Rape Jihad


5 Responses to Rape Jihad

  1. Cyrus says:

    Are you working for the ADL or JDL?…Very nice job you self-hating gentile. Promote talmudic doctrine and zoharian values…Good job!!! Forward!!!!

    • I’m against Muslims raping women, so that make me a self-hating Gentile working for the ADL and promoting Talmudic values? If Talmudic values are anti-rape, then they sound pretty good.

      I am not working for the ADL or JDL, nor am I a self-hating Gentile. I don’t actually identify as a Gentile, that’s pretty Judeo-centric of you.

      Feel free to come back and present an argument that makes sense, or, alternatively, fuck off.

      • Vena says:

        How about being against males raping females in general? Or raping in general. I am sorry, but you think you are so smart with your defending one race(whites) because apparently they get overlooked. Don’t even realize you sound like a stupid, arrogant prick? Well, nothing can be done, I am sure, you will keep your hatred and nothing I say will change that. And also instead of writing a blog promoting hate and blaming other races/religions especially muslims, why don’t you go out and meet some new people of all races? And actually help doing something against crimes? You could use your time and energy a lot better.

      • Bill Dawson says:

        I notice that Vena made an unsupported comment about you. Although you said that “anti-rape” values sound pretty good to you, she implies that you are somehow pro-rape, depending upon the race of the rapist, which you never said or implied.
        Whenever someone has the courage to address the rape wave by Muslim immigrants to Europe, liberals will attack them. They cannot stand to hear facts which show multiculturalism, the gem of liberal ideology, to be a false and bankrupt idea. Hence the ad hominem attacks, such as her calling you “a stupid, arrogant prick”. She accused you of being filled with hatred, but reading her comments it is clear that it is she who is filled with hatred. Unfortunately, this kind of projection is seen all too often in the comments by self-identified liberals. They cannot face the truth that the woman denigrating culture in the Islamic countries and cultures these immigrants were shaped by is to blame for the wave of rapes being committed by these young Muslim immigrants. To admit this, they would have to admit that the Islamic culture which shaped these young men is inferior to most Western cultures, which currently treat men and women as equals. And to say that one culture is inferior to another means that the basic tenet of multi-culturalism is false.
        And that is something a liberal cannot readily do, since doing so shakes the ideological foundation they identify with. So, in most cases liberals avoid speaking to the facts of the issue and instead resort to calumnies and insults. If they can induce you to respond in kind, they can more easily write you off as someone not worth listening to.

  2. civil rights apostate says:

    Mr. Violence against whites might need to mind his language. But what he is doing is good. He is letting people know of heinous crimes that the media doesn’t care about. “For there is nothing that is hidden that will not be revealed.” He is defending his people when few dare to do so. God never said “there is only one race, the human race.” Instead, he used microevolution to create different races, including the white race. Loving humanity in the abstract never works,–see Dr. Weston in Out of the Silent Planet– but loving your own people does. Telling the truth is not hate– St. Paul said all Cretans are lazy gluttonous evil beastly liars, and Isaiah may have very well said that blacks are terrible from the beginning. Jeremiah said that a black man going white was like a bad man going good–in proving a bad man could not become good without God. Ezra went so far as to expell foreign women. The Lord Jesus called a half-breed Canaanite woman a dog. So we got a lot of racists here. Race is real, and some races are better than others. Some religions are too–I say this as someone who has been a Christian for nearly all his life. When one race or religion is trying to rape or murder people of the others, you don’t just say that all races and religions are equal–you do something about it. It is natural to love your own race the most. I love my Mom and Dad and brothers and sisters and grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins because they are my family, not because they are neccesarily the best people in the whole wide world. I love America because it is my country, and I love whites, especially Celts, Anglos, Germans, Nordics, and the like, because they are my race, not because they are neccesarily the best people in the world. but I have come to relieze that if the white race perishes, it will be the end of civilisation, and eventually Christianity, as we know it. Like it or not, they are the only race that has had any lasting and meaningful acceptance of the gospel (The ethiopian church apostatized centuries ago.) That’s why I don’t care about multiculturalism anymore.

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