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Media scrambling to censor and spin latest Australian mob attack

The essentials of this story: A gang of twenty black African immigrants, mostly Sudanese, turned up uninvited to a party which – piecing everything together – looks to have been most or all white kids. The “Sudos” (Australian slang for … Continue reading

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Indian kills two white people, then starts complaining about racism

“I’m scared, I don’t want to go to Australia. Accidents happen everywhere, but they are treating this differently. I have no resources to fight (the case),” he told News Corp Australia. His mother said outside the court that “accidents happen … Continue reading

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Another African attack in Australia

More hate crime mob attacks in Australia Police say two Africa immigrants were captured on surveillance video attacking random white people in Melbourne. The attackers never stole anything, they only wanted to cause physical injury to their victims. In the … Continue reading

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My Tram Experience in Australia

Transit Crime Investigation Unit detectives are investigating the serious assault and hope to identify the offenders, who are believed to be of African appearance, from CCTV. The woman who started the assault, before others joined in, is African in appearance, … Continue reading

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Chris Lane: Hate Crime or Hush Crime?

White Australian Chris Lane was gunned down by two blacks, James Edwards & Chancey Luna. Supposedly they killed him “because they were bored”. The mainstream media has run with this narrative. Piers Morgan has blamed it on guns. He is … Continue reading

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