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“Today I am going to kill you, white bastard!”

“I am always attentive when I go to the cemetery. I kept looking around me as we walked to the grave and put down the flowers.” Afterwards the Saaymans walked back to the car, where a man emerged from a … Continue reading

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“He verbally abused them with several insulting remarks preceded by the word “white””

Another non-white racially attacks white people, then claims the white people said something racist to him, as if that somehow justifies it. A student racially abused a group outside a pub then pushed one of them on to a car, … Continue reading

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Killed for being a “Swedish bastard”

“Swedish bastard”: 23-year-old dies following unprovoked attack 16:59 | Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe This is the message and picture Erik Bjorkman, a member of Sweden Democrat Youth, posted on his Facebook page after this incident occurred in Uppsala on 22 … Continue reading

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South African police beat white man calling him a White Bastard

Note: Whites are being massacred by blacks in South Africa every single day. They are facing a genocide. I long since stopped trying to keep systematic track of every black-on-white attack there. But I include ones that are accompanied by … Continue reading

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Dewsbury man beaten by Muslims shouting “Fucking White Bastard”

Ed Lines Friday 13th May 2011 I STOPPED off for a quick pint after work last Sunday in The Woodman in Batley Carr and got talking to an old rugby pal who was still recovering from an attack he suffered … Continue reading

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