the gun on himself and blasting his ex in the back of the head with a shotgun is not exactly the brightest of ideas is it? His family also said he was a lovely son who cared for all around him. I’m sorry but he aint going to be another St Stephen or St Anthony. Your son Mr and Mrs Thompson was a cold blooded killer and one wonders how much part you two had in his upbringing as the way you have described him is obviously a million miles from the truth


Kynan Eldridge 31
2nd June 2006
Findern Court, Mansfield

Kynan died from stab wounds to his neck and chest after a ‘frenzied’ attack on 5th September 2005 at the Findern Court property in Mansfield where he rented a room from his killer Abderrahmen Dhaou. Dhaou admitted killing his lodger at Nottingham Crown Court on Friday, but speaking after the hearing Kynan’s devastated mum Annie Eldridge says his death has exposed an immigration loophole which the Home Office needs to address. Her comments are centred on claims the 35-year-old North African married a British national and then divorced her –– although it is thought there was no requirement for him to inform the Immigration Nationality Directorate about his change in circumstances.

Eight months after his death, Annie and her husband Peter are still struggling to come to terms with the brutal nature of how their son was taken away from them. “Kynan’s death has completely destroyed our daily lives, our health and our dreams for the future,” she told Chad. “Like most young people Kynan had dreams and plans for the future and they have been brutally destroyed.” She says she believes Kynan’s horrific killing also led to a deterioration in the health of his beloved granddad Bernard Slee, who died in January from what she says was the immense shock and trauma he suffered in the aftermath of the stabbing. Kynan grew up in Ravenshead and moved to Mansfield to work as a sound technician after finishing a Business Studies degree at Nottingham Trent University. Before his death he had been renting a room temporarily from Dhaou until he found somewhere else to live.

Abderrhamen Dhaou has denied murdering Kynan but admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility because he was mentally ill at the time. He will be sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court on 23rd June.

John McFadden 64
4th May 2006
Harehills Road, Harehills, Leeds

64-year-old John McFadden has died after he was mugged leaving his local Leeds pub. He had fought off two attackers who tried to rob him as he walked along Harehills Road, Harehills, Leeds. But, as he turned to walk away one of them took a flying kick at him, sending him crashing to the ground. Mr McFadden was taken to hospital with head injuries and today police revealed that he died there at the weekend. A preliminary post mortem examination revealed he died from fractures of the neck. Mr McFadden, who lived alone in Harehills, Leeds, had just left Delaney’s bar in Harehills Road, Harehills, when the attack happened shortly after midnight on April 15.

Two men in their early 20s, who were arrested the day after the failed robbery, are currently in custody awaiting trial on charges arising out of the incident. One, aged 20, is charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent, while the second, aged 22, is charged with attempted robbery. The Crown Prosecution Service is expected to bring a charge of murder against the 20-year-old. Det Supt Bill Shackleton, who is leading the investigation, said that a file would be sent to the Crown Prosecution Service. Both men have told detectives they are originally from Lithuania, the Eastern European country which joined the EU in May, 2004. However, detectives are now known to be checking their nationality status and trying to establish whether they have any convictions.

Frederick Goodman, 62
26th April 2006
Royce Road, Hulme, Manchester

Two people have been charged with the murder of a 62-year-old man who was found dead at his home in Manchester. Frederick Goodman was discovered by police at Royce Road in the Hulme area last week. Dawn Birch, 36, of Royce Road, Hulme and Abdul Malik Ali, 37, of Thames Court, Old Trafford, have both been charged with murder.

Freddy’s sister, Pauline Clements issued a tribute to him on behalf of the whole family. She said: “Freddy was a lovely, caring and friendly man who lived a simple life and would always help a friend in need. “He will be remembered for his quirky personality and will be greatly missed by his family and friends.”

Police were called to the address on Royce Road on Wednesday 19 April 2006 shortly after 5.30pm following reports of a concern for the welfare of the occupant. Officers arrived at the house where they discovered Frederick’s body.

Raymond Gange 69
17th April 2006
Chellaston, Derby

Retired forklift truck driver Raymond Gange, father of two, grandfather of six and great-grandad of seven, was ferociously beaten to death by an ethnic hoody gang in August of last year. Mr Gange, of Stone in Staffordshire but originally from Derby, was returning from a family party, when he was attacked by the gang. Shaun Johns, 18, of Stowmarket Drive, Chaddesden, Derby was convicted of Mr Gange’s murder. Calvin Grant, 17, of Normanton, Derby, was cleared of murder but convicted of manslaughter. Mixed race Jak Jones, 18, of no fixed abode, had previously admitted the murder of Mr Gange. Career criminals Jones and Johns had only just been released from prison. The court heard the youths had spent the evening prowling the streets of Derby looking for someone to rob before attacking Mr Gange. A post morten examination showed Mr Gange died of multiple head injuries, due to being punched, kicked and stamped on. Forensic examinations of the scene and cuts and scrapes to Mr Gange’s body suggested he was assaulted and thrown over a hedge. Two vertebrae in Mr Gange’s neck were also fractured. Jones and Johns have since admitted stabbing and robbing a man in Derby the day before killing Mr Gange. Jones also pleaded guilty to the attempted robbery of a man, at knifepoint, four days later. In a letter to his local newspaper some days before his murder, Mr Gange wrote “Criminals given soft sentences often re-offend, yet victims’ families get a life sentence. Build as many prisons as need be and let life be life.”

John Living, 30
4th April 2006
Ramsgate Road, Margate

John Living, a 30-year-old logistics controller from Ramsgate, was riding his motorcycle in Margate when unlicensed, uninsured and unemployed Czech immigrant Marek Tomi cut into his lane, knocking him from his Triumph motorbike. Mr Living sustained fatal injuries and died almost instantly. Marek Tomi admitted driving without due care and attention and received a £100 fine, 200 hours’ community service and a two-year driving ban. The fine took into account the fact that Tomi was living on benefits. Mr Living’s parents are planning to lobby Tony Blair with a petition calling for the law to be toughened up.

They have also set up a website to campaign for more stringent penalties. They say they will never get over the loss of their son, whom they describe as a “gentle giant” who “always had a smile on his face”. Yet another Briton dies at the hands of an unlawful immigrant. What price a British life? In Mr Living’s case, a paltry £100.

Mark Conway, 28
4th April 2006
Copenhagen Road, Hull

Mark Conway was stabbed 15 times where he worked as a shift manager at Land Food Products, Hull. He had the audacity to call into his office to tell off Saman Sali Karim, 26 who had arrived 4 hours late for work. Karim was “in a strop” as he had not been allowed to have the day off. After the attack, he escaped to a flat in Folkestone, Kent, but was later arrested by armed police. The court heard Karim had a history of violence and was known to carry knives if he thought there would be a fight. Defence counsel Richard Barraclough QC, said Karim had been tortured under the old regime in Iraq and arrived in the UK as a refugee in July 1999. The court heard Karim had a history of violence and was known to carry knives if he thought there would be a fight. Judge Michael Mettyear recommended a minimum term of 16 years and 133 days.

So he arrived in 1999 and still needed an interpreter in 2006, apart from the hiddeous crime this failure to learn our language for 7 years is another classic example of the abject failure of our enforced multicultural society

Marie Harding, 73, Kevin Molloy, 46, Jean Robinson, 68, Derek Robinson, 75
17th March 2006
Southern England

Mixed race killer, Daniel Gonzalez, went on a 3-day drug-fuelled rampage in September 2004 during which he knifed to death four innocent victims all of whom were previously unknown to him: 73-year old Mrs Marie Harding, Kevin Molloy, 46, and Jean Robinson and her husband Derek, aged 68 and 75 respectively. He also attempted to murder two others. Inspired by Freddy Krueger and the Columbine High School massacre, Gonzalez’ only motive for his crimes was to become famous as a serial killer. After he was sentenced to six life sentences, Gonzalez’ mother, Lesley Savage, blamed social services and the medical establishment for failing to provide appropriate support for her unemployed loner son, who had a history of mental illness.

Lynn Savery 19
17th March 2006
Radcliffe, Greater Manchester

Lynn Savery, 19, was found dead in her home in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester, last year. She had been strangled. Twisted Ashfaq Khan, of New Cateaton Street, Bury, had pleaded not guilty to murder but was convicted by a jury at Manchester Crown Court on Friday. The judge said he would serve a minimum of 17 years in prison.

Ms Savery’s body was discovered by her mother and stepfather on 2 September 2005. Her one-year-old daughter Mia was found close by but was unharmed.During his trial, the court heard that Khan had both physically and sexually abused Ms Savery during their three-year relationship.

Unbelievably A TEENAGER says she still loves the two-timing killer who strangled her rival.

Zoe Bradley, also 19, has pledged to stand by Ashfaq Khan, father of her son Tahir, despite the fact he has admitted killing another girlfriend, Lynn Savery.

“I still love him and want to build my future with him,” Miss Bradley said in the witness box at Manchester Crown Court. ” I have been visiting him in prison and taking Tahir to see him. I like to think he loves me.”

Miss Bradley, book yourself an appointment to see a shrink, you obviously need help!! What happens to you the next time you have a row about your child?? Do you actually think he loves you??

Charlene Downes 14
10th March 2006
Blackpool Lancashire

Two men have appeared in court charged in connection with the alleged killing of Blackpool teenager Charlene Downes. Iyad Albattikhi, 28, appeared before Blackpool Magistrates’ Court charged with murdering the 14-year-old on or about 1 November 2003. Mohammed Raveshi, 49, was charged with assisting in the disposal of her body, which has never been found.

Both men, from Blackpool, were remanded into custody to appear back in court at a later date. Mr Albattikhi, of Dickson Road, and Mr Raveshi, of Hornby Road, spoke only to confirm their details and that they understood the charges during the hearing on Thursday. Magistrates sent the case of Mr Albattikhi to Preston Crown Court, where he is due to appear on 15 June. Mr Raveshi is due to appear back before Blackpool Magistrates’ Court on 13 March.

Charlene Downes has not been seen since 1 November 2003 when she said she was going to a bar with friends.

Simple Mathematics; Peadophile Scum + Noose = Justice

Scott Poll 17
8th March 2006
West Bromwich

Scott Poll, 17, died after he was knocked down and dragged underneath a car for about a mile. He was walking home with two friends after a night out when he was hit. The vehicle involved failed to stop following the collision in Hollyhedge Road, West Bromwich. The teenager’s body was found nearly a mile away in Hall Green Road. He had suffered serious multiple injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene. Ghulan Hussain, a 44-year-old father of six from West Bromwich, has appeared in court charged with manslaughter. He was remanded in custody until a hearing on 26 May.

Edward Miles 50
6th March 2006
Bethnal Green, London

Mr Miles was beaten and stabbed 50 times by wife Miriam Miles, 42, and her younger lover Sheik Danish, for his £220,000 savings as he lay ill in his bed with the flu. Lover Sheik Danish, 22, was found guilty after just half an hour’s delibertaion of the murder of special needs teacher Edward Miles, 45 and now faces life in jail for the brutal stabbing of his love rival.

Mr Miles’s body was dumped in a bath of the flat he shared with his wife and their three children, aged 15, 11 and seven in Adrian Bolt House, off Bethnal Green Road, Bethnal Green, east London. Muslim convert Mr Miles was planning to divorce his wife who had a history of mental illness.

But under Islamic law if the couple separated, the marriage contract stipulated that Miriam Miles was only entitled to a monthly maintenance payment of 1,000 rupees – just £10. Mr Miles who was originally from Hertfordshire had taught in Pakistan.

Christopher Benson, 20
6th March 2006
Britannia Road, Morley, Leeds

AN OUTRAGED judge condemned prosecutors for not charging a councillor who killed a man while speeding with causing death by dangerous driving. Judge James Stewart QC, sitting at Leeds Crown Court, said he was astonished 31-year-old Intkhab Alam had only been charged with driving without due care and attention over the hit-and-run death of Christopher Benson, 20 in May last year. The irate judge said the maximum sentence for careless driving was a fine – and he could not jail him on that charge.

Marshall Haynes, 13 Liam Hastings, 13 Josh Bartlett, 13 and Howard Hillsdon
4th March 2006
Eastern Bypass, Oxford

There were gasps and tears in Oxford Crown Court as a nurse admitted causing the deaths of three teenage boys and a motorist in a car crash. Angela Dublin, of London Road, Headington, told a packed courtroom yesterday (Fri) that she was responsible for the deaths of 13-year-olds Marshall Haynes, Liam Hastings and Josh Bartlett and motorist Howard Hillsdon in the crash on Oxford’s Eastern Bypass last May.

Four charges of causing death by dangerous driving were put to the 45-year-old. To each she answered “Guilty”, to the sound of sobs from a gallery packed with relatives of those who lost their lives. Dublin will be sentenced next month. Each charge carries a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison.

Levi Bleasdale 3
22nd February 2006
Ormerod Road, Burnley

THE family of hit-and-run toddler Levi Bleasdale last night branded the law an “absolute disgrace” after the speeding driver who killed her was jailed for just 12 weeks. Mum Kirsty was crossing the road with three-year-old Levi when uninsured Mohammed Aqueel Hussain ploughed into her in a stolen VW Golf. She said: “This is a nightmare. “This sentence is nothing. He has taken my daughter’s life. I’ll serve a life sentence but he’ll be scot-free in weeks.”

Levi’s grandfather Michael Ryan added: “We are all absolutely appalled. A few months ago someone who stole a teddy from a memorial site for Levi was sentenced to eight months in jail. “Yet the person who killed her has only got three. It’s a disgrace. You’d get more for shoplifting.”

Hussain, 26, who has never taken a driving test, admitted careless driving and failing to stop after an accident or report it.

Magistrates could have jailed him for a maximum of six months – but opted for a 12- week term after hearing there was conflicting evidence over whether his driving had been erratic. But Michael insisted the family did NOT blame the magistrates and said the chairman of the bench was clearly upset that his hands were tied over sentencing.

He’d never taken a driving test and had no insurance. He killed a 3-year-old girl while speeding and didn’t even bother to stop. But he was jailed for JUST 12 WEEKS

Andrew Tollon
Andrew Tollon 26
21st February 2006
Bournemouth, Dorset

A BOURNEMOUTH teenager sobbed as he was put behind bars for killing a promising young businessman while driving underage. Shahan Hayavi, 17, was given three years and four months’ custody after admitting causing death by dangerous driving when he was 16.

Judge Samuel Wiggs told him: “What you did was a dreadful thing. You were not old enough to drive – the car was unlawful. “You tried to escape from the police. You did not stay to face the music – you ran away.”

Court rules usually restrict the identity of criminals under the age of 18 but Judge Wiggs, sitting at Bournemouth Crown Court, lifted restrictions due to the seriousness of the offence.

Distraught friends and relatives of victim Andrew Tollon travelled hundreds of miles to be in court to see justice done. The court heard Hayavi, of Green Road, Charminster, (Charminster = The Arab Quarter) was driving a Ford Fiesta on June 24 last year and had four passengers. The vehicle sped from Wimborne Road, Winton, into Jameson Road when the occupants realised they were being followed by police.

All five jumped out of the moving vehicle and ran away, leaving the car to continue moving forwards at the Travis Perkins premises in Jameson Road. It was there that popular young businessman Andrew Tollon was crushed between the moving car and his own van. He received fatal injuries.

Hayavi was arrested minutes later as he tried to hide from police in a nearby Tesco Express store, the court heard.

Hayavi, who shook and cried throughout the hearing, pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving.

Christohper Davis 17
Barking, east London
19 January 2006

Christopher Davis, 17, was trying to protect his friend when he was attacked by a gang of black and mixed race youths. Christopher was stabbed once and fatally wounded by one of the youths outside Upney station in Barking, East London. A post mortem showed that he had died from a single knife wound to the abdomen.

The youth, also 17 and from Dagenham, is due to appear at Barking Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

Zelia Harrison

Zelia Harrison 32
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
17 January 2006

A 28-year-old man has been charged with the murder of a prostitute found in a car park in Cambridgeshire. The body of Zelia Harrison, was discovered near the Gladstone Community Centre, Peterborough, on Tuesday morning by a dog-walker.

Wakil Sahebzadeh, of no fixed address, was charged with her murder late on Thursday. He is due before Cambridge Magistrates on Friday.

Top, Jason Carney-Mayze, and bottom, police cordoned off the scene of Jason's stabbing outside an Indian takeaway

Jason Carney Mayze 16
13 January 2006
St Helens, Liverpool

Merseyside Police has arrested four men in connection with an incident outside an Indian takeaway on Clock Face Road, St Helens on Friday, 13 January during which a 16-year-old local boy – Jason Carney Mayze – was stabbed.

37-year-old Boshor Uddin of Beswick Roids Street, Rochdale has been charged with attempted murder. He is due to appear at St Helens Magistrates today (Monday, 16 January).

The three other men, two aged 30 and one aged 33, have been bailed pending further enquiries.

News story here Leave a tribute here

Matthew Smith 21
13 January 2006
Streatham, South London
Matthew was brutally shot dead on a street corner by armed robbers. Thugs surrounded Matthew Smith and his pals as they parked their car outside a block of flats. One gang member pulled a handgun and blasted tragic Matthew, from West Norwood, in the upper body.

The terrified friends were robbed of their mobile phones before the gang made off, leaving Matthew dying in a pool of blood. One pal in his 20s battled frantically to revive him while another pleaded with a passerby to call 999.

The mob of four or five members, all black males, were thought to have driven up to their targets in a silver-coloured coupé. They either fled on foot or got back into the vehicle. Officers believe the motive behind the fatal shooting was robbery but are uncertain whether the shot was fired as a warning to the group, or whether Matthew had refused to hand over his mobile phone.

Detective Chief Inspector Peter Valentine said: “An altercation has taken place where property has been stolen.

Update March 2007

Two men convicted of killing 21-year-old


Tom ap Rhys-Price 31
13 January 2006
Willesden, north-west London

A City worker was stabbed to death yards from his home in a “vicious and gratuitous attack” (not racist of course), police said. Solicitor Tom Rhys-Price was found injured in Bathurst Gardens, Willesden, north-west London, on Thursday night.

The 31-year-old victim, who was returning from a night out with friends, collapsed after being attacked by two men, police said. Both suspects, who ran off towards Clifford Gardens, are black and aged in their late teens to early 20s.

Thomas Winston
Thomas Winston 18
6 Jan 2006
Brecknock Road, north London

Thomas Winston, 18, was stabbed during an argument in which the windscreen of his Ford Fiesta car was smashed. Mr Winston, of Wilkin Street, Kentish Town, was found with severe injuries near the Unicorn Public House in Brecknock Road on Tuesday night. Detectives said they thought the two men knew each other and appealed for the man responsible to contact them.He is described as being of mixed race and in his late teens.

Mr Winston was stabbed in the chest during the attack at about 2100 GMT on Tuesday.

6 days into 2006 and the slaughter of the whites continues unabated

This is a clear sign to all the rap, r’n’b garage loving white chavs, wiggers, neds, scallys whatever they are called in your area that hanging around with your ethnic cousins is not cool, it’s deadly. “Dis” your cousins and at the turn of a coin they will stab you in the back literally, leading to fatal consequences

Ellen Newman 46
5 January 2006
Kearsley, Bolton

Ellen was about to move back to Salford on the 5th January and left her home at 11:30am to walk up the road to the bus stop. Unfortunately for her, a 20 year old man from the local Chinese chippy, speeding round a dangerous bend, mounted the pavement and ploughed into her, reportedly at 80mph, before careering on until he hit a tree. A popular woman who enjoyed fishing and darts, and the sole carer of her disabled son, Ellen was thrown 20ft into a ditch and shortly died from massive injuries. Over 200 people attended her funeral at Agecroft Cemetery, Salford.

Even if the driver were completely innocent – which seems unlikely considering the reports of his speed and that there were no signs of his having skidded or braked – this is an example of several that could be quoted of how the presence of a seemingly innocuous Chinese chippy or restaurant can wreak havoc with the lives of indigenous British people. They are poison to the life of an already massively overcrowded nation. “You want to come to Britain? Just tick the box marked ‘I can make chips – badly.'”

The Fallen 2005

Michael Hanley 23
28 December 2005
Sheridan’s Bar, Dewsbury

A 23-year-old man shot dead outside a West Yorkshire nightclub was the innocent victim of a “chance confrontation”, detectives have said. Michael Hanley, of Harehills, Leeds, died of a single shot to the stomach after being involved in a fight at Sheridan’s Bar, Dewsbury on Tuesday. His friend, also 23 and from Leeds, escaped with a minor head injury.

The gunman, described as mixed race or light-skinned Afro-Caribbean, may have fled in a silver VW Golf, police say.

The two had been in the bar for two to three hours when Michael was involved in a confrontation with a man who claimed he had jostled him, this then led to a fight between Michael and the other man. He and his friend were asked to leave the bar and a short time later were followed outside by the gunman and his friends.

Friend’s escape

The altercation then continued on an access road at the side of the bar with Mr Hanley and his friend being assaulted by the other men. Michael and his friend then decided to run off but as they did the man who Michael had the original confrontation with lifted his T-shirt and produced a silver handgun, believed to have been a 9mm automatic, and shot Michael once in the stomach. He fell to the ground and died a short time later from his injuries. His friend ran to a maroon BMW 316 car parked nearby, got into the passenger seat and shouted at the driver to drive off.

