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Indian kills two white people, then starts complaining about racism

“I’m scared, I don’t want to go to Australia. Accidents happen everywhere, but they are treating this differently. I have no resources to fight (the case),” he told News Corp Australia. His mother said outside the court that “accidents happen … Continue reading

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White man killed, white woman maimed – for daring to ask a black woman to slow down

More hair-trigger blacks attacking white people and then blaming the white people. White people are regularly attacked by blacks for asking blacks to behave considerately. According to Petree’s sister, Fonda Hill, Petree and her common law husband Jason Barry, 34, … Continue reading

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“Get those crackers!” some of them screamed. “Get that white whore!”

Another vicious racial attack against unsuspecting whites. Notice the spin the media puts on it. They’ve somehow managed to work in the idea that a black person was ultimately the victim, because they apparently got accused of being involved and … Continue reading

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Driving instructor driven off the road and called “white scum”

Terrorised by thugs in cars Friday 4th January 2008 A DRIVING instructor and his student were driven off the road in a terrifying racial attack in Hanging Heaton. Paul Berry, 41, of Earlsheaton, was on a lesson when two carloads … Continue reading

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#Muslim tries to murder #EDL members in #Halifax

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