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My Tram Experience in Sweden

Afghani immigrant voluntarily living in Sweden Calls Swedes “disgusting” Says he could kill Swedes “in seconds.” Says he has a Swedish girlfriend, and he killed her dog. Complains that Sweden forces him to “write lots of papers” to get welfare. … Continue reading

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Haroon Rashid jailed for threatening rant against “white infidels” and “white cunts”

Almost no mainstream coverage of this. The only mainstream source is the International Business Times (what this story has to do with business I don’t know). A racist Muslim who threatened to blow up police officers and cut off one’s … Continue reading

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“Shit Christians need their heads cut off”

Man accosts women in Germany: “Shit Christians need their heads cut off” 06:28 | Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe Rosenheim – The three women walking through the centre of the city at 9 am would have been happy to do without … Continue reading

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Tommy Robinson attacked by Muslims again

I’m not interested in a debate about the rights and wrongs of Tommy Robinson and the EDL. This was a religiously motivated attack by Islamists against someone specifically because they oppose the Islamification of the West. The former leader of … Continue reading

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‘If they had found me… I’m white, so I’m dead. They’re not even going to think twice. They hate your skin colour.’

‘If they found me, I’m white… so I’m dead‘: Survivors reveal how gunman executed non-Muslims – after asking them to name Prophet Mohammed’s mother Survivors said they saw fellow shoppers mercilessly executed after being singled out as non-Muslim Shoppers said … Continue reading

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