But the attackers surrounded the car and the passenger window was smashed by the gunman using the gun. The driver then got out and ran into the bar and Mr Hanley’s friend climbed into the driver’s seat and drove off at speed towards Huddersfield.

Police urged any witnesses to the shooting or the fight in the nightclub to come forward as soon as possible


Billy Gregory 23
25 December 2005
Woolwich south London

A 30-year-old man has appeared in court accused of glassing a fellow drinker to death in a pub toilet on Christmas Eve. Victim Billy Gregory, 23, died on Christmas Day after being slashed twice in the neck with a pint glass during the horrific attack at the Earl of Chatham pub in Woolwich, south London at 12.30am on Saturday.

Mr Gregory, from Charlton, was treated at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Sidcup but doctors were unable to stop him dying from his wounds. A post-mortem into the exact cause of Mr Gregory’s death was due to take place today.

Thu Van Nguyen, from King’s Court, Upton Park, east London, appeared at Greenwich Magistrates’ Court 26th December charged with Mr Gregory’s murder.

Nguyen, who is of Vietnamese origin, spoke only to confirm his name and details during the brief hearing. He was remanded in custody pending his next court appearance at the Old Bailey on April 3 next year.

Billy’s brother Terry, a lifeguard, was stabbed to death outside The Albion pub in Woolwich on December 28, 2003, aged 19. George Edwin, 66, was charged with Terry’s murder but walked free from court after two trials ended in deadlock.

Members of the National Front were accused of using the tragedy for “political sport” when they organised a march in Woolwich to remember Terry, who they claim was a victim of racist violence.


Stuart Grant
Stuart Grant 33
14 December 2005
Seven Sisters, London

A man has been stabbed to death after a chase through a west London street. Stuart Grant, from Seven Sisters in north London, was pursued by a gang along Shirland Road, Maida Vale, before he was caught and stabbed. Officers on patrol in the area at around midnight were approached by the wounded man who they gave first aid to.The 33-year-old was taken to hospital but died shortly after.

Three black man were seen running off into the nearby Amberley Estate after the murder.

And so the slaughter continues as does the suicidal multi culti experiment. Bliar, H(c)oward, That drunk Kennedy and now you Cameroon, you have blood on your hands for failing to speak up against this ethnic cleansing and when a nationalist government comes to pass, you will all reap what you have sown


Charlotte Adams
Charlotte Adams 5
15 December 2005
Clapton, east London

Santa’ party girl dies in crash

Little Charlotte was knocked down and killed as she walked home from a party where her father had been playing Santa Claus.

Charlotte Adams, five, and her mother Jean were hit by a BMW which mounted a pavement yards from their home in Clapton, east London, on Thursday. Mrs Adams is seriously ill in hospital, her husband Martyn and daughter Bernadette, 15, were not injured. The family said Charlotte’s death had left them devastated adding: “This has ruined our lives.”In a statement they said: “We will never be the same again no matter how much time goes by. We thought we were home, we thought we were safe and then this car took away our precious baby and almost her mother too.”

Police said the passenger in the car was a dark-skinned black man, about 6ft 3ins, medium build, with short hair. They also said he may have a facial injury as a result of the crash. The driver is also thought to be black.Detectives said the passenger was also clean shaven, well-spoken and was last seen was wearing a beige or light brown jacket.

Anthony May 35
12 December 2005
Dorset Street Kennington South London

A TEARFUL father cradled his dying son after hooded thugs battered him outside their family home. The frantic dad heard screams outside and ran to investigate – only to find his son slumped unconscious.

Cops think victim Anthony May, 35, was bludgeoned with a blunt instrument.His anguished dad, John, made desperate attempts to resuscitate him outside their home in Dorset Road, Kennington, as the killers sprinted off into the night. Despite frantic efforts to revive him, tragic Anthony died in hospital less than an hour later from horrendous head injuries.

Neighbours paid tribute to the popular young man, saying he would be dearly missed. One, Abdul Milad, said: “I saw the police cars and commotion but at that stage we had no idea it was a murder. “This is is truly shocking. We don’t feel safe any more. It’s terrible for the family involved.” Another added: “There were many people who knew Anthony. He was a popular person.”Detectives appealed for witnesses to come forward urgently.They described the two prime suspects as black, aged about 20, one 6ft tall, the other shorter. Both were wearing black jackets with hoods and black jeans.


Kelly Sinnott 24
03 December 2005
Bethnal Green, East London

A murderer who strangled his girlfriend with a cord from his games console just after having sex with her has been jailed for life. Jermaine Flavius admitted he smashed the bones in his girlfriend’s face to hide her identity

Jermaine Flavius, 23, of Islington, wrapped the body of Kelly Sinnott, of Bethnal Green, in his lounge rug and dumped her in a Buckinghamshire field.
He pleaded guilty at the start of his trial at the Old Bailey on Friday.

Flavius had affairs with several other women and treated Miss Sinnot as a sex object and a punch bag, the court heard. She had a tattoo on her back which read “Property of Flavius”.

To hide her identity, Flavius smashed her facial bones with a broom handle and a wooden tool.He killed her after they had sex at his house in Goswell Road, east London, on 2 October last year.Three days later a passer-by found her body at the entrance to a field in Galley Lane, Great Brickhill, near Milton Keynes.Yesterday Flavius was ordered to serve a minimum of 15 years in prison.”Kelly Sinnott was a young woman who formed a relationship and became besotted with Jermaine Flavius,” said Detective Chief Inspector Terry Geraghty.
“Tragically, this infatuation resulted in her violent death.”

Sharon Beshenivsky 38
18 November 2005

Detectives hunting the killers of Pc Sharon Beshenivsky have named the three prime suspects they want to question. The 38-year-old officer was shot dead during an armed raid by a gang at a travel agency in Bradford a week ago.

The suspects are Mustaf Jama, 25, from the north Kensington area of London, and his brother Yusuf, 19, from the same area. Both are of Somali origin. They also want to trace Muzzaker Shah, 24, who was born in Burnley but has lived in London since 2001.

Sharon Beshenivsky, 38, had three children and two step-children. The robbers opened fire outside the shop as soon as she and colleague Theresa Milburn, 37, arrived on the scene. WPc Beshendsky was hit in the chest. Desperate attempts were made to save her life without success.

Police, who said they have their “A team” on the case, issued descriptions of the three men they are hunting. The first is Asian, aged between 25 and 30, of medium to stocky build with short black hair. He is between 5ft 8in and 5ft 10in tall. The second is black, in his twenties, of slim build, 6ft tall and was wearing smart, dark clothing. The third is black and also in his twenties.

The officers had been wearing body armour but the shootings have reopened the debate on whether British police should be armed.

The point is though, it’s the wrong debate. We should all of us regardless of creed or cultural beliefs be demanding that the death penalty is re-introduced, so that when sub-humans like those that carried out this heinous crime are found guilty, they can be hung until dead and so bring closure to their worthless lives

Abigail Craen 20
9th November 2005
Birmingham University, Edgbaston, Birmingham

A 45-year-old man appeared in court accused of killing a medical student who was knocked down by a driver who failed to stop.

Jaswinder Lakhvinder Singh, of Ward End, Birmingham, was remanded in custody for a week at the city’s magistrates’ court charged with causing the death of Abigail Craen by dangerous driving.

Miss Craen, a 20-year-old student at Birmingham University, died in hospital after being struck by a car outside her hall of residence in Edgbaston on October 30.

Singh, of Ward End Road, is further charged with having no insurance or MOT certificate at the time of the fatal collision. He also faces counts of driving other than in accordance with a licence, failing to stop after an accident and failing to report an accident. ………..

Kimberly Fuller 19
5th November 2005
Escape Nightclub Ship Hill Rotherham

19-year-old Kimberly of Birch Tree Road, Thorpe Hesley, died after a fight broke out at the Escape nightclub, Ship Hill, in the early hours of Saturday morning. Mohammed Ahsan (21), of Finlay Road, Eastwood, appeared before Rotherham Magistrates on Tuesday 8th November accused of her murder. He is due to appear at Sheffield Crown Court next week for a preliminary hearing.

Kimberly was described as a “bubbly, fun-loving girl” in a statement released by her family. “She was a loving daughter and sister to us all,” the statement added.”She had lots of friends and was well liked by everyone who met her. Our family and all Kimberly’s friends are devastated and in total shock. We will never be the same again.”This has destroyed our lives and we cannot believe it has happened.

Another white rose taken away from us by sub-human filth

Ellese Ruth Gore 9 (middle in pic)
1st November 2005

Ellese Ruth Gore, nine, of Leslie Street, Tonge Moor, Bolton, died in the incident on Kay Street on 19 October.

Mouishen Ismal Ahmed, 18, from Great Lever, has been charged with causing death by dangerous driving, failing to stop and failing to report an accident.

He is also charged with perverting the course of justice and is due before Bolton magistrates on Tuesday 2nd November.

A second 18-year-old man arrested in connection with the incident has been released on police bail pending further inquiries. ……………

Nicholas Shepherd 39
16 October 2005

Nicholas Shepherd was sitting alone in a Toxteth, Liverpool pub in the afternoon when a black ran in, stabbed him repeatedly in the chest and ran out again. That part of Liverpool is an Afro-Caribean area and Mr Shepherd must have stood out with his well educated accent. The former ex-public school boy was seen arguing with a black man earlier in the day, witnesses said they saw a blood-soaked black man running away from the scene of the murder, but no identifying witnesses have come forward so far.

****Update 25th October 2005****

Charges – Nicholas Shepherd murder

On Saturday 22nd October 2005 Merseyside Police charged Lloyd George Patton, aged 36 years of Toxteth Liverpool with the murder of Nicholas Shepherd in the Rob Roy Public House, Beaumont St. Liverpool on Sunday 16th October.

Patton will appear at Liverpool City Magistrates Court on Monday 24th October. He is also charged with the theft of a laptop computer.

Merseyside Police have arrested a second person in connection with the murder of Nicholas Shepherd in Toxteth. A 39 year old local man is being held at a police station in Merseyside


Horace Wright 43
7th October 2005
Tooting, London

COPS have charged three men with the murder of a dad-of-two who died after a savage beating yards from his home. Horace Wright, 43, was set upon outside his flat and repeatedly kicked and punched, it is claimed. He was found by police slumped in the street with severe head injuries and taken to hospital where he died a day later.

Detectives arrested six people after the attack at the junction of Arnold Road and Shrewton Road, Tooting, at 1.30am on Sunday.

Story continues

Lithuanians Aurelisas Pranskaitis, 24, Vilius Silingas, 30, and Arvydas Kunickis, 24, have appeared in court charged with murder.

Friends and neighbours gathered at the scene of the killing on Wednesday to lay flowers and pay tribute to the popular dad. One note read: “To Horace, Sweetie, words cannot express how we feel. You were not meant to go like this.”

Another said: “Nuff love and respect, RIP.”

Neighbour Owen Rwamusyoma said: “I saw the ambulance guys working on him in the street. He was lying in a pool of blood and mumbling to them but they just told him to stay still.

“It was a complete shock because he’s a nice guy. He didn’t argue with anyone.”

Neighbour Maureen Barnes, 36, said: “Horace was always smiling. All the kids around here loved him. This is a terrible thing to happen.”

Kunickis and Silingas, both of Flanders Crescent, Tooting, and Pranskaitis of Warren Road, Colliers Wood, spoke only to confirm their names and addresses during Wednesday’s brief hearing at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court. They were remanded in custody to reappear at the Old Bailey next week.

Three women, aged between 20 and 30, are on police bail while detectives continue their enquiries. Information to 020 8721 4155.

Daniel McGann 73
29 September 2005
Acocks Green Birmingham

73-year-old Daniel McGann was a harmless individual; he had lived alone in his Birmingham home since he came to this country from Ireland in 1964. He rarely drank, didn’t smoke, got on with his neighbours and regularly visited his local Catholic church in Acocks Green. Everyone close to him couldn’t quite understand why gentle giant Mr McGann was found bludgeoned to death outside his home last Thursday.

Rob Purcell, the local BNP candidate at the last election and who lives just one mile from where Mr McGann was found murdered, summed up local feeling:

“Immediately after this tragedy happened a rumour spread that the victim had been shot in the head. Everyone was in disbelief because such a thing just doesn’t happen in the middle of Acocks Green. Although Birmingham is renowned as a shootings capital, virtually all these occur in ethnic inner city areas and don’t take place in pleasant, predominantly white outlying suburbs. As it later became clear the victim had received fatal blows to the head and not a gunshot, but again the violence involved in his death was still a shock to the entire community. When it became clear who the culprit was and where he had come from everyone sighed in grim realisation.”

Attacker identified

The grim realisation was that the murderer did not come from the local area – his name was Mohammed Naheem and he came from the Sparkhill area, quite a jaunt for a burglar, but when you are a Muslim living in a predominantly Muslim area there is much travelling involved in order to rob decent white folk of their property. Rather than rob his fellow Muslim neighbours, this gutter-dweller travelled miles out of his way to ensure his victims were white. However, he hadn’t expected a mild-mannered pensioner to defend his property and responded by killing him. Naheem has now been charged with murder and burglary, but the local media that initially covered the killing have suddenly gone quiet now the identity of the culprit has been made clear. It is no coincidence that all major newspaper outlets in Birmingham are owned by the anti-white Trinity Mirror Group.

user posted image
Tracey McCormick, 35
19 September 2005
Southwark, London

Tracey, a loving mother of 4 had only recently donated a kidney to her seriously ill youngest son Ben. Unfortunatley for Tracey though she had been having a relationship with negro Joshua Willis and on the 19th september whilst driving along Downham Way, Grove Park Tracey and animal Willis had a blazing row. According to witnesses Willis shouted at Tracey to get in the car, before trying to force her in.

When she refused Willis punched her and then stabbed her “several times” before getting back into the car and driving over her. He then abandoned the car, a red Nissan, before running off.

Beast Joshua Willis, Mrs McCormick’s former partner, of Ravenscar Road, Downham, appeared before Greenwich Magistrates’ Court on September 21, and was charged with murder.
The 43-year-old was remanded to appear at the Old Bailey.

And that’s where the story ends, after an extensive search of the internet all I can find are 2 stories about the crime and nothing at all about the case be it conviction or aquittal, nothing, not a bean !! The MSM dumped this one pretty quick, cant think why

Richard Whelan 28
29 July 2005
North London

Richard Whelan had the misfortune to be travelling on the top deck of a no. 43 bus with his girlfriend. Another passenger was an imported savage who was throwing chips at other passengers and being abusive. Eventually all the other passengers except Whelen, his girlfriend and the savage had moved to the lower deck. When the savage started abusing his girlfriend, Whelen stood up for her, and was rewarded with being stabbed around six times. Even then, Whelen tried to stop his attacker getting away, but collapsed from his injuries. The Negro attacker got off the bus at Holloway Road. The idiots who encourage sub-humans like this to come and breed in our beautiful country, thereby turning it into a dangerous cesspit, share responsibility for his tragic and totally unnecessary death.

David Henkel 32
23 July 2005
Chatham, Kent

David Henkel, 32-years-old, a loving father to a young family. Racially abused, knocked to the ground, held down and stomped to death in an unprovoked racist attack by a group, believed to be Albanians, in Chatham, Kent. David died in hospital on 23rd July 2005 with his heart-broken family at his bedside; he had been in a critical condition in Medway Maritime Hospital since the attack the previous Saturday night.

An Albanian man has since been arrested on suspicion of murder. Nowbahar Bahar, 21, of Harmer Street, Gravesend, appeared before Maidstone Crown Court on Thursday 10th November charged with the killing of David Henkel.The story made the Kent BBC News website and the front page of the local paper, but that’s it. Put ‘David Henkel’ into Google and you won’t find a single report of the murder. This silence is all the more sinister given the widespread local rumours that the alleged killer was an asylum seeker who had only recently been released from prison, where he had been heard boasting of his intention to kill a “white Briton” once he got out. And have the media given us all the heart-rending details about how special, talented and precious to his family David Henkel was? Of course not, because he was only white.

Tracey Cullum 30
12 July 2005
Selly Oak

Tracie Cullum, 30, from Selly Oak, was standing at a bus stop with her 12 year-old son, a friend and three other children when she challenged a group of four or five young blacks who had jumped the queue. She turned away briefly and turned back to meet a fierce punch from one of “ZOG’s pets.” Who but a savage and a coward would take a punch at a woman who was looking away over a justified remark? The blow was so powerful that she spun and broke her ankle. Six weeks later she died of a coronary embolism as a result of the attack. Tracey Cullum is another unfortunate victim of the imported trash that is ruining our nation. “I would like to appeal to the person who did this to come forward” said the police, “I believe when you have done something like this you will not have realised the consequences of your own actions.” Some of us believe that the people who brought these third-world ****bags to this country knew exactly what they were doing, and deserve the rope.

7 July 2005

James Adams 32

Phil Beer 22

Elizabeth Daplyn 26

David Foulkes 22

Jamie Gordon 30

Lee Harris 30
Samantha Badham 36

Giles Hart 55

Emily Jenkins 24

Adrian Johnson 37

Helen Jones 28

Lee Baisden 34

Michael ‘Stan’ Brewster 52

Jonathan Downey 34

Richard Ellery 21

Richard Gray 41

Marie Hartley 34

James Mayes 28

Colin Morley 52

Jennifer Nicholson 24

Philip Russell 28

Fiona Stevenson 29

Carrie Taylor 24

Laura Webb 29

Murdered by Muslim suicide bombers

Christopher Maxfield 49
7 July 2005

Half-caste Matthew O’Malley, 26, was summoned by his “uncontrollably drunk” race-traitor mother who, typical of her type, was involved in a late night argument in a kebab shop. The argument continued outside and ended with O’Malley’s car being driven over the victim, father of three Christopher Maxfield, four times. Maxfield was a prize-winning sailor, breadwinner and family man, and the mauling was so violent his body had 93 external injuries. O’Malley claimed in court that he thought he’d run over a traffic cone, and had trouble with the gears. He sped off and was arrested shortly afterwards by police who found him crouching in a wardrobe in his bedroom.

At his trial he was found not guilty of murder, manslaughter and even of causing death by dangerous driving. A Merseyside police officer admitted to being disappointed with the outcome. Our information is that half-caste O’Malley intends heading for a new life with his drink-sodden father in America. The race-mixing mother, the original source of the trouble, was arrested at the scene but only charged with failing to provide a blood sample.

Melissa McInnes 18 months
12 June 2005
Paisley Road, Glasgow

Eighteen-month-old Melissa McInnes died when her pram was hit by speeding 24-year-old Asian Moshin Raziq. Raziq was driving a silver Audi TT, which he wasn’t insured to drive. He was driving dangerously, at great speed, through a residential area. Raziq appeared in court charged with causing death by dangerous driving and has been remanded in custody. The source is the Glasgow Evening Times website, although the details about lack of insurance etc. appeared in initial newspaper reports which for some reason are now nowhere to be found.
Mary-Ann Leneghan
Mary-Ann Leneghan 16
6 May 2005
Reading Berkshire

On the 7th November 2005 Six men appeared at the Old Bailey charged with kidnapping, raping and murdering teenager Mary-Ann Leneghan.The 16-year-old’s body was found with stab wounds in Prospect Park, Reading, Berkshire, in May. Her friend was shot in the head but survived.

All six men, aged 18 to 23, denied murdering Mary-Ann and attempting to murder her friend; and the kidnap, rape and grievous bodily harm of both girls. The men were remanded in custody and are expected to face trial in January.

They are: Adrian Thomas, 20, of Battersea, London; Michael Johnson, 19, of Southfields, London; brothers Jamaile Morally, 21, and Joshua Morally, 23, both of Balham, London; Llewellyn Adams, 23, of Balham, London; and Indrit Krasniqi, 18, of Chiswick, London.

The six face a total of 10 charges.All are charged with murder, kidnap, two counts of rape and causing grievous bodily harm (GBH) with intent in connection with the attack on Mary Ann. They are also charged with attempted murder, kidnap, one count of rape and causing GBH with intent in connection with the attack on Mary-Ann’s friend, who cannot be named for legal reasons. Jamaile Morally is charged with one further count of rape in connection with the attack on Mary-Ann’s friend. A seventh man arrested during the investigation has been eliminated from the inquiry.

Daniel Pater 29
2 April 2005
Tooting, South London

While Daniel was shopping on the afternoon of 25th March in Fairway’s convenience store in Mitcham Rd, aggressive Negro Obinna Igboebisi decided to pick an argument with him for no reason. Daniel was beaten unconscious and taken to St George’s Hospital. A week later his life support machine was switched off. The African savage, 24, has been arrested and charged. At the recent Old Bailey hearing he pleaded not guilty by video link from Highdown prison. Judge Richard Hawkins ordered him to be remanded in custody. No trial date has been set.

