Two Muslims attack white couple – girl loses front teeth – Muslim father says he’s proud of them!

Another Muslim thugAnother white victimCouncillor’s sons jailed, victim says she’ll sue Stuart Pike July 31, 2009 Share Article | Submit Comments | Comments (3) | Printable Version Jailed: Waqar Younis Jailed: Waqar Younis 1/2 Play Slideshow Jailed: Waqar Younis Victim: Lianne Clayton A TEENAGER who lost two front teeth in a violent attack by a councillor’s two sons has voiced her relief after they were both jailed. Waqar Mohammed Younis, 20, and his younger brother Khawar, 17, were sentenced to a combined 16 months in custody after attacking Lianne Clayton and her boyfriend James Ryder last November. But Lianne, 18, has now vowed to seek thousands of pounds worth of damages through a separate county court claim. The brothers, of Nuttall Street, Accrington, admitted charges of actual bodily harm and grievous bodily harm without intent at Burnley Crown Court. Waqar Younis was sentenced to 12 months in a Young Offenders’ Institution and Khawar Younis received an eight-month Detention and Training Order, of which half is spent in custody. The pair canvassed for their father Mohammed before he was elected as county councillor for Accrington West last month. The assault left Lianne, of Lime Road, Accrington, missing two upper front teeth and James, also 18, with deep cuts and bruises and needing a CT scan. Lianne, who is training to become a child psychologist, recently had a screw fitted for a plate covering the gap left by her missing teeth, and has to wait another six months before replacement teeth are fitted. She said: “The judge told me there would be no compensation. “The teeth are free the first time but they only last 20 years and they cost £2,000. “We are going to try going to the county court to claim for the future, as well as all the money I’ve lost from being off work. I was off work for three weeks after the screw was fitted as I was in such bad pain. “My teeth are on a plate at the moment and they couldn’t fit the teeth in because my mouth had swelled up that much.” Following the 24 November attack, Lianne and James said they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time after they were confronted by a gang of lads who jumped out of a red Jeep as they were walking down the street. James, of Kingston Avenue, said: “They started off punching me in the face and then when I hit the floor they started kicking me. I had cuts and bruises over my head and then started getting headaches. I can go out now knowing they have been locked up, but I still don’t think it was long enough.”

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Muslim father proud of sons

Crime role for dad of violent attackers August 15, 2009 Share Article | Submit Comments | Comments (1) | Printable Version Previous | Next Councillor Mohammed Younis is hoisted up by supporters on election night Councillor Mohammed Younis is hoisted up by supporters on election night A COUNCILLOR whose sons are in prison for a violent assault on a young couple has been chosen to speak for Hyndburn on a crime busting partnership. Conservative Accrington West county Councillor Mohammed Younis will sit alongside police and victim support representatives on the multi agency Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership. His sons Waqar Mohammed and Khawar were jailed last month after leaving Lianne Clayton with two front teeth missing and her boyfriend James Ryder with deep cuts and bruises in the November attack. Councillor Younis, who narrowly won the county seat in June, has stood by his sons, insisting he remains “proud” of them. Jean Battle, Councillor Younis’s predecessor on the partnership, which meets regularly at Hyndburn Fire Station, was amazed at the appointment. She said: “You have also got people from Victims Support and other agencies sat around that table. It’s terribly compromising and for him to accept it is crazy.” County councillor and Hyndburn Labour group leader Graham Jones called on Mr Younis to resign and the Tories to apologise for nominating him. He said: “I feel for the victims. You elect people who you think are leaders, people you look up to. “There are three Labour county councillors who could have been appointed instead.” Lianne, aged 18, of Lime Road, felt the appointment was rubbing salt into the wound, following the election result. She said: “I was disgusted the day he won the election and I am disgusted by the fact that he is still on the council. “My dad actually rang up about a scheme in the night-time time to keep crime off the streets and they said that Mr Younis was in charge of it, so he out the phone down.” But Lancashire County Council’s deputy leader Albert Atkinson defended the decision. He said: “You don’t criticise people for what their sons did. “You judge people on them not their sons and daughters, otherwise you just criminalise everybody.” Councillor Younis was not available for comment, but has previously said the actions of his sons were “very regrettable” and “out of character”. The brothers, of Nuttall Street, Accrington, admitted actual bodily harm without intent at Burnley Crown Court. Waqar Mohammed Younis, 20, was sentenced to 12 months on a Young Offenders Institute and 17-year-old Khawar Younis received an eight-month Detention and Training Order.Read more at:
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12 Responses to Two Muslims attack white couple – girl loses front teeth – Muslim father says he’s proud of them!

