Media scrambling to censor and spin latest Australian mob attack

The essentials of this story: A gang of twenty black African immigrants, mostly Sudanese, turned up uninvited to a party which – piecing everything together – looks to have been most or all white kids. The “Sudos” (Australian slang for Sudanese used by witnesses) were asked to leave. They left, and then waited further down the street to attack people leaving the party. Their victim was 14 year-old Ben Phillips, a white Australian boy, whom they stabbed four times. He survived but remains in a serious condition in hospital.

The vast majority of articles on this story have censored the races involved, using the usual media code-words like “teenagers” and “youths”. This is especially ridiculous considering that both parties were teenagers, so you have this coded talk of “a group of teenagers attacked a teenager” or “a group of teenagers gatecrashed a party full of teenagers”.

What’s the most important thing the police want us to know?

While early suggestions were that as many as 20 teens were involved in the attack, police believed there were “five or six” directly involved, and stressed the attack was not racially motivated. (source)

Why are the police bringing race into it, if race isn’t relevant? Methinks the police doth protest too much. Let me repeat that the mob just happened to be all one race and the victim just happened to be another race. And that the black mob just happened to have been expelled from a white party. And the police want to stress that it wasn’t racially motivated. When the police stress an attack wasn’t racially motivated, that suggests it was but they don’t want a race riot, so they lie and say it wasn’t. Especially when they haven’t offered any evidence as to how they know it wasn’t racially motivated. This is part of a pattern in Australia of African mob attacks against white Australians.

The parents seem to be utterly clueless Liberals who think the problem will be solved by “curfews” and “knife bans”. Listen to this cringe-worthy interview where the mother and the radio host both dance around the elephant in the room – the fact that Australia is being swamped by African immigrants. At the same link you can also hear an interview with a reporter, who is incredibly reluctant to describe the races of the attackers. When asked for a description, he replies that there were twenty of them, but doesn’t actually answer the question about the description. The host eventually loses patience and says “they were Africans, weren’t they“, which the reporter reluctantly admits. There is also an interview with the girl whose party it was. She refers to them as “Sudos” (Sudanese), meaning their race is common knowledge to the kids in the area and speaks of possible long-standing racial tension. The host asks her if their race was relevant to what happened. She takes a huge pause, sighs, thinks about what she’s going to say, and eventually replies “I don’t know, but if it was it’s wrong“. You can tell there’s more to the story but she just doesn’t want to go there. Remember, this is the girl who actually dealt with the gatecrashers and called the ambulance. She says “don’t know” and yet the police say “definitely not“. What do the police know that she doesn’t, that they can be so sure and she’s not?

But the police and media couldn’t fool the kids. They took to social media being quite explicit about the racial nature of the attack. So now the police and media are spinning it into a narrative about white racism! Somehow the Sudanese have emerged as the victims in all this!

Since last Saturday’s stabbing, teens on social media have promised retribution against the gang, using racist language to stoke their calls for reprisals.

James Seeary from Operation Newstart Casey said there had been a groundswell of hostility towards the local Sudanese population.

“I think some of the Sudanese community would not feel safe going out at the moment”. (source)

Hey James Seeary from Operation Newstart Casey, I think some of the Australian community would not feel safe going out at the moment, what with all the mobs of racist Africans going around attacking white people:

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8 Responses to Media scrambling to censor and spin latest Australian mob attack

  1. Daniel says:

    There is nothing redeemable about Sudanese in Australia. As much as I wish Australia was strictly white, I can’t deny Lebanese girls are hot and Chinese don’t scrounge off welfare. But Sudanese are ugly, stupid, violent and useless. I loathe them.

    • Neil says:

      Chinese don’t scrounge off welfare? I live in a mainly Chinese/Vietnamese suburb and nearly everyone is doing cash work while claiming the dole. I’ve lived here for over 30 years and know many people who do it. They work cash jobs (sewing etc.) in their homes, work on farms or for Asian businesses for cash during the day and claim their dole at night. I know one farm that employed Chinese workers who paid who were all paid in cash. The person in charge of paying the workers was Chinese himself and he took a cut from all the workers salaries for paying them cash, while he got his full pay. We’re not talking a few dollars a day, more like $4/hr per person off there pay. The workers were getting less than minimum wage (although most were on the dole, so they didn’t care) while he was making $480 a day ($4/hr, 8hr/day, 15 workers) from those workers pay including his own salary of $130 a day. The kicker is he and his wife were claiming the dole under different names and he had the nerve to say that Centrelink was giving him hard time. How do I know this? He was a neighbour of mine for over 20 years and wasn’t scared of telling anybody what he was doing, although dumb. Claiming government benefits unlawfully is so present in my suburb and amongst the Asian community, you would not believe me if I told you.

      Many businesses only operate in cash so there are no paper trails of how much money they are earning so they don’t have to pay tax/GST.

  2. civil rights apostate says:

    Australia for the white australians. The media doesn’t like to be wrong, and if everyone knew of crimes like this,most white people would think just like me.

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  4. William Wallace II says:

    You guys need to get your guns back.
    Why is it that everywhere in the Third World, when a guerrilla war breaks out (which is pretty much all the time) everyone involved has all the Ak47’s and ammo they need?
    But civilized Whites can’t be trusted to own firearms.
    Odd that.
    Carry on, mates.
    Civilization won’t be restored and preserved until and unless rough (White) men stand ready to do violence on it’s behalf.
    I pray the pussified Whites of the world pull their heads out of recto-cranial inversion sooner rather than later.

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