Paul Tanner 23
4 March 2005
St Paul’s Square, Birmingham

Paul Tanner, from Hockley, Birmingham, was innocently walking through St Paul’s Square with a friend in the early hours of Friday 4th March when they were viciously attacked by youths, described as 16 to 17 years old, one black and two of mixed race. There appears to be no motive except vicious race hate toward Mr Tanner, who was white. Paul died hours later from stab wounds to the chest. The media has given this virtually zero publicity, as per usual. White victims of sickening race hate from ethnic minorities are routinely covered up, and made out to be nonexistent. When they accuse us of “race hate” it’s the pot calling the kettle black.

Jason Ripley 17
17 February 2005
Sheepridge, Huddersfield

Jason Ripley, a schoolboy boxing champion from Dalton, was stabbed during a fight outside a shop in Sheepridge Road, Sheepridge, at 2:10pm on 17 February. The 17-year-old was taken to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary where he died later that day. A 16-year-old “Afro-Caribbean” has been charged with his murder. “Not named for legal reasons” is the usual spin, but there’s little reticence shown towards white kids who are pilloried in the media when they speak contrary to the establishment’s “multiracial utopia,” of which Jason is yet another victim.

Colin Winstone 44
11 January 2005
Bristol, Avon

Colin Winstone, a father of two children, was working as a cab driver and picked up a West Indian Negro Davidson Charles outside a pub in the Easton area of Bristol. The Negro attacked Colin, stabbed him in the chest then threw him out of his cab. A witness described how he saw a black man going through the victim’s pockets after he was dragged from his car. The Negro then stole the car but was arrested shortly afterwards. Colin died of his wounds later the same day in Bristol Royal Infirmary. He had played rugby for 14 years at the Imperial Rugby Club, and a one minute silence was held for him during one of their Sunday matches. Davidson Charles, aged 40, has been charged with robbery and murder.

Jamie Mason 12
8 January 2005
Telford, Shropshire

Failed “asylum seeker” from Zambia Aaron Chisango drank almost a litre of whisky the night before knocking down and killing 12 year old Jamie Mason. He was jailed for just two months after admitting being over the drink-drive limit when his Rover 620 struck Jamie in Cannock Road, Wolverhampton. Chisango had been living with his sister in Hutchinson Way, Ketley. He also admitted driving without a licence and without insurance. Prosecutors claimed there was not enough evidence to charge him with driving without due care and attention. Jamie’s family wept as they heard the 27-year-old, who should never have been in the country in the first place, would be freed in days after having served time on remand.

The Fallen 2004

Ernest Meads 58
23 December 2004
Edmonton, North London

Mr Meads, a construction worker and father of two, was stabbed four times as he walked to work; one blow struck close to his heart. He died in the street in an unprovoked knife attack which the police described as an orgy of killing and stabbings, on the day before Christmas Eve. Tukish Kurd mental patient, Ismail Dogan, aged 30, was released from a mental health unit two years ago. He failed to turn up for an appointment with his Indian doctor, who stupidly failed to report it to the authorities. Foreign born Muslim Dogan then drove around and started attacking people with two knives, at will, on the morning of the 23rd. He attacked and seriously wounded five other White people in the North London area in an hour-long rampage before killing Mr Meads. The police finally arrested him later that day.

Michelle Blackledge 28
18 December 2004
Milton Keynes

A few days before Christmas 2004, Mrs. Blackledge was driving home from work when the vehicle she was driving was hit head-on by a vehicle driven by Chika Okolo, of Biscot Road, Luton. Rumour has it that the latter vehicle was neither taxed nor insured.

Okolo, for reasons that have never been explained, was driving at speed on the wrong side of the road. Unluckily for Mrs. Blackledge she suffered fatal injuries wheras Okolo walked away from the smash with little more than cuts and bruises.

Okolo was sentenced to a three-year jail term, in absentia, for the killing of this young professional, a graphics designer working on the MK News. At an earlier hearing Okolo was given conditional bail but as usual with suspects of an ethnic origin chose to exercise his right to leave this country precisely at the point it should have been taken away from him, somewhat typical of our ludicrous and expensive CPS (aka Criminal Protection Service)

Judge Maher, presiding over the one-day hearing said, “I have read a very moving statement from Mr. Blacklege. This was a young couple who had not been married long with everything ahead of them. That young man has been absolutely devastated.”

John Monckton 49
29 November 2004
Chelsea, Central London

Mr Monckton’s wife opened the door of their home in their exclusive neighbourhood during the evening; a black man disguised as a postman barged in with a mixed-race accomplice and stabbed her. Mr Monckton, a wealthy City financier, came to her aid and was attacked in what police described as a “ferocious” assault with a knife. The couple’s nine year old daughter rang 999. Mr Monckton died in hospital within an hour of the attack. A trail of blood was left marking the black murderers’ escape route. Violent burglaries are on the increase in wealthy districts of London. The horrors of multi-racialism are now begining to catch up with the rich, until recently only the white working-classes have been the victims!

Christopher Yates 30
7 November 2004
Barking, East London

Christopher had been out celebrating with friends, and after leaving them he walked onto the campus of the University of East London where he was set upon by up to 10 Muslim Asians, who knocked him to the ground and kicked him to death in an the unprovoked, very violent assault. His family including his mother Rose are too upset to speak about their loss. A post mortem found Christopher died of facial injuries from multiple kicks to the head. Several of the Asian suspects fled to the North of England. Three men have been arrested and charged with his murder, Sajid Zulfigar aged 25, Zarhid Bashir 23 & Imran Maqsood 21, while five others have been bailed pending further police enquiries.

Robert Symons 45
20 October 2004
Chiswick, West London

Teacher and father of two young daughters Mr Symons was woken up by a noise downstairs in his home in Airedale Avenue, Chiswick. When he went to investigate he was stabbed through the heart by 26 year old Moroccan thief Yousef Bouhaddaou, who was in the process of burgling his house. Mr Symons’ wife Linda found her husband dying in a pool of blood. During the burglary the Moroccan had stolen a Filofax. Police have arrested him and charged him with murder.

Daniel Leahy 36
13 October 2004
Walworth, S.E. London

Daniel was seen by witnesses arguing with three black men outside Lidl’s supermarket on the Old Kent Road at 10 pm. Minutes later he was found in a pool of blood with stab wounds to the back of his neck. One witness said: “It was raining but the puddle in the ground was just a puddle of blood!” He was rushed to St Thomas’s Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 10.30 pm. A colourful array of flowers now mark the spot of his racist murder, testament to the grief of his family and friends. His parents are still in deep shock and unable to talk about their loss. Daniel and his brothers and sister were all born and brought up in the area. CCTV footage is presently being looked at by local police.

George MacDonald 34
8 October 2004
West End, Central London

George from Warwickshire had visited the well known Stringfellows night club in Central London, owned by flaboyant ***, Peter Stringfellow. George had drunk a bit too much and was grabbed by powerfully built West Indian Negro doorman, Marcus Marriott, who beat poor George about the head. He managed to stagger outside but collasped and died in a nearby alley. Police found his body, he had died from severe head injuries. The Negro has been charged with his murder. There has been no comment from the Jewish club owner.

Vincent Swift 27
3 October 2004
Croydon, South London

Vincent was attacked by “asylum-seekers” less than a mile from his home. Six days later his parents had to make a heartbreaking decision to turn off their eldest child’s life support machine at St George’s Hospital. They now have to wait up to two months before burying him because of the on-going murder investigation. His poor mother is inconsolable. At the time Vincent and his younger brother were walking to a friend’s house when they were set upon by a gang of “asylum-seekers.” A foreign 17 year-old student and 18 year-old Gentian Molla, both living in the Thornton Heath area, have been charged with violent disorder.

Stuart Watt 24
5 September 2004

Stuart Watt, who had just been given the all-clear following an eight-month battle with Hodgkinson’s Disease, was on a night out with friends in ‘Flares’ Blackpool nightclub. He was followed outside by Asian thug, Sajad Hussein Ali, who was working as a bouncer there. Stuart was then attacked and received horrific head injuries, and died in hospital the following day. Ali has been arrested, charged with murder and remanded in prison pending trial.

Denis Finnegan 50
2 September 2004
Richmond Park, Surrey

Deranged light-skinned Negro John Barrett, 42, discharged himself from psychiatric care and went straight out and bought a set of kitchen knives. Next day he wandered around Richmond Park, on the outskirts of London, looking for someone the voices in his head told him to kill. Finnegan, a former banker who lived in Putney, who was cycling through the park, was the unfortunate victim. Barrett had already spent 18 months in a secure unit after stabbing three people at an outpatients’ clinic. It’s no accident that the authorities have been made powerless to deal with Barrett and all the others like him who threaten a normal, sane, WHITE society.

Bernard Hegarty 29
16 August 2004

A white professional, Bernard Hegarty, 29, was stabbed and robbed on 12th of August 2004 in Bethnal Green, East London, in a horrific unprovoked attack; he died of his wounds in hospital four days later. The murderer is described as dark skinned/black with curly/afro hair; the murderer also mercilessly robbed Mr Hegarty as he lay wounded. As usual, this story has had little to no publicity, and will never under any circumstance be called ‘racist’ as the victim is in the ‘non-valid victim group’ (in plain English, White) and therefore will not be getting the publicity and sympathy that the likes of Steven Lawrence got.

Gemma Atkinson 17
20 June 2004
Hexthorpe, Doncaster

Stupid, brainwashed Yorkshire girl Gemma Atkinson exchanged texts with illegal Zimbabwean immigrant Mudadiwa Chinyoka, whose visa had run out seven years previously. She ended up visiting him at his flat in Wharncliffe Street, Hexthorpe, being sexually assaulted and then murdered. The 24 year-old killer, described by the judge as “sadistic,” tried to bury her body in the cellar. He was given a 20-year sentence and will be deported afterward. It’s a pity he wasn’t kicked out seven years before.

Donald Hill 65
16 June 2004

Sixty-five year old Donald Hill, known locally as “Docker,” was walking home along Alexandra Road in Palfrey after a drink when he was attacked by two Asian men of slim build in their late teens or early 20’s. After knocking their victim to the ground they ran off leaving him lying in a pool of blood. Hill sustained serious head injuries and died a week later in hospital. Neighbours described him as “a likeable and popular man” who was married and had lived in the area for several years.

Michael Swindells 44
21 May 2004
Nechells area, Birmingham

Detective Constable Michael Swindells was stabbed in a vicious race hate attack by a crazed black knifeman, Glaister Earl Butler, 48, who was running through the streets of Birmingham threatening people with a 12-inch knife. DC Swindells was stabbed as he attempted to arrest Butler. The media immediately covered up the ethnicity of the murderer, and the black killer has had virtual anonymity. Had the situation been reversed, and a white had murdered a black, we would now be seeing international outcry, mass demonstrations and incessant publicity, but when it’s an innocent white policeman trying to protect the pubic there is barely a squeak about the black murderer. The race relations groups would be screaming ‘Racist Murder!’ in outrage had the policeman been black and killer white.

Ursula Craddock 82
27 April 2004
Wanstead, East London

The son of an 82-year-old woman who died after being mugged in her street said he had been “cut to pieces.” Ursula Caddock, also known as Joan, was knocked to the ground by a man as she walked along Halstead Road, Wanstead, East London on the morning of 8 April. Police began a murder hunt after she died in hospital nearly three weeks after being attacked. Her son David from Suffolk said: “It’s my mum this time but next time it could be somebody else’s.” The attacker was described as black and 5ft 9ins tall.

Lee Martin 22
16 April 2004

If he had been killed in Iraq, the murder of 22-year-old soldier Lee Martin would have made national news. But because the young soldier had just come back from Iraq and was beaten to death by anti-white racist thugs in Manchester, his murder has been covered up. Only the Manchester Evening news mentioned Lee in two tiny articles on the news round-up on page 3. The first, on April 7th, was headed ‘Fighting for life’. It reported that Lee was critically ill after having been “savagely attacked” and “kicked several times in the head.” His attackers were described as “Asian and in their twenties.” A week later, in an even smaller report, the paper reported that Lee had died, following the attack outside the Kansas Fried Chicken takeaway in Wilbraham Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy. No mention was made of the ethnicity of his murderers.

Simon Breed 51
15 April 2004
Wood Green, North London

Simon, a builder and father of two, fell dying into the arms of his wife after being stabbed repeatedly by his neighbour, olive-skinned mental patient Theophilos Theophilous, 34, on his own doorstep. Foreign homicidal maniac Theophilous was released from a psychiatric hospital “back into the community” only a few months earlier. Poor Simon had been returning from a practice session with a folk band, he played the violin. There has over the last few decades been an over-reliance on “care in the community” because of a lack of mental hospital places, added to the fact that there is a disproportional amount of non-Whites incarcerated in this country’s psychiatric institutions, particularly psychopathic violent negroes. God help us!

Lee Walker 22
31 March 2004

Lee Walker was in his home town during a gap year from Luton University. Out drinking one night with friends, a dispute arose in the Barsize pub, Skinnergate involving Lloyd Smith, 29, a notorious local half-Negro petty thief and bully who had earlier that evening punched a taxi driver in the face in an attempt to steal his takings. Outside the pub Smith punched Walker in a completely unprovoked attack, breaking his jaw, and his victim fractured his skull falling down. He died two days later when the life-support machine he was on was turned off. Smith received two and a half years for manslaughter.

Kriss Donald 15
15 March 2004
Pollockshields, Glasgow

Kriss Donald, 15, a pupil at Bellahouston Academy and resident of McCulloch Street in Pollokshields, had been walking with a 19-year-old friend in Kenmure Street, a few hundred yards from home, when a man approached and punched him without warning. Seconds later five or six more men got out of a silver-coloured Mercedes and dragged him into the car, driving away at speed, shortly after 3 p.m. on Monday. In the struggle, his friend, James Wallace, managed to run off; being told by the abductors “You’ll be next.” Kriss was taken to the other side of the city and beaten, stabbed, mutilated and burned to death. Early on Tuesday his body was found about three miles away on a walkway behind the Celtic Supporters Club on Glasgow’s London Road, by the banks of the Clyde. Judge Lord Philip said Daanish Zahid, 20, must serve 17 years in jail before being eligible to apply for parole. The judge said the public had been “shocked and horrified” by the murder of the 15-year old who was abducted, beaten, stabbed and then set alight. Zahid Mohammed, 20, who admitted abducting Kriss, was jailed for five years.

Update 6-10-2005
Three men have appeared in court after being extradited from Pakistan, charged with the abduction and murder of Glasgow teenager Kriss Donald.

Imran Shahid, Zeeshan Shahid and Faisal Mustaq, all in their 20s, made no plea at Glasgow Sheriff Court and were remanded in custody for a week.

Anthony Farrell 21
13 February 2004
Glasgow, Scotland

Anthony had just turned 21 and was walking with his brother in Cathedral Street when they were attacked by a gang of “asylum-seekers.” Iraqi Kurd Ali Mohammed Karim, aged 23, repeatedly stabbed Anthony and as he ran off bragged: “I finished him!” Karim needed a translator at the High Court in Edinburgh. He got just 12 years for this cold-blooded murder. The biggest selling Scottish and English tabloids and the local Glasgow newspapers remained completely silent about this case!

Peter Watkins 63
20 January 2004
Bournemouth, Dorset

Mr Watkins, a language teacher, was thrown out of a window by 41-year-old Samer Al-Moufti. He was found lying in a yard at the back of the building in the early hours. He was taken to Poole Hospital where he died shortly afterwards. Al-Moufti has been charged with his murder.

Ashley Hedger 16
16 January 2004
Upton Park, East London

Ashley Hedger was chased by a seven-strong gang of Muslims and viciously kicked and stabbed to death. The media disingeniously claimed it resulted from an attempted mugging by Negro “friends” of his but Ashley, an innocent and the only white person in the vicinity, was targeted by the gang, which is the norm in this area and many others in London, and he was left dying in a shop doorway. The police refused to class it as racially-motivated as the murderers were Asian and the victim white. Had it been the reverse, the frenzy would have been monumental, with tens of £ millions spent investigating this horrific murder. The killing, which happened in broad daylight in a busy street near West Ham’s football ground, shocked police. One shopkeeper described how the attack on Ashley was so ferocious it left him “shaking with fear.”

Scott Pritchard 19
7 January 2004
Hendon, Sunderland

Teenager Scott was found unconscious with horrendous head injuries outside the back of his home at seven in the evening. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the Sunderland Royal Infirmary. A post mortem showed his injuries had been caused by a blunt instrument. He was in no position to defend himself as at the time he was on crutches and had a plaster cast on his right foot. There have been many serious attacks in the area on lone white people by gangs of local Asian youths but the police have ruled that this was not a racist murder, because they are nervous of “creating racial unrest.” Scott’s family have been told by local residents that a large group of Asians were seen running away from the area shortly after Scott’s body was found. Make up your own mind about this savage, unprovoked murder.


Paul Fritchley 46
7 January 2004
Quedgeley, Gloustershire

Paul, a father of two, died as his car was practically demolished when 30-year-old illegal negro immigrant Nana Kemajou, driving at 90 mph on the A38, ploughed into the back of his car and knocked it into a lorry. He was killed instantly. The illegal African had no licence or insurance and his car was unroadworthy. He was also falsely using the name of a French national. Even the British press are now admitting that more amd more roadside fatalities are being disproportionately caused by illegal immigrants to our country using false documents. Kemajou was found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving at Gloucester Crown Court but astonishingly only received a two and a half year jail sentence (the maximum is 10 years). The authorities are not even sure this is his real name, he claims to have come from Cameroon in West Africa.

Callum Oakford 9
1 January 2004
Ferring, West Sussex

Callum (CJ) was with his brother and a friend when he was knocked down trying to cross the road. He died in hospital. The hit and run driver, Algerian Kamel Kadri, 38, was driving without any documentation or insurance and held a false passport. Illegal immigrant Kadri at first denied driving the vehicle when police arrested him following media appeals, but later admitted responsibility and that he had been speeding. Callum’s family were furious when they heard that Kadri was not to be charged with manslaughter. Paul Hayward of the highly politicised Crown Prosecution Service claimed there was “insufficient evidence that he was driving in a reckless and dangerous manner”, although witnesses said that he exceeded the 50 mph limit as he tried to overtake other cars. Kadri was sentenced at Chichester Crown Court on 5 February to eight months in jail for driving offences (already reduced by the CPS by two months) and a further sixteen months to run consecutively for having a false passport.

The Fallen 2003

Terry Gregory 19
28 December 2003
Woolwich, South London

Teenager Terry was stabbed to death and his friend injured in a violent attack over an umbrella. Terry was getting off a night bus when a Negro confronted him and started an argument. Terry, his girlfriend and friend walked away, the Negro followed them and stabbed the friend in the hand, then stabbed Terry several times in the chest. The lad was taken to hospital but died of a stab to the heart. Scotland Yard said police are searching for a black, aged between 40-50 of stocky build with grey hair. Young Terry’s parents are completely distraught at the lost of their much loved son!

David Ross 16
24 December 2003
Cramlington, Northumberland

Shamsi Ahmed, 43, was one-and-a-half times over the drink-drive limit when he crashed his Rover 216 into the back of 16-year-old David Ross’s moped. The accident happened on the A189 Spine Road in Cramlington. David, a student from Cramlington, had been delivering Christmas presents to friends. Ahmed, of Westmorland Road, Newcastle, has convictions for other drink driving offences, Newcastle Crown Court heard. He had been charged with drink-driving and bailed after being arrested on 21 October last year – just nine weeks before the fatal crash in which the teenager died. Ahmed admitted causing death by dangerous driving and driving with excess alcohol. Judge John Milford, QC, told him he faced a jail sentence and also banned Ahmed from driving for ten years, and said: “You should never have been near a motor vehicle that day.”

Ted Rhodes 69
16 December 2003
Wandsworth, South London

Police are investigating the murder of a White pensioner who was found dead two days after an argument outside ‘The Grapes’ public house. Mr Rhodes, formerly a theatre critic, was hit and fell to the ground during an argument with a Negro male, who was riding a bicycle the wrong way down a one-way street, on Sunday 14 December at 10:45pm. Elderly Mr Rhodes was found dead in his flat two days later. May his soul rest in peace. What a terible thing to happen during the festive period, but what do we expect in violent 21st century multi-racial Britain?

John Fallows 71
27 November 2003

John Fallows, known to friends and family as Jack, was walking back to his home in Cardinal Street following a night out when he was involved in a collision with a car on Colne Road. He had just returned from a holiday with friends in Greece and was looking forward to spending Christmas with his family. His daughter Jean Ainsworth, 43, of Heald Wood Drive, Burnley, said Jack would be missed by everyone who knew him. Zahid Shafi, 38, of Colne Road, Burnley, was arrested and charged with a variety of traffic offences, including dangerous driving, driving without due care and attention and failing to stop at the scene of an accident.

Amy Houston 12
24 November 2003

Amy Louise Huston, aged 12, was knocked down by Kurdish “asylum seeker” Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, 25. He was driving a car he had bought that day, without insurance and licence; he had already been banned from driving twice. Amy was trapped under the car in Newfield Drive, in the late winter afternoon, and though freed by the Fire Service, died in hospital later that day. Amy’s young brother witnessed the crash. The 25 year old Kurd ran away from the car but gave himself up to police later, on the advice of a girlfriend. Hyndburn MP Greg Pope said “It is completely irrelevant that this man was an asylum seeker. It is like saying he was black, it is an irrelevant fact.” What a joke!

