Killed for being a “Swedish bastard”

This is the message and picture Erik Bjorkman, a member of Sweden Democrat Youth, posted on his Facebook page after this incident occurred in Uppsala on 22 August.

So here’s what happens when you’re on your way home from town on a Thursday evening (would jump into a taxi, do not even go home). Completely unprovoked and I’ve never seen the offender before.


I know I was beaten because I look typically Swedish. It feels horrible to write, but at some point you have to be honest. You do not like it to write why and explain the motive. I can’t write the whole story here or just don’t have time as I have a concussion. The only thing I heard was someone shouting “Swedish bastard.” I didn’t bother about it, but went towards the taxi and then the next thing I was lying down in the asphalt when I was completely unprepared for something to happen. Then I got about 7 blows to the face.

Sources: Avpixlat Uriasposten H/T: Nicolai Sennels

Avpixlat reports the attacker was “of African appearance” although the conventional news accounts say nothing of this. Erik went to the police and reported the incident, but they were apparently extremely dismissive and arrogant and closed the case without result. Erik was appealing this decision. The police in this area are reported to have an extremely hostile attitude towards the Sweden Democrats. Although Erik was extremely active in his local branch, it is considered unlikely the attack had anything to do with his political affiliation. It seems he was just another randomly chosen Swedish victim of the alien horde occupying our lands.

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4 Responses to Killed for being a “Swedish bastard”

  1. M Lawson says:

    It happens everyday in South Africa . Check . More than 4000 white farmers have been murdered in the most barbaric ways . It is the highest murdered profession in the world and we have the highest rape , sodomy murder and highjacking in the world . You northern Europeans who sponsored the ANC terrorists and the mass deaths they caused are now getting a taste of what we have and are still struggling to endure . It will happen more often and soon you will be a prisoner in your own home , Thank the Scandinavian Left . They should be shot.

  2. civil rights apostate says:

    Sweden’s plight is always on my mind. So is the plight of Britain, where most of my ancestors came from, Netherlands, from which 1/4 of mmy heritage is from, and South Africa, Germany, and France. I know that when I die and go to heaven, I shall still have my national and racial identity, and be able to live it out. I pray for the salvation of the entire white race, so they can enjoy that with me.

  3. civil rights apostate says:

    why does it say he got killed? It seems he lived to tell the story

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