“I killed them because they were white” (Warning: Graphic photos of anti-white murders)

“I Killed Them Because They Were White”

Police sketch of unknown White girl, horribly burned to death by blacks in South Africa. She was still alive when the black bastards lit her up. Look at her: This could be your own wife or daughter!

IF YOU’RE NEW to this website and, like many Whites today, wondering what’s now happening to America, then I ask you in all honesty to think about what’s going down in South Africa (Zimbabwe, too) when it comes to White people. The mainstream media is keeping deathly silent about any of it, since they know if White Americans had any straight-up info, they would surely start questioning the whole PC deal.

“Well, what’s all this got to do with me?” You might ask. Plenty! Besides any last shred of humanity you might still harbor for members of your very own race — after all the White guilt trips instilled by the Jew media — what’s happening in South Africa is coming your way, if not already. Think that’s so impossible? Ask the shades of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, gang-raped and tortured to death in Knoxville, Tennessee.

What do you think the real power structure has been doing to America over the last 50 years? How about the last 10? Our race has been purposefully and gradually rendered powerless; our brains are now pickled by a continous drip-drip of multicult propaganda, while at the very same time they’re exporting our jobs and filling our countries with the flotsam and jetsam of the planet!

DO NOT CLICK on the “read rest” button if you can’t handle really sick stuff, or still stubbornly insist on clinging to stupid beliefs about diversity and multiculturalism. Blind idiots deserve to personally find out what you’ve wrought on the rest of us!

The Silent Genocide of Whites in South Africa

These kind of murders are not some random occurence, or anomaly. No way. Over 3700 White SA farmers have been viciously killed since the end of apartheid. Proportionally, it would be like hundreds of thousands in the US. One way to put it all in perspective is to imagine living in a US state that had these kinds of brutal crime specifically directed at your race; what would you think? Would you still keep your mouth shut and just watch more nonsense on TV, hoping it never happens to you or your loved ones?

If the races were reversed in any of this, we would see the liberal media and black race hucksters screaming bloody murder on the airwaves 24/7. Hell, they would be demanding we invade the country!

In addition, this whole situation should be a wake-up call to the White race on how these people really are, how they act once they gain real political power over us.
For example: Black South Africans hold political meetings were they literally chant “kill the Boers! kill the farmers!” Julius Malima, the Youth League president of South Africa’s ruling political party, the ANC, recently held a outdoor rally of thousands of black Johannesburg University students where he led the crowd chanting this very thing. Whites tried to get Hate charges filed about the event, but President Jacob Zuma is backed up Malima and the Whites only get the runaround by the majority black government. They don’t care!

Blacks in South Africa are openly racist against Whites. The more you study the matter, the more you’ll get pissed off at all those Hollywood liberals who go around kissing Nelson Mandela’s ass and holding telethons to drum-up more money for blacks, like they did for Haiti recently. Did they even think to do all this for the survivors in recent earthquake in Chile? It’s not fashionable to help out Whites.

Whites in South Africa are not only getting violently murdered, but are also being fired from jobs to make way for blacks and they end up living in shantytowns. Meanwhile, the country’s infrastructure is falling apart, blackouts and urban blight are common, corruption is rampant. The SA is quickly descending into a typical African nation.

Jacob Zuma does his Zulu thing with one of his many wives. Check out the brand new sneakers.

ANC political boss and South Africa’s current President is a polygamist with 5 wives, and has numerous children with other women. He was once tried for rape of a HIV-positive woman but, not surprisingly, acquitted, forcing the accuser to flee the country for her life. The former Soviet Union trained him in military, intelligence and subversion tactics. This corrupt bastard has over 750 charges brought against him so far, but remains unscathed.

This kind of person is represented through-out the South African power structure, all the way down to the police on the street. Corrupt and often anti-White. White people frequently get no justice, sometimes the police don’t even show up to the scene of a crime for hours. Last year, a White man was held at gunpoint while black police took turns raping his wife. Merely reporting a crime puts Whites in serious danger from the police.

White men incarcerated often face gang-rape at the hands of black prisoners, organized by the black police!

White survivor shortly after gang attack.

And Whites everywhere in the country can end-up as victims, not just farmers in remote rural areas (the actual number of White dead over-all is even higher). One of the commonest sights in city neighborhoods are all the enormous security precautions taken by White families. The homes are like fortresses: High walls with barbed wire and embedded broken glass, klieg lights and attack dogs. Black criminals use markers and spray painted symbols on the walls to alert other blacks to the defenses and crime potential of the residence.

