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Tommy Robinson attacked by Muslims again

I’m not interested in a debate about the rights and wrongs of Tommy Robinson and the EDL. This was a religiously motivated attack by Islamists against someone specifically because they oppose the Islamification of the West. The former leader of … Continue reading

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Pak Attack on white grandmother in Blackburn

“One of them snatched my bag, which had my medication in, from me and he searched it. “He could not find what he was after so he pushed me to the floor. He kicked me, then the other three came … Continue reading

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Women rebuke advances of “Asian” man, so he calls up a gang to attack them for being racist

Two white English women in a club. “Asian” (read: Pakistani) man tries it on with them. They refuse him. When they leave he follows them out and accuses them of being racist. They tell him they just aren’t interested in … Continue reading

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Turks ask “Are you German?” before beating and stabbing German boy

Germany: “Are you German?” Asks Turkish Mob Before Attacking 10:01 | Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe With two girlfriends Markus A. and Tom L. (20, name changed) were on their way through the Ostbahnhof [Railway station East] and wanted to go … Continue reading

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Policeman trying to do his job abused by racist Pakistanis

A POLICEMAN dealing with a 13-year-old runaway was surrounded by Asian men and subjected to racist abuse by one of them. Blackburn magistrates heard Tahir Hussain swore at the officer and told him to go ‘back to where you live’. … Continue reading

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