  1. Abdul says:

    I know what realy happened in tht incodent n tht lad hu gt beat up was a racist thug who beat up along with a gang of 20+ people alot of asian youths this was no unproved attack and tht is a fact so get your facts straight!!!

    • Hey Abdul, give me some more information. Got a newspaper article about this lad beating up Asian youths in a gang of 20+?

      Even if he was “racist”, I think that being violent is worse than being racist.

      • Abdul says:

        I think violence is worse tht lad beat up a 12 year old asian teen n broke his shoulder and leg an was left with bad bruising he also attacked a asian women taking her kids out in town and many many more storys i can tell you about their gang

      • Abdul says:

        Just because he wasnt brought to court and punished dosnt mean he didnt do it i know for a fact what he did i know both partys in this article and so do the people of accrington did you know the younis family live in a majority white area and have much respect there i seen it for myself so how is he racist

  2. Assuming everything you say is true and not a load of nonsense, then I suggest you start your own blog, violenceagainstasians. I have a newspaper article where a gang of Muslims assaulted a white couple. You keep talking about how the white lad beat up some unspecified Asians at some unspecified time in some unspecified place – well then why did the GIRL lose her teeth? What did the girl do?

    When Muslims attack white people, do we go out and attack Muslims in retaliation? Have the Muslims who bashed Daniel Stringer been beaten up? The ones who bashed Rhea Paige? The ones who bashed Lee Pyggot? The ones who bashed James Howard?

    You’re also missing the crucial point: These Muslim Pack Attacks are occuring in Britain. In our country. Against the indigenous British people. The purpose of this blog is to report violence on our community. It’s to highlight how multiculturalism and immigration is destroying Britain and making things unpleasant for the indigenous British people. If Muslims are having a hard time in Britain, then they should go back to Asia. If they were born in Britain and they’re still having a hard time, then they should blame their parents. If your community is having a hard time, then it’s your problem. The white working class never agreed to roll out a welcome mat for you.

    • Abdul says:

      Well in tht case u should not blame us blame the government they let us in u know im happy here im not going to let a few idiots like the people who agree with u spoil it u know britian is the most culturaly devirse place in europe they are polish pakistanis indians blacks whites chinese etc etc so instead picking 1 set of people and try to downgrade us and just get a job family if u dont and get on with ur life because u are starting to sound really pathetic u are only poncing on muslims because we fight back and the idiots dont like tht. We are all in this country together lets get along together because it is not worth it all the nonsense. I hope u find the errors in your ways. Look into islam you might find true meaning you know its the fastest growing religion in the world and offically the number 1 religion in the world. Any way no hard feelings if i have offended u in anyway. Take care.

      • I do blame the government.

        I already have a job and a family. But there’s much more to life than jobs and families. I prefer to look beyond these little day-to-day things at the bigger picture.

        And I don’t care if Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Just because something is popular, doesn’t mean it’s right.

      • Abdul says:

        Well i am british i come from a pakistani heritage which i am proud of but im also proud to be british. I am muslim i have a job and family and have good day to day life. I dont bother anyone they dont bother me so is it a big problem i am here. Islam is the number 1 religion in the world so that means out of all religions beliefs the majority of the world is for islam they all cant be wrong can they? You know i dont like separting people but in all races and religions u will find idiots morons good bad rapists murderers drug dealers etc etc but just because i see a black man who sells crack i think that all black are bad or when i see a white murderer i dont see all whites bad its not sects of people tht are bad like muslims or hindus or christians its down to the person them selfs if a man or women is bad they are bad not the whole bunch of what they look like they represent. So start sorting your head out because your head is a bit messed up on my opinion peace out.

      • “Islam is the number 1 religion in the world so that means out of all religions beliefs the majority of the world is for islam they all cant be wrong can they?”

        Yes, they can be wrong. There is a difference between being popular and being right.

      • arik says:

        The only thing I see in Islam, is hanging gay people (Tehran), stoning women for adultery (Saudi Arabia, Sudan), and beheading (even here, in london). except that, trying to spread Shariah all over the world- whether peacefully, or not, and seeing all non-muslim as kuffār.
        I dont have a problem with people from arab countries, I have a problem with islam. Excuse me, but I cant trust a religion who welcomes death.

  3. lkc says:

    Abdul, you seem to know alot about the attack, there were 8 lads that night and only 2 were known, were you one of the 8 lads? the ones that were not identified?

  4. GENIUS says:


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