Mohammed Tabib Shafiq beats white couple in Farnworth

A FARNWORTH man has appeared in court charged with assault.

Mohammed Tabib Shafiq, aged 21, of Cawdor Street, has been charged with two counts of assault.

Norman Foster, also known as Stan, aged 52, remains in a critical condition in hospital.

Eileen Brooks, aged 44, suffered a broken jaw and also remains in hospital. Shafiq has been remanded in custody and will appear at Bolton Crown Court on April 26.

Source & full story: Bolton News

A MAN was last night fighting for his life after a brutal street attack.

Stan Foster was assaulted outside his home in Cawdor Street, Farnworth, in the early hours of yesterday morning with what is believed to be a baseball bat.

The 52-year-old suffered severe head injuries and was last night in a “critical condition” in intensive care at the Royal Bolton Hospital.

His partner, Eileen Blain Brooks, aged 43, of the same address, was also attacked.

She suffered facial injuries, though police said they are not believed to be life threatening.

A man and a woman have been arrested on suspicion of assault and were last night being questioned by detectives.

Last night, two police officers guarded a cordon as forensic examinations were carried out outside a row of six houses.

One white tent covered a blue car, believed to be a Nissan Micra, and another part of the road.

Neighbours were left shocked as to why anyone would attack a “lovely” and “kindhearted” couple, though some said they believe the attack could have followed a neighbourhood dispute.

Source & full story: Bolton News

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5 Responses to Mohammed Tabib Shafiq beats white couple in Farnworth

  1. unknown says:

    Yes he hates white people don’t he that’s y his wife is WHITE and he has a step child who is also WHITE u silly lil people put down that he beats white people making out he hates white people!!!get a GRIP if it says it was a racial attack then by all means make out he is racist but oh you won’t put the racial attacks in the country noooo because we all know that the majority of them cases r WHITE people that do racial attacks !!

  2. amanda lowe says:

    by the way above you state you never said it was a racial attack yet may you look at the heading ‘mohammed tabib shafiq beats WHITE couple’ what does that say you are basically portraying him to be a racist like it matters of what skin colour they where. yet it was mohammed that was the victim of racism!

  3. amanda lowe says:

    yes go on thought there would be no comment why dont you follow the full story to the end how a 53 year old WHITE man chased a 20 year old young woman and attacked her racially and physically and mohammed before mohammed thought enough was enough…… if the woman would have been in hospital because of the racist pigs NORMAN FOSTER & EILEEN BLAIN BROOKS you wouldnt be reporting that would you … go on report how the white man who is married but eileen is his mistress drove home drunk and admitted to it attacked there neighbours because they demanded money for there dog that went missing what jumped into mohammeds back garden and ran out if you ask me maybe if they spent less time drinking to drown their sorrows due to having no children and nothing to love for they would not have been in this position……. the whites where the racists in this case so either remove this post about tabib or write the full story to the end !!!!!!!!!

    • You’ll forgive us if we don’t source our information from barely-literate comments on blogs.

      If a non-indigenous was in hospital because of an attack by an indigenous person, no we wouldn’t have reported it . . . because that’s not what the blog is about. Just like how the weather channel doesn’t report scientific discoveries.

      Why don’t you be honest and disclose your personal involvement in this case. You’re obviously a Muslim, the way you’re so fixated on the indigenous couple drinking alcohol. Are you a relative of Mohammed Shafiq?

      Give us a source for your version of events and we’ll look into it. All the sources we’re aware of, the BBC and the polce websites, all describe Mohammed as the aggressor.

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