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Another racist shooting spree ignored because the victims are white

Greenville, NC spree shooting was racially motivated, media censors If the races were reversed, this would be the biggest news story in the Western world. Instead it is a minor local story. From WRAL.com… A man who shot four people … Continue reading

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The Gruesome Reality of Racist South Africa

They continue to look away, even as South Africa has degenerated into another racist pit, best described by an Afrikaner farm owner: “It’s politically correct to kill whites these days.” In July of 2012, Dr. Gregory Stanton, head of the nonprofit group Genocide … Continue reading

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‘If they had found me… I’m white, so I’m dead. They’re not even going to think twice. They hate your skin colour.’

‘If they found me, I’m white… so I’m dead‘: Survivors reveal how gunman executed non-Muslims – after asking them to name Prophet Mohammed’s mother Survivors said they saw fellow shoppers mercilessly executed after being singled out as non-Muslim Shoppers said … Continue reading

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Was the Navy shooting motivated by racial bias?

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now about how a black guy shot up a navy base killing twelve people.  An African American, Mr. Alexis sometimes complained he was the victim of discrimination and racial bias. Sound familiar? DC Spree … Continue reading

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White hunters deserved to die because they said something racist

Larry Oakes, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Sept. 16 HAYWARD, WIS.—A courtroom full of people sat in stunned silence Thursday as Chai Soua Vang ended his murder trial with the bold declaration that some of the six deer hunters he killed deserved … Continue reading

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