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Left-wing media says whites deserve to be attacked

H/T: Gates of Vienna Do Whites Deserve to Be Attacked? by Fjordman When discussing the negative consequences of mass immigration, critics sometimes claim that the pro-Multicultural media elites will only want to restrict mass immigration after they themselves have personally … Continue reading

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African mob attack in Oslo, Norway

Black on white hate crime mob attacks come to Norway Two Norwegian teenagers were attacked at random by a mob of about 15 African immigrants in Oslo. The victims are 15 and 16. See story in Norwegian.

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The grim reality of life in Occupied Oslo

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article from about the ghastly predicament in which young Norwegians find themselves within heavily culturally enriched districts of Oslo. Well-off natives can afford to move to safe, pleasant white enclaves, where … Continue reading

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Muslims in Norway demand to be given part of Oslo as their own country

Muslims demand breakaway Islamic nation in Norway or another 9/11 threatened Islamic terrorism August 19, 2012 By: Timothy Whiteman “We do not wish to live together with dirty beasts like you…” The Norwegian news portal VG Nett is reporting that … Continue reading

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Somali immigrants beating up random white people in Lillestrøm

There were culturally enriched hijinks in the Norwegian city of Lillestrøm last night: high-spirited “youths” mugged, robbed, and beat up passers-by at random near the central train station. Many thanks to our Norwegian correspondent The Observer for translating this article … Continue reading

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