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“Get Out of Town Cracker” sprayed on white man’s burnt-down house

A white man had his house burnt down, and anti-white racist and black gang graffiti was found at the scene. The graffiti said “Get Out of Town Cracker” and featured symbols of the “Gangster Disciples” a black gang. Media coverage … Continue reading

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Media scrambling to censor and spin latest Australian mob attack

The essentials of this story: A gang of twenty black African immigrants, mostly Sudanese, turned up uninvited to a party which – piecing everything together – looks to have been most or all white kids. The “Sudos” (Australian slang for … Continue reading

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“If you want to be all the way in the club, you have to kill the polar bear”

H/T: Nicholas Stix The media has a deliberate policy of covering up black-on-white hate crimes. Some are worse than others, so you often need to read several different articles to piece together what actually happened. In this case (from Dayton, … Continue reading

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English schoolgirls groomed by Pakistanis and called “white trash” – BBC covers it up

Once again the BBC covers up the true nature of the Muslim rape-gangs. Read the BBC article and you will find no mention of the fact that the girls were called “white trash”. For this information you have to scour … Continue reading

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“Get the white boy! Stomp the white boy!”

A man is recovering Saturday after being beaten by a group of men outside a Northwest restaurant. “As I was putting my car key into the door to unlock it, I heard ‘get the white boy‘ and I turned around … Continue reading

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