“Get the white boy! Stomp the white boy!”

A man is recovering Saturday after being beaten by a group of men outside a Northwest restaurant.

“As I was putting my car key into the door to unlock it, I heard ‘get the white boy‘ and I turned around I get hit,” said Robinson. “As soon I got hit I was dazed, it knocked me off my feet … as soon I hit the ground I heard ‘stomp the white boy, stomp him’.”


As of the time of this post, another newspaper, “My San Antonio” has chosen tocompletely censor the racial nature of the attack. But they’ve forgotten to turn the comments off, and all the comments are calling them out on their censorship. They may remove the comments, or they may edit the article to make it look like they never censored it. So I have made a screenshot of their current article here.


It’s also quite unbelievable the amount of people who are trying to justify what happened to the victim, saying he got beaten because he asked them to keep the noise down, so it was his own fault! In a certain sense, I suppose it was “his own fault” in that he should have known that there are countless examples where white people have been attacked by blacks for asking them to keep quiet. But in terms or the ethics, it was not his own fault. These people who are saying it was his own fault are probably the same people who say “rape is never the woman’s fault”.

Cody – the victim of this hate crime – has made a Reddit page where you can ask him questions. But this is his second Reddit page, Reddit apparently censored his first one! Where’s his “white privilege” when he needs it?


Top Conservative News has a video interview with the victim:


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