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Meanwhile in South Africa

Freddie Lewis 46 survives 3 gunshot wounds: fights like lion to protect his family Van Rensburg girl, 21, stabbed in lung in Bloemfontein Waterfront Mall Elderly Afrikaner man tortured, gangraped, castrated live, kicked to death; widow 72 gangraped, two arms … Continue reading

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Black pimps force underage white girl into prostitution, and refer to her as “the white girl”

Jeffrey Wolf and Will Ripley, 9 News (Denver), June 22, 2011 Three people were formally charged on Wednesday over the allegations they forced a 17-year-old girl to participate in prostitution. Neighbor James Meredith says nobody suspected what was happening inside … Continue reading

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“My daughter was the only white kid at the party”

Irish Times, December 19, 2009 A YEAR after the crime, Séamus T’s voice still quivers when he recalls how he found his daughter Erin, then 15, lying on the roadside [in Gaithersburg, Maryland] on the night of January 3rd, 2009. … Continue reading

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Black pastors accuse white rape victim of racism

Paul Brooks, Times Herald-Record (Middletown, New York), January 08, 2008 Charges that five boys raped a girl at Kingston High School Friday are sparking racial tensions in the city. “This girl is just like Tawana Brawley, only she is white,” … Continue reading

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Story starts out about black people attacking white people – and ends up being about how white people are racist!

What’s worse, physically attacking people, or “being racist”? Let’s be very clear: white people are the victims in this story. White people are complaining about being raped, but the article chooses to focus on black people “feeling unwelcome”. Now what’s … Continue reading

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