Folks, these South African Boers, or Afrikaners, are White people just like you and me. They may speak a different language but they are our kinsfolk. Also, Whites don’t usually behave like this — never have. Regardless of what the Jew organization SPLC tries to say and all the old photos from a hundred years ago they endlessly play-up on the “History” Channel. It’s all a part of instilling White guilt so the real power structure gets away with turning our countries into profitable third world slave states.

From an article on a South African trial case for one of the few black animals brought to justice (watch videos below):

“I killed them because they were white.” These famous words were spoken last year by William Kekana, who participated in one of the most horrendous incidents in which the entire family of Mr. Clifford Rawstorne was wiped out, consisting of his fiancée, baby, as well as his own mother. Even this massacre of an entire family would not have made headlines, were it not for the fact that one year-old Kayla was executed on her very first birthday with a shot in the head. Needless to say, the two adult women were first raped before being killed.

Read that paragraph back and think deeply on the kind of animal who would shoot a one-year old baby girl in the head. And it was on her very first birthday, too! These filthy animals have little or no compunctions about doing things like this (some Negro did this to a black baby in my “news region” just a couple of years ago).

These ”people” will also have a little fun before they kill their White victims by raping and torturing them. Imagine suddenly finding yourself at the hands of such animals without any means to defend yourself?

What don’t you get White people, for crying out loud? Look at these photos of Whites victimized:

The survivors. These South African Whites came within inches of losing their lives at the hands of brutal animals.

The dead. The last thing these White people experienced, before their world turned black forever, were brutal animals beating, raping, stabbing, shooting, or even burning them to death. This is only a bare few of the White victims.

A glimpse of the HELL these people suffered before death:

Old White man with his head bashed to pulp and dumped into his own bathtub like a sack of garbage by murderous black killers.

Whites horribly victimized by insanely evil black killers: 1) Woman raped and throat cut in her own bed. 2) Woman raped, hung-up and gutted like a fish. 3) Woman gang-raped, slashed and finally killed by a broomstick jammed way up her vagina and into her body. 4) Little boy literally beaten to death against a wall. 5) Old White woman killed with a broken bottle jammed up her rectum. Can you believe this shit?

Blacks in South Africa are so sick, they still believe in a form of demonic witchcraft called “Muti.” Anika Smits stayed home from school because she was sick and they broke into the house. The animals cut off her forearms while she was still alive so they could use her hands. She bled to death and her father discovered her body. The black boy chopped up in the photo above right was discovered in a witch’s hut by SA police. The White baby’s toes in the bottom right were tightly wrapped with stolen strands of the mother’s hair by a black maid so they would fall off and give her some powerful amulets. SICK!

The Jew media in the US never reports on any of this. Why? Simply put: They don’t want Whites to get wise, that’s why. They definitely don’t want us to get angry and start demanding answers. It’s already bad enough with all the rip-offs and wars they have going on.

And think a minute here: Why do they constantly broadcast news on White murderers in the US; some of them not even arrested or the bodies even found? Like that missing sheriff’s wife, the Caylee Anthony case or this recent White pervert named Gardner in California whom they suspect of killing 2 young girls. The media goes on and on about these crimes, but somehow cannot find any time whatsover for crimes against Whites, no matter how horrible!

Compare and contrast this media treatment of White criminals with what’s really going down, not only in South Africa but America, Canada, Britain and all our formerly White nations.

Are you pissed yet?

Who’s responsible for bringing all this horror to White people in South Africa and Western countries like America?

Winnie and Nelson Mandela with the Marxist Jew, Joe Slovo.

The International Jew and his owned liberal media, that’s who.

From civil rights activism, Marxism, media brainwashing and immigration of non-Whites, the Jew has always been at front and center to the destruction of White people. South Africa is but a glimpse at what these people are taking America, or any White country for that matter.

If you were old enough in the late 1980′s, you will surely remember the non-stop media propaganda campaign against Whites and apartheid in South Africa. Funny, how this same media hypocritically and completely ignores the apartheid going on in Israel against the Palestinians; or the openly Jewish racism against the few black Ethiopians still living in Israel after being wooed into going there in the 1970′s on the pretext they had Jew blood (Queen of Bathsheba and liberal Jew crap).

