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Danish firemen complaining about Muslim immigrants attacking them

Danish fire fighters attacked daily in Muslim ghettos with stones, petrol bombs 17:14 | Posted by Nicolai Sennels “The chairman of the Danish union for fire fighters, Jesper Bronée, is sounding the alarm: ‘we are attacked with stones and beaten’. … Continue reading

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Danish woman beaten for saying no to a Somali

Denmark: Flirting Somalian beats woman up for not getting positive response… 21:00 | Posted by Nicolai Sennels “A 29-year-old woman from Kolding, Denmark, got an unpleasant experience when she came walking along Kongebrogade by Skamlingvejen in Kolding Sunday night, at … Continue reading

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Muslims call Danish woman a “Fucking Danish Bitch” and cut off her hair

H/T: BareNakedIslam Under the radar of Western media, Denmark is experiencing an Islamic jihad against mothers with babies in carriages and strollers. Vlad Tepes  (h/t Don L) In Denmark, two assaults on Danish moms quietly strolling along with their little … Continue reading

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Another embarrassingly coded media report about the rise of Muslim gang attacks

The code-words are strong in this one! The total number of assaults has fallen in recent years, but assaults by groups are on the rise . Victims of assault are more likely to be attacked by groups rather than individuals … Continue reading

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Muslims throw stones at Danish journalists reporting on Muslims not assimilating

Converting Denmark into a Muslim Country by Soeren Kern November 21, 2012 at 5:00 am “We must not have a Denmark where Danish traditions disappear as soon as there is a Muslim majority.” — Tom Behnke, Spokesman, Danish Conservative Party … Continue reading

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