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Philadelphia “teens” selected victims because they were white

Three Allentown high school students have been charged with ethnic intimidation for allegedly recording themselves bullying other students and posting the resulting “smack cam video” on Facebook. The three males – two aged 15 and one aged 14 – are … Continue reading

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White girl threatened by black schoolmates in video “laced with racial slurs”

“I don’t feel safe going back there,” said a 12-year old girl whose identity we aren’t releasing to protect her. She is filled with anxiety. She says two girls at her Vineland middle school sent a video to her cell … Continue reading

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White students are disproportionately victims of bullying compared to other races

Major University study on bullying and race in British schools The new issue of the Journal of Adolescence published a major University study on the prevalence of bullying among children of different ethnic groups in Britain. Three professors from two … Continue reading

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French teacher called a “Dirty Frenchwoman” after immigrants expelled from French school for misbehaving

“Dirty Frenchwoman! Dirty bitch!”: French teacher insulted after she got two pupils expelled from schol 12:02 | Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe “Dirty Frenchwoman, dirty bitch!” For Sophie (1), there is no doubt: the insults were certainly addressed to her. They … Continue reading

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A Finnish boy experiences the benefits of diversity

Group of immigrants bully native Finnish kid.  Group of immigrants bully native Finnish kid. Before they started filming they beat him all the way from school to home. In the end of the video they even shout to victims mom. … Continue reading

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