Anti-white racism in Mayotte

Atmosphere of ‘Hunt the White’ on Mayotte

11:26 | Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

The situation on Mayotte has deteriorated further. Shops aren’t opening because they have no stocks or, if they do, the stocks are immediately ransacked. Improvised barricades have been put up everywhere, inhibiting movement. Drivers need to pay to go through. But some of them won’t let white people pass. Stones are thrown at their vehicles as soon as they approach. An ambulance with a pregnant woman on board was stoned and now the ambulance and medical services are barely operating.

There are 190,000 people on the island, including about 60,000 Comoran illegal immigrants. The indigenes and the Comorans are nearly all Muslim.

Here are some comments from white French infidels still stuck on the island as chaos laps around them:

“In certain parts of the island, the forces of order are no longer intervening any more. They are letting the demonstrators or illegal immigrant thugs have free reign there, putting up barricades people need to pay to pass through. The cars of metropolitans [white French people] are stoned; some of the barricades are selective… The situation of the expatriates is truly threatening, and no one is doing anything. Where is the army? If we were in the Ivory Coast in the same situation, there would have been an order to evacuate and return to France! But there, because it’s France (sic), the state can’t say “French people go home”. Political correctness prevents them saying “White people go home”, but that’s exactly what has to be done! France is leaving its citizens in a critical and unacceptable situation.”

“The atmosphere on Mayotte is turning towards a “chasse ethnique” [ethnic hunt]. A lot of people are leaving the territory.”

“Illegal immigrants are the vast majority of those who are rioting in the street, who are extremely violent, who are attacking people, who are stealing…”

“In any society when there are problems, they turn against the foreigner. So today it’s the person from metropolitan France, the person who has an income, a house, a car…”

Sources: L’Express, France Info,, Mayotte Hebdo

In Bandrélé, not a night goes by without a rape and violent attacks on the Mzungus (whites). Many people are looking to leave in any way that they can, even though access to the airport is almost impossible, because of the barricades and the barge that hardly works.


“We are secluded in our homes, hoping that the Mahorais [people of Mayotte] aren’t going to attack the whites,” says Alexandre [a teacher]. Because the autopsy of Ali El Anziz, the 39-year-old man who collapsed on Wednesday during the demonstration, is due to take place this Thursday to clarify the circumstances of his death. “I’m afraid of the consequences if it’s not a simple heart attack. We’re also waiting to see how the white march in his memory unfolds. The dead man’s mother has already called for calm, as has Daniel Zaïdani, president of the council. But there were some beatings of whites a few years ago. I think anything is possible. It may come to that.”

Source: 20Minutes

“The Whites Better Hide”

10:42 | Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

This is from Mayotte, a French overseas territory, technically considered part of France and therefore the EU. Population = 97% Muslim.

The food shops have been pillaged and have lowered their metal shutters, cars burnt, petrol stations threatened with fire attacks.

“The demonstrators are throwing petrol in the streets to burn everything that moves.”

The “mzougous” [whites] are being advised to hide. They have become the enemy.

Sources: L’Est Républicain, Imazpress

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