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Haroon Rashid jailed for threatening rant against “white infidels” and “white cunts”

Almost no mainstream coverage of this. The only mainstream source is the International Business Times (what this story has to do with business I don’t know). A racist Muslim who threatened to blow up police officers and cut off one’s … Continue reading

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‘If they had found me… I’m white, so I’m dead. They’re not even going to think twice. They hate your skin colour.’

‘If they found me, I’m white… so I’m dead‘: Survivors reveal how gunman executed non-Muslims – after asking them to name Prophet Mohammed’s mother Survivors said they saw fellow shoppers mercilessly executed after being singled out as non-Muslim Shoppers said … Continue reading

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#RapeJihad Muslim breaks into house, threatens to rape a girl – tells them “It’s Eid”

Originally posted on #RapeJihad:
“There were around ten of us just sitting around listening to music quietly when suddenly this man just burst into the room. He was armed with a meat cleaver and grabbed a girl sitting closest to…

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“They kept shouting Lee Rigby – like they wanted to re-create what happened.”

Another white British soldier has been attacked, this time in Exeter. Alexander (he wanted to withhold his surname, and fair enough) was beaten by a masked gang as he was walking home from the train station at Exeter Central. They … Continue reading

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Muslims threaten and racial abuse police investigating them for terrorism

Man in Cardiff counter-terror raid told police he would ‘cut your head off.. Walesonline ^ | 1-22-12 | Ian Caleb, Posted on 23 January 2012 15:19:05 by bayouranger and machine gun the lot of you’, court told A MAN (KORANIMAL) … Continue reading

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