The International Jew worked for years to bring down Whites in South Africa and he succeeded. Whites are a now a powerless minority, constantly at the mercy of being victimized by roving bands of Negro criminals. Whites are being turned into shantytown beggars and fired from employment to make way for blacks.

The Jews in SA never see this discrimination and keep their jobs, because they serve as the “White faces” for any of those too stupid not to know what’s going on.

Jews are even allowed to immigrate from South Africa into the US (never do the hypocrites ever move to another African country), while White European Afrikaners almost invariably cannot. White South Africans who do make it to the US illegally, often get deported, even when children are involved.

All this is NOT coming to America — it’s already started!


Farm Murders Part 1

Farm Murders Part 2

At the bottom of my “Race Reality Vids” page, I have a police videotape made during the investigation of a White family murdered after coming home from church. It is absolutely horrible what they did to that poor family and you may not want to watch.

– Phillip Marlowe

Go here for updates and long listings of the crimes against fellow Whites: AFRIKANER GENOCIDE ARCHIVES

The Hidden Hand of Jewry on South Africa

More shots of White SA victims

America: A Warning You Had Better Read

Die, The Beloved Country

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27 Responses to “I killed them because they were white” (Warning: Graphic photos of anti-white murders)

  1. Lorraine Rawstorne says:

    These senseless murders leave are the reason I left South Africa. It’s like a nightmare that you can’t wake from or can’t escape…….

  2. Lorraine Rawstorne says:

    These senseless murders are the reason I left South Africa. It’s like a nightmare that you can’t wake from or can’t escape…….

  3. theman says:


    • Katrina says:

      Why are you laughing? What if someone did that to your family? Would you be laughing then? That’s not something to laugh about. Innocent people being murdered is awful to even think about. Just imagine your friends and family being killed for nothin and then see if your laughing

      • Teeb says:

        You are one warped individual who’s rights to comment on anything need to be removed. Laughing, I would like to find you fella. POS and no words are harsh enough as well as no punishment for people like you. Roast is hell asshole

  4. anonymous says:

    It’s time for the Klu Klux Klan to make a smashing entry.

  5. Rikie says:

    Most of these photos in your website are not as a result of any violence against whites, and South Africa is one of the most peaceful countries, embraing diversity for all kinds of peoples, White, Indian,Coloured and blacks. Sowing hatred beween blacks and whites will not help the world, blacks have always been victims of white people, God let it happen for a reason and the score will be settled by himself in judgement day. Black people were sold as slaves like animals and they continue in struggle yet you guys continue to hate these poor people and create lots of false statements and videos in your fight against them? I suggest we all turn to Jesus, black people must be preached God’s word and that’s the answer to all our worries.

    • You live in a fantasy land. South Africa is a hell-hole of anti-white violence, which even Genocide Watch admits – I think South Africa was on Level Six Genocide last I checked. These are real pictures, and you’ve given no proof otherwise.

      And white people did not enslave black people. They merely purchased black slaves from slave markets who had been enslaved by Arabs. White people did not go into the African interior and kidnap free blacks.

      • Tolu Tanner says:

        what are you talking about…clearly you don’t know your history. I will never justify any form of violence against white’s for the violence done to blacks in centuries past. Rikie’s is right and most sensible.

      • History Teacher says:

        Tolu clearly does not know history. It is common knowledge to any scholar the truth behind the African slave trade. Arabs were not the only African sects to sell innocents from the interior. The Europeans(primarily Spanish & Dutch) offered Rum & Rifles to warlords of Africa to conquer their neighbors. The deal in return was to bring back to the ports any survivors of these defeated tribes. For some reason people choose to hold on to a baseless belief that Whites just went around enslaving blacks. No one group holds any innocence except for those particular individuals that were enslaved. Sorry if this bothers you but it is the truth. This page has been written with nothing short of facts involving both S. Africa and the real racism that exists in the world today. Sadly it was written with too much passion and hatred for its honesty to hold any validity. Fact is in the U.S., Britain, Europe, Africa and around the world a large percentage of a minority population is seriously racist and savage. The saddest part is the effect it has on the MANY honest, peaceful and lawful blacks around the world. When people take the time to know the truth about the past, moving forward will be possible. And I as a white person find the KKK and organizations based on blind hate a disgrace! Black people and other cultures need to start talking honestly about their own cultures and the wrongs perpetrated by members of it. Denounce these people, then the harmonious will live in peace and the evil will destroy each other in the wake….

