White woman ‘kidnapped, raped, tortured and dismembered’ for refusing to have sex with a black man

Marine’s murdered wife was ‘kidnapped, raped, tortured and dismembered after refusing to participate in bondage sex games with abductor and his two lovers’

  • Brittany Killgore, 22, was found naked and dismembered in a ditch in April
  • She had packed up was planning to move back to Missouri just before she was murdered
  • Louis Perez is accused of luring her into his car then kidnapping, raping and torturing her
  • Her blood was found on S&M objects seized from Perez’s home

PUBLISHED: 15:39 GMT, 30 August 2012 | UPDATED: 16:46 GMT, 30 August 2012

Brittany Killgore was kidnapped and held against her will and then murdered during violent bondage sex games planned by a man she had turned to for help moving back home to her parents, prosecutors alleged on Wednesday.

Authorities say the 22-year-old wife of a U.S. Marine, whose naked, mutilated body was found in an ditch in April in San Diego, California, was an ‘unwilling participant’ in the sadomasochistic torture committed by Louis Perez, Dorothy Maraglino and Jessica Lynn Lopez — all of whom were in a master-slave sex ring.

Court documents unsealed on Wednesday reveal that police seized whips, sex toys, rope and pulleys, a document titled ‘Slave Rules,’ duct tape, a stun baton and other bondage instruments from the house the three suspects shared. Investigators found Killgore’s blood and hair on several of the items.

Brittany KillgoreTricked: Brittany Killgore, 22, never wanted to participate in the bizarre sex games that she was subjected to before her murder, prosecutors say

Louis Ray PerezAlternate lifestyle: Prosecutors say Louis Ray Perez led a bondage sex ring and was active in playing out violent sex fantasies with his two lovers

Dorothy Maraglino, 36
Jessica Lynn Lopez

Suspects: Prosecutors say Dorothy Maraglino (left) and Jessica Lynn Lopez (right) were part of a bondage sex ring and helped to torture and murder Killgore

Previous media accounts have suggested Mrs Killgore might have somehow been involved in the bondage fetishes of Perez, Maraglino and Lopez. However, prosecutors now say she was tricked into getting into a car with Perez an then abducted, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

‘Based on my training, experience and investigation, I believe that Perez, Maraglino and Lopez were involved in sexual behavior which included bondage, torture, and master, servant and slave role playing,’ court documents say.

Three days before her murder, Mrs Killgore had filed for divorce from U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Cory Killgore, who was deployed to Afghanistan.

The couple moved from their hometown in rural Missouri to San Diego when Corporal Killgore was stationed at nearby Camp Pendleton.

Prosecutors say she had packed up her belonging was was preparing to move out of state when Perez, 46, came to her door on April 13 and asked her to go on a dinner cruise with him, the Union-Tribune reported.

Estranged: Brittany Killgore filed for divorce from her husband Corey, who is also a marine, earlier this month. He is returning from service in Afghanistan after hearing about the disappearance

Estranged: Brittany Killgore, right, filed for divorce from husband Cory, left, three days before her disappearance

Brittany Killgore
Husband Corey Killgore

Fears: Cory, right, returned from Afghanistan after hearing about the disappearance of his wife, left

Missing: Brittany Killgore lives in Fallbrook, California, not far from Camp PendletonMissing: Brittany Killgore lived in Fallbrook, California, not far from Camp Pendleton US Marine base


Newly unsealed documents listed numerous bondage objects seized as evidence from the house of Louis Perez, Dorothy Maraglino and  Jessica Lynn Lopez.

A partial list follows:,

  • Nylon rope containing hairs
  • Open container of latex gloves.
  • Packing tape and duct tape, used duct tape, roll of pink tape, roll of red tape.
  • Plastic bags, open package plastic drop cloths
  • Rope/pulley system in plastic bag
  • Red skill saw
  • Black & Decker saber saw
  • Apparent fingernail found on top of washer outside
  • Documents labeled ‘Slave Contract’ and ‘Slave Rules’
  • Red dog collar with heart pendant and blood stains
  • Condoms
  • Leatherman tool and folding knife
  • Stun baton with hairs on it

She had met Perez, who is a Marine Staff Sargent, previously when she accompanied her friend to his house to pick up something she had bought online.

Killgore turned down Perez’s offer. However, later in the day, she sent him a text message asking if she knew anyone who could help her move.

‘Party with me tonight & you’ll have five guys there in the morning,’ he replied.

She agreed. Perez went to her apartment and picked her up — promising him a night out with her and Maraglino on a dinner cruise.

She never made it to the cruise. Just 13 minutes into the car ride, she sent a friend a desperate text message: ‘Help.’

Prosecutors say Perez then turned off her phone.

Authorities believe Killgore was taken to Perez’s house, where he summoned Maraglino and Lopez to participate in bondage torture.

Following the torture, she was strangled to death and her naked body dumped in a ditch, where she was found four days later.

Previously, Perez had bragged on an online bondage group that same day Killgore disappeared that he was he was planning to have a bondage session that weekend.

Police seized a host of bondage equipment from Perez’s house during a search.

The included: nylon rope with hairs on it, and open container of latex gloves. Rope/pulley system in plastic bag, two saws, a stun gun, a baton and several rolls of tape.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2195816/Brittany-Killgore-Murdered-Marine-wife-unwilling-participant-bondage-sex-games.html#ixzz254TxD5RA

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    Don’t think the guy is black.

  2. Rey says:

    What a sick world we live in!. I hope this monsters are burned alive!!!!. This poor woman is going to be brought back to life again!!. I pray for her families and I hope they have that hope for the future!.

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    That’s what you get for being a racist cunt!!! Ahahahahahah!!!!!!!

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