Conversations with Liberals

“We want to let in lots of Somalis and Pakistanis and Jamaicans”
“Um. Why?”
“We need diversity”
“Do we?”
“Yes, we do. They’re going to rob and rape and kill you, but it’s because of their lack of education, not their race”.
“But they will rob and rape and kill me?”.
“Yes, but don’t worry, there’s absolutely no evidence that it’s racial”
“I don’t really care whether its racial or not, you said they’ll rob and rape and kill me?”
“Yes, but . . . ”
“Well what difference does it make to me if it’s because of their lack of education, or their race?”
“I don’t know really, we just like to emphasise that for some reason. People stop asking questions after that. I think maybe we think that after a few generations they will all become highly educated and earn lots of money”
“They’ve been here for fifty years. How long is it going to take?”
“I don’t know, a hundred?”
“What should we tell all the victims being robbed and raped and killed while we’re waiting for your immigrants to assimilate?”
“Tell them it’s a small price to pay for the benefits of diversity”
“And what did you say the benefits were?”
“I wasn’t very specific, most people don’t ask. Food, maybe? More kinds of food?”
“Yes, food. Kebabs. Yummy.”
“. . . Are you serious?”
“Sure. Bigger range of fast food”
“You’re seriously telling me it’s worth all this crime and social dislocation and loss of self-determination, just for more kinds of takeaway food? How shallow and materialistic and myopic can you be? I can’t even begin to engage with that sort of mentality”
“What? Sorry, I was still thinking about food. Mmm, sushi”
“Well, Japanese immigrants don’t really cause as many problems, I’ll give you that. What food do Somalis bring?”
“I don’t know really, I’ve never heard of Somali takeaways”
“But you just said we needed their food!”
“Okay, well I suppose that doesn’t apply to Somalis.I meant like, kebabs”
“The same kebab shops where Charlene Downes got raped and killed and turned into kebab meat?”
“But that’s not every kebab shop. Just some of them. There’s some where they don’t rape girls”
“And you think underage girls getting gang-raped is worth it so you can get a kebab?”
“Sure! Yum. Kebabs. I like that yoghurt sauce”.
“Where do you live?”
“[Usually lives in a white neighbourhood]”
“That’s a white neighbourhood!”
“Well if you like diversity so much, why do you live in a white area?”
“Because I’m rich”
“So what about poor people?”
“I don’t care about poor white people. Only poor non-white people”
“So you don’t care about poor white people being forced out by cheap foreign labour, having to accept lower pay, having their neighbourhoods taken over, having their daughters raped, having their sons beaten up?”
“Well, that all happens somewhere else doesn’t? In horrible working-class towns. Immigrants don’t threaten my job or my neighbourhood, because I’m a white collar professional with a degree, in a rich area. They won’t be coming here”.
“And if someone’s not a white collar professional with a degree in a rich area?”
“It’s their fault, they should have studied harder at school. Now they’re paying for it. They’re just lazy, that’s their problem. The immigrants do the jobs they won’t do”
“If the immigrants are supposedly so industrious, why is their unemployment rate actually higher than the white unemployment rate?”
“I don’t know. Racism?”
“But you admit they’re less employed. So the argument that we need them for jobs is proven wrong”
“But they’re unemployed because of racism! Anything negative in non-white populations can ultimately be blamed on white people”
“Fifty years ago white people didn’t need to be white collar professionals with a degree to live in a safe neighbourhood and support their family”
“Well, now they do”
“Yes, because of what people like you did!”
“I’m offended by your obvious white supremacism. I’m calling the police”.

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3 Responses to Conversations with Liberals

  1. civil rights apostate says:

    Reminds me of Dr. Weston in Out of the Silent Planet. He wanted to bring earth people to Mars (Malacandra) to some end. But he didn’t care about his people’s form,or individuals, or himself. I know people like that. They are nice people, but they say that they think that integration is worth having people killed, (even after they’ve seen photos of individual victims) and obviously it’s not the form of any race they care about, for race-mixing ruins the races. So what is it?

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