A Tale of Two Houses

Once upon a time there were two people who lived in two houses. One was a nationalist, and one was a liberal. One day a pair of snakes escaped from the local zoo and headed towards their houses, and each snuck in through a crack in the wall.

The nationalist chased it outside,  and patched up the crack in the wall so no more snakes could get in.

The liberal welcomed the snake into his house because he didn’t want to be speciesist. He didn’t mind that the snake kept biting him, because it was a small price to pay for the benefits of diversity. And the liberal did, after all, have more power in his house than the snake did, which wasn’t fair to the snake. So the liberal let the snake bite him as much as it wanted, and even made the crack in the wall bigger to let more snakes in, while he called his university friends to arrange an in-depth research report to study the root-causes of why the snakes were biting him. The liberal concluded that the snakes were biting him because of inequality caused by house-owner privilege. And the liberal died and the snakes took over his house.

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