Muslim Patrol racially assaulted white man a week before the videos

Scotland Yard detectives investigating a series of incidents that were filmed and posted on YouTube are also looking into an assault on a man in his 20s after vigilantes confronted white revellers in Shoreditch, east London.

Police have stepped up patrols in the area amid fears the incidents could escalate further and cause unrest in communities.

Five people have been arrested, including two teenagers, after a group calling itself the Muslim Patrol posted footage showing a gang hurling abuse at a homosexual man and described white women as “naked animals with no self–respect”.

In a separate incident in the early hours of January 6, vigilantes assaulted a white man in his 20s in what police described as a “hate crime”.

Source and full story: Telegraph

Why did a hate crime occur on January 6th, and not appear in the mainstream media ’til January 27th. And only get a sentence or two in an article which is mainly about the videos? There’s not enough information here. I guess a homosexual being insulted is more important than a white man being assaulted.

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