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Did you beat a white man to death? No problem, just claim he said something racist!

A white man told a black man it was against the law to ride his bicycle on the footpath. The black man’s black friend was so outraged that a white man would dare tell a black man what to do … Continue reading

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“We did everything we did because they were white,”

Reynierse asked: “But instead you rape a mother, kill her one-year-old baby, and all that for two rings and a cellphone?” Then Kekana said he would not answer the questions Reynierse put to him. He later said to Reynierse: “In … Continue reading

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Black guy murders white guy because he had a Swastika tattoo

Benjamin Lee Washington arrives for his sentencing in the 2006 murder of Chad David Henderson at the Duval County Courthouse Friday. He was sentenced to life in prison for shooting a 19-year-old man in the back after getting into a … Continue reading

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“He verbally abused them with several insulting remarks preceded by the word “white””

Another non-white racially attacks white people, then claims the white people said something racist to him, as if that somehow justifies it. A student racially abused a group outside a pub then pushed one of them on to a car, … Continue reading

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Left-wing media says whites deserve to be attacked

H/T: Gates of Vienna Do Whites Deserve to Be Attacked? by Fjordman When discussing the negative consequences of mass immigration, critics sometimes claim that the pro-Multicultural media elites will only want to restrict mass immigration after they themselves have personally … Continue reading

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