Turks ask “Are you German?” before beating and stabbing German boy

With two girlfriends Markus A. and Tom L. (20, name changed) were on their way through the Ostbahnhof [Railway station East] and wanted to go to the Kultfabrik to party – typical young people who wanted to have a bit of fun at the weekend.

But it was dangerous … As on 3 October 2012 they were passing through the car park on the grounds of Optimol, they came across five dark shapes. The girls were already home. The two friends think nothing of it and tipsily ask directions. Instead of an answer they get strange questions. “Are you German?” Yes, answers Markus. Tom says: No. That’s enough for the group to start in on the boys. “Why are you friends with a German? You have no honour,” comes the reply.

Then a wave of violence surges over Markus and Tom. The men beat their fists right in their faces. The two construction workers Mirsad B. (32) and Parviz H. (31) are the leaders of the gang – heavily drunk, they follow Markus A. as he tries to flee. Parviz H. stabs him with a knife in the back – the wound below the shoulder blade is ten centimetres deep. “My lung collapsed,” says Markus A., shaking in front of the court – despite that the two construction workers, as if out of their senses, kicked him more than ten times as he lay bleeding on the ground.

Bouncers call the police. The emergency doctor saves his life – he has to spend one week in the clinic. Parviz H. and Mirsad B. are charged with attempted murder in the regional court.

Source: tz-online.de

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4 Responses to Turks ask “Are you German?” before beating and stabbing German boy

  1. tondor13 says:

    Ah, the enrichment of multiculturalism, especially Muslim multiculturalism. Just how did we manage without it?

  2. If the Turks don’t like German’s then what the hell are they doing in Germany.
    Do these migrants think the German’s wanted them in their country.
    The migrants are lower than garbage and do not belong.

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  4. Ron says:

    Seeking diversity for the sake of difference does not make sense, not that that matters to those who support the importation of poverty-ridden, uneducated, unskilled, crime prone aliens who live off the system.

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