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5 Responses to Supporting this website

  1. civil rights apostate says:

    keep fighting. Never give up.

  2. Tyler says:

    I live in Austin Texas and 6th street has become a hunting ground where at least 6 African American guys to a group will go around harassing whites until a fight is all but unavoidable. I just can’t help but see the common denominators in these assaults it’s always less whites two if they are lucky to not be alone. I’m tired I being targeted and then afraid to protect myself because only a white guy can truly be racist at least that’s what our society has taught me.

  3. Jack ward says:

    I have a comment regarding the ‘Barbary slave’ issue.
    For one, I find alot of people are very ignorant about history and cultural lines. To clear up this issue, the Berbers are from N, Africa and not black, they are a Caucasian people says DNA science.

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