Daniel Higgins 18
9 November 2003
Thirlmere Avenue, Burnham, near Slough

Daniel Higgins, 18, of West Drayton, Middlesex, was killed in a house in Burnham, near Slough, in November 2003. Mohammed Omar Akbar, 29, of Slough, was found guilty of murder on Thursday 15th December 2005 Det Supt Mark Warwick said: “Although seven people have now been convicted in connection with Daniel’s murder, this case has still not concluded.”

Akbar’s girlfriend, Rupinder Gill, 27, of Hounslow, was found guilty of assisting an offender, while Zahir Hussain, 27, of Slough, admitted assisting an offender. Both had fled the country shortly after the murder and were arrested in Barcelona in March, having been on the run for almost 16 months.

In November 2004, Majad Khan, 29, of Wexham Road, Slough, was found guilty of murdering Mr Higgins and was jailed for life, to serve a minimum of 20 years.
Two 27-year-old men were also found guilty of assisting an offender, while a third man, also aged 27, pleaded guilty to the same offence; they were sentenced to seven, five and four years respectively.

Higgins was no angel and known to the police, but his brutal killing shocked even experienced police officers. He was tortured with knives, battered with a hammer, and a machete was used to cut into the back of his skull before one of his Asian torturers shot him in the forehead. His girlfriend Natalie listened to his screams as she cradled a 10-month-old boy in the next room. Higgins seems to have been involved in an intrigue of wheeling, dealing and drugs, and may have had something to do with the killing of an Asian several months before. Many ethnics were involved, including a corrupt Asian policewoman who helped one of the murderers flee the country.

Deborah Peaty & Unborn Baby 26 & 0
20 October 2003
Potterspury, Northamptonshire

Heavily pregnant Deborah had been driving home from her teaching job when a car full of Sri Lankan “asylum-seekers” rammed into her vehicle on the A5. She was rushed to hospital where her tiny 30 week baby daughter named Charlotte Louise was delivered, but both were pronounced dead. 29-year-old Asian, Ratnam Yogan was arrested and charged with causing death by dangerous driving of the White mother and her unborn child. Asian passenger Pushparajah Sinnappayal was also charged with conspiracy to prevert the course of justice. Both have since jumped bail and are thought to be hiding in Sri Lanka. A second Asian passenger has also been charged with attempting to hamper the murder investigation.

Michael Jones 53
16 October 2003
Bermondsey, South London

Delivery driver Michael was shot several times on his door step at 1am in the morning at Bromleigh House, Abbey Street. His neighbours described him as a quiet man. Two Negroes were seen leaving the murder scene in what is believed to be a dark coloured car. Det. Chief Inspector Peter Valentine said: “We are keeping a completely open mind on the motive – we do not know the reason Mr Jones was killed.” No mention from the Police or media about the brutal murder being remotely race-related, just imagine if the victim had been black, we would have never heard the end of it! Instead this violent killing received half a dozens lines in a single local newspaper.

Sean Whyte 17
29 September 2003
Colne, Lancs

Sean Whyte, 17, of North Street, Colne, was found collapsed close to his home by police at about 10.20pm. He was taken to Burnley General Hospital and was pronounced dead shortly after arrival. Police said officers attended the scene after reports of a number of people fighting in the street. Neighbour Georgina Dalson, 28, of North Street, said: “I heard shouting and screaming in the street and then a girl screaming. I looked out and I could see Sean lying in the street. I didn’t know him very well but he seemed a really nice lad. Everyone round here is shell-shocked. There has been trouble before but nothing like this.” Two Asian men were arrested. Hasan Mumtaz, 18, of North Street, Colne, has been charged with murder and violent disorder. His brother Wasim Mumtaz, 20, of the same address, was charged with a section 18 wounding offence.

Michael Austin 34
31 August 2003
Clerkenwell, Central London

Michael was the victim of an unprovoked violent racist murder. At 12.20am on Thursday 28th, he was attacked with an iron bar in Cowcross Street, opposite Farringdon tube station. He was with his wife Lynn whom he had married only three weeks earlier. His mother described her son as “A man of gentleness, he always gave money to the homeless.” Michael was pronounced dead at the National Hospital two days later. Police are searching for two dark, South Eastern European types (possibly Albanians).

Daniel Batten 20
16 August 2003
Harlow, Essex

Daniel and two friends were attacked at 10pm after a verbal exchange with a gang of seven Asian and Chinese youths. He was stabbed in the chest. One of his friends was also stabbed but survived. Daniel was found injuried on the ground in Brockles Mead, Harlow, having celebrated his 20th birthday just two weeks earlier. An 18 year old Asian has been arrested by Essex detectives but has been released on bail. Det Sup Win Bernard, who is leading the inquiry said: “Racial motivation is one possibility, but we cannot say that this is the case.” This is typical of the politically correct establishment and their ‘anti-racist’ bum-chums, who invariably howl in anguish if an ethnic is victimised. Daniel and his three year old daughter, now deprived of a father, are yet more victims of their hypocritical cant.

Richard Cromarty 66
15 July 2003
Maidstone, Kent

Police discovered elderly Mr Cromarty, who lived alone, after being being called to his top floor bedsit. He had been the victim of a frenzied knife attack by a demented “asylum-seeker.” Neighbours described the victim as a quiet, polite man who kept himself to himself. He died in Maidstone Hospital one hour later from multiple stab wounds. 28 year old Sherzad Jamal Muhamed, an unemployed Iraqi “refugee” who lived in the some house in Kingsley Rd as the murder victim, has been charged with his brutal death. There has been a complete media black-out on this vicious murder. We wonder why?

Hilda Still 87
14 June 2003
Battersea, South London

Pensioner Mrs Still was literally frightened to death during a robbery and police are treating her death as murder or manslaughter. A coroner’s inquest ruled that she was “unlawfully killed.” It is thought that on returning from a local pub back to her sheltered accommodation, the elderly lady was robbed either on the street or in her home, where valuables were found missing. Mrs Still had time to alert a neighbour before she collapsed and died of a stroke. She had feared being mugged. A Negro youth was seen near the scene of the crime, but CCTV footage has provided no other leads. Just how many more of our elderly folk will have to suffer the epidemic of mugging maiming & murder caused by mass non-white immigration to our country?

John Goodman 52
8 April 2003
Ealing, West London

Brown-skinned Brazilian illegal immigrant Fabio Pereira, aged 25, broke into Mr Goodman’s house. When photographer Mr Goodman returned he was attacked and strangled to death and his body hidden under the floorboards. Pereira continued living in the house for 4 months and assumed Mr Goodman’s identity, using his credit cards and bank account to live an extravagant lifestyle; he spent up to £10,000. He burnt his victim’s clothes and even redecorated the property. Neighbours became suspicious of Mr Goodman’s absence and the killer squatter was arrested. Police found the body, which was badly decomposed. The Brazilian was sentenced for life, but the liberal judge told him he would only have to spend 16 years in prison!

Ronnie Kettridge 56
5 April 2003

Ronnie Kettridge was a milkman in the crime-ridden Manor Park estate in Sheffield where he had been attacked before. He was stabbed four times in the face and once in the chest when he stopped at traffic lights because he refused to hand over his car. His body was found in the middle of Princes Road after being thrown out of the car and his possessions stolen. He had been married for just five weeks. In December 2003 Jamie Lee Osbourne 19, a light-skinned 6ft. Caribbean was jailed for life at Sheffield Crown Court for murder and robbery and his white girlfriend, Adele Silkstone, 17 was sentenced to eight years for manslaughter and robbery. Osbourne was a martial arts fanatic and was dressed as a “ninja.”

Elaine Duckett 44
3 April 2003
Avenue Gardens, Wood Green, London

Elaine Duckett, 44, of Cumberland Road, was walking her dog when a Toyota Carina spun out of control, striking a roadside post which crushed her. She died of extensive head injuries. Haifa Mokuba, of no fixed abode, was arrested, charged with manslaughter, causing death by dangerous driving, driving whilst disqualified and driving with no insurance. At the time of Mrs Duckett’s death the suspect was seen running away from the scene.

Ernest Wilson 48
1 April 2003
Clapham, South London

Mr Wilson was assaulted at a bus stop at 11pm close to the St Mungo’s hostel where he lived, by two Negroes. The first one was described as 20 to 25 years old, medium height and of stocky build. The second suspect is also black, a slim youth and wearing a green coat with its hood up. Mr Wilson managed to stagger back to his room but collapsed. An ambulance arrived but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

George Rowe 79
April 2003
Limehouse, East London

Between Sept. 2002 and Feb. 2003, 28 year old Asian crack cocaine addict Sabul Miah maintained a reign of terror against elderly White people in Tower Hamlets, while on bail for other offences. A few days after Christmas he repeatedly battered and stabbed great-grandfather George as he returned from collecting his £149 pension. Miah punched and kicked him repeatedly. The Asian hauled the elderly Mr Rowe from a lift, pulled out a knife, stabbed him in the chest and slashed him across the throat. He also used the knife to slash Mr Rowe’s trousers to obtain his pension. Mr Rowe died four months later. Miah was given two life sentences. He commited many very violent muggings against White OAP’s, whom he followed from Post Offices, including John Cameron aged 85, Maisie Bailey 85 (suffered broken hip & dislocated shoulder) and Sarah Munday 82 (stabbed in the hand).

Brian Dodd 72
25 March 2003
Prestatyn, North Wales

Retired accountant Mr Dodd had been walking his dogs on the beach when he was attacked and stabbed thirty-seven (37) times with a large kitchen knife by Anglo-Asian paranoid schizophrenic, Paul Khan, 34, for no reason. The heavily built half-breed was arrested three days later and admitted manslaughter on the grounds of dimished responsibility. Khan had been released from Whitchurch mental hospital three years earlier, where he had been sent for six years after walking into Cardiff Central Library in 1996 and grabbing a White man by the hair and cutting his throat from ear to ear with a razor. Thankfully the victim Peter Turnbull survived. Incredibly Khan pursued legal action against Whitchurch Hospital for poor treatment after the first attack and received compensation in an out of court settlement. Khan is now considering legal action against the hospital which was providing his “care in the community.” He is now serving a life sentence at the top security Ashworth Hospital on Merseyside.

Hilda Ashdown 81
25 March 2003
King’s College Hospital, Camberwell, London

The 81-year-old was targeted when she left the door of her flat open on the Champion Hill Estate in Monclar Road, near Denmark Hill. Elroy Simmonds, a convicted thief at 14 and rapist at 18, and an accomplice forced their way in as she attempted to close the door. Simmonds repeatedly punched her in the face and kicked her as both demanded cash. The two Blacks made off with her handbag, which was later found in Fernedene Road, on the other side of Denmark Hill. The incident occurred around 6.30 pm on Saturday, March 15. She died in hospital on Tuesday, March 25 and a post-mortem confirmed that death was the result of injuries sustained in the attack. Hilda was Simmonds’ sixth victim, all of whom were aged between 73 and 95.

Jonathan Roberts 19
24 March 2003

Jonathan Roberts, 19, from Wilcot, Nescliffe, Shropshire was hit by a car which sped through a red light at a pelican crossing in Oxford Road, Manchester. Jonathan was in his second year at Manchester Metropolitan University studying computer science. He was catapulted 40 feet through the air after being hit at about 50mph and died almost instantly. Sadakat Hussein continued driving the black Honda Prelude which was later found burned out. Hussein fled the country but returned three months later on the advice of his family and was convicted of causing death by dangerous driving. The learner driver, also 19, of Beaufort Street, Nelson, admitted offences of driving without a licence or insurance, failing to stop and failing to report an accident. Hussein was sent to a young offender’s institution for four years.

Hannah Foster 17
14 March 2003

Hannah, an ‘A’ level student, was abducted in Portswood, Southampton, as she walked home after a night out with friends. Her fully-clothed body was found two days later in undergrowth beside Allington Lane, West End, around five miles from where she disappeared. She had been strangled. A witness reported hearing screams about the time of her abduction. The Asian suspect left his house in Broadlands Road, Swaythling within two days of the murder and fled to India. It is known that he had talked to Hannah on two occasions close to her home and had called her by name. The murder suspect is Maninder Pal Singh Kohli, aged 35, a Sikh. He left his wife and two children in Britain. Police are offering £70,000 for information leading to his arrest.

UPDATE OCT 14 2008

A teenager called 999 in an attempt to escape her kidnapper minutes before being raped and murdered and her body dumped at a roadside, a jury heard today.

Hannah Foster, 17, an A-level student, dialled the emergency services in the hope that the operator would be able to hear the nature of her conversation with Maninder Pal Singh Kohli, a man said to have snatched her off a Southampton street as she walked home.

However, Winchester Crown Court was told, the operator could not hear what was being said and Hannah could not speak directly to the emergency services. As a result the police system automatically disconnected the call, a response intended to prevent the 999 service becoming clogged with accidental calls from mobile telephone handsets.

Nicholas Haggan, QC, opening the prosecution case, said that the 999 recording showed that it was made from a car and the driver of that vehicle heard speaking was Mr Kohli, a sandwich delivery driver. Hannah’s body was found a few days later on the roadside near the city. Her clothes were inside out and her bra strap

Full story and Source


Dorothy Stokes 83
2 February 2003
Ealing, West London

Frail, arthritic Mrs Stokes was murdered after a botched mugging, just yards from her home. She was confronted by Muslim Zubar Ali, aged 20, and Sikh Anandeep Singh Lotay, 30, as she returned home from a trip to the local shops on a Sunday afternoon. Mrs Stokes was knocked to the pavement where she hit her head. She was taken to Ealing Hospital where she died of brain injuries at midnight. This was not the first time she had been a victim of crime: 18 months earlier she had been mugged outside her house and her handbag had been stolen. Mrs Stokes was described by the local vicar as a lovely, gracious lady who spent her days helping others, in particular her family and neighbours. The two cowardly Asians were arrested shortly afterwards and both were charged with murder and robbery. The anti-White liberal media didn’t even bother reporting this horrendous “racist” murder!

David Sheehan 35
30 January 2003
Ealing, West London

David’s body was found in a flat in Ealing at 2.20 am, with its throat cut. He had been a victim of a savage and prolonged attack involving more than 40 stab and slash wounds, said DCI Colin Sutton of the Serious Crime Group. Two Negroes have been arrested in connection with the murder.

Stephen Oake 40
14 January 2003

Detective Constable Stephen Oake was stabbed to death in a courageous raid on North African suspected terrorists who were believed to be involved in ricin production. His death will not fall into the abyss of our memory; for because of the raid many innocent lives have been saved from the apocalyptic plans of terrorists, many of whom are in the country because our government has foolishly granted them asylum. He has left behind a wife and three children. My heart goes out to them in the loss of a dear husband and a loving father. Please keep them in your prayers.

Bridie Skeehan 92
3 January 2003
Paddington, West London

Mrs Skeehan, a millionairess born in Liverpool in 1911, was found murdered and hidden in an outhouse behind her luxury flat. Mrs Skeehan used to rent rooms out and two Philippinos in one battered her to death. Her injuries included a broken neck, ruptured liver, blows to her head, face and chest as well as cracked ribs. Officers were shocked at the severity of the injuries. Two Orientals, housekeeper Nimpha Ong (female) aged 48 and 22 year old Ahmend Alhaddad (male) have been charged with the old lady’s incredibly violent and gruesome murder.

The Fallen 2001 to 2002

Catherine Wrenn 85
14 December 2002
Hackney, East London

Miss Wrenn had served her community as a midwife for 50 years and was killed by a Negro mugger for just £13. She was a deeply religious woman and had delivered more than 5,000 babies, earning her the love and affection of generations of White families in Hackney. Miss Wrenn was attacked as she put her key in the lock of her home. She was found by neighbours shortly afterwards slumped on the ground. Although she briefly regained consciousness, she died at the Homerton Hospital three days later. A Black youth was seen running from the scene of the murder and grinning.

Scott Osborne 30
30 November 2002
Lewisham, South London

30 November 2002, a Saturday night. Emergency services were called to Tesco’s on Lewisham Road at 8.17pm after reports that a man had been assaulted. Scott Anthony Osborne, 30, was battered to death by a gang of black youths outside the supermarket. The victim had been involved in a dispute inside the store with a group of black males and a black female, police said. Mr Osborne was about 5ft 10ins tall with brown hair. One of his neighbours said “there was no violence in him.” Scott was surrounded by the group of five blacks, knocked to the ground and repeatedly kicked and punched. He died at the scene. Typically the media tried to keep this tragedy quiet in their never-ending quest to portray all racist attacks as white on black, and to deceive us about how dangerous our inner cities have become.

Thomas Scott 34
20 October 2002
Kentish Town, North London

Thomas Scott, 34, was attacked outside Kentish Town tube station on 20th October 2002. Mr Scott was targeted by four Muslim Asians, punched with a knuckle duster, fracturing his skull, and was hit with a bread crate. The gang ran off leaving him unconscious on the ground. He died in hospital when his life support machine was switched off . On the 8th of August 2003, the racist killers were only sent to “youth detention”, not for murder but with an amazing reduction to “violent disorder.” The only one named was Mohamed Ahmed, 20, of Kentish Town, who got two years. The other three only got 18 months, and total anonymity, they will probably do far less time.

Joseph Blakewood 24
12 October 2002
Bolton, Greater Manchester

Joseph was attacked by a Negro gang in Bolton and stabbed in the back. He collapsed later and died in hospital shortly after being attacked. Three men have been arrested and charged and police are still hunting the other man.


John Campbell 49
26 September 2002
Bristol, Avon

Family & friends of John, who was run down and killed by a drug addict, have been angered by what they say is a lenient jail sentence. West Indian Negro career criminal Elton Taylor was at the wheel despite having been banned from the road for a 5th time and on bail, when he went through a red light and hit and killed John. He was “thrown into the air like a rag doll” but Taylor failed to stop or report the accident. Negro Taylor had been rushing to pick up a £10 bag of heroin. John left a wife and three teenage children. The Negro was banned from driving for 6 years and jailed for 5 by Judge Francis Gilbert, who could have passed a maximum 10 year sentence!

Dawn Thrussell 22
25 August 2002
Croydon, South London

A car driven by 27 year old cocky drunken Negro Marvin Audain was hurtling down the road at 60mph, breaking the speed limit. Hairdresser Dawn Thrussell was crossing the road with her friend after a night out. Dawn was thrown head first onto the windscreen and then across the road, striking a lamp post. Her friend Stephen Heale was lucky to be just thrown clear. Dawn died of her injuries two hours later. The Negro was found to be three times over the drink limit. At the Old Bailey Audain wept as he was found not gulity of murder, manslaughter and attempting to cause grievous bodily harm. He was sentenced to just 5 years in prison!

Andrew Munn 37
15 August 2002
Worthington, N.W. Leicestershire

P.C. Munn was also in the police patrol car when Negro savage Leayon Davi Dudley, 38, hit them.

Bryan Moore 39
15 August 2002
Worthington, N.W. Leicestershire

P.C. Moore was burnt to death when the police patrol car he was in burst into flames after a stolen white van driven by Negro career criminal Leayon Davi Dudley ploughed into it on the A42 road. Negro Dudley had been chased 40 miles across two counties. The car chase began in Shirley near Solihull through Warwickshire and into Leicestershire. P.C. Moore was married with three children aged 13, 11 & 10 and had served 21 years in the police force. What a waste of a good man’s life, who had served his community so well.

Alan Musgrove 39
5 July 2002
Forest Gate, East London

Alan was gunned down at close range after answering his front door. He struggled with a Negro attacker and was helped by his wife Lauren to get the man out of his home. A second Negro appeared, pulled out a gun and shot Alan. The Black killers fled on foot. Alan was taken to Newham hospital but died soon after his arrival. The killing was witnessed by three of his five children, aged 8, 14 & 15. The motive for the attack seems to have been that he had complained about the plague of drug-dealers on his street.

Tony Else 33
2 June 2002
Orpington, Kent

Tony, a window cleaner and father of one child, was walking along Orpington High St. late on the Saturday evening of the Golden Jubilee bank holiday when he was beaten to death by Muslim thugs. Accused of breaking a kebab shop window, he was confronted by mob of Turks from the shop who punched and kicked him to the floor. He tried to get away but collapsed. He died of head injuries in hospital an hour later. Eight turks were arrested for the attack: three were charged with murder yet given bail.

John Elliott 37
6 April 2002
Wimbledon, South London

Father of two John was quietly drinking in the Piano & Pincher pub, when loud-mouthed half-breed Winston Richards lanched a unprovoked violent attack. John was beaten and then thrown through a plate glass window. Half-caste Richards has been charged with murder. South London is the most dangerous place in Britain for White people! Recently The Observer newspaper, 17 Feb 2002, reported that young Black men occupy more than 40% of psychiatric beds in London!

Gavin Hopley 19
16 February 2002
Manchester Hospital

Gavin was not from Oldham but from Rochdale and had been for a night out in Oldham town centre. On 9 February 2002 he wanted to return home but was unable to get a taxi so he walked along Greengate Street in the hope of flagging one down. Unknown to him he had strayed into the Asian area of Glodwick which is a no-go area for whites. For that mistake he was beaten to death by a gang of ten Asians.

