The De Mau Mau Murders: Racist Black Gang Murders Twelve Whites in 1972 Chicago


During the struggle for black civil rights in the South during the years 1954 through 1968, a total of 40 people were murdered by racist whites according to the National Civil Rights Memorial:


“The Civil Rights Memorial is a memorial in Montgomery, Alabama to 40 people who died in the struggle for the equal and integrated treatment of all people, regardless of race, during the Civil Rights Movement in the United States.

 Among those 40 murdered are Emmit Till, Medgar Evers, and the  4 black children who died in the Birmingham church bombing, and 34 others, many of them white.

Most of these murders were major national news stories and the story of these victims and the struggle for black civil rights is prominent in the American History curriculum in schools and universities. Plus many their stories have been  repeatedly immortalized in film documentaries and Hollywood movies.

And Medgar Evers recently was honored by the US Navy:

US Navy names ship after murdered activist for black civil rights

Yet the  racist murders of hundreds and hundreds of whites by black thugs that began in the mid 1960s is completely censored from the history books. Their murders rarely make the national news except as a brief blip, and almost all news coverage is as a local crime story, with the obvious racist motives often sanitized from the reporting.

Here is an example of a black racist group, that targeted and murdered 12 whites in the Chicago area that was a brief blip of national news in Time Magazine in 1972.(Imagine the 24/7, nationwide news coverage for months on end if a local chapter of the KKK had targeted and murdered 12 blacks !)

 A black racist group that called itself De Mau Mau, targets and murderes 12 whites in unprovoked attacks in 1972


“The scenes evoked grisly memories of the Manson killings. In August, Retired Insurance Broker Paul Corbett, his wife and sister-in-law were found dead, each shot in the back of the head with a .25-cal. gun, in the pantry of Corbett’s $100,000 home in the fashionable Chicago suburb of Barrington Hills. A fourth victim, Corbett’s stepdaughter, was dead in the blood-spattered kitchen, shot in the chest with a .30-cal. weapon.
. A month later Machine Designer Stephen Hawtree, his wife and teen-age son were executed in a similar fashion in the basement of their rural home in Monee, Ill. In both instances there was no apparent motive for the slaughter.

Ballistics tests not only linked the two crimes but added two more. Police determined that the same weapons used in the Corbett and Hawtree killings were involved in the murders of Michael Gerchenson, 19, a sophomore at Southern Illinois University who was found shot to death in May on a stretch of highway near West Frankfort, Ill., and Specialist Five William Richter, 23, who was fatally shot in September while sleeping in a pickup truck parked next to an expressway in suburban Chicago.

Fearing that the murders were the work of a Manson-style gang, some residents of Barrington Hills were even said to have started carrying shotguns to cocktail parties. Last week the gang theory gained some credence. Chicago police announced that they had arrested nine black youths who are members of a little-known terrorist group that calls itself “De Mau Mau.”

Cook County Sheriff Richard Elrod described De Mau Mau as a group of disgruntled Viet Nam veterans. Racial hatred, he said, “could have been one of the primary motives” for the slayings. “I can see no other apparent motivation.”

Read more: … z1a2cOVD4Z

” In addition to the ten Illinois murders, authorities speculated on possible connections with a home invasion at Grand Island, Nebraska, which left two victims dead and one wounded on September 9.

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