Another Pakistani Pack Attack in Dewsbury

He turned around and saw two men. One punched him in the face and the other kicked him.

They ran away empty-handed in the direction of the Pilgrim estate.

Both suspects are described as Asian men, around 5ft 6in tall. One was wearing dark blue jeans and a dark hooded top. He had short black hair and was around 17-20 years old.

Source and full story: Dewsbury Reporter

Another “Attempted Robbery”. They always call Paki Pack Attacks “Attempted Robberies”. Why, because they tugged on his bag, then punched him in the face and ran away without stealing anything? Maybe they tugged on his bag so he’d turn around and they could punch him in the face. They always assume robbery is the motivation, never racism. But if the races were reversed, racism would be the first thing they’d think of. Funny that.

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