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My Tram Experience in Sweden

Afghani immigrant voluntarily living in Sweden Calls Swedes “disgusting” Says he could kill Swedes “in seconds.” Says he has a Swedish girlfriend, and he killed her dog. Complains that Sweden forces him to “write lots of papers” to get welfare. … Continue reading

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“Today I am going to kill you, white bastard!”

“I am always attentive when I go to the cemetery. I kept looking around me as we walked to the grave and put down the flowers.” Afterwards the Saaymans walked back to the car, where a man emerged from a … Continue reading

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RIP Delbert Belton

I know I’m a few days late on this, but frankly I’m having trouble keeping up. I’ve been researching Chris Lane’s killing and screen-shotting all the tweets, then Delbert Belton gets killed, and there’s been two other racist black-on-white beatings … Continue reading

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Black beats white man for being in a park where black kids are playing

Police say DelaPaz told the elder white male that he shouldn’t be “in his park where young black kids are playing.” When the older man refused an order from DelaPaz to pick up a football, DelaPaz punched the man multiple … Continue reading

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Update on Turkish killer Ali Koc: Judge concludes the attacks were racially motivated

We previously covered this story here. There was no mention of racial motivation from the media when it happened. A double killer was jailed for a minimum of 35 years today for a month-long orgy of random violence just weeks … Continue reading

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