Was the Navy shooting motivated by racial bias?

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now about how a black guy shot up a navy base killing twelve people.  An African American, Mr. Alexis sometimes complained he was the victim of discrimination and racial bias.

Sound familiar?

DC Spree killer blamed white people for his shortcomings

The Navy is 20% black and Washington DC is 50.1% black. Yet the spree killer killed no black victims. Of the 13 fatalities that have been identified, one is a very Caucasian looking man from India. The rest are white. All the fatalities are civilian workers, though some are Navy veterans. Being a heavily black area and a government agency known for aggressive affirmative action, it is reasonable to assume that a large percentage of the people on site during the shooting were black. Yet, so far it appears that none of the fatalities are black.

We also know that the spree killer was a liberal who supported Obama. We know know that he talked about race and blamed white people for his shortcomings.

From UK Telegraph…

Mr Suthamtewakul, who runs the Happy Bowl Thai restaurant, described Alexis as being like his “big brother.” He told The Daily Telegraph: “I first met him at the Buddhist temple. He had been in the Navy but he was unemployed. I saw he was struggling with his finances, and I said why not move in and you can just pay the electricity bill? He was doing online school, something about electronic stuff and aircraft

“He never got angry with us. He was always very nice to us. He had a couple of issues with being black. He felt he hadn’t been treated right, not by the Navy, just generally. He didn’t have a lot of friends – me, my wife and family, and people from temple.”









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