Nigerian Paedophile Opemipo Jaji was “obsessed with little white girls”

A paedophile “obsessed with little white girls” was convicted today of raping an 11-year-old girl on her way home from school just a year after he was convicted for a similar sex attack.

Opemipo Jaji, 18, followed his victim from a bus and subjected her to a three-hour attack in November last year.

He was accused of pleading not guilty, despite overwhelming evidence against him, so that he could force the girl to relive her ordeal by having to give evidence at the Old Bailey for his sexual gratification.

The case of Jaji, who is expected to be given a long jail sentence, is to be the subject of a Ministry of Justice investigation into how it was handled by police, probation services, social services and other agencies.

In September 2011 he admitted the sexual assault of a 12-year-old white girl in the same area after he had forced her to strip naked after grabbing her on her way home from school.

He received a ten-month detention and training order but in April last year was fined £15 for failing to comply with the order.

The next month he was convicted of possessing the most obscene category of images of child abuse after downloading videos which featured exclusively white girls.

He was given an 18-month youth rehabilitation order requiring him to be supervised by the probation service and to carry out 50 hours’ unpaid work.

Jaji spotted his latest victim while returning home after a meeting with his probation officer.

CCTV footage captured him sitting at the back of a bus watching the girl as she giggled and chatted with a school friend.

As the girl got up to leave Jaji is seen to suddenly get up and follow. The girl’s friend is then seen waving goodbye as the bus pulls away.

The girl described in court how she was repeatedly raped after being forced to remove her clothes after being dragged into Jubilee Gardens, Enfield, North London, at 4.45pm.

The jury was not told of his “sexual interest in very young white girls” nor the race of another girl he had attacked 21 months earlier.

Source & full story: The Times

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2 Responses to Nigerian Paedophile Opemipo Jaji was “obsessed with little white girls”

  1. gemjunior says:

    Come on guys. Are we really going to take this shit? Because I will tell you that it will definitely get worse the more white people tolerated. I am honestly telling you that the more we sit and take this, the more horrendous it will get. The police will not protect us, and when one of us is caught administering justice to invaders in our own land — it is imperative that we come out of our houses brandishing bats and pitchforks in our defense of them. Because that is us, people. It’s only a matter of time. The more anti-white attacks I read about, the sicker I become. I can understand savages not behaving, taking a mile when they get an inch. What I can NOT understand is the British, or the English, who have established great civilizations wherever they went (where hordes of savages were absent) and been so much an example to so many of us. So we will soon see white people coming out in support of each other – it’s inevitable. Or we will die out. Which is it? Turn off your FUCKING TV’S!!!!!!!!!!

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