Another British soldier attacked in #Barnsley

A Barnsley soldier was attacked in the street, knocked unconscious and then repeatedly stamped and kicked in the face and head – just hours after getting home.

The savage, brutal and unprovoked attack on the 28-year-old in a terraced street in the town centre has left witnesses shaken and horrified.

One has told the victim’s mother: “They were like a pack of dogs, all gathered around his unconscious body to kick and stamp on him.”

The corporal, who has served two tours of duty in Afghanistan and one in Iraq,  was left with concussion, a broken nose, black eyes and cuts and bruises all over his face, head and neck with some shoulder and pelvic injuries.

Barnsley Chronicle

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2 Responses to Another British soldier attacked in #Barnsley

  1. tondor13 says:

    When will the people of this nation realise what the politicians are allowing to happen to this nation? Do they need somebody to draw them a picture? That may well be but such a picture would never see the light of day in the mass media, The Lib-Lab-Conmen and their pc flunkies would make sure of that.

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