Owain Leeson 17
14 February 2002
Sheffield city centre

Owain accidentally stepped on someone’s foot on a dancefloor and a row broke out which continued in the Uropa nightclub’s rear car park. He was beaten around the head and face then stabbed with a large knife. He bled to death from his injuries. The group of people involved were described as aged late teens to mid 20s and of Asian or mixed race appearance. The killer is still being sought.

Wayne Jowett 18
2 February 2001
Keyworth, Nottinghamshire

Young Wayne was winning his fight against cancer until the gross negligence of a ‘senior’ doctor condemned him to an agonising death. Highly incompetent Syrian doctor Feda Mulhem of the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham ordered that vincristine be injected into Wayne’s spine when it should have been injected into a vein, disregarding instructions on the packet. Wayne’s central nervous system was poisoned. The teenager died a month later suffering a slow creeping paralysis of his body. Arab Mulhem was charged with unlawful killing, but the jury was discharged at his trial as the judge said the defendant was not in a fit state of health to continue.

Tim Robinson 25
27 January 2002
Battersea, South London

Stabbed to death by blacks whilst parking his car (car-jacking).

Anthony O’Brien 24
27 January 2002
Walworth, South London

Stabbed outside the George IV pub by a black 6ft tall in his mid-20s. Police still hunting attacker. 1,000 people attended Anthony’s funeral in South London but incredibly the media didn’t mention a word about this. Usually a funeral attendance this large would be considered newsworthy, and certainly would have been if the victim had been black.

Kevin Jackson 31
1 January 2002
Halifax, West Yorkshire

Kevin, a father of two young children, was stabbed in the head with a screwdriver outside his home near Skircoat Green, Halifax while chasing a gang of Asians who were trying to steal his father-in-law’s car. Raees Khan, 21, Rashad Zaman, 21 and Rangzaib Akhtar, 19, all from Bradford, were convicted of his murder.

Bradley Knight 23
22 December 2001
Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire

Bradley and a friend were wrongly accused by violent Negro Daniel Jethoo of calling him a “c**n” in a public house. Jethoo left the pub to get a Samurai sword. When Bradley and his friend Peter Matthias came out they were attacked by the crazy Negro and Bradley was hacked to pieces. He died the next day of horrific wounds in Chase Farm Hospital. Jethoo was found guilty of manslaughter, not murder, by reason of provocation by the jury at St Albans Crown Court, and given 9 years. The Knight family said during the trial that their son had been protrayed as a “racist” yet there was no evidence to support this assertion. In contrast, just before repeatedly plunging the sword into Bradley, Jethoo shouted “I am the top ******” and then starting spitting on Bradley’s fallen body. Jethoo had previous convictions for possessing cocaine and ecstasy. The family were devastated by the not guilty verdict. Bradley had a strong sense of community spirit. He worked with young people in coaching and promoting rugby, which he did voluntarily, and played for the Cheshunt Rugby Club. What a waste of a fantastic young White man.

Scott Young 14
14 December 2001
Romford, Essex

Teenager Scott is yet another tragic victim of multi-racial Britain. While walking with two friends one evening, a car cruised by containing three violent African Negroes, 17 year old Yannick Etutu, Joseph Ogwang & Roland Monie. Ogwang jumped from the car and ran towards the unsuspecting white youth. The Negro said that Scott had bullied his brother (a complete fabrication). Etutu, with past convictions for robbery, punched Scott in the face; while trying to get away Scott ran into the road, was hit by two cars and died almost instantly. At the Old Bailey Etutu was convicted of manslaughter, Ogwang was cleared and Monie was never charged.

Malcolm Walker 45
4 October 2001
Perry Barr, Birmingham

Malcolm Walker (Mac), a 45 year-old policeman and father-of-four was on a routine motorcycle patrol when he saw a car being driven dangerously in Perry Barr. The car had been stolen minutes earlier by 23 year-old Negro “career criminal” Nicholas Walters. When PC Walker tried to stop the car he was chased and repeatedly rammed until being hurled to his death. PC Walker was described in Nottingham Crown Court as the “epitome of heroism.” It is believed a car was driven into his memorial stone last September. Walters was granted permission to appeal against his murder conviction on 27 February 2004.

Ross Parker 17
23 September 2001
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Kicked and stabbed to death by at least eight Asians, by the time his girlfriend had returned with the police young Ross was dead. R.I.P.

Shirley Cotton-Betteridge 29
29 August 2001
Bristol, Avon

Shirley was working as a manager of a pub in Bristol city centre. She asked half-Indian barman Paul McMilan to stay behind to help lock up. Unbeknown to her, olive-skinned psychopath McMilan was a ‘High-Risk’ sex offender. This degenerate had one year earlier been released from prison for indecently assaulting and beating a young woman. But incredibly he was not being monitored although he was on the sex offenders’ register and had missed two appointments with his probation officer. As Shirley was locking up the bar, McMilan stabbed her to death in a frenzy. Her blood-soaked body was found the next morning. The psychiatrist who examined him said: “This man poses a long-term risk of committing further offences whether in custody, hospital or in the community.” The judge said that coffee-coloured McMilan had been acting out fantasies linked to a fixation with hardcore pornography. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to life imprisonment at Broadmoor.

Paul Mennie 11
25 August 2001
Milnrow, Greater Manchester

A Middle-Eastern motorist who killed an 11-year-old boy in a hit-and-run accident has been jailed for five years. Schoolboy Paul Mennie was killed after being hit by a car driven by John Dore in Greater Manchester, who had been disqualified from driving. Dore, who lived in Rochdale, pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving. The schoolboy was crossing the road near his home to buy a pint of milk when he was hit by the Renault 19 car, owned by Adil Hamid, the passenger in the car and who also had a string of driving and drugs offences. The youngster was thrown into the air and into the path of an oncoming minibus in Rochdale Road, Milnrow, Greater Manchester. He smashed through the windscreen of the minibus, ending up alongside the driver. The judge told Dore “Your record shows a complete disregard for the motoring laws of this country.” The boy’s mother described her son as “a very happy little boy who was always smiling.”

Clare Drummond 20
August 2001
Plumstead, London

Rafael Lopez, 45, murdered 20-year-old Clare Drummond in August, 2001. He strangled her and then hid the body under his bed. Clare, a horticultural student, worked with Lopez in a mini-cab office in Archway at the weekends. Lopez, a former boyfriend, and Clare had spent the day in Kent and had then gone back to the flat he shared with his sister. During the evening, they got into an argument about her current boyfriend. Lopez told police: “I have been under a lot of pressure… All of a sudden, I just went mad and I just strangled her.”

Amanda Clarke 32
26 May 2001
Wandsworth, South London

Amanda was a friend of Anne Cypher and herself a mother of two teenage children. Negro villian Robert Alleyne, 36, also bludgeoned her in the robbery of the Players Snooker Club, where she was found lying in the foyer. She died in hospital of a fractured skull seven days after the attack.

Anne Cypher 42
19 May 2001
Wandsworth, South London

Anne, a mother of three, was working as a manageress of Players Snooker Club. One evening Negro crack addict Robert Alleyne entered the club and savagely bludgeoned her to death with a bar stool, after which he stole the £200 float from the till. She received 19 injuries to her head and body. Amanda Clarke was also fatally wounded (see separate entry). Three days later Alleyne hung himself in his flat. Good riddance!

Hilda Lockert 86
15 May 2001
Brixton, South London

Mrs Lockert was hurled down the stairs of her block by two black youths, who mugged her for £15 and her bus pass. She had been mugged on her estate six times before. She died on her 86th birthday.

Rosie Ross 16
12 May 2001
Birmingham City Centre

Rosie a policeman’s daughter was stabbed to death by mad Asian Inderjit Kainth.

Gary Osbourne 24
19 April 2001
East Finchley, North London

Gary was stabbed to death in broad daylight with a six inch double-edged knife by Kristian Maher after an argument. Black Maher had earlier boasted to friends that he was going to kill Gary. Maher had one month earlier been released from a two-year prison sentence in St Lucia, West Indies, for his part in a £1.2 million plot to smuggle cocaine into Britain. Shouts of “I hope you rot” were heard from the public gallery, when the jury unanimously found Maher guilty.

Daisy Fenton 88
30 March 2001
East Dulwich, South London

Mugged and knocked to the ground for £2.00′s worth of groceries. Black Michael Manning got 7 years for killing 4ft 10ins tall, six & half stone Daisy, who needed the aid of a walking stick. He left her with 5 broken ribs, fractures to the nose, cheek, arm and breast bone. She suffered for three days before she died.

Nellie Cutress 91
7 March 2001
Kidbrooke, South London

Elderly Mrs Cutress was mugged on February 7 on her way to a pensioners’ club on the Ferrier Estate. She was thrown to the ground and her shopping bag snatched from under her. Up until then she had enjoyed an independent life. She suffered bruising down one side of her body and a bloodclot and this ultimately led to her death. Police are hunting a mixed-race Negro of about 18 years old, 5ft 7ins. Mrs Cutress is another of countless elderly victims to be mugged & murdered by savage low IQ street Negroes, let into our country by treacherous Labour & Tory politicians in the last fifty years.

Elizabeth Amlot 39
1 February 2001.
Woodside Park, North London

Miss Amlot was returning from a New year party at St Barnabus Church when Turkish Kurd Sertan Balci, 21, dragged her into an alley, punched her to the ground and repeatedly kicked her. He made off with 7p. Half an hour later he robbed a chef at knife-point. Amlot died a month later in hospital. After finding him guilty the jury at his trial gasped when they heard that Balci was responsible for a series of sex ambushes carried out since 1994. Balci had arrived in Britain as an “asylum-seeker” at age 12.

Simon Henderson 21
28 January 2001
Maida Vale, West London

Simon was going to visit his sick father, who lived on the 12th floor of a tower block. As he waited for the lift, Moroccan Somir Akbar, aged 19, crept up behind him and without a word or any motivation (other than race) slashed Simon’s throat twice. He then knifed him again twice, watched Simon bleed to death and calmly walked off, wiping blood from his knife on his T-shirt. On hearing the shocking news Simon’s father William suffered a massive heart attack and died a week later. Muslim Akbar has been jailed for life at the Old Bailey for what the judge descrided as “a mindless and savage killing for kicks.” Simon’s mother Kay believes Akbar should have been charged with two counts of murder – Simon’s and her husband’s.

The Fallen 1995 to 2000

Mandy Powell 19
December 2000

Aaron Powell, 56, from Grangetown, Cardiff, was left devastated after 19-year-old Mandy Powell was killed in December 2000. Salal Said, from Dunn Square, Newport, south Wales, was sentenced at Cardiff Crown Court to six years in jail after being found guilty of causing Mandy Powell’s death by dangerous driving.

George Napier 36
10 November 2000
New Cross, South London

George worked as a Doorman at the Paradise Bar and was the father of three children. When he refused entry to violent Negro Duaine Daniels he was stabbed through the heart. Daniels had just been released from a 10 year sentence for beating an elderly lady during an aggravated burglary. During that trial Daniels had asked for 950 similar offences to be taken into consideration. On release he became a serial mugger and armed robber to feed his £300/day crack habit. He received seven life sentences during the second trial. The judge said Daniels would remain a serious danger to the public.

Wade Hewitt 26
4 November 2000
Barking, East London

Wade, father of a 21 month old daughter, was travelling home on the top deck of the No. 5 bus at midnight. In what police have described as a motiveless attack two Negro youths repeatedly stabbed him in the stomach. Wade was rushed to King George’s Hospital but died two days later. There was no evidence of robbery or that he knew the murderers. The media coverage of this particularly violent racial murder was near enough non-existent and there certainly was no outcry from any liberal left-wingers nor any public enquiry into the murder. The cowardly Black racist killers have never been found.

Liam Gall 18
26 September 2000
Redditch town centre

Omar Mohammed stabbed to death Liam Gall in Redditch town centre two years ago in a dispute with two of Liam’s associates over stolen computer equipment. The murderer may only serve 6 to 7 years according to the judge’s recommendations. At the trial the court heard that Mohammed had previous convictions for burglary, breaching of orders, theft, obstructing a police officer in the course of his duty and a caution for drug-related offences. Liam’s father said “This was not an off the cuff act, it was premeditated murder and that creature should be behind bars for at least 15 years.” He should be repatriated – in a body bag after he has swung.

Sean Phillips 31
27 June 2000
Southampton, Hants

Sean, a father of one and a fit man, went into Southampton General Hospital for routine minor surgery on his left knee. Unfortunately he was under the care of two highly incompetent, poorly trained Asian doctors, Amit Misra and Rajeev Srivastava. Sean got a bacterial infection in his knee after the operation; the pair were baffled by his symptoms but refused to admit they were out of their depth. They ignored nurses’ warnings to alert senior staff and five days later Sean died of blood poisoning and kidney failure. During their trial for manslaughter by gross negligence, it was revealed that they failed to arrange blood tests or give the patient the antibiotics that could have saved his life. They both received only a two year suspended sentence for their terrible blunder!

Winifred Sills 79
1 May 2000
Manor Park, East London

Miss Sills was returning home from a trip to the shops, using a walking frame as she was very frail. A 15 year old 6ft tall Asian hit her from behind for her handbag, which contained only small change. She hit her head against a car as she fell and went into a coma later that day. She never regained consciousness and died two weeks later at Newham General Hospital from a massive brain haemorrhage. The Asian murderer bragged and joked about the attack and got a short sentence for manslaughter.

Tim Baxter 25
June 1999
Hungerford Bridge, Central London

Tim, a Law student was walking home when he was confronted by a Black gang, who mugged him, beat him unconscious and then threw him in the River Thames. His body was found the next day by the River Police. The vicious Negro gang was later caught on CCTV singing Jamaican rap songs, kissing and laughing. Sonni Read, Cameron Cyrus, Toni Blackson (female) and three others were convicted of murder.

Lee, Sandra, Kathleen, Maddison, Rhiannon and Reece Day. Yvonne Culverhouse 22, 50, 76, 3, 3, 2,
March 1999
Chingford, London

In March 1999, Richard Fielding was convicted of the manslaughter of six people (seven died) by reason of ‘diminished responsibility.’ Fielding poured petrol through the letterbox of a house when everyone inside was asleep, set fire to that petrol, and four generations of the Day family were incinerated: Lee Day, his mother Sandra, his grandmother Kathleen, Lee’s three-year-old twins Maddison and Rhiannon, two-year-old Reece, and Lee’s girlfriend, Yvonne Culverhouse. Fielding believed that Lee Day was out to get him and had conspired to prevent him becoming: (a) ‘a famous DJ’ and (b) ‘a famous male model.’ Thus far Fielding has not shown any remorse for his crime. Indeed, Detective Chief Inspector Ship, who was in charge of the investigation, said that ‘He is now infamous as opposed to famous and there is some evidence he is enjoying that notoriety.’ Terrible crimes such as this are, after a short time, rarely remembered by anyone other than those immediately affected by them. The media does not dwell on such horror as this. Why not? Fielding was homosexual, the Days were not. Fielding was black, the Day family was white.

Jenny Morrison 51
23 November 1998
Tooting, South London

Black paranoid schizophrenic Anthony Joseph, who thought he was the son of God, stabbed Jenny, a hospital field worker, more than a hundred times when she went to assess him at a half-way hostel for the mentally ill. Negro Joseph showed no sign of emotion as the verdict of guilty was read out in court. The lunatic had not been taking his medication and had been drinking heavily before the attack. Jenny had gone to the hostel to discuss plans to readmit the deranged negro back to a mental hospital because of the deterioration in his condition. Joseph, 27, was convicted at the Old Bailey of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibilty and sent to Broadmoor, where he will be kept at the British taxpayer’s expense.

Christopher Wandless 20
29 August 1988
Walthamstow, South London

Chris, an engineering student, had been walking home in the early hours when he was blasted with a shotgun in an unprovoked attack by West Indian Negro career criminal, Cleveland Jones, aged 28. The powerfully built black first shot Chris in the back and when he fell to the pavement shot him again at point-blank range in the chest. Jones had a string of convictions going back to his teens, including 16 armed robberies; at the time of the murder he was on bail for burglary, despite police objections. Days after the murder he abducted and raped a young White nurse and a month later shot dead his own mother. Jones was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and sent to Broadmoor without a recommended time for release. He told police: “I left home intending to kill someone and he (Chris) happened to be the first person I saw.” Such are the joys of our “vibrant multi-cultural society”!

Peter Harvey 26
1 August 1998
Walthamstow, South London

Peter was eating at the bar of the snooker club with his girlfriend watching his brother Brian enjoy a game of pool. When the Asian slashed his brother, Peter went to his assistance and was also cut across the jugular vein. Both men where described as decent and hard working and devoted to their elderly widowed mother.

Brian Harvey 31
1 August 1998
Walthamstow, South London

Brian was playing pool in the Churchill snooker club with his brother, when an Asian in his mid 20s, in an unprovoked attack, slashed him across his jugular vein. Police described it as an execution-style killing.

Derek Nolan 39
14 July 1998
Leyton, East London

Mild-mannered Derek had been having problems with some anti-social ‘neighbours’ and felt threatened by them. His front door had been slashed with a knife in the past. While cycling home one evening at 6.40pm a Negro pounced on him and stabbed him to death. His mother Lillian branded her son’s killer ‘a coward.’ She said Derek was very musical and played Mozart a lot. After his racist murder some sc*m broke into his home and stole some of his possessions including electrical items and his treasured guitar. Police were searching for a Negro with short dreadlocks, in his late 20′s, wearing a long black coat and yellow trousers.

Stephen Hughes 24
July 1998

After observing his girlfriend being punched and thrown to the floor for not giving a cigarette to her animal attacker, Stephen intervened and was stabbed repeatedly. He was taken to hospital but died later the same night.

James McParland 49
4 April 1998

James “Seamus” McParland was found on a pavement in a back alley near Duke Bar, Burnley, after a night out in the early hours of April 4. He had been punched and kicked in the head and robbed. He died shortly afterwards. Sasjid Hussain, 19 and Omar Beg, 17 had murdered him for money to buy cannabis.

Louie Wade 53
Newham, East London

A gang of Asians were heard shouting anti-white racist abuse, then they surrounded Louie and stabbed him to death.

Stephen McLaughlin 20
11 November 1997
Preston, Lancashire

After an argument between Whites and Asians (Pakistani/Bengali) at Preston College, the same evening there was a clash on Cemetary Road. The Asians were armed with cricket bats but according to local residents the Whites were unarmed. Stephen, a young father aged 20, was caught by the Asians and severely beaten, dying in hospital two days later. Eleven Asians were charged with murder. A very strange thing happened in court, on 03/11/99. Crown Prosecutor Howard Bentham QC announced that evidence would not be given in court, in order not to cause racial tension in the town. Murder charges were dropped, and Ziah Khan, 25, Javed Khan, 27, and Asif Khan admitted manslaughter (unintentional killing). There was little or no national media coverage.

Nina MacKay 25
24 October 1997
Stratford, East London

WPC MacKay died of knife wounds she received when entering the flat of deranged Somalian illegal immigrant Magdi Elgizouli, whom she was going to arrest and deport. She died later in Newham General Hospital.

Ricky Smith 25
3 October 1997
Highbury, North London

Young father Ricky and his wife Anita were walking home in the late evening having just visited a kebab shop near the Highbury Barn pub. Suddenly a Negro jogged past and then without any motive stabbed Ricky in the chest. His wife was screaming and hysterical and he died before reaching hospital. Witnesses said the black murderer had “an unusual style of walking” and was seen jogging around the area earlier. He was 18-30 and about 6ft tall. There had been two stabbings a few days earlier in the same area by somebody fitting the same description, one of a French tourist who had been stabbed in the stomach in another unprovoked attack. Detectives think it was the same crazed Negro. Police found a lock knife with a three and a half inch blade near the scene. A distinctive baseball cap and ‘Chicago Bulls’ jacket were also dropped by the killer as he fled. Ricky leaves two children, a daughter of 9 years and a son of 14 months.

Elizabeth Pinhorn 96
9 June 1997
Herne Hill, South London

Pulled to ground from her doorstep for her handbag. Black killer never found.

Ian Marshall 48
10 March 1997
Sale, Manchester

Ian ran a grocery/off-licence on a troubled estate but had pledged not to be driven out. He discovered his father-in-law being held at gunpoint at the back of the shop by two criminal Negroes. Ian was shot three times in the head and chest after going to his aid. He managed to stab one of the Negroes first before he died. Police had to put on flak-jackets before entering the shop. Ian had run the shop for 15 years and was renowned for his friendliness and was described as a wonderful father. At the trial it was discovered that one of the Negroes had been adopted at birth by a white liberal middle-class couple, which once again opened the debate over Nurture vs. Nature, proving yet again that you can take the Negro out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the Negro.

Nicola Dixon 17
31 December 1996
Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

Attractive Art & Photography student Nicola had been walking alone to a party when she was attacked. Her partially-clothed and battered body was found the next morning in the grounds of the Holy Trinity parish church. An inquest heard that the A-level pupil had been sexually assaulted and died from massive head injuries. She had been bludgeoned about the head and face, probably with a brick. Jamaican Colin Waite, 41, was arrested on an unrelated matter in 2002 shortly after returning to the UK and his DNA matched. Waite had been hiding in Australia. This despicable racially-motivated murder and rape sparked one of the biggest manhunts in the history of the West Midlands Police.

