Muslims threatening and abusing neighbours who complain about noise from their crowded illegal mosque

Claims of ‘disorder and noise’ at mosque
Chris Havergal

Neighbours of Cambridge’s main mosque claim they have been threatened by worshippers when they complain about noise and illegal parking.

Residents said the impact of the Mawson Road mosque had become “intolerable” and warned large crowds that gathered outside were “intimidating”, calling on Islamic leaders to police their congregation.

The two sides went head-to-head at a summit at the Guildhall yesterday over the future of an assembly room at the back of the mosque, which has been operating without planning permission for a year.

Residents said the use of the building fronting on to Tenison Road at Friday prayers virtually doubled the capacity of the mosque to nearly 500 – but an imam warned that worshippers would spill on to the street if the space could not be used.

Concerns focused on parking on double yellow lines outside the mosque, noise from the PA system, and noise made by worshippers as they left.

Dr Alexandra Winkels, who lives a few doors away from the mosque in Mawson Road, said the noise had forced her to move bedroom.

She said residents felt “threatened and intimidated by the large crowds that gather on Fridays and during Ramadan” and that when she had spoken directly to worshippers she had been met with “verbal abuse and derision”.

She said: “At one point someone threatened to smash my window in if I didn’t back off.

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One Response to Muslims threatening and abusing neighbours who complain about noise from their crowded illegal mosque

  1. Suranee says:

    I thought I was the only one facing this problem with noisy Muslims neighbors here in Sri lanka. Sad that the laws in Cambridge can’t even put a stop to Muslims harassing non-Muslims. It’s happening here in Sri lanka too but the authorities are not doing much to put a stop to it. I’ve been a victim since January 2013 when a bunch of sick mentally deranged Muslims moved into the house across from me. From that day on wards my life has been sheer hell. Please read my hub about my experience with these extremists at A Big Thank You To The Sri Lanka Secretary Of Defense – Mr. Gotabaya Rajapakse

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