  6. jasmine says:

    These people r crazy….rape and murder….y cant they leave the whites alone…..they r people too just like the blacks….only because of their complexsion….most of them r so young….my name is jasmine and i am 11 years old and i will stand up for the rights of these people murdered….may the muderers of these people punish in hell……..

  7. HeilHitler says:

    a good white is a dead white

  8. Ron says:

    Send USMC there.

  9. RealistNation says:

    This was brutal and is much more heinous than just crime. Evil. I live in America and the first evil to come here were whites. Then they brought over blacks. Native Americans were here first before any europeans. They were brutalized just like these poor white people. Hate crimes are hate crimes no matter what race. It’s all painful and upsetting no matter who it is. This is hate in it’s truest form, and I can’t say it will ever end. Very sad to see. Some of these crimes look like hate against whites and women too. Hate is hate.

  10. clinton says:

    This is all bullsht!!! Don’t u ever call our black presidents names, stop calling black people “animals”, you just scared stupid ass! Black people also being killed by whites small dick punks and we don’t write shit about it. I love white people as I do for blacks and coloureds same as indians, and we go to school together, we are all friends… South Africa aint the way u describe it..

    • brutosaur says:

      South Africa IS the way she/he describes it. Whites are being raped, tortured and murdered just for being white and the media doesn’t give a shit

    • The one of many who will bring retribution. The time is coming says:

      South Africa is exactly the way it was described. The nasty way in which it was written demeans the facts. As for whites killing blacks and no one writing about it. Untrue not only are their pages contrary to this one with just as much hate speech. Their are also cowardly groups like the ACLU, leaders like J. Jackson and A. Sharpton who make countless baseless claims of racism to further their own wealth. I grew up in a mixed town and anytime a minority student acted out and were reprimanded for it, they cried racism! Heard it on a daily basis. When five blacks tried jumping me over a foul in gym class, I laid out the biggest one with one shot and his friends all changed their minds. The next day that pussy’s mother tried having me arrested for a hate crime for defending myself against a pack of racist punks!!! I never called any of them any slurs but I heard cracker, honkey, nazi and every other epithet you can think of. And it was a black security guard who ended up coming to my defense. I guess he’s an Uncle Tom for telling the truth. I wonder how often this same story happens in the USA on a daily basis? YOur cries for pity are losing interest and substance every day… Oh and Clinton I got more dick then you and your daddy!!! Watch any porn lately, the myth is being brought down. And the sisters are starting to love every inch of it. You’re cultures propped up time in the media of being the big bulking bad-ass is coming to an end. And its the morons in your own culture that are ruining the good things both earned and given to you.

  11. Ushnor says:

    Cant believe how blind some of you idiots are. Im Greek Australian and I have many white South Afrikan and Rhodesian friends. The horror stories they tell about their homelands and these animals are not lies. They have no reason to lie to me, they are my friends and to lie to me gains them nothing. These black animals should have been exterminated centuries ago. When you look them in the eye you can see that something is just not right there. I mean look what they do to their own people! Europeans have fought each other since their beggining, but not like these things, not like what happened in rwanda. These things worship demons, they cut up children and use them in rituals to get demon powers. They even have sex with the ground o_O

    • Tonia says:

      Shut up you know nothing except what your white..lying racists pig friends tell you….did they tell you,about the atrocities against black people,prior to,1994? Go away,with your,pity for those former slave owners….yes that’s exactly what they were…….stop your sniveling..

  12. Seane says:

    When i was 7 i was kidnapped by blacks for body parts which would have been sold to a 1st world country. Saying that,who would have got my eye or any other part of me?, some wealthy white. child. Lucky i lived to tell the tale as i would have been the 20th child to go missing by the hands of this black gang funded by whites abroad. Who funded the ANC for a 100 years. The white ruled 1st world countries did. Today is payback time and all our wealth is taking by those who one could say”sold us out” i.e. 1st world whites. Ppl take your hate and turn it into a posive. If u where blind how would u judge a person by his colour. Yes crime is high. Yes bring back the death penalty. But lets not judge ppl because off their colour.