Andrew Steventon 17
15 June 1996

Hit twice on the head with a bottle, punched three times and knocked unconscious to the ground with a fractured skull in an unprovoked assault. Royston Worrell, who “wanted to show that he was cock of the walk,” was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to four and a half years

Danny Westmacott 16
8 February 1996
Edmonton, London

A fight broke out between Noel Sayles, a 15 year old Negro, and Daniel Westmacott outside the local McDonalds. Neither had any weapons and Sayles came off second best. Sayles returned with two friends to take revenge, entering the eatery armed with bottles and a knife. Sayles fatally stabbed Westmacott. There were other customers in the McDonalds at the time, including a party of young children. Jason Honeyghon was freed on appeal and Sayles has had his sentence reduced to 11 years.

Thomas MacGregor 65
18 January 1996
Bordesley Green, Birmingham

Deranged Pakistani Shahid Iqbal worked as a part-time shelf-filler at Netto’s store. On the 29/12/95 he took a 4-inch Bowie knife and a Swiss army knife to work and began a frenzied racist knife assault. He went beserk and stabbed a White female cashier three times, then attacked five White customers. The Muslim lunatic then walked out into the car park and attacked a teenage boy, stabbed a man waiting for a bus, then stabbed elderly Mr MacGregor who was out for a stroll, in the stomach. Mad Asian Iqbal then stabbed another woman before being brought down by two police officers. Mr MacGregor was taken to hospital where he died of complications three weeks later. The prosecuting QC said during the trial, “He showed a very clear recognition of the fact that he was doing harm to his victims.” Unbelievably the judge found him guilty of murder but because the Pakistani suffered from a schizoid personality the judge gave him only an 8-year prison sentence.

Alan Homes 40
4 January 1996
Parkway, Camden Town, London NW1

Mr. Homes, a disabled man who worked as janitor at Holmes Road Police Station, Kentish Town, was attacked in his flat and tied to his bed. He bore torture marks on his body. He died slowly over a 10 day period, Christmas and New Year, of thirst and starvation and lack of medication for his disability, and the wounds he received. A Negro was photographed using his credit card at cash machines (hence the torture). He returned to the flat several times, and left Mr. Homes in pain to die. Eventually his police employers, wondering where he was, found him. No trace of the Negro murderer has been found.

Philip Lawerence 48
8 December 1995
Maida Vale, West London

Headmaster Philip Lawerence was stabbed in the chest outside the St George’s Boys School by Filipino Triad-style gang member Learco Chinadamo aged 15.

Ted Howell 75
9 November 1995
Lewisham, South London

World War II veteran stabbed five times by 15 year old black for his pension.

Vivien Trant 57
12 October 1995
Islington, North London

Stupid middle-class liberal charity worker and devout Christian Mrs Trant suffered the same fate as her husband for letting someone of alien race into their family. Morrocan low-life Ibrahim Aderdour got four life sentences for his wicked crime. At his trial the judge said Aderdour “was one of the most manipulative and dangerous individuals he had ever seen.” This vicious savage also faced prosecution for indecent assault in France, whilst on the run. Sane people would say that Mr & Mrs Trant got what they deserved for being so utterly stupid, but it was still a tragedy. The verdict of guilty was greeted with gasps of relief by the surviving family members. Let this be a lesson in the realities of race-mixing.

John Trant 71
12 October 1995
Islington, North London

Elderly Mr Trant, a devout Christian allowed his 21 year old daughter Sophie to marry an illegal Morrocan immigrant Ibrahim Aderdour, with horrific consequences. When the savage wanted their mixed-race baby daughter to be brought up as a Muslim, the family refused. The North African stabbed his in-laws, wife and 16 month old baby daughter to death in their own home and then fled to the continent. Aderdour slipped back into England in 1997 but the police failed to investigate him and deported him to Holland. He was finally captured after three years on the run. This was the first ever Scotland Yard murder appeal over the internet.

Michael Dooher 19
2 September 1995
Lichfield, Staffordshire

Michael was beaten by a rabid gang of Asians with iron bars, he was dead on arrival at Walsall’s Manor Hospital. The post-mortem showed that he died of servere injuries to his head and upper body. Mushtaq Khan of Birmingham was charged with his murder.

Thomas Kidd 61
6 May 1995
Tulse Hill, South London

Returning from a VE Day celebration when assaulted by two black youths for £100. Later died from internal bleeding. Proceeds spent in part on designer jeans.

PC Philip Walters 28
April 1995
Ilford, East London

PC Walters, pictured here with his girlfriend, was trying to arrest Yardie gangster Ray Lee, who shot him in the chest. Lee got 18 years but later tried to sue the Met for the value of a gold toothcap he lost in the struggle during his arrest.

Jonathan Copley 7
19 February 1995
Bradford, West Yorkshire

Jonathan’s family were attending a late night party, so they asked teenager Rachel Rooney to babysit for them. When Asian sexual degenerate Tariq Rehman, a Britannic Assurance manager, entered the family home at 9.30pm, he stabbed tiny Jonathan to death with a pair of scissors and then slit his throat. Police said there appeared to be evidence that Rachel had tried to protect little Jonathan. Jonathan’s mother was under sedation and being comforted by relatives after returning home to find the horrendous murder scene. It was later discovered that the racist killer was the live-in lover of the babysitter’s race-traitor mother. Two lovely innocent White children gone because of enforced multi-racialism!

Frank Dempsey 56
7 February 1995
Clapham, South London

Had pleurisy, spat on ground a passing Negro turned round shouting abuse and stabbed him. Killer never found.

Margaret “Marie” Hatton 41
1 January 1995
Stockwell, South London

Marie was stabbed twice in the chest just 30 minutes into the New Year by Negro paranoid schizophrenic Wayne Hutchinson. He had just been released days earlier by accident from a mental hospital and went on a six-day orgy of murder and violence. Hutchinson, a drug dealer, first shot a man through a window, then killed a black doorman in Brixton with a shotgun, then slashed a 17 year old’s face and stabbed another man. Finally he ended up stabbing to death Marie, who was working in a late night supermarket. This demented black got six life sentences for his crimes. Marie’s daughter Louise said after the verdict “I hope he suffers.” Negro West Indians suffer disproportionately from schizophrenia and are a menace to White civilisation!

PC George Hammond 57
East Dulwich

PC Hammond was stabbed in the stomach with a foot-long carving knife as he grappled with light-skinned West Indian Negro Christopher Ogleton, who was robbing a newsagents just 400 yards from East Dulwich police station in South London on 23/1/1985. He needed 120 pints of blood before doctors could stitch his wounds. He suffered acute kidney problems for ten years before eventually dying of his injuries.

The Fallen 1990 to 1994

Tracey Mertens 31
24 December 1994
Eaton, Cheshire

Tracey was abducted by two black men at her home in Birmingham and driven to the Cheshire village of Eaton. They both poured petrol over her on the steps of St Michael’s Church and left her. She was still alive when found and managed to tell detectives what had happened. Her ruthless killers were never traced.

Leslie Watkinson 66
9 December 1994
Peckham, South London

Former Salvation Army major killed for his pension by three black youths, ran away shouting “I bust his head.” Killers never found.

Richard Everitt 15
13 August 1994
Kings Cross London NW1

Schoolboy known as a gentle giant attacked by a gang of Bengalis (East Pakistanis). Stabbed to death. Main suspects helped to escape to Bengal by their families and community. One gang member in prison for assault, an active ‘Justice for Kings Cross One’ campaign operating to get him released. Warrants still in operation for the murderers. Richard’s family refused admittance to Bengali protest meeting in Camden Town Hall, trying to speak on Richard’s behalf.

Emmanuel Hand 35
15 May 1994
Holloway Tavern, Holloway Road. London N7

Warren Mathurin (also known as Warren Desmangles, now 43), of Jamaican parents, was sitting at the bar and insulting bar staff and asked to leave. He ran home, returning with a knife with a 9-inch blade and loudly challenged the Ulsterman landlord to come outside. Emmanuel did and Mathurin stabbed him three times in the heart. As Emmanuel was carried to the ambulance the already over-powered Mathurin taunted him “I warned you Manny, I warned you.” Mathurin admitted the killing, denying it was murder.

Philip Gosling 13
February 1994
Handsworth, Birmingham

Young Philip was the only white boy in his class, and was one of only five whites out of 500 at Handsworth Wood Boys’ school. He was constantly racially bullied and had been burned on the neck with a match and threatened with a knife. He was chased into the path of a van by a gang of Asians from the school and killed.

Barry Taylor 45
15 December 1993
Southsea, Hampshire

After mad Arab Amine Akanour had murdered Janet Taylor and the family dog, he watched TV and drank whisky in her home while waiting for her husband Dr Barry Taylor – who was a mathematics lecturer at Portsmouth University – to return home. In a second frenzied attack Akanour fractured Dr Taylor’s skull with a hammer and left his dying body close to the broom cupboard where his wife’s corpse was hidden. Neighbours alerted by the cries called the police, who arrested Akanour, who was heavily bloodstained, in a nearby street. At first Dr & Mrs Taylor had accepted their only child Jennifer’s Morrocan boyfriend and paid the ultimate price for their gross irresponsibility. A majority verdict got foreign psychopathic animal Akanour two life sentences.

Janet Taylor 46
5 December 1993
Southsea, Hampshire

Mrs Taylor was violently murdered by her stupid daughter’s ex-boyfriend, Morrocan Amine Akanour. Mrs Taylor, who was partially disabled, was virtually decapitated by this mad Arab in a frenzied kitchen knife attack, in ‘revenge’ after her daughter Jennifer ditched him. He dumped her body upside down in a broom cupboard, then killed the family dog Mitzie with the same knife and a hammer. Akanour, of no fixed address, remained expressionless throughout his trial. He later told detectives “They deserved it.” This deranged alien psychopath was sent to Broadmoor secure mental hospital for life. Yet another example of a White middle-class race-mixing idiot’s tragic come-uppance!

PC Patrick Dunne 44
20 October 1993

Local Clapham community officer PC Patrick Dunne was attending a minor domestic disturbance across the street at 28 Cato Road when he heard the sound of gunfire. As he went outside to investigate he was shot once in the chest. Three blacks left the scene laughing and firing shots into the air in triumph. He was pronounced dead on arrival at St. Thomas’s Hospital.

Jonathan Roberts 17
15 September 1993
Plymstock, Devon

Jonathan had been working part-time in Somerfield’s supermarket while studying for his ‘A’ levels, when he spotted violent Negro Andrew Bray shop-lifting. Young Jonathan didn’t hesitate and chased the black criminal. Andrews turned on him in the car park and kicked and beat him to death for 10 minutes. Jonathan’s college principal described him as “a serious, hardworking young man who contributed properly to society.” Bray got just 5 years.

Billy Bryan 71
22 August 1993
Bethnal Green, East London

Mr Bryan had been staying with Mrs Castle on the night that Negroes broke into her flat. Elderly Mr Bryan was found the next morning lying on the floor, dead with his hands and feet bound. He had died of a massive heart attack. Police photofits of the two suspects were of blacks but no-one was ever arrested for the murders.

Annie Castle 74
22 August 1993
Bethnal Green, East London

Mrs Castle was a great-grandmother who had lived in the East End all her life. One night Negroes broke into her flat, tied up her friend Billy Bryan and tore the rings of her fingers. She suffered a heart attack and died on the spot. Police photofits of the two suspects were of blacks but no-one was ever arrested for the murders.

Fred Carter 64
13 July 1993

Fred carter was battered to the ground, kicked and jumped on in a lift by a black named Junior Samuel. He died a week after the attack in Lewisham Hospital. Half-caste Samuel got 7 years, was released on parole and then committed a series of armed muggings, including two on pregnant women. He is now being kept at state expense on a life sentence.

Les Reed
11 June 1993
Ely, Cardiff

Les suffered from arthritis and high blood pressure and was returning home from a night out at the local working man’s club when he spotted a gang of young Negroes vandalising a traffic bollard. When he asked them to stop they turned on him. The injuries he sustained were described at Cardiff crown court as resembling those of a road crash victim. A pathologist found 55 wounds on his dead body. Black Steven James and two 17 year olds were found guilty of murder, Black Michael Mundell was found guilty of manslaughter. The youngest of the 4 killers bragged “I’ve got the juice,” as Les lay dying.

Grant Jackson 17
30 April 1993
Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Grant was the victim of a particularly vicious unprovoked racist murder. While walking with his girlfriend in Endcliffe Park, he was set upon by a masked gang of 40 youths who had been mobilised by violent Negro Errol Donaldson. They set upon Grant like a pack of dogs, kicked and beat him to the ground. Negro Donaldson, who was 14 at the time, shouted “Stand back and watch this” and stabbed poor Grant three times with an 18-inch bayonet. He died one hour later of shock & haemorrhaging in the Royal Hallamshire Hospital. Donaldson had been trouble to society all his life and had a history of violence and aggresive bullying. Sentenced to life imprisonment, he sobbed as he was led away. Grant was a very handsome young blond man, what a terrible loss to his family and our race!

Constance Brown 72
2 April 1993
Streatham, South London

Killed by black heroin user/dealer in handbag grab. Killer’s mother received £110,000 compensation from police in 1996 for “false arrest” trying to prevent her son being arrested in 1991.

Gary Willmer 25
Enfield, North London

Gary was going to attend a birthday celebration at the Palladium night club when he was ambushed and stabbed through the heart by two Turkish Cypriot brothers, Onur & Ugar Oguzca and an illegal immigrant known as Mustapha. After killing Gary they then attacked one of his friends with a metal bar. They then threatened Gary’s friends with a gun and ordered them to back off while the cowards fled in two cars. When the police arrested them they found dozens of weapons in the boots of their cars.

John Purbrick 35
Grangetown, Cardiff

Mild-mannered John was driven to distraction by the constant thumping beat of loud reggae ‘music,’ as was all his neighbours. When he asked politely for psychotic half-caste Michael Gilfilin to lower the volume of his stereo, Gilfilin went beserk. He punched and kicked John, banged his head on a concrete path, threw him down some stairs and finally stamped on his chest. John died in hospital shortly after from massive internal bleeding after 28 separate injuries. Doctors said his injuries were like those sustained by a road accident victim. During the deranged half-caste’s trial, one witness was jailed for 24 hours after refusing to give evidence against Gilfilin. His solicitor said he had been threatened with “dire consequences” if he turned up at court.

Mark Sharp 39
Luton, Bedfordshire.

A family man killed in a road rage attack by Asians. The suspected killer, Abdul Abedin, fled the country to Bangladesh which has no extradition treaty with Britain. A warrant for his arrest was issued but a Bangladeshi High Commission spokesman said “We have no extradition treaty with Britain. It can only be done on goodwill now. It depends on how serious the British government is.” Five others were jailed for their part in the murder, two for life and three for four years each.

Katie Sullivan 23
30 October 1992
Kingston, Surrey

Katie was working as a care assistant at a rehabilitation centre for the mentally ill. Unfortunately Erhi Inweh, a 6ft tall powerfully built violent deranged schizophrenic Negress had just been booked in. Inweh’s idiotic liberal social worker had failed to pass on her medical records to the centre – Inweh had a long history of violence and attempted several murders on fellow patients in the past – Inweh had stopped taking her medication for two days, because the liberal establishment had said you can not force mental patients to take pills if they don’t want. She became extremely demented and slashed Katie 14 times with a knife. She believed Katie was an anti-Christ demon. This homicidal lunatic was sent to Broadmoor indefinitely. Katie’s mother Sandra shouted in rage at the Black killer from the public gallery during the trial. Katie had planned to take a doctorate in clinical psychology at Oxford University and had spent much of her young life doing voluntary work. What a waste of a lovely intelligent girl!

Graeme Woodhatch 38
24 May 1992
Hampstead, North London

Graeme was a roofing contractor who had fallen out with his two business partners. They employed Maori hitwoman Te Rangimaria Ngarimuto to kill him. While he was in the Royal Free Hospital waiting for a minor operation, Ngarimuto shot him four times with a handgun with hollow tipped bullets. One went into his head, another smashed his nose, the 3rd lodged in his shoulder and the 4th ricocheted around his body puncturing a lung and severing an artery. She was paid £7,000 for the murder and fled back to New Zealand. She then became a Christian and admitted the crime. This was this country’s first, and at present only, female contract-killing case. She was sentenced at the Old Bailey to life imprisonment.

Lillian Smith 81
12 April 1992
Stratford, East London

Elderly frail spinster Miss Smith was murdered by a Negro shoplifter while shopping in the Mall shopping centre. The Negro villian was challenged by store dectectives after stealing £4.48 worth of goods from Superdrugs. Finding elderly Miss Smith in his way the Black pushed her out of his way, she swayed, regained her balance and he then deliberately shoved her over before fleeing. Witnesses say the sound of her head hitting the marble floor was horrendous. The cowardly Negro fiend struck another woman in the face during the getaway. An ambulance rushed Miss Smith to Newham General Hospital. She died two days later from a brain haemorrhage caused by a fractured skull. Police are looking for a Black 5ft 8″ in his 40′s with graying Afro hair and glasses.

DC James Morrison 26
13 December 1991
West End, London

Morrison, a detective constable with the Met, was off-duty when he spotted a handbag thief. He gave chase but was stabbed to death. The black-skinned murderer was pursued and pinned down by a white member of the public in a nearby tube station, but he was attacked and pulled off by bystanders who assumed it was a racist attack. The murderer, free, then ran off. The incident was featured on ‘CrimeWatch.’ Police believe the murderer was an Algerian who has since fled the country.

Nicholas Hanscomb 38
26 August 1991
Maida Vale, West London

Dr Hanscomb was murdered several hours after the Notting Hill Carnival had ended. He was surrounded by six Black men & two Black women, who in an unprovoked mindless attack stabbed him with what a witness said was a Rambo-type knife. He died from a haemorrhage caused by the stab wound. Dr Hanscomb was a Genetic Physicist with a PhD in physics & biology and achieved a double first at Cambridge University. What a waste of a human life, how this man could have benefited society & science with his knowledge and to be cut down in his prime by a gang of worthless drugged-up Negroes. On hearing of his son’s murder his father broke down. He described his son as ‘gentle, kind and loving.’ Police arrested a suspect but released him without charge.

Stanley Silk 47
3 August 1991
Walworth, South London

Stanley had been with his wife and friends having a quiet drink in The Bell pub when ski mask-clad Turkish assassins opened up with a hail of bullets. Stanley worked as a Telecom engineer and was an innocent bystander. A stray bullet hit him, piercing his liver. He died later in hospital. Four other people in the pub were also hit and suffered gun shot injuries. Police came up against a wall of silence because the witnesses were scared to talk. The police also feared more tit-for-tat murders. The Turkish gansters in this country supply much of the heroin and are known for their deadly brutality. Nobody was ever charged with these two racist murders.

David Brindle 23
3 August 1991
Walworth, South London

While David was drinking in The Bell public house at 10.45 p.m, two masked Turkish killers burst in. They shouted at David “This one’s for Abby” (refering to Turkish criminal Ahmet Abdullah). They fired at least six bullets from a revolver and automatic pistol. One shot hit David in the buttocks as he tried to vault the bar to escape. Earlier in the year David’s elder brother Anthony had been accused of murdering Abdullah. This foreigner has recently been freed from a life sentence for manslaughter and was the cousin of the imfamous S.E. London-based Turkish drug baron Dogan Arif. David died later that evening in King’s College Hospital. David’s parents said after the murder that he was not involved in gangs and had never been in trouble. S.E. London has a terrible problem of drugs controlled by the Turkish mafia.

Catherine Ayling 24
May 1991

Curtis Howard, an American Negro, stabbed Catherine Ayling 10 times, cut her throat and dumped her body before fleeing to America. He had earlier been deported for his obsessive pursuit but returned on a false passport, tracking Miss Ayling to her college in Crewe, Cheshire. He left her body in the boot of a hire car at Gatwick airport.

Betty Court 64
11 March 1991
White City, West London

Betty, a widow and grandmother of 7, was returning home after winning £10 at bingo in a nearby community centre. As she put her key in the front door she was pounched on by a Negro mugger. Betty refused to let go of her handbag and the Negro dragged her over a 18 inch wall, where she was left shocked and bleeding. She managed to stagger to her neighbour’s home and lost consiousness. She was taken to Hammersmith Hospital but died soon after arrival from a heart attack brought on by the shock of the cowardly attack. Betty was described as ” a mother to everybody.” She had lived on the White City estate for 30 years – now a very dangerous place, populated by a huge number of Blacks. She worked part-time as a cleaner at the nearby BBC TV centre. Friends and neighbours described her as “a very well known and much loved lady, who everybody looked up to.” One witness saw a West Indian, 5ft 8″ with large lips and a scar on his chin running away from the murder scene clutching Betty’s handbag.

