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Black guy murders white guy because he had a Swastika tattoo

Benjamin Lee Washington arrives for his sentencing in the 2006 murder of Chad David Henderson at the Duval County Courthouse Friday. He was sentenced to life in prison for shooting a 19-year-old man in the back after getting into a … Continue reading

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Tommy Robinson attacked by Muslims again

I’m not interested in a debate about the rights and wrongs of Tommy Robinson and the EDL. This was a religiously motivated attack by Islamists against someone specifically because they oppose the Islamification of the West. The former leader of … Continue reading

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Killed for being a “Swedish bastard”

“Swedish bastard”: 23-year-old dies following unprovoked attack 16:59 | Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe This is the message and picture Erik Bjorkman, a member of Sweden Democrat Youth, posted on his Facebook page after this incident occurred in Uppsala on 22 … Continue reading

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#Muslim tries to murder #EDL members in #Halifax

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Black radio host blasts guest for being too white

The weird thing about this story is, she’s actually black! But the black radio host expressed extreme hatred toward white people and even refused to shake her hand because “he doesn’t want her whiteness to rub off on him”. So … Continue reading

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