  13. george moore says:

    I am unfamiliar with the racial violence in S.A., but the violence of black on white in Europe and America is very prevalent. 2 black kids in Spokane WA beat a 80-90 year old WWII vet to death and they were NOT charged with a hate crime. Here in America, we are looked down on and mocked by other nations because WE the People will NOT give up our guns and with damn good reason as we have a Islamic anti-American president. For me if you are a Muslim or black, and you approach me or my family on the street or in our home, you are already being measured up. WE are a ccw( carry concealed weapon) family and spend as much time as possible at the gun range. I will die on my feet before I live on my knees! Before 2008, when Obama took control of the presidency, I had some black friends and did business with muslims but now they are like strangers to me.

  14. disgusted says:

    All a bunch of Demon possesed creatures. Quite sick. May they have the same treatment in hell when they get there!

  15. Tonia says:

    You whites are Some thing else……you create a violent racists atmosphere..Luther scream and yell,when others reciprocate……grow up……..thank god,your race is decreasing.

  16. tony says:

    We must take a stand for our children

  17. i would wake up with scars on my wrist and ankles.and when i went to the doctor i had a sexually transmitted disease.this disease kept coming even after the first treatment.i didnt understand this for i did not have a sex partner.my family and i lived at rosemont at the university park apartments on morsound road.street called emerald ash.during this time i had always noticed police cars at the place at night and thought they were at some one else house.previouse we had to keep relocating for the city of san antonio refused to stop a convicted rapist who had committed criminal acts against my family and i and stalked us due to racist activity he is hispanic and my family is african american.so while already the rapes had continued to happen and no one knew who was comitting these sexual assaults against my family and i even though it had been reported several times my black family could recieve any help due to our race.as my family and i sat in the living room of our apartment the sex-offender whom was hispanic unlocked our apartment doors and walked in our apartment. when we packed up and relocated to a safe place to stop the rapes from continuing to happen.as my family and i slept through the night ..i woke up to a group of police officers in the home in which the door was locked.i woke up and my eyes were hazy so i could barly see so i kept asking who was walk around in the home.6-8 police officers were in the home.one whom had stalked me and continues to stalk me by the name of josha crumbley(white cop).i asked them why was they in the home for no one open the door for them for it was my self a paralized elderly male and four small children whom had played theirself to sleep.i asked who was in the home josha crumbley told me to shut up.i told josha crumbley no!and asked him for a warrant the other officers started hiding their faces.yet,i watched them all as i gained my vison so i got a good look at their faces.josha crumbley told me to shut up or he will arrest me for interference with the duties.even as i said i want to know how you got in this house and i would like to see your warrant.josha crumbley told me to shut up or he would arrest me.as i said i dont care you aint got no buisness in this home.i was then handcuffed.now,here is the sex-offenders that wear a badge whom could never say i have slept with them willingly to anyone who knows me that they havent murdered.when we went to court the case was threw out since the officers DID NOT IN FACT HAVE A SEARCH WARRANT .josha crumbley and the detective after the got me in the back of the car said”WE GOT YOU NOW YOU BLACK BITCH”these(white) officers who i would never give any one of the murdering sex-offenders the time or day have stalked and raped me untill this day..and have assisted others in doing it as well.they have filed false statements on me to silence me.the have deprived my family and i of life.the sex-offenders are being held up by a (white)D.A whom is racist and helps these criminals in badges commit the criminal activity.the is san antonio people.anyway,i’m saying this for this reason..its not the people..it’s the person.and people like these people infect and affect our life regardless of the race.everyone always says amagine if it was your loved one it happen too.i dont have to amagine .it was me that died due to organized crimes,hate-crimes,white-collar crimes,sex-crimes.i have been murdered and i live to tell my story.one apple can spoil the bunch if you dont remove it in time.yet,when it does then you have to get rid of the whole bag.yes,i have had a mental break down.yes,i have suffered everyday that i think of being touch by trash Meanin)no color it was trash.yes,this trash has dictated my life for years.so for one to say black,white,mexican,asian,greek,idian,etc comitts this ungodly act is not a fact.there are different people all over the world.THERE ARE APPLES ALL OVER THE WORLD .EVERY APPLE IS NOT BAD.AND YOU HAVE TO MAKE SURE NOT TO PUT THAT BAD APPLE IN THE BAG OF GOOD APPLES.IF YOU DO IT WILL SPOIL THE WHOLE BAG THEN YOUR GONNA HAVE TO GET RID OF THE WHOLE BAG.SOME PEOPLE DONT CARE THOUGH THEY WILL SELL IT ANYWAY JUST TO GET THE MONEY.

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