Raymond Kelly 17
1 February 1991
Hartley Wintney, Hampshire

Young Raymond was working part-time at the Phoenix Green petrol station, which had been targeted by Asian Muslim career criminals Jamil Chowdhary & Mohammed Nazir. They ordered Raymond to lay on the floor while they stole £70 from the till, then they shot the youngster in the back with a 12-bore sawn-off shotgun and calmly walked off. These cowards were caught on CCTV and quickly arrested. The judge said they “stood condemned of the brutal senseless and horrifying murder of an innocent young man.” But he only sent Chowdhary down for 12 years and Nazir, unemployed of no fixed address, down for 10 years. What justice is that? They both showed no remorse for their White victim.

Michael Masser 42
26 November 1990
Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Dr Masser, an eminent plastic surgeon and colleague of Dr Paton, was also stabbed to death by insane schizophrenic Muslim Laith Hashim Alani from Baghdad. Dr Masser had a 7 year old child and his wife was pregnant with their second at the time of his murder. Alani bought a sheath knife in Leeds and then travelled to Pinderfields hospital. He had put both doctors on a death list headed “War of the Believer.” He thought Dr Masser was Lucifer and was commanded by Allah to kill him. In the past Alani had tried to push another person out of a window. The question is, who let this homicidal maniac into our country ?

Kenneth Paton 56
26 November 1990
Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Dr Paton, an eminent plastic surgeon and father of three grown-up children, was brutally stabbed to death by Iraqi paranoid schizophrenic Laith Hashim Alani in his consulting room at Pinderfields hospital. Mad Arab Alani said he had been instructed to kill by Allah and believed Dr Paton was Satan. At his trial the prosecutor said that the killings were premeditated and planned. Muslim crackpot Alani was detained indefinitely in maximum security at Rampton Hospital. Dr Paton had treated victims of the Bradford City football ground fire in 1985.

PC Laurence Brown 27
28 August 1990
Hackney, East London

An extremely demented and dangerous Negro career criminal named Mark Gaynor 21 years old, rang 999 and lured two policeman into a trap. When PC Brown arrived, Gaynor shot him dead at point-blank range with a sawn-off shotgun. PC Brown was married to a nurse and had a young daughter. Deranged Gaynor had 9 months earlier been released from a 4 year youth custody sentence for mugging and killing somebody else. When brought to the police station after killing PC Brown, he bragged “I blew your copper away.” At his trial, one juror was intimidated.

The Fallen 1980 to 1989

Eva Edwards 81
22 January 1989
St John’s Wood, West London

Elderly Mrs Edwards was on her way to visit friends after a shopping trip to the January sales. 6ft tall Black serial mugger Mark Ffoulkes on roller skates, snatched her handbag in broad daylight and left her on the pavement, suffering from two black eyes, a broken arm and leg and extensive brusing. She died 20 days later in the Royal Free Hospital from fractures to her neck and right femur and from deep veined thrombosis. Mrs Edwards became famous for her defiant hospital bed interveiw for the TV show Crimestoppers. She said “You have to have courage and deal with this sort of thing don’t you, the best way you can.” At unemployed Black coward Ffoulkes’s trial, it was revealed that he had mugged countless elderly White ladies.

Victor Johnson 57
12 January 1989
Stockwell, South London

Victor couldn’t sleep properly because Negro ‘neighbour’ Mark Allan was playing loud music all through the night. When the lazy good for nothing Negro found out a complaint had been made against him, he arranged an arson attack on the Johnsons. After the murders Allan callously held an all-night party. Incredibly he was interveiwed about crime in the area seven days later by the Daily Mail and pictured in that paper with Home Office minister John Pattern. When Negro Allan was convicted there was embarrassment at Tory central office and the newspaper’s HQ. Allan was only convicted of manslaughter and got 12 years. Black teenagers Alwyn Stephenson & Paul Spencer received four and a half years in a youth offender’s institution. Poor Victor had choked to death from the smoke caused by the fire.

Audrey Johnson 54
12 January 1989
Stockwell, South London

Mrs Johnson was unlucky enough to live next door to Negro thief Mark Allen, who would play loud Black ‘music’ till 6 in the morning. Audry who worked for the local council complained to them about her anti-social neighbour. Crime was so rife in her tower block that her and her husband had paid for and had fitted a solid steel barred security door on their 17th floor flat. Criminal Allan was insensed by her complaint that he paid two Negro teenagers, Alwyn Stephenson & Paul Spencer to pour petrol through her letter box and start a fire. When the Brixton fire brigade arrived they had great difficulty entering the flat because of the steel door. Audrey died of smoke inhalation, even though the ambulancemen tried to pump oxygen into her.

Peter Hurburgh 57
15 December 1988
Warlingham, Surrey

Mr Hurburgh’s car was hijacked and he was tied up, dumped in a field and left to die by a gang who had left a trail of murder, rape and robberies across North Surrey, around the M25. Violent Negro career criminals Raphael Rowe, Randolph Johnson and Michael Davis were charged with his murder. In 2000 the murder convictions were overturned despite the Judge saying that the evidence against them was “overwhelming.” Rowe now works as a journalist for the BBC.

John Worwood 44
10 August 1988
Birmingham City Centre

John, a Securicor guard, was fatally stabbed with a 10-inch knife outside Barclays Bank by two black raiders. In spite of his terrible injuries he managed to stagger to his van and place the cash box containing almost £5,000 in the hatch. He was single and lived with his elderly mother who suffered from a weak heart, she was under sedation and in a terrible state of shock on hearing of her son’s murder. The Negro killers fled empty-handed. Police believe they may have been brothers. Securicor offered £25,000 for information leading to their prosecution.

Stuart Gough 14
17 January 1988
Hagley, Worcestershire

Stuart was drugged & abducted while delivering newspapers by perverted Negro homosexual Victor Miller. His corpse was found several days later in a remote area 30 miles from his home, hidden under some leaves. Stuart suffered multiple head injuries and was unrecognisable, he had to be identified by his fingerprints. Earlier that day Miller had abducted and threatened to kill another white youth. Miller admitted everything in court. Stuart’s father said “I hope he rots in hell.” In 1984 Miller had been charged with kidnapping and gross indecency on a 13 year old boy. He showed no remorse or sorrow towards his victims.

Michael Galvin 23
30 August 1987
Notting Hill, West London

Michael, a self-employed electrician, was trying to earn some extra money by setting up a stall and selling soft drinks at the Notting Hill Carnival. He was suddenly surrounded by a cowardly Negro street gang. One tried to steal a can of Coke-Cola. Michael attempted to stop him but was stabbed in the chest and through the heart by Black thug Alban Turner. Michael’s wife was 6 months pregnant at the time with their second child. Turner was convicted of murder, all over a 40p can of drink.

William Barnard 65
29 January 1987
Neasden, North West London

William, who suffered from a weak heart, was attacked by two Black youths after getting out of his car. These two animals said to him, “You’re got a car you must have money?” William explained he didn’t. They pushed him to the ground and kicked him in the middle of his back. He died an hour and a half later. A female colleague described him as very pleasant and very friendly. Despite an extensive police search and media appeal the Black youths were never found.

Clarke Pearce 22
16 November 1986
Handsworth, Birmingham

Clarke, a postman, had been eating with friends at Lozell’s balti house. A group of Asians asked the waiter to turn the Indian music up loud. Clarke and his friends asked for the music to be turned down. A fight started and Ram Satpal took out a Stanley knife and plunged it into Clarke’s chest. He died later that night in Birmingham general hospital. At the Asian’s trial he said it was self-defence, but the judge and jury didn’t believe him and sent him down for life.

Florence Tisdall 83
23 July 1986
Fulham, West London

Elderly widow Mrs Tisdall’s body was found by a caretaker the next morning. She had been strangled and sexually assaulted. She was disabled and lived alone. At his trial it was found that perverted half-caste mass murderer Kenneth Erskine had a mental age of 10. He didn’t give any evidence during the hearings but told police he wanted to be famous. Dreadlocked Erskine of no fixed abode was given 7 life sentences and 12 years for attempted murder of another old man from Clapham. Police are convinced he killed more.

William Downs 74
21 July 1986
Stockwell, South London

Mr Downs, Erskine’s 7th murder victim, was found by his son the next morning in his bedsit. His body was naked and the sheets pulled up to his chin (a common feature with most of Erskine’s victims, who were tucked up in bed to make it look like they had died in their sleep). Mr Downs had been raped and strangled, semen stains were found on his sheets. His son had days earlier warned him to keep all windows firmly locked at night. The pathologist described his death as asphyxia due to manual strangulation.

Trevor Thomas 75
21 July 1986
Lambeth, South London

Mr Thomas was found strangled in his bath, murdered the same night as Mr Downs. Probably victim number 8, although perverted half-caste Erskine was never convicted of this murder, police strongly suspect his hand in this case. Erskine had been a persistent burglar since 1979 and lived off the proceeds of his crimes. He had opened 10 building society accounts with money stolen from his murdered victims.

William Carmen 84
8 July 1986
Islington, North London

Mr Carmen was Erskine’s 6th victim, who he raped before throttling him to death. He was found by his daughter the next day. Oddly all the photos in his flat had been turned to face the wall by Erskine. £300 had also been stolen. Victims 4 & 5 were two elderly Polish gentlemen Mr Gleim and Mr Stabrava, who had been raped and killed both in the same OAP’s home on the same night in Stockwell on the 28th June.

Janet Cockett 67
9 June 1986
Stockwell, South London

Janet was the “Stockwell Strangler’s” 3rd victim. She had an active life as chairwoman of the local tenants association and was extremely house proud before half-caste mass murderer Erskine broke into her flat and strangled her to death. Her nightdress had been torn off and Erskine’s palm print was found on her bathroom window.

Wilf Parkes 81
2 June 1986
Stockwell, South London

Frail Mr Parkes (possibly 2nd victim) was found strangled in bed. The police had very strong suspicions that deranged half-caste Kenneth Erskine was involved. But they never managed to get a conviction. This was to be the beginning of a 15 week reign of terror perpetrated against elderly White people in London.

Sean Keynes 15
22 May 1986
Lozells, Birmingham

Young Sean collaped and died in the grounds of Holte Comprehensive School after being stabbed in the groin and neck by a 14 year old Asian during a playground dispute. The Asian youth was convicted of manslaughter.

Eillen Emms 78
9 April 1986
Wandsworth, South London

Eillen was “probably” the 1st victim of demented, perverted half-caste mass murderer Kenneth Erskine, the killer police nicknamed the “Stockwell Strangler.” He broke into Eillens flat, raped and then throttled her. At first her family thought she had died in her sleep and nearly cremated her, before it was realised that she had been sexually assaulted & murdered. Suspicions were aroused when it was discovered her TV set was missing.

David Hodge 29
17 October 1985
Brixton, South London

David, a freelance press photographer, was covering the second Brixton riot for the Daily Telegraph. Hundreds of West Indians rampaged through the streets and two White women were raped. Negro rioter Elroy Palmer smashed a piece of masonry onto David’s skull causing horrific head injuries and stole his camera. David died 19 days later in intensive care. Vicious black maniac Palmer was charged with unlawful killing. David wished for his organs to be donated and his heart was used to save the life of another person.

PC Keith Blakelock 40
6 October 1985
Broadwater Farm Estate, Tottenham, N. London

Head hacked off by Blacks while he was trying to assist a fire engine to get through. Silcott cleared of murder by Chattering Classes. Police won’t reopen case for obvious reasons.

Colin Reid
8 October 1984
Hitchin, Herts.

Stabbed to death by gang of blacks after attending a Saturday night disco at Bancroft, Hitchin. Four blacks were charged with his murder.

WPC Yvonne Fletcher 25
17 April 1984
St James, Central London

WPC Fletcher was on crowd-control duty outside the Libyan People’s Bureau. A North African Libyan inside fired a machine gun at demonstrators outside wounding 11 people and hitting Yvonne. She later died in Westminster hospital in her fiance’s arms. Treacherous Jewish Home Secretary of the day Leon Brittan let all the Libyans inside the bureau go safely to the airport and fly home. Nobody was ever charged. In 1999 the Libyans accepted “general responsibility” for the murder.

Peter Matthewson 23
24 March 1984
Walworth, South London

Known to his friends as ‘Geordie’, Matthewson was stabbed between 50 and 70 times, bricks dropped on his head as he was pinned to the ground and then acid was poured on his face by a mob of 40 Blacks. He died on the way to hospital. The only way his parents could identify his body was by a scar above the right eye. Two others were stabbed several times but survived. In early April 1984 his girlfriend Jane Palanski, who was pregnant, was attacked by the same mob and needed 14 stitches after having a broken bottle shoved in her face. A few days later the same mob attacked her again, pinned her to the ground and ripped out the stitches with a knife. The police response? They advised Jane to move out of the area – no arrests made. Three weeks later she was again attacked, slashed on the face with a knife and received three broken ribs. Miraculously the baby survived. A week later she was stabbed in the back as she attempted to escape the same gang. The doctors said if she hadn’t been running away she would have been killed. The baby died. There were no calls for justice from MPs or the newspapers and no public inquiry. Some so-called ‘Christian’ churches refused to hold a memorial service for Peter but one was eventually found.

Diana Towers 16
30 June 1983
Gamesley, Derbyshire

Sixteen year old Diana Towers was murdered by West Indian Anthony Greaves after she had refused his advances at a party. Diana’s naked body was dumped at Melandra Castle, the site of a Roman fort at Glossop, Derbyshire.

Albert Marriner 65
4 May 1983
Haringay, London

At 7:45pm on Tuesday 3rd May 1983, old-age pensioner and National Front member Albert Marriner was walking to a National Front election campaign meeting when he was struck on the head by a brick hurled from a mainly black mob of rioters. They had been mobilised by an unlawful election leaflet issued by Labour Councillors of the London Borough of Haringay. Albert was taken to hospital where he died the next day. The police refused to investigate

Terry May 19
1 June 1981
Thornton Heath, Croydon, Surrey

A lad, who had several Black friends, was murdered by a mob of them. They jumped on him and his friend when they slowed down at a crossroads on their motorbikes. His friend managed to run and escape onto a bus but Terry was disabled and didn’t make it. He was stabbed and hacked with knives and axes. He cried for help but no-one came. Their frenzy was such that they were not content just to chop and slash his body: once he had fallen they mutilated his face. Terry’s father, after identifying his son’s body said: “When I saw my boy, his teeth were all smashed and his face was in a terrible state. I don’t think animals should be treated like that, let alone a human being.” A Black called Ronald Pilgrim was convicted of manslaughter for the killing, he had been charged with murder. Other gang members were acquitted of murder and received sentences of Borstal or a few months’ jail. One, Gary Huggins, said to be leader of the gang, was given 5 years for riot and affray.

Anthony Donnelly 22
May 1981
Glyn Road, Hackney

Tony arrived in London from Liverpool and became active in the National Front. The NF had stood candidates in the GLC election, and Anthony was on his way home from one of these counts. His body was stabbed many times, with friends claiming it had been mutilated. He was attacked in Homerton High St and dragged leaving a trail of blood into Glyn Road. Three West Indians were charged with Tony’s murder, with another sought.

Margaret Barnes

South African Asian Dee Nayer slashed the throat of next-door-neighbour Margaret Barnes with a machete killing her whilst her son Jason and his son Darren were fighting. In court Nayer pleaded guilty to murder on the grounds of “provocation” and “diminished responsibility.” He also claimed his family had been called “Black B******s” and “Nig***s” by members of the Barnes family. Mr. Justice Hirst considered that the “racial abuse” was the most significant aspect of the affair and gave Nayer a TWO YEAR SUSPENDED SENTENCE.

Francis O’Neill 31
25 October 1980
Waterloo, South London

PC O’Neill and a WPC were called to a disturbance outside a chemist’s shop near Waterloo Railway Station. Worthless Negro Josan Soan, 23, of no fixed address, stabbed the police officer to death. The WPC managed to arrest Soan. PC O’Neill was married with four children.

The Fallen 1960 to 1979

Phoebe Merrill 90
1 February 1979
Peckham, South London

The 4′ 10″ grandmother was kicked to death on her doorstep by a six foot teenage West Indian mugger for her handbag containing £2.50 and a bus pass. Phoebe wouldn’t let go of it, so she was punched to the ground and kicked repeatedly. Pathologist Dr. Ian West determined that the cause of death was bronchial pneumonia caused by lung damage and multiple rib fractures. The Coroner, Dr. David Foster, said that Mrs. Merrill had died “a dreadful and terrible death.” There is no record of the murderer, thought to be responsible for two other attacks on elderly White women living on Camden Estate, being apprehended.

Timothy Hall 26
25 March 1978
Maidenhead, Berkshire

Timothy, father of a three week old daughter, was working as a part-time taxi driver. Unfortunately he picked up two Gypsies who planned to rob him. Down a lonely lane Joseph Bagley shot Timothy in the back of the neck with a sawn-off shotgun. Bagley and a 16 year old Gypsy youth were sent down for life.

Janie Shepherd 24
4 February 1977
Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire

Negro serial rapist David Lashley bragged in prison of murdering Janie whilst serving a sentence for the attempted murder of another victim. His fellow prisoners testified against him. He was arrested immediately after he was released. DNA evidence confirmed his guilt.

Tommy Benson 56
26 July 1976
Clapham Common, South London

Benson, a fairground ride owner, was fatally stabbed by a gang of blacks at a fair. He was working his dodgems when an argument arose with the immigrant over change for a five pound note. He was soon surrounded by a menacing gang of twenty Rastafari black youths wearing “tea cosy” hats – and in the melee one of them stabbed him through the heart. One witness described the victim as “not just stabbed but cut right through.”

Alice Dunkley 80
Stratford, East London

A handbag snatch by two 16 year old Black muggers ended in death for Alice. One of the youths suddenly dived for her handbag, her friend told an inquest. “Alice hung on and would not let go. She was thrown backwards against some railings as the handle snapped. Then she slid screaming to the ground.” The Black youths ran off. For several days Alice tottered on as if nothing had happened, but gradually her condition grew worse until she was unable to move. Doctors diagnosed a fractured thigh. An operation to fit an artificial hip was performed, but bronchial pneumonia set in and she died the next day.

Dulcie Griffin
16 October 1971
Wimbledon, South London

Mrs Griffin’s body was found battered to death in her bedroom. Police were looking for a Nigerian, aged about 34, 5ft 4in, of proportionate build who may have been driving a white Hillman Minx car, number plate TGU 852F

Muriel McKay 55

Mrs McKay was abducted from her home in Wimbledon by Muslim brothers Arthur & Nizamodeen Hosein, and they demanded a million pounds for her safe return. It was the first kidnap and ransom crime ever perpetrated in Britain. After a botched ransom demand the police finally caught them at a farm they owned in Hertfordshire. They were both sentenced to life even though Mrs McKay body was never found. One theory is that she was dismembered and fed to the pigs on the farm.

Bertha Keating 65
9 January 1964
Bradford, West Yorkshire

Elderly spinster Miss Keating was found lying on the floor of the shop she ran with her sister, with head injuries on New Year’s Eve. She died 10 days later in hospital. Nearly six years later Rita Warren, who had been living with Turkish Cypriot Enver Gokmen Ali, went to the police to report that her former ‘bit of rough’ had committed the murder. She had been too frightened to say anything before because the Turk was so violent. Ali had since moved to London where police arrested him. Convicted at Leeds Assizes in 1970, Ali got life. It must be remembered that Miss Keating came from a generation of ladies who couldn’t marry because millions of young White men had been killed during the First World War. It is terrible that she ended up being cut down by a foreign savage.

Brian Peace 24
5 May 1963
St Helens, Lancashire

Brian had gotten into an argument over the bill in a Chinese restaurant. Six Chinese employees attacked him with steel and lead pipes, pieces of timber and a pick-axe handle. He staggered outside and collapsed on the street. He was taken to hospital but died shortly afterwards. An angry mob of 300 White men congregated outside the restaurant and smashed tables, chairs and the front window. Forty police officers were deployed to keep order. Half an hour later another Chinese restaurant was attacked. The 6 Chinese, Tsang Koon Lin, Tsang Sung, Tsang Fon Yaw, Tsang Wan Sang, Tsung Fat & Le Gam Po were charged with murder and causing grievous bodily harm to another customer. At their trial at Liverpool Crown Court the liberal authorities found 5 of the Chinese guilty of manslaughter, and they received only 3 years each. The last defendant, Le Gam Po, was found not guilty and discharged. The people of St Helens were furious about the verdict.

John Gordon 43
10 October 1962
Black Down, Surrey

John worked as a kitchen hand at the Royal Ordnance Corps North Minden barracks and got into an argument with Black Nigerian Samuel Vbroglo Sodje, who was also a cookhouse employee. The 23 year old Negro pushed John into a sterilizing tank full of boiling water. He died of severe burns several days later in Roehampton Hospital. The Negro was only found guilty of manslaughter.

John Hunt 18
19 August 1961
Middlesbrough, Tee Side

John was an apprentice moulder and was walking with friends when he was stabbed in the stomach by Hassain Said, an Arab from Aden, with a flick knife. He died shortly afterwards in Middlesbrough General Hospital. After the racist murder a thousand angry White people including Teddy Boys took to the streets in protest and rioted, in what was described by police and media at the time as racial disturbances. They smashed Black businesses in protest and set some on fire. 100 people attended John’s funeral. At York Assizes the judge stopped the trial of the Arab, who could speak no English and said “As a matter of law I now rule that while there is evidence against this man of being the murderer of young John, that evidence is not sufficient to support a verdict of guilty.” The Arab was set free. Already by this time the liberal establishment was appeasing the aliens who were then and are still invading our Nation!

