Media Misdirection in Manchester

Police are appealing for witnesses after three young men suffered serious facial injuries during street robberies in Manchester.

The three were walking through Fallowfield, Victoria Park and Moss Side when they were attacked from behind.

Detective Sergeant John Robb, said: “These three young men have been attacked from behind with brute force and all have suffered extremely nasty facial injuries.

“All three have been targeted as they walked home alone having been out drinking, they have had no chance to react and have been dealt heavy blows that have rendered them unconscious.

“We have a team of officers investigating these robberies and have extra patrols in the area and while we are doing all we can to identify the offenders I would urge people who find themselves out alone in the early hours to be aware of these incidents and aware of their surroundings.”

A 20-year-old man was robbed on February 23 while walking home along Wilmslow Road, Fallowfield after night out. CCTV shows him walking past Dickinson Road, followed by a man and a woman. The victim has struggled to remember being attacked and robbed shortly afterwards, but was found injured on the ground near Manchester High School for Girls.

Police would like to speak to the woman who found him and called police – as well as the two people in the CCTV footage.

The woman is described as having a foreign accent, possibly Dutch or German, and was wearing a beige coat.

The victim was taken to hospital for treatment to a fractured jaw and eye socket. His mobile phone and wallet were stolen.

About an hour later an 18-year-old man was walking home after a party on Denison Road, Victoria Park when he was attacked from behind.


Can you work out the description of the suspects? As far as I can tell, the suspects are described as “a man and a woman” and the woman “had a foreign accent, possibly Dutch or German, and was wearing a beige coat”. Okay, but what race was she? What race was the man? How do you know what accent the woman had, just from CCTV footage? What accent did the man have? Is this a description of the woman suspect or the woman who found the victim? What the fuck is going on here?

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