French teacher refuses to pander to Halal preferences, so Muslims vandalise his car

The announcement of the decision of Benoît Gheysens, mayor of Arveyres to no longer offer a substitute dish when pork is served in the canteen, provoked numerous reactions. And among those, one has been particularly virulent.

“Some individuals entered my property during the night and damaged my vehicle. I became aware of it this morning around 8.30 am,” explains Benoît Gheysens who filed a complaint in the police station. Two burst tyres and scratched on the bodywork that he considers “unacceptable”: “They’ve encroached upon my private life. I don’t see why I should continue with my commitment to public life in these conditions. I’ll finish my mandate but I don’t know if I’ll stand again.”

However, what he describes as “means of exerting pressure” will not cause him to revise his decision: “It’s a question of economy, of justice and equality for the children. I hear the reactions of the parents and I am ready to receive them, to listen to them. But going from there to damaging my personal property … That’s going too far.”


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