Teenager stabbed girlfriend to death in front of their month-old baby girl just hours after sending text promising not to hit her again

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'One of life's beautiful people': New mother Kirsty Treloar was stabbed to death by violent ex-lover Myles Williams‘One of life’s beautiful people’: New mother Kirsty Treloar was stabbed 29 times by violent ex-lover Myles Williams

A young mother was stabbed to death by her ‘violent and controlling’ ex-lover in front of their baby daughter, just hours after he promised not to hit her again.

Myles Williams, 19, broke into Kirsty Treloar’s family home and stabbed her dozens of times on January 2 this year, after she told him she did not want to see him.

The teenager knifed his victim’s sister and brother as they tried in vain to protect their 20-year-old sibling at the house in Hackney, east London, before dragging Miss Treloar into his car and driving away.

A court heard how Williams, of Clapton, pulled up when he came across a friend a short distance away and told him: ‘I just stabbed my girl and she ain’t breathing,’ before casually smoking a cigarette.

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