7,500 indigenous Germans have been murdered by Muslim immigrants since 1990. But the powers-that-be keep banging on about the ten Muslims who got killed in retaliation.

The Muslim Issue

Muslims Demand That NSU Kebab Murders be Included in German School Curriculum

Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

British people will be well aware of the extraordinary propaganda value that multicultists are able to extract from even a single crime when a compliant media focuses on it relentlessly. The Stephen Lawrence killing became the pretext for institutionalising anti-racist hysteria throughout British society. Now the Muslims in Germany are looking to extract similar advantage from the NSU killings, in which 10 people, mostly Turkish kebab sellers, were killed by a terrorist cell calling itself the National Socialist Underground.

The Muslims have already had ceremonial candle-lit commemorations attended by representatives of the Turkish government (!) and lavish “official” apologies to the families of the dead kebab merchants. But that’s not enough. Now Muslims are demanding that the murders be included in the German school curriculum.

Muslims in German are demanding far-reaching consequences from the…

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  1. Dushyant says:

    7500 is a huge number and its difficult to believe. If its true it needs to be thoroughly documented and publicized. I’m from India and here also it is the same story. Muslim citizens commit the lion’ share of crimes like assault and rape, apart from gun-running and waging direct war against the state.

  2. Ozuah says:

    Just want to thank the person/people behind this blog for all the work, i appreciate it very much. Black racism was rampant in my area/highschool and to this day the political elite, nor the media have shown they care about the victims. Recognizing black racism would errode the belief in the multicultural society.

    Only recently a Indian imam said Muslims could wipe out one billion hindus. I find that hard to believe, but it shows what kind of religion has invaded your country. I hope Indians will wake up soon, its been hundreds of years and despite all the concessions, Islam refuses to change because it cannot change. Every man needs to sacrifice some of his time and comfort to enlighten the average Indian/European about this problem.

  3. gerd says:

    It was said by foreigners,not only muslims!But the first killing in my town i heard was by a muslim,he killed the german woman he lived with,it was a real antisocial family…

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