Was it a hate crime?

DETROIT (WWJ) - As a 54-year-old Roseville man clings to life in the hospital following a brutal mob beating on Detroit’s east side, many are starting to wonder if the whole thing was racially motivated.

State Rep. Alberta Tinsley Talabi (D-Detroit), told WWJ Legal Analyst Charlie Langton the incident appears to have racial overtones, adding, “it’s wrong.”

Joseph Utash said he believes his father was intentionally targeted or even worse, that skin color might have played a role. Based on witness accounts, the attackers were African American.


Separately, a 16-year-old boy is charged in Juvenile Court with assault and ethnic intimidation in the case. He’s black; Utash is white.


A fifth defendant is a 16-year-old Detroit male whose case is pending in juvenile court. He is the only defendant also charged with ethnic intimidation. The defendant, like the others charged, is black while Utash is white.



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4 Responses to Was it a hate crime?

  1. Jeffrey Hardin says:

    The Yankee’s, for 149 years now, have long segregated and Colonized their blacks in their Northern territories, whilst at the same time, forcing desegregation upon the Southern States…
    End results…..Because of years of desegregation, Southern blacks and whites have learned to live and work amongst one another, where as those up North have no such respect for each other, they don’t know how to cohabitate….
    Are why I believe we are seeing so much black on white crime there, these Yankee Blacks hate whites, and I for one hope they keep their hate up North…
    We have proven already down here that it won’t be tolerated, and could be why they are heeled?

  2. This is probably why God confused the languages at the Tower of Babel. He wanted to separate them, so as to reduce the evil in the world. I don’t believe we should cohabitate together.

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