“Asian Virus” (their actual gang name) beat Deividas Strizegauskas to death – and get away with it

The BBC were so Orwellian in reporting the facts about this attack that it required Holmes-esque research to verify that the perpetrators were a non-white gang – even though it’s obvious to anyone who knows anything about the reality of modern street violence and the modern media’s insitence on calling everyone a “youth”.


Five held over ‘schoolboy fight’

Five youths are being questioned over an attack near the West Ham football stadium which left a schoolboy fighting for his life.

The 13-year-old was found with a severe head injury a few hundred yards from the ground in Prince’s Terrace, east London. He had suffered heart failure.

It is understood the victim, from Plaistow, was injured during a fight between two large groups.

Five youths are being held at east London police stations.

‘Violent attack’

Police were called at about 1520 BST on Wednesday and the boy was taken to hospital by ambulance where he remains in a critical condition.

Det Ch Insp Jason Gwilliam said: “This was a violent attack on a young boy who is currently fighting for his life in hospital.

“We are working closely with schools in the immediate area to assist with inquires and would urge anybody who has any information about this incident to contact the incident room.”

A number of items found at the scene are being examined by forensic experts.


Schoolboy critical after ‘fight’

A schoolboy is critically ill, apparently after a fight between youths near the West Ham football stadium.

Police and paramedics were called to Prince’s Terrace, east London, a few hundred yards from the grounds, to reports of a boy with head injuries.

The boy, 14, had suffered heart failure. Paramedics battled to revive him in the ambulance – he is now critically ill in hospital.

Four boys have been arrested in connection with the case.

West Ham are hosting Liverpool in a Premiership fixture on Wednesday.
[ Is this relevent, BBC? A kid has been savagely beaten and is fighting for his life, and you’re slipping football news into his story! In my opinion, this is the BBC misdirecting the reader by implying that the murder was football-related, when in actual fact it was race-related]


Youth dies after ‘street fight’

Deividas Strizegauskas died after a fight, police believe

A 13-year-old boy seriously injured in an attack in east London has died.

Deividas Strizegauskas was found with a severe head injury in Prince’s Terrace, a few hundred yards from West Ham’s ground, on Wednesday.

Police believe the boy, who lived in Plaistow but was originally from Lithuania, was injured during a fight between two large groups.

Five youths have been arrested. Police are treating the incident as a murder, but say it was not football-related.

Officers were called at about 1520 BST on Wednesday to reports a boy had been injured.

Working with schools

A Scotland Yard spokesman said the victim had been with a group of six to 10 youths who were thought to have been fighting with a larger gang.

A number of items from the scene are being forensically examined, but the spokesman said it was not known if a weapon had been used to attack the boy.

Although the incident took place close to West Ham’s Upton Park ground, police said the assault was “not football-related in any way”.

Det Ch Insp Jason Gwilliam said: “Officers are carrying out a forensic examination of the scene and we are working closely with schools in the immediate area to assist with enquires.

“We would urge anybody who has any information about this incident, or any further information, to contact the incident room.”

Now that we’ve read the Biased Bullshit Corporation’s version of events and are still none the wiser as to what this murder was, we have to get the REAL FACTS from the smaller media outlets:


Teenager in court accused of murder

9:48am Tuesday 3rd April 2007 in News By Court Reporter

A YOUTH accused of murdering a 13-year-old boy has said he did not want to give evidence because it would worry his mother.

The 16-year-old told the Old Bailey he has no idea who attacked Deividas Strizegauskas.

Lithuanian Deividas was kicked to death by a gang of schoolchildren after he was caught up in tensions between rival Asian and Somalian youths at two schools in east London.

The accused teenager from Gravesend insisted he was not part of the gang which murdered rugby player Deividas outside a school in Upton Park.

He said he witnessed the attack from across the street.

The youth said when the mob fled he called 999 on a friend’s mobile phone after seeing the victim wobble and then collapse.

He told the operator: “There’s some boy, he’s fainted on the road.

“He’s just had a fight or something. He’s faint. He’s not getting up.”

When asked if the attackers were nearby, he replied: “There was a group of boys. They’re long gone.”

He stayed with the dying victim and a teacher until an ambulance and then an air ambulance arrived.

The court heard police notes stated: “He will not make a formal statement and did not attend court but will talk, although preferably at school and without his parents’ knowledge.”

Asked by his barrister, Paul Purnell, why this was the case, the youth said: “My dad was away abroad and my mum would have been worried. I didn’t want to worry her.”

It was also suggested he knew who the attackers were but would not tell police.

But he said: “I can’t say who punched Deividas. It’s not I don’t want to, but I’m not able to.”

The youth denied being involved in the attack when questioned by Mr Purnell.

Deividas was a pupil at Brampton Manor School, Upton Park.

The youth is one of five in court accused of killing him.

They deny murder, manslaughter and violent disorder on April 27 last year.

The other youths have addresses in east London, Kent, Birmingham and West Yorkshire.

They were all 14 and 15 at the time and cannot be named for legal reasons.

The trial continues.


Nelson teen walks free

4:39pm Wednesday 28th February 2007

By Telegraph newsdesk

The trial of seven youths accused of kicking a schoolboy to death collapsed today as two defendants, including a 16-year-old from Nelson, walked free from court.

The group, who were aged 14 and 15 at the time, all deny charges of murder, manslaughter and violent disorder, connected to the death of Deividas Strizegauskas, 13, outside Brampton Manor school in Upton Park, east London.

The Lithuanian schoolboy died from brain injuries after a fight on April 27 last year.

Judge Martin Stephens QC halted the trial after almost two weeks.

Five of the youths will face a retrial next Monday.

Two of the youths, a 16-year-old from Nelson and a 15-year-old from Chatham, Kent, walked free after the prosecution offered no evidence against them.

The pair, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were formally cleared of murder, manslaughter and violent disorder.

The judge said: “The decision has been made that there can no longer be a fair trial.

“We are left with no alternative than to discharge the jury for their duties and end it now.”

Asian Virus are a younger generation that followed on from the Paki Panthers. The gang is well known amongst the Asian community in Newham and have been involved in a number of violent exchanges with rival gangs whilst they have also been the alleged suspects in attacks against innocent individuals. Originating in E7 to the north of Green Street area, the gang was not greatly turf orientated and had membership across a wide area of the borough between West Ham Park, Forest Gate, Canning Town and Beckton.

Seven Asian teenagers in the AV area, aged 14-16, murdered 13-year-old Lithuanian schoolboy Deividas Strizegauskas during a fight near West Ham’s football stadium. Deividas died after suffering serious head injuries in a fight in Princes Terrace in April 2006. It happened outside Brampton Manor school when two groups of boys began fighting, teachers tried to intervene but were tragically too late to save his life. There is a history of tension between predominantly Asian youth gangs within the school, Deividas was friends with a rival group, Newham Somalians who had been in conflict with AV.

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