English couple harassed out of Scottish town
English couple harassed out of Ireland
Scottish councillor disrupts and mocks English funeral
Shouts of ‘English scum out’ cancel Irish auction

Media bias against the English:
BBC bias against the English
More examples of BBC bias against the English
BBC calls riots “English” (so it describes bad English things as English, but good English things as British)
“100% English” tv programme deconstructs and undermines Englishness. No equivalent “100% Scottish”, “100% Welsh” or “100% Irish”.
“Mongrel Nation” tv programme deconstructs and undermines Englishness. No “Mongrel Nation” deconstructing Scottishness, Welshness or Irishness.
BBC says Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are nations, but England isn’t
Mainstream BBC show denigrates Englishness as racist and cruel
Panelist on Newsnight says Englishness is “backwards” and “worrying” (also says it’s “a new trend”?)
BBC spends 10x more money on a Welsh radio station than on an equal-sized English radio station
BBC programme “White Girl” portrays English family as backward and violent, while Muslim immigrant family is peaceful and moral. English girl converts to Islam.
Hollywood always casting English as villians: (Link Link Link Link Link)

Job discrimination against the English:
English BBC journalist loses job because he’s English
English girl barred from government job because she is English
Iraq veteran denied job with police because his tattoo says “England” – because “some people feel intimidated by the word England.”
English worker forced out of job because she was English

Physical Anglophobic assaults:
Slovakian immigrants terrorising native English boys in and around Luton Junior School
English woman racially abused and assaulted (with photos of injuries)
English schoolgirl verbally and physically bullied at school, called “English bitch”
7 year old English boy assaulted by adult for wearing an England t-shirt
A disabled teenager assaulted for wearing an England t-shirt
Welsh woman mistaken for English has her horse slashed with a knife and stable daubed with anti-English graffiti
UAF attack BNP with a claw hammer
UAF physically disrupt BNP press conference and throw missiles
UAF attack March For England with bottles
Record number of Anglophobic attacks in Scotland

Discrimination by government:
SNP calls England “Southern Cancer”
A deeply divided kingdom: Scots each get £1,600 more state cash a year spent on them than the English
Senior politicians describe English as “very dangerous, very violent” and “a threat to the U.K.”
Non-English MPs can vote on English issues, but not vice versa
British-Irish council has representatives for every part of the British Isles – except England
Explanation of anti-English discrimination in politics, healthcare, education, and old age pensions
England gets less public funding than the other home nations of the U.K. (even though it generates more tax)
London Olympics commitee says Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are nations, but England isn’t
Several links demonstrating the Prime Minister’s Anglophobia
English discriminated against in healthcare, education and politics
Short video talking about government financial discrimination against the English

English people forbidden or discouraged from expressing their Englishness:

The English are now scared to fly the English flag

English have been brainwashed into thinking their own flag is “racist”
Chip shop sign saying “English owners” deemed controversial
Racist to fly the British flag in Britain
English people in Cumbria told to remove English flags because they offend immigrants
English council workers banned from displaying English flags on their private vehicles
English motorist stopped by police for displaying English flag: told to remove it because it’s racist
Council refuses to fund English parade because they consider it to be racist
Taxi drivers accused of racism for saying they speak English
U.K. government spends virtually nothing promoting St.George’s Day, but finances other national celebrations
Welsh police cheif asks English people not to display English flags because it’s offensive and could lead to racism and violence
English schoolchildren punished for wearing clothes with the English flag, or for even being dropped off cars with the English flag
English flag not shown on English food products (but Scottish/Welsh flag shown on Scottish/Welsh food products)
English schoolgirl arrested for wanting to speak English in class
English flag torn off building – other flags left intact
English flags torn off private house and burned
Group proposes banning English flag in Cornwall
English council won’t fly English flag (in England) in case it offends Muslims
Englishman ordered to cover up English flag design on his front door, because it’s offensive
English families ordered to take down “offensive” English flags from their houses
Indigenous English builders ordered not to fly the English flag in case it offends Muslim immigrants
Indigenous English prison staff ordered not to wear English flag pins in case it offends Muslim immigrants

Links to lists of more links, misc examples:
Wikipedia: Anglophobia (with examples, surveys
Opinion piece (with examples): “How the government has declared war on white English people”
Various examples of Anglophobia
2 pages of examples of anti-English bullying, assault and job discrimination
“Anyone But England” Campaign

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