Black Pack Attacks in Philadelphia

From Flash Mob to Knockout Game, racial mob violence in Philly from 2009 – 2013


Actually flash mob in Charleston, South Carolina. A most white crowd gathers in a public area to dance to Lady Gaga songs and donate money to Haiti.


For years, Philadelphia, PA has been a hotbed of brutal racial mob violence perpetrated by young blacks. In fact this website was part of a coordinated effort to get the word out about racial violence in Philadelphia almost two years ago.


A large majority of the victims are white, however Asians are also attacked. For the most part, the media has aggressively censored these crimes. The local media has been known for using the euphemism “flash mob” to purposely distort the nature of the attacks. The use of the term is an open insult to the victims as well as anyone who has every participated in an actual flash mob. However, in recent weeks Philadelphia media have adopted the euphemism “knockout game” for the exact same kind of attacks.


Both euphemisms are an insult to the victims. Use of the term “flash mob” by the Philly media was particularly nasty. Many of the biggest flash mobs are charity fundraisers in which most participants are white and the money commonly goes to benefit black people.


Below is a list of some of the dozens and dozens of black racial attacks in Philadelphia. Many of these were described as “flash mob” attacks and the race of perpetrators censored by the Philly media.


During the time period below there was also a racially motivated serial killer in Philadelphia. News of this serial killer was aggressively censored. If the races had been reversed it would have been the biggest news story in America.


January 2011: Black serial killer arrested for three murders and attempted murders


On February 22nd, 2012, the CofCC issued a press release warning white people to avoid certain areas of Philadelphia.


This website published this interactive map to go along with the press release.


Twelve year old Bailey O’Neil was beaten to death by blacks at a Philadelphia public school. The school suspended the two main perps for two days each.


Big list of black racial violence in Philadelphia (Even more can be found on this website. It would just take to long to index them all. So we tried to get all the big ones. Also see interactive map below.)


December 2009: Black students riot at South Philadelphia High and brutally beat Asian students. School is 70% black, 20% Asian.


April 2010: Huge black mob chants racial slogans while brutally attacking random white people and vandalizing stores.


July 2010: Huge black mob rampages through downtown attacking random whites and Asians.


June 2011: Huge black mob beats random whites and at least one Asian.


August 2011: Huge black mob attacks random whites in downtown Philadelphia. Two hospitalized.


August 2011: Three whites beaten by black mob. One pummeled with brass knuckles.


September 2011: White female brutally attacked by all female black mob.


September 2011: White homeowner shields two white teens being chased by large black mob. Mob tries to storm home.


October 2011: 82 year old man attacked.


January 2012: Racial mob attack videotaped and uploaded to internet to gloat.


January 2012: Thug charged with attempted murder for savage hate crime beating.


January 2012: White college student killed in racial attack.


Local journalist Emily Guendelsberger wrote an article claiming that news of black racial violence was blown out of proportion by “racists.” A few months later she and several friends were brutally attacked by a black mob. She was hospitalized with a broken leg.


March 2012: Asian couple brutally beat in racial mob attack.


February 2012: Disabled Vietnam Veteran nearly killed in savage mob attack.


July 2012: 86 year old white female brutally beaten by black male.


August 2012: Pre-teens (9 and 10) storm the home of an Asian woman and beat her.


October 2012: Black female Philly school teacher encourages black students to racially harass white female student.


March 2013: White student beaten to death by black mob at majority black school.


November 2013: Three people attack, including an 80 year old.


November 2013: Black male attacks at least two different white females in a row.


Wacky Mayor Nutter has gone from denying black racial mob violence, to admitting and condemning it, to denying and threatening media with civil rights violations for reporting it.


August 2011: After denying that black racial mob violence existed. Mayor Nutter condemns it in a fiery speech. Tells black thugs “you have damaged your race.”


March 2013: Mayor Nutter calls for civil rights investigation into liberal Philly Mag for reporting on black racial violence against white.


Interactive map of black racial violence in Philadelphia from December 2009 – January 2012


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2 Responses to Black Pack Attacks in Philadelphia

  1. Eric says:

    I am a lifelong native resident of inner city Philadelphia and this has been going on for years. I have been labeled a racist extremist for warning my friends and neighbors of this and for trying to organize action. I am a graduate of South Philadelphia HS and have noticed first hand the local white acceptance of this and the culture and style of colored animals becoming a mainstay. The only way to stop this is to shake the moderate fence sitters awake and take ;physical action against the animal hordes and even the government that is willing to facilitate our genocide for finacial gain. Anti Racist is codeword for Anti White. We need to resegragate and succeed on a racial scale. We tried the nice way. Wake up we are kept alive for the purposes of tax slavery to pay for the social programs of future democrat voters. While we are still a majority lets designate a homeland for our kind an only our kind. Africa for africans asia for asians white countries and only white countries for everyone. Look at Europe and all our ancestral homelands its worse than amerika! A race without a homeland is doomed to extinction. Wake up European Americans!

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