David Lacey 22
31 October 1960
Sparkhill, Birmingham

David had been with Arthur in the cafe, he had had his hands in his pockets at the time he was stabbed. The insane Cypriot had first stabbed another of their friends in the neck then turned on David. The knife went into his stomach with great force right up to the hilt. David doubled up, fell to the ground and crawled outside to the gutter and died. At Panayi’s trial the police said he went completely mad. He said he had been provoked and was only sentenced for manslaughter. A Greek interpretor was allowed to sit by his side in the dock. He was alleged to have told one witness “If there is any trouble I will handle it my own way.” He was shown a knife and then Panayi said “If I have any trouble with someone I will use it.”

Arthur Griffin 23
31 October 1960
Sparkhill, Birmingham

There had been some minor problems between some youths and the Greek Cypriot proprietor of the Express Coffee Bar. When Arthur and his friends came into the cafe the owner Costas Panayi told them to get out. They refused and just sat down in silent protest. Panayi rushed them, pulled out a long bread knife and stabbed Arthur in the chest. He managed to run up some stairs in the back of the cafe and then ran down again being stabbed a second time in the abdomen and back. He staggered outside before collapsing. He died within 5 minutes of admission to hospital, despite a blood transfusion. His death was due to shock and a haemorrhage from the chest and wounds to the abdomen.

Michael McFarlane 22
1 January 1960
Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Michael, a steel worker, was celebrating the New Year with friends in the East House Hotel public house when a lunatic Negro Mohamed Ismail rushed into the pub with a loaded revolver and began indiscriminately shooting into the crowd. Michael died of gunshot wounds. His brother Donald was also hit and was in a coma for many weeks.

George Morris 30
1 January 1960
Sheffield, South Yorkshire

George, a furnace pitman, was also enjoying a sing-song in the East House Hotel pub when mad Somalian Negro Mohamed Ismail opened fire. He too died of gunshot wounds. Two police officers managed to rush the Negro and took the cocked gun from him. A medical officer at Manchester Prison said the Negro Ismail was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and while in prison had shown clear evidence of being insane. He was considered unfit to plead and ordered to be detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

Thomas Owen 27
1 January 1960
Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Thomas, a regular soldier, was the third innocent bystander to be murdered by unemployed Mohamed Ismail, from what was then called British Somaliland. Thomas had been welcoming in the New Year when he was shot dead for no reason by this Muslim. Another man in the bar was also badly wounded.

The Fallen 1905 to 1959

Frederick Lee 25
7 March 1958
Clerkenwell, Central London

Two olive-skinned men followed a payroll clerk into a lift of a sportswear firm and demanded the £4,000 he was carrying. He threw the money at them and they managed to pick up £120 but fired a bullet as they fled hitting Frederick, a maintenance engineer. They escaped by car, which they later dumped. Police officers investigated and found that the killer was a Greek Cypriot named Andreas Costa Afamis who had fled back to Cyprus. The Cypriot Supreme Constitutional Court refused to have him extradited to Britain, much to the disappointment of Scotland Yard officers who had worked hard to track the killer down.

Bryny Balis 11
19 September 1956
High Wycombe

Little Bryony was buying a puppet when she was abducted and murdered by what witnesses described as a “crazed black man.” Her killer was never found.

Thomas Smithson 36
25 June 1956
Maida Vale, West London

Thomas was a small-time crook who got on the wrong side of the Maltese mafia operating from Soho in central London. The three dusky mafia members drove up to the boarding house where he was staying and shot him first in the arm and then, as he staggered downstairs, they shot him a second time in the head. He collapsed in the gutter outside and died later that day in Paddington Hospital. Philip Ellul & Victor Spampinato were charged but only Ellul was convicted of murder. Among many other criminal activities the Maltese gangsters got up to during the 1950′s in Britain was the prostitution racket.

Harry Parker ?
24 March 1955 Folkestone, Kent

Mr Parker was the managing director of a building firm who was found murdered in a small room at the back of his premises. He had 17 deep wounds in his scalp and the upper part of his face and fractures underneath his head, which may have been caused by a hammer. A Jamaican Negro Albert Lumelino was arrested and his fingerprints were found on a hammer. The motive was robbery. Lumelino, a petty thief with a criminal record, was sentenced to hang but because of an error made by the prosecution during the trial the Negro managed to get a reprieve and received a life sentence. This was one of the first recorded murders by a West Indian Negro in Britain against a White person.

James Robinson 20
18 February 1955
Islington, North London

James, a soldier on demobilization leave, was attacked and stabbed to death in an alleyway outside the Blue Kettle Cafe by Greek Cypriot maniac Michael Xinaris, who worked as a hotel porter. He was sentenced to death for the murder of Robinson but on appeal won a reprieve because the judge thought him too young to hang at 18 years of age. He received a life sentence.

Wendy Ridgewell 5
19 September 1953
Bethnal Green, East London

Innocent Wendy left home one Saturday afternoon to buy sweets from the local shop and never returned. *** Zalig Lenchitsky aged 42 had spent sometime in a synagogue on that Saturday, which was the Jewish Day of Atonement. One hour later he was seen taking the gentile child into his house. Police arrested the *** and searched the house. Little Wendy’s naked body was found in a fruit box covered in old newspapers in the back yard. A bandage was over her face as a gag and her arms tied behind her back. Lenchitsky had a history of mental illness. After killing the child he had returned to the synagogue. He told police that “She kept on crying, so I tore off her clothes and put some of them over her mouth to stop her.” He was sentenced to death but the jury recommended mercy. His first appeal was dismissed by a High Court judge but then the Tory Home Secretary recommended a reprieve and the *** got life instead. The cause of death was asphyxia, she had not been interfered with.

Rose Napper 63
5 October 1944
Kingsclere, Hampshire

Rose was the wife of the licensee of the Crown Hotel pub. Time had been called and soldiers and people were finishing their drinks when shots rang out. Several bullets crashed through the bar windows. Rose was standing behind the bar waiting to clean up when she was hit and died. Ten coloured American G.I.’s had gone on a wild rampage with guns, killing two other American soldiers as well. The savage Negroes were charged with disorderly and riotous assembly. They all pleaded not guilty. All but one of the accused were found guilty of murder while AWOL by a U.S. Army court, and were sentenced to be dishonourably discharged with hard labour for the term of their natural lives.

Michael O’Dwyer 75
13 March 1940
Westminster, Central London

Sir Michael had been Lieutenant-Governor of the Punjab in 1919. After giving a speech at Caxton Hall, Westminster a Sikh named Udham Singh walked up and shot him dead with a revolver. Stupid Singh had wanted to kill General Dyer but had got the names confused. He was hanged in Pentonville Prison.

William Hall ?
4 April 1924
Bordon, Hampshire

Mr Hall, a bank clerk at Lloyds Bank, was found shot and lying in a pool of blood. A few days later a Jewish Lance-Corporal Abraham Goldenberg of the East Lancashire Regiment was found red-handed with the stolen money from the bank, in his barracks. Found guilty at Winchester and hung by Thomas Pierrepoint.

Harold Smart 20
11 June 1919

Riots started in Cardiff when “a brake containing a number of coloured men and white women, apparently returning from an excursion, attracted a mixed crowd.” While running battles were taking place elsewhere in the city, Harold Smart walked up to a policeman complaining that a coloured man had cut his throat. He was immediately taken to King Edward’s Hospital but died shortly after his arrival. Smart was a former soldier who had been discharged after being wounded, described as “a very quiet lad.” He was buried on 17 June and the streets of his area were lined with people: “The coffin was covered with the Union Jack, and a party of men from the 1st Welsh Regiment acted as bearers, while the ‘Last Post’ was sounded by a lance corporal.”

Fred Longman ?
11 June 1919 Barry, Wales

Starting in Liverpool on 5 June, race riots broke out in several cities in the summer of 1919 when men returning from the war found not a “Land fit for heroes” but unemployment, poverty and coloured immigrants interbreeding with white women. Negroes and other immigrants had been imported “to aid the war effort.” Longman, a dock labourer, was stabbed to death by a Negro sailor: “The black waylaid him, seized him by the throat, pinned him against a wall, and stabbed him under the heart.” The news spread rapidly and thousands of people, including many women, raided the negroes’ quarters. The assailant turned out to be a native of the French West Indies.

Alice Brewster 54
11 June 1911
High Seas, between Sidney & London

Alice was Head Stewardess on the P&O liner ‘China.’ Francisco Godhino, an Indian from Goa, was a bath attendant on the ship. He took offence to being told off by Alice, his superior and battered her in her cabin. He planned to throw her body overboard and disappear at the next port, but was caught by the crew. Found guilty and hung by the neck at Pentonville Jail.

Bentley, Tucker and Choate ?
16 December 1910
Houndsditch, London

Sergeants Bentley and Tucker and Constable Choate were investigating a burglary at a Houndsditch jewellery shop at 11, Exchange Buildings when they were shot dead by a man believed to be Jekabs Peterss, a member of Peter the Painter’s gang of revolutionary anarchists, two of whom were later killed in the Siege of Sidney Street. The majority of the “Latvian” and “Russian” anarchists involved in the siege of Sidney Street and the robberies and killings which led up to it were Jews, as was Jekabs Peterss. Peterss escaped and by the time the Bolsheviks seized power in St. Petersburg in 1917 he had returned to Russia and become a close associate of Feliks Dzerzhinsky, founder of the Cheka (which later became the KGB). Peterss went on to be feared as one of the most brutal and indiscriminate executioners the Cheka ever produced. Most of those who made up the Cheka’s death squads were Jewish.

Ralph Joscelyn 10
10 January 1909
Tottenham, North London

The lad was tragically felled by a stray bullet fired by “Russian” Jewish anarchists, who had made off with a payroll and were being chased by the police. One robber killed himself when cornered after a high-speed tram chase.

William Curzon Wyllie ?
1 July 1909
Kensington, Central London

Sir William, a colonial administrator, was shot dead in the foyer of the Imperial Institute by Indian student Madar Dal Dhingra. He was sentenced to death and hung by Henry Pierrepoint. It was reported he lost his nerve on the scaffold and was trembling violently.

Mary Jane Walsh 63
11 August 1905
Larkhill, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Mrs Walsh was seen being attacked by Negro Pasha Liffey, a circus boxer from South Africa. He cut her throat from ear to ear. He narrowly escaped being lynched by local women the next day. During the trial witnesses described him as “drunk with uncontrollable excitement.” The prosecutor described him to the jury as “practically of savage race.” Found guilty he was hung by Henry Pierrepoint in Duke Street prison, Glasgow.

26 Responses to The Fallen List

  1. Richard Bennett says:

    Gary Batham 27
    25 December 1988
    Dudley, West Midlands, England

    27-year-old Sedgley man Mr Batham was chased for several hundred yards by a gang Afro-Caribean youths on his way home from a Dudley nightclub before they ambushed and knifed him to death early in the hours of Christmas day 1988. Only 2 of the gang were ever convicted. Trevor Nettleford for murder for which he recieved a life sentence of which he served 8 years, and Carlos Taylor for manslaughter for which he was freed after less than a year. The rest of the gang walked free unconvicted of any crime and for years afterwards frequently tormented Mr Batham’s mother and sister whenever they saw them in public.

  2. I will immediately clutch your rss feed as I can not in finding your e-mail subscription link or newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Please let me understand so that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    This country is a joke. I was raped by an asylum seeker, who had already absconded, and when they caught him again, instead of putting him in a detention center, they bailed him again to sign on weekly at the immigration center, until they could get travel documents. This pig was already supposed to be signing weekly when they arrested him, but bailed him again, guess what? He absconded again, and the bastard raped me. If the goverment would have either kept him in a detention center, or deported his arse back to iraq, i wouldn’t have gone through the trauma of having a broken nose, fractured eye socket, and cuts and bruises. I think its ridiculous that white people have to be careful what they say in their own country, this country is going down the pan. Fuck diversity, i’d rather be safe. Excuse my swearing but it pisses me off.

  4. civil rights apostate says:

    I’m very sorry about what happened to you. I think swearing is justified in this case. I’m thining of a guy named St. Paul who said to the Galatians (Celts) “As for those who are troubling you, I wish they would go the whole way and emasculate themselves!” With those vile immigrants running rampant throughout the land, I agree with you –and with St. Paul. Down with diversity. We hate diversity. Cursed be diversity forever more. Man, I hate Multiculturalism

    • naomi says:

      Man be careful what you say. You can’t single out people of other cultures as if there aren’t other victims and murderers that are also white. U can’t just turn a general worldwide problem into a problem only concerning those immigrants. Not all people are the same and it wouldn’t be right for every white person to be considered racist cz of one assholes mistakes now would It. Think of that the next time u wanna make an irrelevant point about the human race and other cultures. Just cz your whiter than them doesn’t make u special u think other races don’t have their own f***ing problems. The world doesn’t revolve around white people. Everyone else is going through the same kind of bloody shitty problems. Move on. Get a life. Think of a better way to waste your lives. This is life and she’s a bitch. We’re all gonna die anyway. Stop crying like a bunch of whiny assholes. You know you don’t really care about any of those people, you’re just looking for an excuse to be racist and feel bad for yourself. So once again I say. Move on. Get a life. This is LIFE and she’s a BITCH.

  5. UK factual series called ‘Brief Lives’ about young people dying in violent circumstances.
    One episode about a young white couple murdered and
    dumped in a skip by their black co-worker one Sat morning was advertised in TV
    guides and newspapers but was taken off at the last minute. (the rest of the series was shown) I believe the crime happened in the Midlands.
    Anyone any more info?

  6. Lee Walker says:

    Whenever a white person is murdered by non whites you never get the same outcry that you get when it happens the other way round

  7. Louis says:

    I’d like to know why in the list there is the case of a Sardinian who killed a British man.
    It’s like the author is trying to associate Sardinians (A PURE EUROPEAN ETHNICITY) to immigrants from extra-european countries.
    It’s simply absurd and intolerable.
    Sardinians are EU citizens,
    Following your sick behaviour I should consider British people like an inferior species of beasts because in 2001 a British guy on holiday in Sardinia has raped a Sardinian girl!

    • Presumably because Sardinians are immigrants into Britain.

      You’ve taken a list of some 400-odd murders and found one to take exception with.

      What about the other 399? Why no comment about them? Why cherry-pick a detail about 1?

      I don’t see what being EU citizens has to do with anything. There’s plenty of blacks and Asians who are EU citizens. Being an EU citizen means nothing. The EU itself has said it doesn’t believe race exists.

      Please quote where I’ve ever said I consider Sardinians an inferior species of beats. I haven’t. This is a non sequitur.

      • Louis says:

        That killer was not an immigrant! He had Italian citizenship…and anyway in your list I don’t read any other post about European immigrants that committed murders in the UK. Though everyday immigrants from Eastern Europe commit any kind of crimes in that country. Why did you selected the only case which involved a Sardinian? I don’t understand….
        And Finally, your blog is entitled “Violence against white”….so you are presuming that Sardinians are not white?

      • If he’s an Italian from Italy, then he’s an immigrant if he’s living in Britain. I don’t necessarily know the ins and outs of this specific case you’ve cherry-picked out of a list of 400-odd killings and inflated like it’s the most important one. What’s your obsession with Sardinians?

        The British Resistance – the people who made the Fallen List – also ran UK Enrichment News, and there they did include crimes by Eastern Europeans. I think their criteria for The Fallen List was indigenous Britons murdered by non-British immigrants in Britain. If you’ve got a beef with the fact that they included one Sardinian in the list, go and talk to them about it. I included it because it overlapped with my remit 99%. I don’t obsess over exceptions and anomalies. British Resistance have stopped updating both The Fallen List and UK Enrichment News a year ago, so there’s lots their lists are missing. They are real people with lives, they’re not going to catch everything. I can’t catch everything. If you want to pay me a salary to blog full-time and try to catch everything, be my guest.

        I do not include crimes by Eastern Europeans on my blog because like you say, Eastern Europeans are white. My remit is non-white-on-white, with an focus on hate crimes, because obviously it would be a full time job trying to keep track of every single non-white-on-white crime.

      • Louis says:

        No darling, that man went to the UK exclusive to kill Steven Keen and then came back home in Sardina. It’s written in all the news about that case…and the motive of the crime was passion and not racial.

      • The Fallen List is not based on motivation.

  8. trolooloo says:

    Why do the retarded who has started this blog (that i will reported soon) has included a sardinian, that is a white european racially, genetically and culturally. Idiot!
    Francesco Matta looks also whiter than his victim.

    • Presumably because Sardinians are immigrants into Britain.

      • trolooloo says:

        what the f**k are you speaking about? that murderer was resident in Sardinia and went to UK only with the purpose to kill the man who fucked his wife!

        So Why here isn’t there an article about Danilo Restivo? An italian serial killer who was resident in UK who killed a british woman???

      • Probably because the list was compiled by people with families, jobs, lives, etc, who aren’t dedicating their entire lives to watching all media and making the list and probably miss a lot. The Fallen List stopped updating a couple of years ago, there’s a hell of a lot that’s not on there.

      • So he was a “tourist” then, whatever. I don’t know the ins and outs of this one specific case, I’d never heard of it before you and your friend started banging on about it.

        I’ve never heard of Danilo Restivo, that’s probably why there’s no article about it. If British Resistance – the people who made The Fallen List – have probably not heard of him either. There’s lots of murders that aren’t on their list, it’s not exhaustive. They’re real people, they’re not robots doing it full-time. They stopped updating that list a good year or two ago.

  9. deborah carnegie says:

    Just discovered this site by accident. So sad and pathetic trying to single out black crimes against whites only. ALL acts of violence against anyone be he black, white, yellow, pink or purple is wrong and the guilty should be punished severely. Unfortunately, the society in which we live today seems to have become increasingly violent. And with the arrival of people from Bulgaria and Romania heading for British shores in the new year there has been more possible violence predicted. It has been reported that no one knows the background of some of these people coming to this part of Europe (specifically heading for England),so there is bound to be some unsavoury sorts with criminal, possibly violent backgrounds amongst them.

    What will Mr V.A.W blog if british caucasians become “fallen” victims to some of the more violent Eastern Europeans about to grace the UK? What will he entitle his blog then? “White” violence against White crime?

    I suppose it is always easier to pick out (and on) the minorities and ignore the many atrocities/wrongs that they have suffered and endured simply because they are a smaller group and non-white. Would be very interesting to see what Mr V.A.W (possibly soon to be re-christened Mr W.V.A.W) has to say if white on white crime does escalate dramatically somewhere in the future. Sadly, if predictions are correct it wont be too long, we will just have to wait and see…

  10. my son got stabbed 13 times for his phone in croydon by 3 blacks lads, want justice

  11. Angry Young Teenager says:

    Listen right, not all black people are murders. Some white people aren’t exactly innocent themselves. Remember what the slaves did all those years ago? Yet we still have ignorant politically incorrect white people (not all!) who still blame it on us Blacks. We don’t like being called Negros etc., it’s just not cool. My late uncle was mentioned in this, and he wouldn’t be happy to see these kinds of things. So fuck all! There are a good amount of decent black people throughout the world. Don’t let the media brainwash you any longer. Actually do your research, before you make any serious accusations.

  12. youth is to blame says:

    today young Youth is to blame we have kids growing up in hate seeing there dad and mom speeking poorly about a race or group. I seen both side of the coin here at work i have a black female who is i am black and proud and think being white is a bad thing. then i had to work for a white man who is as nazi as it can get. all the attacks we are reading about is notting but a joke
    it the youth who are blinded by the hate and lust of pride of whatever race they are.

    if you going to try to attack me on this then you my as well
    i am a white Transsexual and i have both side attacking me

  13. whiteEnslaver says:

    Dead white ppl! About bloody time too, whites have been raping killing and pillaging for centuries and infact do so to this day, chickens coming home to roost. Bookmarked this page for a good ole laff when I need 1, cheerio me hearties, up yours!

  14. j mcgrath says:

    The only reason this happening is because the (white) establishment are allowing it to, to justify police state UK.

  15. Eugene Terre'Blanche says:

    violence against whites?

    what do we (whities, i am one) have to be afraid of? we have been (historically AND factually) the biggest cause of violence, against anyone.

    whatever their race, colour, religion, beliefs etc, white people have been “in charge” for centuries, racial profiling is commonplace in pretty much all of the western world.

    this blog ought to be called “violence against women/muslims/blacks/indians/random minorities”, but of course that would not serve your fearmongering and the scared little thoughts that make you believe whities are on the decline or losing power (because without facts, it is believing, which is why religions believe).

    there is one black person in the forbes 400, oprah winfrey. the rest is whities or mixed.

    violence against whites??
    whatever is done to us occasionally these days is being visited upon other races and minorities a hundredfold.
    whatever has been done to us historically has been done to other races and minorities a thousandfold.. probably much MUCH more.

    can you censor this blog? if so then i imagine you will delete this quickly enough. certain people do not bother with facts before saying things and yes, you are “certain people”.

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