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“White man tried to tussle with me so I shot him”

H/T: Top Conservative News Two “teens” forced a white man to strip at gunpoint, then shot him. One of them justified the murder by saying “white man tried to tussle with me, so I shot him”. The two murderers were … Continue reading

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Was it a hate crime?

DETROIT (WWJ) – As a 54-year-old Roseville man clings to life in the hospital following a brutal mob beating on Detroit’s east side, many are starting to wonder if the whole thing was racially motivated. State Rep. Alberta Tinsley Talabi (D-Detroit), … Continue reading

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“Get Out of Town Cracker” sprayed on white man’s burnt-down house

A white man had his house burnt down, and anti-white racist and black gang graffiti was found at the scene. The graffiti said “Get Out of Town Cracker” and featured symbols of the “Gangster Disciples” a black gang. Media coverage … Continue reading

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My Tram Experience in Sweden

Afghani immigrant voluntarily living in Sweden Calls Swedes “disgusting” Says he could kill Swedes “in seconds.” Says he has a Swedish girlfriend, and he killed her dog. Complains that Sweden forces him to “write lots of papers” to get welfare. … Continue reading

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Did you beat a white man to death? No problem, just claim he said something racist!

A white man told a black man it was against the law to ride his bicycle on the footpath. The black man’s black friend was so outraged that a white man would dare tell a black man what to do … Continue reading

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